castle flutes

captain-cate  asked:

Lords reaction to an mc who has an angelic voice or plays an Instrument please? Have a nice night.

Uwah~ Thank you! This request was really fun to write, I hope you enjoy it!


He was hoping that his favorite source of heat was returning to his side in bed soon, but she doesn’t come back as quickly as he expected. Concerned, he silently pulls open his paper door, only to be met with the back of his lover, hunched over a humble-looking shamisen. She plucks each of the strings softly, creating a simple melody. After doing that several times, she begins to sing, just loud enough to carry over the easy notes of the guitar. Her voice pulls at Nobu’s heartstrings, and he just stands unmoving. Watching as his pretty little fool wins his heart all over again.

“And you’re just full of surprises, aren’t you? You brazen little thing.”


Mitsuhide was positive that nobody in Oda’s castle could play the flute. Play the flute well, that is. But when he walks into the empty kitchen, he is positively surprised to find his darling girl, expertly playing a flute as the rice for his onigiri boils over the fire. She stops when he walks toward her, ashamed at being caught when she is supposed to be working. He rests his chin on your head, arms gently weaving around your waist as he presses you to continue your song.

“Darling, why did you cease? Please continue, I would love to hear more.”


Saizo didn’t learn to play the harp recently, did he? Following the melodious playing, he finds himself in the garden. And there he finds you, sitting cross-legged in the grass as you weave your fingers across the delicate strings of your instrument. Your eyes closed with concentration, you open them when you hear Yukkin stumble into the garden. Looking him straight in the eye, you sing confidently. About his eyes, about his personality, about his stubborn attitude, his kind nature, how your life changed for the better when you met him.

“Do…do you think…you could sing to me some more…?”


There could be a number of things the average man could be thinking of as he watches his woman fix his meals in the kitchen. The slope of her neck, the firmness of her chest, the swell of her bottom. But all Saizo could focus on was your angelic sounding voice as you made him his dango. You couldn’t see him, which is what he preferred, as you just hummed little things about your day, putting mundane words into a melody. Then you really caught his attention by fitting “I love you, Saizo” into a cute little song of your own.

“I don’t think it’s this healthy for me to love you this much, little lady.”


He was so very, very close to sleep after a long day’s work. Head pillowed in your lap, eyepatch discarded, he was in the midst of drifting off until he heard your soothing voice, singing sweet nothings to him as you ran your fingers through his hair. He thought he’d go to hell if he ruined this moment, so Masamune laid awake, and listened. But when you stopped, expect him to ask you to continue, for sure.

“Looks like I’ll be well-rested tomorrow morning…And the next, and the next, and the next…”


At first, he thought Shigezane had stolen his flute again. Then he realized that the person playing it was actually decent, fantastic even! So imagine his delight when he sees his precious girl, perched upon the veranda in her off time, performing a little melody. He couldn’t stand by and just watch that’s for sure. But he did have to try and restrain himself from taking you right then and there. And Kojuro wasn’t even mad that it was his flute.

“You didn’t learn that just for me, did you?”


“You play?” Hideyoshi asked curiously when you picked up the shamisen lying in his closet floor. You nodded your head in response, beginning the strum a tune lying in the back of your mind. He was all ready to help you out and reteach you how to play, but he wasn’t expecting you to be fantastic at it! Hideyoshi bobbed his head softly to your music, tapping his hands on his knees to the beat. In exchange, you weren’t expecting him to sing along to your tune, and be extraordinary at it.

“You know, you’re so cute when you’re concentrating like that.”


He had heard you sing as a child, but young boys are dense, and he never really acknowledged how good of a singer you were. Especially when you’re treating his wounds, and you sing a song to hopefully take his mind off of the pain. Your voice causes the world to blur at the edges in Inuchiyo’s vision, his muscles instantly relaxing. He lets his eyes slide shut, and you lullaby him as you finish bandaging his injuries.

“You better not be trying to tease me like that!”


Hey. Kitchen wench. You’re supposed to be grinding herbs, not singing,” Ieyasu would scold for the nth time in one day. But the moment he left, you’d start humming softly under your breath, eventually breaking into song when just mumbling became too much. And every time, Ieyasu would be close enough for him to hear and he smile at your perfect voice before swooping back into the kitchen to scold you.

“You’re pretty good…now maybe learn to multitask, hm?”


He hasn’t ever heard you sing before and is starstruck when he does. Mitsunari first heard you when you were dusting books on his shelf and rearranging them all. The room was deathly silent and you had just began humming under your breath, as to not disturb Mitsunari while he was reading. But your voice just increased and increased in volume. When he bitterly barked “manju-girl” you were discouraged, but he only wanted you to continue.

“I’m not asking you to sing for me, you shameful dullard! I…just am not entirely opposed to hearing your voice…”


He finds it a bit unorthodox when he catches you fiddling and playing with a flute outside his chambers in the dead of night, but still finds in charming nonetheless. Shingen often asks you to play just for him, and you’re happy to oblige whenever he has the urge to hear. It’s a different kind of Shingen you’re used to seeing: calm, undone and vulnerable. It’s not a bad thing though.

“I could get used to this.”


You weren’t surprised to see a dusty old harp lying under a pile of kimonos in Kenshin’s treasury. You hold it up to him, making a joke about his infinite list of favorite things. He chuckles and resumes poking around. Feeling nostalgic, you sit down, and begin idly playing. Kenshin’s head immediately shoots up, his eyes darting to you. His timid smile immediately stretches into a wide grin, and he crawls towards you, so he can “appreciate your music playing better.” He’ll try his hand at the instrument, seeing that if his lover can play it, then he can. He tries.

“I’m positive that I have been sent an angel.”