castle extras

  • Chat Noir: (shows up on Marinette's balcony post-angsty-reveal)
  • Marinette: What are you doing?
  • Chat Noir: Waiting for my girlfriend. Maybe you've seen her - pretty girl, leaps tall buildings in a single bound, carries the weight of the world on her shoulders, yet still manages to laugh at some of my puns.
  • Marinette: She sounds like a pawful.
  • Chat Noir: Oh she is. But she's worth it.

Ref pics for Nyctophile (it’s a fic I’m writing on AO3 okkaa)

I had such a hard time looking for something that resembled what I was imagining (and the doodles I did gave no justice to what was in my mind jfc). In a way, their outfits were heavily inspired by AC:Unity hAH

Yoongi and Namjoon are supposed to have grey and black clothes, Jin has pink, Jungkook has red, Hobi has blue, and Taehyung and Jimin are blue, too (storywise, they’re wearing their casual clothes as seen here but are just borrowing the castle guards’ extra clothes halfway through the story)

/ew word vomit/

@ishimae nOONAAAA here you go =))))))))


“Dexter is extra-large at 105 lb. (but he could certainly use losing about 5 lbs or so) purebred Plott Hound. Did you say “toys?” Oh I’ve never seen a dog who LOVES toys the way he does! He is a ‘toy-a-holic’ and toys are his life! His favorite place is on my sofa or doggie bed. He has figured out how to get a pillow under his head and just snoozes away.”


Alright everyone here it is! Probably my favorite piece I have created all year Available in my shop now
The below description explains all the detail that I put into it:

This special necklace is inspired and created for a very special occasion; The 60th Anniversary of Disneyland.  The park is a very cherished and happy place for me, so I wanted to put as much detail and thought into this piece as those who decorated the park for this celebration.

To start, a Tinkerbell-like fairy charm holds a small diamond shaped bead that symbolizes these 60 years of magic.  She is hovering above an encased 3D castle charm.  Its background I hand painted with watercolor to match the vibrant blue sky of a clear Southern California day.  Small blue and pink flecks are loose in the small pocket watch to represent the blue and pink colors of Sleeping Beauty’s castle.
I added an extra special touch; when viewed in any light, the background looks like an ordinary blue sky, but when placed in the dark, fireworks glow behind the castle.  I took special care, hand painting these with glow in the dark paint.

At the end of the chain is a small tag, hand stamped with the number 60 for commemoration of the anniversary.


Castle: “The Cast Behind the Cast”

This pic was also included in the article with the pics of Tom and Mary from The Daily Mail. I talked with someone about the pic, and we both think it has something to do with Bertie’s cousin. It could be that Bertie will be the new Marquess and Edith the Marchioness. That could also explain why the family’s back at Brancaster Castle, and why the extras are dressed in white tie. The scene with Tom and Mary doesn’t have to be for the CS, but could be for ep7 or ep8 and take place closer to Downton.

The january issue of “The Hana to Yume” that will contain the AnY extra chapter will also have a postcard booklet with 8 AnY illustrations. The two featured on the ad are the covers for chapter 103 and the castle extra.

The next issue of the regular Hana to Yume will have a small plastic passcase with Ao, Yona & Hak in modern school clothes.