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An Ice color variant of my Game of Thrones (A Song of Ice and Fire) screen print that my printer mocked up! I can’t wait for this to be out~ 😁❄

brat0029  asked:

Do you think the North would have accepted Asha Greyjoy's terms had she won the Queensmoot? I don't see why Bolton would have agreed to those terms since he wants to bleed those holdings anyway but, on the other hand, an alliance with the Greyjoy's (and their naval power) would give him a pretty good ally if he took on the crown, as Lady Dustin suggests. If he wants to be King of the North, an ally on the West might help.

Nope. Because Roose would have to consider what his vassals think, and this is what the Northern nobility thinks of the Greyjoys: 

The She-Bear growled. “Why should we trust the word of any ironman after what your brother did at Winterfell?”

“I am not Theon,” Asha insisted…but the chains remained.

This is what Asha blinds herself to in AFFC, and spends her ADWD chapters realizing: the Northerners have no intention whatsoever of cutting a deal with her, because they don’t deem her a trustworthy negotiating partner, and can you blame them? And Asha’s not just asking for peace, remember; she’s asking to hold onto the conquest and forge an active military alliance. Politically, that’s just not tenable in the shadow of dead Starklings and their ruined castle. The Greyjoys cut out the heart of the north, and then want the Northerners to surrender their land permanently, and then be best friends? That’s not happening. What is happening is that Stannis and the Boltons are competing in terms of who’s the best at kicking the Ironborn out. 

Here’s what Asha’s plan should’ve been IMO: abandon the North entirely, pull back the reavers and raiders, and focus on trade like Grandpa Quellon. Not only is her pitch at the queensmoot almost impossible to imagine working, she refuses to recognize how difficult it would be. That’s the real tell that for Asha to reach her full leadership potential, she needs the education she undergoes in ADWD, thanks in large part (as we see in the quote above) to Alysane Mormont: 

Asha smiled back. “Mormont women are all fighters too.”

The other woman’s smile faded. “What we are is what you made us. On Bear Island every child learns to fear krakens rising from the sea.”

The Old Way. Asha turned away, chains clinking faintly.