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Hi! Headcanon person here again. So Gaston is basically a second dad to Chip. He takes him hunting, playfully wrestles with him, and doesn't even mind when Chip accidentally falls asleep on his lap at the dinner table. And everyone thinks it's adorable, especially Lefou (bc they possibly want kids in the future). And Gaston is so in love with Lefou and tells him everyday. I sent this in like a couple of days ago but it might not of sent so I'm sending it again! Love you and your Tumblr! Bye!

You’re making me c r y with these I’m in love

  • Gaston would pretend to be the beast, and Chip would tackle him, initiating the play wrestling that would end in laughter by the fireplace 
  • Adam would be super offended by Gaston’s impersonation of his beastly counterpart, then would remind himself that Belle allowed Gaston and Lefou to stay there out of the kindness of her heart, so he maintains the friendly hospitality for her sake  
  • But he doesn’t roar that obnoxiously, it was always more of a sexy growl, dammit
  • The first time Chip falls asleep in his lap, Gaston is shocked- he’s never been a particularly gentle guy, so the fact that a young boy would feel comfortable enough with him to do that is so touching that it makes him tear up
  • Lefou DIES when he sees it, he would literally pay Maurice as much as Gaston spends on eggs to paint that cute shit and hang it above their bed
  • Chip insists on accompanying him hunting, so Gaston goes to town (with Lefou for confidence, since most people in the village hate him now) and has hunting clothes, boots, and a cute lil hat like his made for Chip’s size. He brings them back to the castle after he gets back from his “expedition” and Chip goes nuts
  • The boy’s so excited and when they finally go out, all Chip brings home is apple with a bullet hole through it, but it’s okay cause it’s better than Lefou ever did on their hunting trips
  • The way Gaston acts around Chip and vice versa helps Lefou finally realize how plausible his dream of adopting a kid with Gaston really is- his boyfriend is dad material af
  • Belle wasn’t the only one who got a happy ending; Lefou can’t stop pinching himself every morning when he wakes up in a totally not dusty bed in the east wing next to Gaston, who’s stroking his hair and whispering how much he loves and adores him
  • Best way to wake up tbh
  • Well, second best to Mrs. Potts bringing them tea in bed
  • Even though she stopped doing that after she caught them in a compromising position one morning RIP mom

//thank you so much for the compliments too xo


female awesome meme:  {1/15 lead characters} / {1/5 characters with the best growth}

→ Katherine Houghton Beckett | Castle 

“My job is to protect the citizens of New York, and I will do that by doing my job better than anyone else and getting results. I don’t cross the line, I put myself on it.” 

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Imagine Gaston laying in Lefou's arms bc after the fall his favorite thing to do is cuddle with Lefou. And Lefou is spooning him while nuzzling his neck. And Gaston is giggling softly bc he's ticklish and the nuzzling is unbearable but Lefou thinks it's adorable. Then Mrs. Potts comes in and brings them tea and asks them how their night was while Chip climbs onto the bed and wriggles in between bc he want to cuddle to and they laugh and cuddle while Mrs. P gently scolds him but smiles anyway.

How dare you invade my inbox with such cuteness

  • Gaston loves falling asleep and waking up in Lefou’s arms 
  • It makes him feel so much better about everything 
  • Lefou is wearing Gaston’s undershirt 
  • They exchange slow, cuddly morning kisses, until Gaston turns back over and allows Lefou to go back to nuzzling his neck 
  • “Too much?” Lefou smiles. “Never,” Gaston laughs, his boyfriend’s new moustache tickling his neck.
  • Sometimes, if Gaston is feeling particularly vulnerable, Lefou will whisper encouragements and praise into his ear from behind, and Gaston will purr and stretch like a happy cat 
  • When Mrs. Potts comes in, she always has their favorite tea, and Gaston always says thank you now, ever since Lefou reprimanded him for his lack of manners 
  • “We both had a wonderful sleep, madam, thank you.”
  • Chip comes running in, almost spilling the tea on his way, and launches himself on the bed
  • The first time he does it, Mrs. Potts is horrified, and is ready to scold Chip til the cows come home, but Gaston just sits up, pulling on a shirt, and tosses an arm around Chip. 
  • Lefou tries to hold his squeal in cause it’s really adorable and Chip is making the bed bounce because he’s excited and Gaston is doing the thing that he does where he picks Chip up on his shoulders, hoists him up and flops him down into the pillows
  • Lefou shares a secret smile with Mrs. Potts as she pours the tea, that marvels at Gaston’s soft disposition, and how much people can change for the better
Somehow She’s Both

My lovely Kastle fam… I’m so sorry that I’ve been away for so long. My FDTD pieces are ruling my life. I’ve still got a lot to do on those before November.

However my the lovely @edourado gave me the biggest smile tonight and I wanted to do something nice and Kastle for her. Also sweets this end up a little on the smutty side with a side of cozy trope???… I hope you don’t mind. ;) *Hugs*

Hugs and Love you all. The Soundtrack for this this piece was Take Me Church by Hozier and Wonderwall by Zella Day. And I have no clue how those two songs turned into this.

Somehow She’s Both

Her nails were running through his cropped hair and he had to bite the inside of his cheek to keep a contented sound from escaping. Her nails were rounded and smooth from the gala she’d attended tonight and her skin still smelled of the perfume and lotion. She too often smelled of gun oil, coffee, and sweat. It was better for her to smell like her. It was better. He shouldn’t be here. But oh how he needed…

He let his thumb circle her knee in a slow rhythmic motion, and the gooseflesh peppered over her thighs where his head was resting. He shouldn’t be here: not on her body, not in her bed, and not in her life. But a simple ‘shouldn’t’ wouldn’t stop him. He was a man possessed when it came to her. Much as he tried to stay away, he couldn’t. Oh how he’d tried, but the withdrawal made it worse.

He’d stayed away…Stayed away from her for months, but then he surrendered. When he came back to her, back to her fire-escape, that night in the rain… she’d slapped him and then kissed him. Her nails had dug into the flesh of his shoulders as he pulled them together. This intimate dance between them was somehow fire and gasoline and a balm to a burn all at once. He shouldn’t be here…but oh that pain of the withdrawal.

There was such a desperation in their coupling when he stayed away too long. It was fire and gasoline – burning too hot, too fast. He’d try to slow down, to ease into it, but she was not one to be denied. He couldn’t deny her, he didn’t want to. Her eyes burned into his and he’d proudly wear any of the scars she’d inflict on him. But tonight she was so soft; balm to the burn. Tonight she was stillness and comfort. It only made him want her more.

He shifted slightly, running his tongue along the indentions that her hosiery had left on her thighs. His movements were slow, precise, and even as he mapped the marks – trying to expunge them. He wanted more; wanted so much more.

“Frank, I still need a shower.” She groaned. She was never quiet. Never.  

He loved that she wasn’t quiet. Logistically and tactically it was a liability, but there was something so primal and satisfying about her moaning his name that he couldn’t deny himself the enjoyment of it.

“We can shower after.” He sucked on her skin, leaving a red, wet mark in the wake of his mouth. “Let me, Karen…Let me be slow…. please let me, Karen.”

Her whimpered ‘yes’ was nothing short of pornographic.

She was his drug and a long drawn out dose was just what he needed… His fire & gasoline, but also the only balm he’d allow to soothe any of his burns.

Yup… um… I hope you all enjoyed that. 

Love to my Loves!

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Can you write some sappy shit about Alex and Ryland at the beach and they're all fluffy and smoochy building sand castles??


“We don’t need kids toys, Alex,” Ryland said, sighing as Alex held up the plastic pail and shovel with a pout.

“But- but how else will we make sand castles?” He whined, shaking the pail in Ryland’s face. He pushed the pail away, a trace of a smile on his face.

“With our hands. Now throw those back in the trunk or we’re going home.” He gestured at the open trunk, giving Alex a very pointed look. Alex stared at him for several seconds, fingers gripped tight around the toys, before letting out a defeated sigh and tossing them back.

Fine,” He said, slamming the trunk closed. “But if your sandcastle has no form, don’t blame me.” Ryland snorted a laugh, gesturing at the beach. Alex strode forward, arms crossed in mock anger. Ryland trailed behind, an amused smile on his face.

Besides the plastic toys, neither of them had bothered with much else. Ryland was still dressed in a long sleeve shirt and black hoodie, Alex still in a frighteningly bright polo. It wasn’t as if they planned to go into the ocean, and both planned to head straight into the shower after so it didn’t really matter what they wore. At least, those had been Ryland’s reasons that convinced Alex, who had planned to wear an actual fucking speedo. Ryland still shuddered at the thought.

They settled on a small spot close to the ocean. Far enough away that they wouldn’t accidentally get soaked, but close enough for moldable sand. There were already other people with the same idea, mostly kids. Alex glanced back at Ryland and gestured at the pails and plastic shovels in their hands.

“They’re kids, Alex,” Ryland said, knees hitting the sand with a dull /thud./ “They’re not trying to make legit sandcastles.”

Alex plopped down next to him, sitting criss-cross with his hands on his knees. “But you didn’t bring anything. Couldn’t we just-”

Ryland was quite done with Alex’s complaining. With a quick glance to make sure no one was staring at them, he leaned forward and pressed a quick kiss to the corner of Alex’s mouth. As expected, he promptly shut up, going a bit red in the face. Ryland wasn’t exactly keen on public displays of affection, or affection in general, but he knew Alex enjoyed it. It made the rare moments he chose to easy to use for his own purposes.

“You done?” Ryland asked eyebrow raised. Alex glanced down at his lips then back at his eyes. “If you shut up, I’ll give you an actual kiss,” He added, much to Alex’s obvious excitement. He nodded quickly, eyes lit up and wide. Ryland smiled softly and leaned forward again, pressing a long kiss to his lips. Alex leaned into him, sighing quietly.

After a few moments, Ryland drew back fully, rocking back onto his knees. He smirked at Alex’s now ridiculously red face before finally concentrating on his true mission. The sand.

He plunged his fingers into the semi wet sand, scooping out handful after handful and stacking them into a sizeable mound at his side. He expected Alex to offer help, but when he turned to politely decline, he saw Alex had started his own much smaller mound. He was humming, something soft and unidentifiable as he patted his sand hill into a flat surface. Ryland shook his head, fighting a smile as he turned back to his own work.

They spent the next couple hours like this, Ryland very intent on his project. Alex gave up on his pile pretty quickly, sticking a piece of seaweed over the top and declaring it conquered before stomping it into oblivion. Ryland automatically sheltered his sandcastle but Alex was already wandering off. Ryland didn’t spare him another glance, fingers smoothing over the organic structure and a smile that had settled on his face for quite a while. Fuck, when had he last been this happy? Ages, for sure.

As time went on, Ryland built more and more, a veritable kingdom of spheres and cylinders. Alex, he noticed, had been collecting shells and leaving them on his ruined mound. He kept looking over to find the pile had grown, but no Alex in sight. Finally, once he was satisfied with his sandcastle kingdom, he stood and searched the beach with his eyes. While he was slightly worried about him disappearing, he was more concerned with getting to show off his masterpiece.

It took him a couple minutes, the beach having filled up without him realizing. Kids screaming and chasing each other, swaths of sunbathers laid out on towels, and overenthusiastic dogs blocked his view most of the time. It was pretty damn frustrating.

It figures what caught Ryland’s eye was his fucking polo. He saw a flash of the bright orange, blinked, and then there was Alex, getting chased by one of the dogs.

He was laughing, hair proofed up and slightly damp as he ran closer to the ocean. The husky was much faster and full on tackled him to the ground, paws on Alex’s shoulders as it attacked his face with its tongue. Alex only laughed harder, arms slung happily around the dog as he scratched its neck.

Ryland felt something squeeze in his chest, a rush of warmth filling up his heart. He was frozen, eyes locked on Alex as he struggled to his feet, the husky trying desperately to attack his face again. Alex’s eyes caught his. His smile widened and he waved, big and enthusiastic. Ryland felt his face warm and he looked away, suddenly very keen on adding finishing touches to his sandcastle.

After a few minutes of completely focused sandcastle smoothing, Ryland heard the thud of footsteps coming towards him. Without looking up, he asked, “So, you collecting shells now?”

Alex laughed and Ryland heard the sound of more shells being added to the pile. “Nah, they’re for your castle!” He stepped next to Ryland and whistled. “Or, kingdom. Damn.”

Ryland shrugged, but he could already feel a smile coming on again at Alex’s praise. “Where would we put them? There’s not like there are spots for them-”

“Oh, ye of little imagination,” Alex said, gesturing at the entire kingdom. “Roofs, carts, windows! There’s so many possibilities!” Alex grinned at him, a stray piece of hair curling over his eye and fuck, Ryland didn’t want to say no.

“Alright,” He said slowly, turning to eye up the pile. He reached over and scooped up a handful. Alex did the same, although he scooped up so many they were practically raining from his arms. Ryland rolled his eyes, taking some from him in an effort to balance things. Alex gasped, grasping his remaining shells tighter to his chest.

“You thief!” He cried, taking a step backward. “Leave my babies alone!”

“They’re shells,” Ryland said dryly, starting to set some shells down on his tallest tower. He did his best to overlap them like roof tiles would, but it still looked annoyingly haphazard. He plucked them off and started again.

“They’re my children, Ry. How dare you.” Alex started making cooing noises at the shells and Ryland tried to ignore him. Once Alex realized he was being ignored, however, he sidled back up to Ryland’s side. “Apologize,” He demanded, holding out his ‘shell children.’ Ryland huffed a laugh and continued ignoring him, a bit more satisfied with the pattern this time.

“Ry, apologize,” Alex whined, leaning more heavily on Ryland’s side. Ryland glanced at him out of the corner of his eye, then back at his castle.

“You gonna help me, or not?” Ryland asked, moving onto the main castle roof. Alex was silent a few minutes, obviously debating whether it was worth trying to bug Ryland some more before he conceded with a heavy sigh. He felt Alex kiss the top of his head briefly before he began working on the other tower. And even though the entire castle was lopsided as all hell by the time they finished, Ryland was too content to care.


Today I visited Arundel Castle with the fam and although we didn’t get to go inside the castle or the cathedral (we were too late arriving lol;;;) I managed to take some great reference photos!! I figured I’d share some here as well because hey, you can never get enough castle refs ~*~*~

Obviously feel free to reference these for your drawings n stuff!! Just please don’t repost or claim these as your own ahah

Caroling Out in the Snow

So, I wrote this for the lovely @cuffedcaskett47, who I have had the great pleasure of getting to know over the past few months.  Ali, I hope your Christmas season is as wonderful as you are (because you are wonderful and don’t ever forget it) and that this brings you the smallest amount of joy.  I know you love Caskett babies as much as I do, and I hope that when I told you to imagine Caskett babies sleeping curled up on Kate’s chest, that it looked a little something like this.  Enjoy!  

The holidays with a little one were proving to be even more magical than Kate had ever expected.  Oliver had only been a few months old when Christmas came for the first time in his life.  He’d screamed when he left the comfort of his Mom’s arms to sit on the lap of a man who shook when he laughed.  The presents that Castle had spent weeks picking out hadn’t excited him as much as his father would have liked, which Kate found hysterical, considering he already had a child and should have known what to expect.  And he’d barely been phased by the tree, Castle asserting that they’d need all new, unbreakable ornaments for the next year.  

He’d been right.  This year, with an almost-toddler, was completely different.  Oliver loved to grab the red and white striped candy off the tree, and shove it in his mouth, wrapper and all.  He tended to knock over the ornaments as he did it, not out of malice, just sheer joy and a lack of impulse control.  This year, Oliver sat in Ho-ho’s lap without a problem, grinning for the camera like he was meeting a celebrity

And Kate found it even more exciting because his personality was showing up, which made Christmas shopping so much more fun.  Unfortunately, her son was obsessed with those small yellow babbling things with goggles, and they were invading her house.  She opened the closet one day and screamed when she found the giant one staring at her.  Her husband had chuckled, pressing a kiss to her temple and making her frustrations melt away, telling her that the look of pure joy on Oliver’s face would be well worth the Minion invasion.  

He loved to volunteer.  And as much as she wanted to join him, it was hard to help out at a soup kitchen when she was also chasing around their son.  So she opted to stay home this year, baking what felt like thousands of cookies and singing along to Christmas songs on her Pandora station.  Oliver helped, the young boy standing on a chair at the table, stirring the batter as well as he could.  Kate stood behind him, her hands on his sides to prevent him from falling, helping him stir when his arms got too tired.  And the entire time she crooned into his ear, making him giggle.  “You better watch out, you better not cry, better not pout I’m telling you why.”  She poked him, her heart soaring as he laughed, turning his head to meet her eyes.  “Why, Ollipop?”  

His free hand shot up in the air, the energy he emitted enough to melt all the snow in the city.  “Ho-ho!”  

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