castle of daydreams

Beautiful Nightmares

Pairing: Y/N/Soulmate!Ashton

Rating: All

Request: No

Words: 5.100+

Summary: Since they turned 18, Ashton and Y/N met each other in their dreams every single night. But when Ashton moves and their sweet dreams turn into beautiful nightmares, Y/N’s best friend decides to drag her into a sleeping clinic to make her realize that Ashton isn’t more than simply an imaginary friend.

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i want to send chris carter a care package that contains seasons 5-6 of castle that’s labeled “how to keep a romance between crime solving patners interesting, with cutesy domestic scenes at certain intervals throughout the episode that doesn’t take away from the main plot (also rob bowman directed and david amann wrote so)”

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Could you write an imagine where you (the reader) is belle and Adams daughter and she was kidnapped not long after she was born and years later (when she is like 15 or 16) they somehow find her or something I don't really mind how it ends as long as it isn't sad😂 I would really appreciate it and if you don't that's fine😁

Pairing: Belle x Adam + Daugher!Reader
Fandom: Disney ; Beauty and the Beast (2017)
Warnings: a bad family situation 

A/N: omg I loved this prompt so so so much!!!!! it’s fantastic and kinda reminded me a bit of tangled so the beginning is very tangled-y lol. I hope you enjoyed this! <3 (also, since I didn’t know how to tag it, I’ll add general lists to my fandoms page, where all the prompts go in which the reader isn’t shipped with anyone!)


A child is the most precious thing a person can have.

Belle never understood the feeling, until she held you in her arms.

This little bundle of joy, with your beautiful (Y/E/C) eyes, looking up to your parents and then flashing them a toothless smile.

Belle and Adam swore that this was the happiest moment of their lives.

And then, that moment ended.

It was about four weeks later, when Adam got up in the morning to check on you only to find your crib empty.

They searched and searched but couldn’t find you. Not in the castle, not in the gardens, not in the village.

Today would’ve been your 16th birthday and they still had no idea how you vanished. They didn’t even know if you were still alive.

Something changed back then.

The happiness they had only just found all those years ago disappeared once more and everyone knew that it wouldn’t come back this time. Both of the parents too heartbroken over the loss of their daughter.

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Preferences: Merlin First Kiss


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The hot sun, shone through the window of your room in Camelot’s castle, while you sat on your bed reading a book. You turned the page as you heard a knock of your door. You walked up to open the door as whoever was on the other side opened the door as well. Merlin opened the door nearly tumbling on top of you. He blushed straightening himself. You couldn’t help but notice his pale but creamy skin tone, high cheekbones and his bright blue eyes. You shook your thoughts away, Merlin was your best friend, developing feelings for him would just make it awkward. As if hearing your thoughts, Merlin smacked his lips on yours. Your eyes were open wide not knowing what was going on. You grabbed the side of the door to keep balance. Once you realized you closed your eyes, wrapping your arms around his neck. Merlin laid his hands on your waist tightly. Moments went by until he pulled away. “I don’t know how to say this….. but I love you” Merlin said shyly. You giggled. “Oh Merlin…. I love you too” you said as he pulled you into another kiss.

Arthur Pendragon

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You were walking through the castle, daydreaming. Daydreaming about the great Prince Arthur. You had always admired the Prince, everything from his looks, to his bravery and courage. The way his sparkling blue eyes looked into yours. Your heart fluttered at the thought. Without knowing you were spun around to realize those sparkling blue eyes were standing right in front of you. Startled you took a step back. “Y/n” Arthur whispered as he pulled you closer. Suddenly, he yanked you into a kiss. His nose brushing your cheek. You responded immediately surprising yourself, wrapping your arms around his neck. He ran his hands through your hair. His lips were so warm and soft. Minutes passed… when finally you leaned away to take a breath. Arthur, heavily breathing, brought his forehead to yours “I love you Y/N” he whispered.

Anon Request

Safe to Shore

Holding off on working on the next chapter of Acid on the Horizon until the weekend since it’s my first week of lessons at uni, so have some Allura introspection.

He’s a distraction she could do without.

Something about him calls to her. She is always finely tuned to his presence, like she can sense him in a way that goes beyond her normal perception. It takes all her willpower not to let her gaze slip over him appreciatively whenever he enters her field of vision. She should be more composed, more disconnected from any desires beyond Zarkon’s destruction. Her resolution should be steel, her inner strength unwavering.

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In what different ways could Ne and Se be unpredictable and spontaneous? It seems like they both are, and they are certainly different so how might their unpredictability be perceived? (I hope this question makes sense...)

They might do the exact same thing… for different reasons. You often can’t tell them apart on a surface level, but it all boils down to … their motivations.

Look at Anna (Frozen) and Ariel (The Little Mermaid). Both impulsive. But telling them apart lies… where? In their motivations and interactions with reality.

Ariel is all about the ideas behind things. The stuff she collects is important to her because it presents her with imaginative possibilities. She ceases seeing the object and starts seeing what it represents – to her, life above the sea. Dreams. Reality is boring… I want to dream about an entirely different life, full of new ideas! Like Anne Shirley, Ariel is all about idealistic interpretations of reality. She sees life not as it is, but how it could be made BETTER… in a non-realistic way, at times. To Anne, the gloriousness of a white avenue filled with apple blossoms is much too wonderful to be given a lousy, boring, mundane name like … well, “the avenue.” No, no, it must be THE WHITE WAY OF DELIGHT! To Ariel, that fork is not just a fork… it reflects a greater society, the idea of a greater life pregnant with new experiences. She passes up a once in a life time (Se) experience to collect “old junk” because the ideas behind the human objects are more exciting than physical experiences.

Now, Anna. Frequently mistyped as a Ne-dom, but she isn’t. She is a romantic but not interested in abstracting beyond the object, but in interacting with it at face value. She loves new experiences for their own sake! She would never pass up the chance to sing in front of everyone in a “once in a lifetime” concert… to collect old stuff. Why? Because old stuff is meaningless to her; she sees it for what it is, old stuff. She wants new experiences! Though impulsive, she is very sensory… she is not laying around the castle daydreaming, she is riding bikes down staircases, and leaping around the roof, and building snowmen. Yes, she’s impressionable, and unrealistic in her “love for Hans,” but that’s just being oriented in the moment. She wants new experiences for their own sake, not because they give her ideas.

(Olaf the Snowman is the Ne-dom in Frozen… and the only intuitive. Look at how he sees the world in comparison with how Anna sees it for an example of the difference.)

So, what’s Se and Ne’s motive? Why are they doing what they are doing? What leads them to be impulsive? Are they seeking new ideas and possibilities and pursuing idealistic dreams (Ne) or are they interested in new experiences, in objectivity in the realm of sensory influences, in interacting physically with their environment (Se)?

afternoon time, october 22, 2017

Anika lies on the couch, curled up on her right side the way she prefers, tangled in the softest blanket she could find. Her eyes are closed and her breathing is shaky, but slow and deep. Her ears are plugged with headphones and the music is so loud, it can be heard like a faint buzz when conversation around her dies down. After a moment, Alexandra picks the Contact right out of her hands.

“Sad Song Playlist” reads the screen.

Anika watches her friend, waiting curiously for her reaction. Alexandra glares down without malice and says dryly, “Why do you torture yourself?”

Anika huffs a bit of empty laughter. The comment amuses her, but it cannot erase the colors inside her. There are so many. Too many. She holds the Contancr close to her chest and closes her eyes again, turning the volume up higher. Her head begins to pound.

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i love the story that you wrote with stana's pic. will you do the one where she's reading a book as well? although personally i would not look that well dressed in lazy morning.. =p

drstanakatic: Sneaky shot on a lazy morning.


A/N: Post season 8. Follows these two prompt fills, though still not necessary to read. 


Castle trudges up the stairs of the Parisian apartment that is theirs for the week, huffing his way through the winding two flights. It isn’t that he’s out of shape, Beckett mentioned just last night that his stamina was fantastic, but he had opted to walk home from the signing instead of taking the car service and well, it had taken longer than he had expected and climbing a seemingly unending staircase isn’t helping matters. 

The bookstore that had hosted the signing hadn’t been far and Kate always encouraged strolling through cities rather than taking cabs if the distance to their destination wasn’t great, but walking without Kate by his side wasn’t nearly as fun and he had been winded and wet by the time he made it into the lobby. 

Just his luck that the mist of a rain shower would choose to descend upon the streets of Pairs during his mile long walk home.

Rick sighs in relief once he makes it to the landing, the front door only a few steps away, and withdraws his key from the pocket of his thin pea coat. It’s still early in the day, his signing had been an early morning event that had pulled him and his wife out of bed at seven and rushed them through a quick breakfast, and he hoped that after a little lounging time, he and Beckett could do some more city exploring.

Castle inserts his key into the lock, turns it and eases the door open, barely making a sound. He likes this apartment; it’s quant and maybe a little cramped in some places, but it has charm, a certain elegance to it that he knows Kate was drawn to from the beginning. 

He’s contemplating buying the place, surprising her with it or bringing the idea up for discussion before they leave for Berlin in a few days. The thought of flying back here in the future with his wife for weekend getaways in the city of lights and lovers has the dampness the rain had put on his mood dissipating, a smile tugging at the corners of his mouth.

After his daughter had been captured nearly four years ago, held prisoner in this foreign city, he thought he would hate the place forever, returning only for business obligations and book tours, but Alexis held no grudge against the city, mentioning on the phone yesterday that she herself hoped to return one day soon. Under better circumstances, of course. 

Maybe he could find an even bigger place, an apartment or a condo that could comfortably house the three of them, offer an extra room for his mother or Jim Beckett, or perhaps, another addition to their family someday…

Castle blinks away the daydreams, shrugging out of his coat in the apartment doorway and hanging it in the small front hall closet, toeing off his shoes to avoid creating a trail of damp footprints on the wooden floors. 

Kate had joined him at the signing this morning, but after two hours of browsing through the popular Paris bookshop, shooting him tired but encouraging smiles from the rows of shelves while he interacted with fans, he had told her to go back home during his break, get some rest. She had been reluctant and he knew why, knew that separating in a foreign country made her uneasy to begin with, but especially after the events of last year. After they had spent too many months apart, time they would never get back, time that had damaged them both. But they had undergone the necessary repairs, the wounds had healed, and this trip had put the finishing touches on the sealed cracks along his heart.

He no longer worries so much about returning home to find her gone or waiting with a bag packed. 

Rick drifts into the living room area and finds his wife arranged on one of the stylish armchairs, still in her clothes from the signing - a blouse of thin flowing material that allows his hands easy access to the bare skin beneath, and the fitted black slacks that make her legs appear endless - with a book balanced in her hand and her mind lost to a world created by another author. 

Hemingway, he catches the name of the author as he approaches quietly, not wanting to disturb her just yet, to break her concentration on the paperback that has consumed her attention, but he does retrieve his phone from his back pocket, angles the device until he has her entire body in the frame of the iPhone’s camera. 

The fingers poised at her lips fall at the snap of sound as he captures the picture, her eyes darting up from the page to find him with a glare. 

“Enjoying your latest purchase?” He winces, but he can’t help admiring the photo now adorning his screen. She looks… stunning, like something out of a museum or a fashion magazine, so elegant and artistic. 

Beautiful, as always. 

“I was,” she emphasizes the past tense, but her lips are curling into a smile, her eyes shimmering gold in the clouded, grey light pouring in through the window. “How did the rest of the signing go?“ 

Kate closes the book, places it to rest on the edge of the chair while he pockets his phone, coming forward to press a kiss to the top of her head and watching that small smile grow. 

“Fine,” he murmurs, cupping the back of her head and settling his hand beneath the knot of her hair. “I am starving though.” 

“Four hours of signing books and offering dazzling smiles takes a lot out of you, I know,” Beckett teases, turning her head to smear her grin to the inside of his wrist while he pouts at her. “Give me a second and we’ll go find you some sustenance, baby.”

“Good, because all I’ve had is a granola bar and I’m withering here.”

The snort that leaves her lips has him grinning, dropping the dramatics as she rises from the chair and pops her bare toes on the hardwood before elevating on them to steal a kiss from his mouth. Castle cups the harsh angles of her jaw in his palms while he has her close, rests his forehead to hers and nuzzles her nose when she remains content on the tips of her toes with her arms around his waist. 

“Missed you.”

“You were gone for two hours,” she chuckles, finally descending back to the soles of her feet, glancing up to him with soft amusement in her gaze. Her nails scratch at his back, gentle and soothing, before his hands fall away from her face, allowing her the opportunity to step free of his hold and grab her purse, her shoes, but Kate lingers, dusts one more kiss to his mouth that has his heart fluttering. “But I missed you too.”