castle of coco


Nathan Fillion talks about his hidden talent of creating excellent superhero toenail art, how his Spanish girlfriend sometimes gets English idioms wrong and not being recognized in public on Conan.

KASTLE. Oh god I’m so ashamed, not only is this a het ship half of it is an actual brutal murderer. Don’t look at me. 

“Aren’t you supposed to show me something about keeping the safety on or my finger off the trigger?” Karen asked, gun in hand, arm extended. 

Frank scoffed and his breath puffed out against her ear. 

“You’re gonna shoot it ain’t you?” He asked the usual tone of no bullshit seeped into his words. 

Karen stiffened. What was she doing? She didn’t want or need to know how to shoot a gun, and no, she wasn’t going to shoot it. On Frank’s insistence she allowed him to get close, pressed up behind her with his arms ghosted along beside hers to show her the right form. She pulled away. 

The memory she keeps buried hit her like a ton of bricks, like it always does, and Karen visibly shivered, repulsed with herself and the gun. 

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