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I've seen this around before and I'm a bit confused - is Sansa poisoning Sweetrobin deliberately? Because I used to think Sansa cares for sweetrobin a little - she may be doing it unintentionally or w/o knowing the full effects of it; What do you think? And do you think SR will end up dying because of this?

You’re getting at a lot here, and my response is going to be long because you’re asking a question that I’ve been meaning to write about for about two years now but keep falling on the floor moaning and not writing because my thoughts on the matter are longer and stickier than I want them to be.  So thanks for providing the catalyst I needed to write this, but also I’m kinda shakin’ my fist @ u it was so nice to let my laziness be in charge of me, u feel me?

I’m going to break my response down into a few different sections because, as I said above, my response is long and sticky.

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MEDICAL ATTENTION IS JDEABEFWQDJOSEFUBFWDSK. GOT IT? This fanfic, Attachment Syndrome and Unscathed have been (are being) the death of me. I swear. Any other multi chapter fanfic that you recommend?

Oh boy! I can’t believe you just listed my story with those two amazing fics. Like WOW.

Totally not an all inclusive list and I know I’m forgetting some, but I’m currently reading:

Elastic Heart by bravevulnerability

Atlantic by toparisbytrain (honeyandvodka)

State of the Union by aspenmusing ( caffinate-me)

Really any stories by those writers are great and I also know I’m forgetting a couple other stories I’m currently reading but those are stories I just read chapters for so they’re fresh in my mind.

If you want older recs, I have TONS of those too.

Thank you so much!!!