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And that’s it! Project Bumble Bee was a success. The yellow paint came out perfect, the building of the lower was smooth, and the sling point was a great idea. I feel that I know how the rifle works better than if I had bought it off a shelf and I highly recommend building a lower at some point to anyone considering it.

Price and part list, In order of purchase:

Anderson Manufacturing Lower (From a gunshow)
Background Check
Total 68.00

Radical Firearms AR-15 Carbine Buffer - 3.0oz
Anderson Manufacturing AR-15 Carbine Length Buffer Spring 
Shockwave Blade Pistol Stabilizer - Black 
DS Arms Carbine Stock Castle Nut 
DSG Ambi Sling Loop 
Shipping & Handling
Total $‎90.75

Palmetto State Armory MOE K2 LPK
Shipping & Handling
Total $73.49

PSA 10.5" 5.56 Lightweight Keymod 9" Freedom Upper - With BCG & CH
Shipping & Handling
Total $299.99

MBUS Generation II Backup Sights Front & Rear Set
Shipping & Handling

Grand Total:
Grand Total (w/o shipping and taxes)

I’ll be hitting the range this weekend to zero the sights, expect a video on Saturday!

Huge shout out to @therevenantrising for a ton of help with questions and for finding the deal I got on the upper.

Tagging @mojave-wasteland-official because he wanted to see the build.

On First Sentences

(some parts taken from Joe Fassler on Stephen King for The Atlantic)

There is magic at the end of the way. 

The first sentence of anything is probably the most loaded and thought-out set of words a writer must produce.  The struggle to get the right words onto paper is so desperate and so daunting that many times, a project dies with the inability of a writer to pen those first few words.  First sentences are crucial.  They demand the heat of attention, the moisture of your imagination, and the exhalations of your creativity.  They are cultivated, nurtured, pruned, and groomed according to necessity. In fact, first sentences are redone more times than anything in your entire story. 

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The castle nut on my steering linkage decided to pop off on the freeway while I was doing 65. I’m fine, Jeep will be fine, but god damn that was an ass puckering experience.