castle behind the scenes


A bunch of Stanley’s scenes that people overlooked/may have not seen

-“Look there she goes the girl who’s so peculiar.”
-Tom, Dick and Stanley dumping out Belle’s Laundry (he’s kinda a bully guys)
- Entering the Tavern
- Stanley jumping up and towards Lefou when Maurice threatens him
- Walking towards Maurice to assist in taking him away
- A funny pause I had to post
- “Kill the Beast” Stanley cheering along with the villagers
- Riding towards the castle (Id like to point out he is directly behind Lefou during this scene)

Not pictured due to poor quality/speed of the shots:
-when Maurice is placed in the cart, Stanley opens the door.
- when Belle is thrown in, Tom and Dick aggressively grab her while Stanley once again runs for door duty.

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How did you propose to your woman?

That’s… a funny story.

So, *we* proposed to each other in Ireland, yeah?

I originally planned on proposing to her as soon we had planned a trip to Ireland a couple summers ago and while we were there, I figured out the place to do it. We were going on a tour to several areas in one day and one of them was Kilkenny Castle and it seemed like the perfect spot to do it. I wanted to propose to her on this one little balcony off the path around the castle, that overlooks a little river behind the castle. But I also wanted to NOT make a scene, to be safe, so I made sure there weren’t too many people looking, and then I got her attention, and then awkwardly got on my knee, and held her hand and asked her, “Will you marry me?”

She was so shocked and it was totally unexpected, but because of that reaction, she said.. “Wait, hold on, hold on, please just stand up. I can give you an answer but we need to talk about it.” 

That was totally unexpected as well because my heart is already pounding out of my chest because you think it’ll be all smooth until you are ready to ASK the question, then you get totally nervous.

I KNEW this was the woman I wanted to be with, I knew it. We knew it each other but never had discussed when we’d officially propose. So I wanted to beat her to it, sort of.

She didn’t say no. But it was so unexpected, and she is a very logical and reasoning woman and we agreed to just walk over to this one building across from the castle that has a buffet-style restaurant upstairs (it was awesome).

We talked about the proposal over our meal at our table, with a circle window next to us overlooking the city of Kilkenny. 

I should have prefaced that unlike many other relationships, she was not interested in having children, and I originally was planning on it, but throughout the relationship accepted her decision, and changed my mind on having kids (Because… my entire life people expected me to have kids, but never asked me if I really ever wanted them. After seeing so many of my friends with children, I decided i’d rather just be an amazing uncle with free time than be a full time parent and committed to financial strain and responsibility [despite being a father] ) 

So that was another thing, I hadn’t truly locked down that decision until at that table, when she asked me if this is truly the life I was willing to spend with her.

I actually needed to mull over it in my head just one final time, then told her, after an exhale, yes this is what I wanted. I’m fine with having no kids, and I wanted to be with her forever. Then after that answer, she held my hand, and literally proposed to me, “Will you marry me?”

My heart was pounding again and it was one thing to ask her that question, but it’s another to be asked THAT. Now i get why it’s so hard for women sometimes (in many “typical scenarios, i mean, where the guy just randomly proposes and expects an immediate YES”)

I had a moment of silence then I finally said yes :)

Then I had some damn good lunch.

Bonus content! This is Kilkenny Castle.

The garden behind the castle. The overlook is just off to the right, where I mentioned the balcony.

And this is the exact spot where I proposed to her…. or at least tried to.


Daniel Gillies, Joseph Morgan, Andrew Lees and Phoebe Tonkin aka Elijah, Klaus, Lucien and Hayley on the set of The Originals filming 3x20.

Being bloody/suave, admiring DG’s shadow and getting their hair done 😍😍😍😍😍😍

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I get what that anon's thinking but imagine instead, Katie improvs Lena's TED Talk in character. She doesn't know jack shit about quantum technology but she does know history so suddenly we can add history buff to Lena's many smarts.

like i said, Katie could talk abt sliced bread for an hour and i’d be fascinated.

but really when she talked about history about the castle in that merlin behind the scenes thingy i was so shooketh i forgot to breathe. can u imagine Katie giving an entire TED talk i would probably literally die


Whats so amazing about Game of Thrones is the effects. Most of the locations are old and owned by the National Trust aka You can’t do ANYTHING to them. So a lot of it is green screen and camera tricks to make them as we see them.

For example this is Winterfell, in comparison to the set in real life.

See the tower in the second photo? They literally copied and pasted it to make it seem more like a castle


Climbing Cinderella Castle

A few years back I would occasionally be asked to go to the top of Cinderella Castle to check on and/or photograph something.  As you can imagine, the views are amazing.  I felt like that guy in old videos on top of a tower during park construction taking time-lapse and still photography.  How cool of a job that would have been.

 I had assumed in earlier years that there was a nice little elevator to the top of the tallest spire with a room for Tinkerbell to relax in until the fireworks.  Of course the spire is far too narrow for any such thing.  There is however an elevator that goes to what is now the Castle Suite, which was then a small office and small storage space.  From there a door leads to one level of rooftop on the east side of the castle facing Tomorrowland.   Metal ladders bolted to the ground and walls lead you from one level of rooftop to the next.   

A small wooden door at the base of the tallest spire opens to a tall narrow shaft with another metal ladder leading to the top of the spire.  Harnesses are required if you wish to ascend to the highest point of the castle.  At the top of the very tall ladder is a wooden door which opens to a small wooden platform hardly large enough for two people to sit on.

It’s great to sit up there and take in the views.  You can see for miles.  It was a joy to see the Magic Kingdom and distant Epcot all at the same time.