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here are a bunch of AMAZING fics I’ve enjoyed and loved reading throughout the month of august. I recommend that you read these great fics in september, if you haven’t already!! also check out the HL Summer Fic Exchange!

(all fics with a star are my favorites and if there are two stars then it was a favorite favorite)

1. How Far We’ve Come 32k

“This is Harry Styles,” Chiron offers.

He’s beautiful. His eyes are a stunning green, the color of new foliage. The new kid’s limbs are long and lanky—he looks extremely uncomfortable and uncoordinated. Louis internally smirks to himself, guessing the kid probably won’t be too skilled with a sword, or a bow, or anything sharp, most likely. His hair falls to his shoulders in sets of loose, brown curls. The color is rich and luscious, resembling soil so much that it looks like flowers could sprout from his hairline at any moment. But Louis’ eyes are stuck on his soft looking lips, pink as flower petals and slightly parted as his eyes scan the horizon of the camp.

“Welcome to Camp Half-Blood, Harry.”

2. It’ll All Come Up Roses 4k *

Louis was leaning against the railing of the bridge, looking down at the water completely lost in thought when he heard someone approach the bridge from the side that he came from. Glancing up, he noticed Harry walking towards him, hands stuffed deep in his pockets, and seemingly lost in thought. Louis shifted his weight onto his other foot and stood up properly, watching quietly as Harry walked past him. Louis opened his mouth. He wanted to say something to Harry to break the silence, or at least to get him to notice him standing there against the bridge railing - but the words got stuck in Louis’ throat, and he snapped his mouth shut, going back to staring down at the water mindlessly instead. All the while, trying hopelessly to figure out what the fuck he’s doing with his life. Harry kept walking, and soon Louis was once again left alone to his thoughts.

Or the one where Louis really doesn’t hate his neighbor who keeps waking him up at the crack of dawn. Ft magic, Liam, Niall, and Zayn barely being mentioned, Harry and his fucking motorcycle, a date and a kiss.

3. Freeze This Moment in a Frame and Stay Like This 5k

Harry (not so) secretly crushes on the cute footie player and fills pages with sketches of him.

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Knock knock

Backstory: I was still a newbie and I always played a CN character well for this game the DM made us play something out of our comfort zone so I played a LG paladin

Context: the party was in a town that was having a bit of an undead problem so we were sent to check it out

DM: In the farthest corner of the graveyard there is a rundown castle like building. The tower mostly crumbled and the door and windows barley hanging on.

Me: I approach the door and knock loudly.

DM: Seriously?

CG Rouge: Why?

Me: Well is anyone is home it would be rude to barge in uninvited.

We spend about the next 5 mins in laughter just to find out I let the boss know we were coming and it didn’t end pretty….they still don’t leave me alone about it.

anonymous asked:

5 top Sansa book moments?

MMMM ONLY 5  you are making this hard on me! ( I am kidding  i love it) 

5)  “I can answer,” Sansa said quickly, to quell her prince’s anger. She smiled at the green knight. “Your helmet bears golden antlers, my lord. The stag is the sigil of the royal House. King Robert has two brothers. By your extreme youth, you can only be Renly Baratheon, Lord of Storm’s End and councillor to the king, and so I name you.” (so smart my child!!!) 

4)  “His leg was broken,” Sansa replied eagerly. “It hurt ever so much, Maester Pycelle was giving him milk of the poppy, and they say that milk of the poppy fills your head with clouds. Otherwise he would never have said it.” (mmm her lying to save her father Ned…people always forget that part of AGOT!) 

3)  The silence went on and on, so long that she began to grow afraid once more, but she was afraid for him now, not for herself. She found his massive shoulder with her hand. “He was no true knight,” she whispered to him.

The Hound threw back his head and roared. Sansa stumbled back, away from him, but he caught her arm. “No,” he growled at her, “no, little bird, he was no true knight.”

2)  “He is,” Sansa said. “A fool. You’re so clever, to see it. He’s better fitted to be a fool than a knight, isn’t he? You ought to dress him in motley and make him clown for you. He doesn’t deserve the mercy of a quick death.

“The king studied her a moment. “Perhaps you’re not so stupid as Mother says.” He raised his voice.

 "Did you hear my lady, Dontos? From this day on, you’re my new fool. You can sleep with Moon Boy and dress in motley

.“Ser Dontos, sobered by his near brush with death, crawled to his knees. "Thank you, Your Grace. And you, my lady. Thank you.

1) A kind of madness took over her then, and she heard herself say, “Maybe my brother will give me your head.”….. “ The moment was gone. Sansa lowered her eyes. “Thank you,” she said when he was done. She was a good girl, and always remembered her courtesies.”

Messy p.t. 2

Intro: So so so here we are my loves, at last (I’m sorry it took so long - blame school).   YES I HAVE FINALLY FINISHED IT MESSY P.T. 2 FOR YOUUU.  

This is a long awaited (and long overdue) sequel to Messy that was requested by a number of you and thank you guys so much for the amazing response that Messy got, it astounds me.  

So hopefully this one satiates your need for more as it is a long one (surprise surprise).  

I want to give a big shout out to @yourtropegirl for setting up a poll for me to decide the uniform that Leonard would wear (right) along with the reader’s dress (left), which you can see above - they are beautiful guys thanks so much.  

Pairing: Bones x reader

Word Count: 5,813 (whoopsies)

Warnings: none, just tooth-aching fluff and a little bit of frustration. 

Summary: So, if you haven’t read the original Messy, Leonard is all upset because Jocelyn is getting re-married and invites Leonard to the wedding. The reader jokingly says that he should go and bring a hot date, not realizing that the hot date would actually be them.  This story is surrounding Jocelyn’s wedding.  I hope you enjoy!

ALSO: I have actually no idea what Jocelyn is like as a person, even what she looks like as I have seen precious few episodes of TOS.  So I wrote her as a blue-eyed blonde who is infuriatingly nice.  Though I have an angst fic planned where she isn’t going to be so nice…


“Nope.  That’s it.  I’m not going.” You fumed, storming out of the bathroom, and stalking past Leonard who was zipping up his shirt.  

Strong hands suddenly caught you around the waist, and you were yanked backwards. 

“Hey, whoa, darlin’.” Leonard pulled you to his chest. 

You beat weakly at his arms in an attempt to pry them off you and kicked your feet, trying to resist him but he was too strong. 

“Let me go, Len.” You pouted, trying to squirm out of his grip. 

“What’s wrong?” Leonard wrapped his arms around you tighter, one arm around your waist, one arm across your chest. 

“I am not going to this wedding.” You stated, pushing off his chest to get away, but he held you fast. 

“Why are- sTOP FIGHting ME!” He shouted as your elbows dug into his sides, trying to get him to release you. 

“Go find some other beautiful girl to bring.” You fought. 

“What are you-OW!  Are you biting me?” Leonard inquired with a huff of laughter. 

You pulled your teeth from his arm, “No.”

He suddenly spun you around in his grip to face him, his arms still locked around you, “What is the matter with you?”

“I-I can’t go, Len.  I just-it’s too much and what if they…” You rambled but stopped when Leonard’s hands gripped either side of your face, making your cheeks squish and your lips pout slightly. 

“You’re freaking out.” He informed.

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it’s here, finally! House inspired by Argents’ house from Teen Wolf. it was much fun to make, I had to improvise the back since we don’t really know how it looks like (and god I tried to find pics of the real house but couldn’t find any lol) so it’s my interpretation of the house! the dining room, the kitchen & the living room are kinda the same from the show - and so is Allison’s bedroom you can see better. for the basement, because there’s obviously no gun stuff in the Sims, I decided to make a training room because, you know, Argents must keep their bodies at its best to run after werewolves haha Have fuuun!!

name of the house: Argent House
username: Cristalline93

(if you have any suggestion of house(s) for me to make, my box is open!)

Wanted (Sam Drake x Reader) Chapter 5: Two Hearts Beat As One

Hello everyone! I’m sorry this wasn’t uploaded last night, I got super sick and couldn’t :( but, after slaving over the this chapter with the help of @unchxrted, @dragonjedihobbit, and @jociemamacie, (I could not have finished this without you guys!!! I love you!!!!) I finally feel like it is ready to upload!!! As always, I LOVE feedback and comment on how you feel about the chapter and progression of the story!

Tag list for those who want to be tagged when I upload new chapters!: @lucilaura, @impossible-box, @unchxrted, @dragonjedihobbit, @jodiereedus22, @brutal-crazy-joker & whoever wants to be tagged, just let me know!


I use The Way You Look Tonight by Frank Sinatra  in this chapter, so if you REALLY want to make the ambiance of the chapter amazing, listen to this!

And with that, I give you the chapter: Two Hearts Beat As One!!!

Perfect moments don’t last forever.

In fact, you never realize the moment was perfect until it’s gone.

The French countryside seemed to span for eternity from the back of the rental car. Fields had sheep and livestock sprinkled throughout the long grass. They grazed peacefully, without worry, and you wished you could do the same.

Victor sat at the driver’s seat, Sam in the passenger’s seat, and you sat in the back. Although Victor wasn’t attending the banquet, Sam insisted that he act as the getaway driver. According to him, things could go haywire. Apparently, it’s happened before.

The banquet was being held at a historic manor, isolated in the endless fields. You could see the large, castle-like building from the edge of the pastures. The manor was huge. Bigger than you had expected, and much bigger than Sam had described it on the way.

The driveway welcomed dozens of cars, circling a detailed limestone fountain that was placed in the center. Surrounded by hedges and blooming flowers, statues of goddesses stood above the water, welcoming every guest that passed by it.

The sun was beginning to set. Illuminating the manor in a golden light. It made everything you saw almost—heavenly.

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demonqueen-beastmaster  asked:

Hey, could you tell me a bit more about ARK? All I really know is that it seems to be a generic survival game but you can breed dinosaurs (that's all I really got from the steam page) and if it's possible to run some kind of dinosaur ranch.

ARK is p much a generic survival game save for the fact that you can tame, ride, and breed fantasy dinosaurs, pterosaurs, prehistoric mammals, other fantasy critters, and anything else that modders can think of.

It has a really awesome building system and it’s on of the biggest draws imo, you can build epic castles n shit. I like building stables and shelters for my critters to keep them out of the rain :3

There are official and unofficial servers as well as singleplayer. The official ones suck but I used to play a ton on various unofficial ones because they have can have custom settings, mods, active admins that host games with prizes (like racing, arenas, fashion shows, best builds, all kinds of shit), admins that won’t tolerate bullying (racism, sexism, homophobia, all that stuff) so it’s a better environment, rules to keep the game fair (you can only raid someone so often, no completely wiping their base, no killin passive tamed creatures) it’s just a better experience than the official ones. Rn I host my own server and just play with my brother since my internet has sucked (I use satellite, no one else will cater to our forest home). It’s still fun though! Recently they’ve been really expanding and fixing the singleplayer experience.

The game releases August 8th and they plan on adding even MORE content along with DLC to be added in the future (there’s one expansion pack currently that adds a desert map and critters that I love, you don’t need to buy it to have the critters tho since the developers are awesome). Right now it features:
• over 100 unique tamable critters, they aren’t just re skinned versions of the same model but actually unique with different special abilities
• lots and lots of items to build with that you can paint to make them pretty!
• lots of armor and weapons and shit that you can also paint and make them pretty! You can paint your critters too
• breed-able critters to get special colors, you can have a neon red wolf! or a watermelon tyrannosaur! the special colors also give them stat boosts. You breed for stats as well. I love breeding.
• tons of different maps and WIP procedural ones. Modders give you endless options!!
• really just the modding community is the heart of the game, and the awesome developers support modders and give them money to mod!! I think they do something like $4000 a month for select modders
• pvp and pve, so if you want to raid other people and steal their critters you can do pvp but if you wanna relax you can do pve and not worry about other players! There are also roleplaying unofficial servers which can be a lot of fun too
• you can have tribes with alliances
• you can tell your critters to do different things like “go here” “follow me” “attack this” or switch them to passive so they don’t hurt anything
• there are flying critters like big birds and griffins
• stuff to do under the sea! there are sea caves and treasure you can find. you can build on a critters back and have a submarine!
• you can also build on some land critters backs like these big horse rhinos called paracers, or brontosaurus, these really big critters called titanosaurs
• it’s just really fun and addicting
• I recommend it to everyone
• it is pretty hard on your PC and you need a beefy one, but August 8th when they officially release it should be optimized and you won’t need as beefy of a pc
• ark has helped me through some serious depression bouts. I like it a lot and have played it since it came out

I found his jumper part 7 || D.H.

First Part, Second Part, Third Part, Fourth Part,  Fifth Part, Sixth Part

A/N: wow there is a part 7. 

Word Count: 1.8k


“I thought you were smart, Edwards.” Charlotte snarled when I came home after the rain incident.

I wasn’t thinking straight so I didn’t show any reaction. Instead I just walked in and took off my soaked vans. Of course had she heard about Caleb’s wrong accusations.  

My room mate continued with a cold laugh.

“Did you really think Dan would date you?” she asked and acted like it was the funniest thing in the world. ’Yes’ I thought to myself and the thought made my heart race. Dan had basically said it himself only about 10 minutes ago. He would have dated my back in high school. I didn’t know what his opinion on dating me now was. If only Charlotte knew what Dan had confessed to me in the rain she’d probably rip my head off. Instead of telling her I just shrugged my shoulders, seeing no use in fighting with her again now.

“What’s that?” she asked, suspiciously eyeing the sweater I was wearing. I had nearly forgotten that I still had Dan’s jumper on. It was warm against my cold skin. The fabric was soft and it’s smell was to die for.

“It’s nothing.” I answered, trying to sound nonchalant. Her icy blue orbs evilly glared at me.  Of course Dan had to give me his signature sweater. He could have just given me his football jersey with his name on the back, it would have had the same effect.

“Don’t you think it’s a little too big, even for you?” Charlotte snapped.

“I have a thing for oversized sweaters.” I simply stated, before I headed to my room and shut the door behind me.

I had troubles sleeping the next few days. Every time I tried to close my eyes Dan’s image popped into my mind. Has words echoed in my head and my thoughts were racing. I had no idea on what terms Dan and I were. I also had no clue how to continue and I wasn’t sure how to act around him. The fact that I had thrown Dan’s jumper onto a chair right next to my bed didn’t help either. It was the first thing I saw when I woke up in the morning and somehow it made me smile a little bit every time. 

When I walked to my classes accompanied by Hayley on Monday I was yet again the centre of attention. Countless of student’s eyes burned holes into my body. Fingers pointed at me and I heard people laugh behind my back. Caleb’s story spread like wild fire. I was pretty certain that Charlotte and her friends made sure that everybody heard that Rose Edwards slept with Dan Howell and was stupid enough to think that they’d date afterwards. According to his story I also bombarded Dan with texts and wouldn’t stop showing up at his dorm. I sounded like a pathetic little girl and nobody but Dan, me and Hayley knew that none of those things actually happened.

“You don’t have to walk next to me.” I whispered. I felt bad for Hayley. She wasn’t involved in any of this, but had to witness all of it. Everybody stared at her as well and she was now officially known as the best friend of the library loser.

“I want to and I will. If those jerks don’t have anything better to do than gossip about some bullshit than that’s their problem.” Hayley angrily raised her voice at the last bit so the students surrounding us could hear her.

“I hate that stupid Howell ass so much.” she groaned as we had finally reached our class room.

“Mhm yeah” I simply agreed although I wasn’t so sure of that anymore. I hadn’t told Hayley what happened on Friday yet, no wonder why she still hated him that much.

After I attended all of my classes that day I put my laptop and notebook back into my bag and headed out of the huge doors of the castle like university building. The sun was out and there were hundreds of people hanging out on campus. I was starving so I decided to head straight back to my room to cook something easy, like spaghetti. On my way across the campus I passed three very familiar looking guys. Phil and Caleb were smoking next to Dan. They were leaning against a big oak tree and the three of them together was definitely a sight that most of the female students couldn’t ignore that easily. My heart rate sped up as soon as I saw Dan stand there. He looked so good with so little effort. It was the first time since Friday that I saw him. I nervously bit my lip as I quickened my pace. Not really sure if I wanted him to notice me or not I started to walk past him and his friends, looking at my feet.

“Hey Edwards.” I heard somebody say, making me turn around. At first I thought I was experiencing a deja vu, but this time at wasn’t Caleb who shouted my name.

“Are you okay? You seemed pretty upset last Friday.” Phil asked me concerned as soon as I faced him. I saw Dan stiffen next to him and Caleb just grinned smugly.

‘What the hell are you doing Philip?! I was trying to avoid you.’ I internally groaned. How could he be the only one to not know what happened? Why must he also be so nice?

“Aw did I make you cry, sweetheart?” Caleb teased and Phil furrowed his eyebrows together in confusion. He looked between me and Caleb as if he was trying to connect invisible dots between us. I felt my blood boil again as I stared back into Caleb’s hazel eyes.

“I thought Dan and you just had another fight?” Phil questioned me, looking more confused than ever. In the corner of my eyes I saw Dan flinch as his name was mentioned, but then he continued to stare at the grass in front of his feet. He was clearly avoiding my gaze and that kind of hurt. Maybe I did want him to notice me after all.

“Don’t worry Phil, it’s obviously forgotten now.” I said more to Dan than to him.

Dan’s head immediately shot up at the comment I made. A little hint of panic in his eyes gave away that he understood what I was secretly accusing him of. I saw his eyes widen as he realized that he might have screwed up again.

When I walked away from the three of them after muttering a bye, I heard Dan ask Caleb for one of his cigarettes.

Back in my room I realized how worked up I actually was. Oh, yes I hated Caleb with passion now and I was also a little bit mad at Phil for being so naïve and oblivious, but most of all I was yet again disappointed in Dan. To be fair I wanted to ignore him at first as well, but after Phil called me over he could’ve said a simple hello, right? I wasn’t asking for him to punch Caleb in the face for being such an asshole. All I wanted was him to acknowledge me. When I entered my room to change into some comfy clothes I immediately noticed Dan’s jumper on my chair. This time though it didn’t make me smile. Instead I felt anger fill my veins.

10 minutes later I had entered the boys dorm again. I walked up three flights of stairs until I reached Dan and Phil’s room. God, why do I always end up here?

I was way too upset to be nervous. I tried to shove away my feelings as I slowly knocked on the door a few times. Phil was the one to answer it seconds later. He smiled at me like always. I didn’t understand why he was friends with Caleb and Dan. Maybe he was just nice to me and a dick to everybody else?

“Hey, I just wan-” I started but Phil interrupted me by inviting me in.

I had a weird feeling in the pit of my stomach when I entered the living room of the flat. I had already been here on Friday and being reminded of that made me feel a bit uneasy.

Dan was sitting on the couch and much to my disliking he was talking to Caleb. Both of them stopped in the middle of their conversation when they noticed me.

“Cal and I can give you two a moment alone if you want.” Phil offered, catching the way Dan and I were staring at each other with intensity.

“It’s alright. I just came to give Dan his jumper back.” I simply stated with zero emotion in my voice.

Dan noticed the dark grey fabric that was slung over my left arm . Horror was written all over his face. He gulped hard and one could see that he was trying to find the right words to say. He repeatedly opened and then closed his mouth without saying something.

“Have you finally given up on him, sweetheart?” Caleb snarled with a smirk plastered across his stupid face. He wasn’t even a part of this mess!

“It took you forever to realize that Dan would never-” he teased me. The story was repeating itself. But shortly before Caleb could tell me that Dan would never date a loser like me ,just like his high school friend had a few years ago, Dan changed the story.

Before Caleb could end his sentence Dan suddenly threw a punch directly to his face. Without a warning his fist forcefully collided with Caleb’s sharp cheekbone. The sound of bones crashing against each other filled the air as well as a loud yelp.

“Fuck, dude.” He winced in pain.

 I just stood there, staring at both of them in shock.

Dan’s cheeks were red in anger and his hands were still formed into fists. There was a dangerous sparkle in his eyes.    

After Caleb had regained his composure he blinked at Dan unbelievingly.

“What the hell was that for?!” he shouted in rage, but Dan completely ignored him. He jumped up from his spot on the couch and walked towards me, guilt was visible in his eyes.

“I don’t want my jumper back, Rose. It’s yours and I want you to keep it.”

skyler10fic  asked:

I laughed at the zombie one but instead how about "You said, and I quote; 'I have an addiction to knowledge!'" Ten or Tentoo x Rose :D

Title:  An Addiction to Knowledge

Pairing:  Ten/Rose

Rating:  Adult

Genre:  Crackfic/Humor/Adventure/Nude Doctor/Running for their lives

Thank you for the prompt!

AO3 Link

After years of practice, Rose had developed an uncanny sense of when a visit to a seemingly pleasant planet would turn pear shaped.   Usually, it started with someone running off with his gob saying whatever came into his brilliant Time Lord brain.  Say what he might about humans, at least she had the ability to filter and a good sense of self-preservation.

Time Lords, it appeared, lacked this ability.

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New Theory:

Mark ‘dies’ in this big project.

“You’re probably all wondering, am I dead? Funny you should ask that question.” *vague shrug*

One could take that as him being funny, but what if it was really a sly hint in the form of an easily brushed off joke? And, what’s more, what if it was of the ‘egos are taking over because Mark died’ or ‘egos killed Mark in order to take over’ variety? Tuxedo hype, pretty in pink, old castle-like building in the middle of nowhere… I’m grasping at straws here, but I want to say it all means something ego related.

(I might also just be desperate for ego content. Mark please.) 

star-shadows  asked:

I truly mean this as a compliment and I hope you will take it as such, but I have enjoyed your meta (especially endgame meta) so much that I've basically forgotten which parts are from the published books and which are your meta, because let's face it, most of your endgame meta is just the last two books. have you considered writing the sparknotes version of TWOW and ADOS while we're waiting lol (though it basically exists in your tags already!)

Thanks so much! Though on the whole I’ve tended to avoid specific predictions for the next two books (because I dislike being wrong), I think. I prefer estimating probabilities to saying “this will happen”, with a few exceptions. I don’t like cloud-castle-building, piling theories upon theories, and often look somewhat askance at people who do theorize such things with apparent confidence. Also I’m not in the business of writing endgame fanfic, I really want to see GRRM’s story, not mine or anyone else’s. :)

That said, I have tended to be more specific about how I see (parts of) the War for Dawn going rather than most other details of TWOW and ADOS, so I can understand why you might enjoy my endgame thoughts tag. It’s just… there are parts of the story that I can see, clear as day (the Wall crumbling, breaking apart, falling; Brienne and another “no chance, no choice” with her Valyrian steel sword against the Others; Arya riding Nymeria, surrounded by a pack of wolves; Jon and Dany and Tyrion flying through the aurora into whatever horrors lay beyond), but much of what surrounds those bits is extremely blurry, so I certainly couldn’t write a full outline with any confidence. I’m not GRRM, I think I understand the story he’s writing, but I’m not him. And maybe I am a Melisandre, and the visions I think are clear aren’t real, but we’ll see, I suppose…