castle combe circuit

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What qualifications do I need to be a royal nanny!? :D I'm not from the UK tho..:'(

Maria (George’s nanny) isn’t from the UK either! She’s spanish. But here are some of her credentials:

“Ms Borrallo trained at the prestigious Norland College which has been producing childminders for the rich and famous since 1892. The institution’s students are known for their distinctive uniforms and are schooled in all aspects of looking after youngsters during their three-year degree course. The training costs £36,000 in total and the college in Bath recently added martial arts training and stunt driving to its curriculum to cater for modern clients - many of whom are celebrities and the super-rich. Tae Kwon-Do is believed to be the martial art of choice - which has been specially adapted to include how to dodge a potential kidnapper with a pram. Nannies are also trained in how to deal with paparazzi and are taken to Castle Combe Racing Circuit in Wiltshire to perfect their driving skills and learn how to drive at high speed in any weather condition. Driving away from pursuing photographers being the main reason for the training.”