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Langst Headcanons

(none of that abusive or extremely ooc shit cause…no)

-He never wants the team to feel concerned for him cause they’re in the middle of fighting a war. He doesn’t need to distract them with his problems. So, he talks to anyone he can that’s not on the team.

-Like he did with the yupper, if he makes an alien friend and they’re alone, he’ll try to vent for awhile. He starts to flirt with some aliens and go off with them, so the team thinks everything is good and normal. But when they’re alone and if the chance comes up, he’ll talk about how he feels.

-Everytime, the alien tells him to tell the team, but he just c a n t.

-Lance knows everyone has different connections but he can’t help but notice how Shiro rarely speaks to him and Hunk outside of battle and training.

-Lance won’t show whether he cares or not if someone insults him (unless it’s to keep up his and Keith’s rivalry) but if someone insults his friend(s) he will go ballistic

-Lance and Coran often talk about how they miss their home planets and try to bring each other up by telling stories from Earth and Altea.

-One day Lance decides to experiment with his team (since he’s quite good at reading and testing people) by not speaking unless he was spoken too. He noticed how little people besides Hunk actually talked to him casually.

-“hey Lance are you okay?”

“Yeah I’m fine.”

Narrator voice: “But he was not fine.”

-Coran suggests doing the mind melding exercise again and it’s kind of concerning how much Lance does n o t want to do it

-Lance’s mom gave him his jacket which is why he wears it so much. It’s like a piece of her.

-Lance has a knack for finding abandoned rooms in the castle like spacious storage areas or balconies. He likes to sit there when his insecurities get the best of him.

-Keith found him in one of those spaces once. They didn’t say a word, just sat in each other’s prescense. Lance only spoke when Keith got up to leave. He said, “Stay.”

-Lance wishes he could start over with Allura and just be nice so she wouldn’t roll her eyes and scoff when he tried to have fun with her (Allura doesn’t realize how the flirting just…stopped).

-The paladins visit a planet with rain and Lance has to try and keep himself from crying when he feels the water-like substance against his skin. (He does but plays it off like it’s the rain hitting his face)

-Lance knows his team isn’t obligated to praise his every action and validate him as much as he thinks he needs, but that doesn’t stop the voice in his head from convincing him that he’s just a seventh wheel after all.

-Once Shiro realizes how the unintential bias was affecting Hunk and Lance, he throughly apologizes and makes an effort to include them more.

-The team will never forget the day they all walked in on him sobbing and their perceptions of him were changed forever.

-From that moment on, they made an effort to include Lance in everything they could. An effort to compliment him when he did something great.

-Lance was extremely grateful. His insecurities were surely a battle with himself more than anything, but the team’s support meant the world to him.

Boss Machina

Grog is a literal mountain of hit-points and anger. He’s fast, strong, and difficult to hurt. A boss fight that would mostly come down to avoiding being hit or outsmarting him. He can grow to massive proportions and has access to many powerful weapons. No matter what magic or weapons you use, he’ll shrug it off easily. I’d suggest you flee, but Grog doesn’t like it when his playmates get away.

Vax in a dark cave with high ceilings and no light. Extremely fast and can attack from any angle. If you don’t see him before he strikes, you won’t survive long enough to hit back. But is a glass canon. A few good hits is enough to break the raven’s wings if you can hit him in the first place.

Vex in a dark forest. Similar to her brother, she can attack from most angles and is difficult to spot. You cannot hide from her keen eyes and your intentions will be clear as day. If you get separated from your group and can’t fly, you’ll quickly find an arrow in your heart. If you can ground her and get close, you may have a chance, if you avoid her dangerous little Trinket. Perhaps money would suffice her greed? If not, the forest’s brambles will restrain you until she finishes you off, leaving a freshly grown tree to mark your demise.

Percy is a genius. A mad scientist who can build all kinds of traps in his battle area, Whitestone Castle. Loud explosions of fire and metal will slam into you every step you take from the labyrinth Percival calls home. The hex he lays on you will weaken you, and he’ll make sure he takes advantage of it. He’s unnaturally lucky and dangerous. I’d recommend getting close or trying to talk to him. In both cases, Diplomacy will not be on your side, and neither will the law.

Pike is a surprising foe. With the power of a divine god by her side and immense strength for her size you will find that you’ve underestimated her. Every time you think you’re getting somewhere she heals herself and stands again. Even if you do manage to take her down to zero, divine fire will scorch you in an explosion and she’ll rise again for round two. She’s not particularly fast with her armor, and she won’t surprise you, but don’t let this small tank call her goddess for help. If she answers, you’ll never stand a chance.

Scanlan is a silly little man. He has tricks, traps, and troubling ideas. He can become an ancient dinosaur capable of destroying an entire building. Create a massive hand that can crush you into paste. If you bring friends and hope that more targets will make it easier, you may find yourself fighting who you once called a friend. Perhaps you’ll sneakily capture his daughter and demand he surrender. Just make sure the locks are strong, otherwise you’ll deal with two Shorthaults instead of one.

Keyleth, Voice of the Tempest, will be your biggest trial. She can take any form. Dragon, Demon, Beholder, Elementals, and monstrous Beasts. That’s if she wants to play with her food of course. If she was really interested in killing you, she wouldn’t change at all. Instead, she’d summon an elemental and the forces of nature against you. Spell after spell will strike you. You might be shocked by lightning, you could be withered away, a massive tidal wave can sweep you away, perhaps she’ll have mercy and simply drain your mind of thought and make you no more than a stupid doll. She will live longer than the next ten generations of your family and will never get any easier to defeat. Incredibly wise and self-aware, tricking her will prove difficult. She may seem awkward or clumsy, but don’t mistake that for weakness.

Taryon is Glass Joe. It’s the robot to watch out for. Just fight him underwater, and watch the ring.

Digimon Adventure: The Real World - exhibit details & merchandise!

The “Digimon Adventure: The Real World” website has been updated with more details about the exhibit as well as new exclusive merchandise!

The exhibit will be laid out as in the illustrations above:
Area 0 - Entrance Corner
Area 1 - Kuwagamon Corner
Area 2 - Etemon, Jyureimon Corner
Area 3 - Pinochimon Corner
Area 4 - Gennai’s Exhibition Corner
Area 5 - Vamdemon’s Castle Corner
Area 6 - Last Story Train Photo Spot Corner

There are exclusive original goods for those who buy or order tickets:

A Commemorative Visit Medal (left) & a Commemorative Visit Wristband (Right)

Original digital monster artwork, animation references and merchandise from the Digimon series, including the original virtual pets, will be on display. A giant Digivice and a replica of the train will be present at the exhibit as well.

Here is the merchandise that will be at the event; it is noted that although the event store does not require admission, if it gets too crowded there may be restricted or limited access prioritizing event attendees. Additionally, random/blind merchandise is limited to 8 or 10 per person per set (depending on the set of merchandise you are buying).

Gold BIG Can Badge
Set of 10 - Blind Packaged LIMITED 10 PER PERSON
Price: 500 yen + tax each

Acrylic Key Holder
Set of 8
Price: 800 yen + tax each

Clear File
Size: A4
Price: 350 yen + tax

Masking Tape
Set of 8
Size: 1.5cm/0.6" wide, 38.1cm/15" long
Price: 500 yen + tax each

Acrylic Magnet
Set of 8 - Blind Packaged LIMITED 8 PER PERSON
Price: 400 yen + tax each

4 Set PataPata Memo
Price: 700 yen + tax

Clear Bottle
Size: Holds 500ml
Set of 8
Price: 1,500 yen + tax each

Mug Cup
Set of 2
Price: 1,200 yen + tax each

Book-Type Smartphone Case
Set of 2
Size: Supports phones sized up tp 14.2cm/5.6" tall × 7.1cm/2.8" wide
Price: 2,980 yen + tax each

Commemorative Plate
Size: Diameter of 17.2cm/6.75"
Price: 2,000 yen + tax

Set of 30 - Unknown if blind packaged or individual sale
Price: 150 yen + tax each

Clear Bromide
Set of 8
Size: 10cm/4" wide × 14.8cm/5.8" tall
Price: 250 yen + tax each

Set of 2
Sizes: Medium or Large (Unisex)

Business Card Case
Price: 10,000 yen

Name Scene Strap
Set of 4
Price: 900 yen + tax each

Die Cut Sticker
Set of 8
Price: 350 yen + tax each

Original Cap
Price: 2,600 yen + tax

Crystal Paper Weight
Price: 6,000 yen + tax

Dodeka Can Badge 4th Set
Set of 8 - Blind Packaged LIMITED 10 PER PERSON
Price: 500 yen + tax each

Acrylic Stand
Set of 8 - Blind Packaged (Gacha)
Price: 500 yen + tax

Pair Charm Key Holder
Set of 8
Price: 1,200 yen + tax each
Canvas Art
Price: 3,000 yen + tax

Any customer that spends 3,000 yen before tax will receive an event key visual postcard.

For a limited time, all visitors will receive Digimon Linkz special stickers:

Castlevania: Harmony of Dissonance has one of the best soundtracks in the series

Above: a handful of responses in an awful (as usual) thread on NeoGAF. They are, of course, all wrong. Harmony of Dissonance’s soundtrack, written by Soshiro Hokkai, is wild and weird, and the bile it continues to inspire is most of all a testament to the extremely small cultural pool gamers, and nerds in general, tend to draw from rather than the soundtrack’s craft and technical merits. Heaven help these people if they ever heard Stravinsky’s Rite of Spring (well – that’s a bit of a delicious scenario, really; I love the idea of people still being scandalized by a composition from the early 1900s). Lovecraft’s writing isn’t a dominant reference point for analyses of Bloodborne because it’s the most pertinent or interesting one, but because gamers have almost no idea of how to draw connections between historical material and Bloodborne’s horrific and sublime elements. One funky hip-hop song is not necessarily akin to a given Persona song; it’s often just that the person doing the comparing has heard barely any funk or hip-hop outside of the Persona series. Similarly, HoD’s music confounds the gamer who has an apoplectic episode if less than 95% of the arrangements of Castlevania music on YouTube don’t involve an electric guitar. These people don’t have, and have no interest in acquiring, the means of engaging its music, so they dismiss it wholesale as a failure.

The critiques tend to come in patterns, and one of the stupidest is that Harmony of Dissonance’s music could be improved “if the samples were better.” The people saying this would almost certainly defend Mega Man 2′s soundtrack in a second, even though it also rendered through similar hardware; i.e., it is another “chiptune” score. In fact, HoD’s score is technically of a higher quality than Mega Man 2′s; the only 8bit Castlevania that can compare is the Japanese version of Castlevania 3: Dracula’s Curse, which is assisted by the VRC6 chip. These informed observations are irrelevant to those doing the criticizing, though, because they’re expecting something very particular that is being unmet. This myopic expectation was demonstrated by the release of Aria of Sorrow and the continual remarks about how much better, professional, and listenable its music sounded. You see, the instruments sounded like real instruments now. How couldn’t it be a victory? In other words, Harmony of Dissonance was damned from the start since it had the audacity to be a Game Boy Advance title that technically sounded like a videogame from a little over a decade ago. And isn’t all art linear? I’ll leave it up to readers here to decide which version of “Ruined Castle Corridor”, the opening area theme from Aria of Sorrow, they prefer: the original, or this “technologically dated” arrangement. For myself, the preference for one is unambiguous. We can find ways to argue for and against the qualitative details of something that is of an older mold, no question, but that can only be done once we accept that not every new thing has to advertise that newness in every facet of its make-up. “lol this sounds like an old videogame, fail” is not in itself a legitimate criticism, even implicitly.

If there’s anything I’d broadly find fault with in Harmony’s soundtrack it’s that I wish there were more thematic development among many of its pieces. Even though “Chapel of Dissonance” is about fifteen or twenty seconds longer than the typical environmental theme from Castlevania 3, it feels shorter in action and in my memory than, say, “Mad Forest.” It’s almost as if it’s missing a section after its first twenty seconds – a minor bridge that would let the first section’s material grow out a bit more, not for formal coherence, just because it is so beautiful and deserving of embellishment. In this respect, “Offense and Defense” stands out: it is about a minute-and-a-half long (the game’s longest environmental track) and also covers as much ground as it needs to before looping. What fascinates me about this score is how much it exemplifies the counterpoint-like aspects of chiptunes while sounding like a fusion of modal jazz jam sessions and restlessly chromatic chamber music. Just listen to the the drums’ and basslines’ escalating activities in “Name Entry 2K2″, or the yearning chord progressions of “Epilogue 2″, so reminiscent of bittersweet, heart-trembling chamber works by Enescu or Rachmaninov. How anyone who has some familiarity with the formal quirks of videogame music, and is not repulsed by anything that doesn’t sound like what is played on the radio, can listen to these and not feel at least a bit of excitement or interest is baffling. This isn’t bad or janky music at all; it’s crackling stuff, pushing at the edges of its technological constraints and skillfully using them to its advantage (seriously, the percussive work in this soundtrack alone is a detail-oriented marvel).

You did good, Soshiro Hokkai. You really did do good.


Doctor Who Gifset Planet of the Ood- It’s actually more fun sometimes to go off the beaten track and explore things for yourself than actually taking a guided tour. You never know what you might find, and you might end up doing something even more unforgettable and worthwhile. Only reason why I am saying this is because my friend and I when we where in Cardiff after she convinced me to go inside Cardiff Castle and to pay for a ticket to walk the grounds and explore it for ourselves, we ended up running into a tour guide in the castle manor house who saw that we just came from the Doctor Who Experience, and because of that; he ended up taken us on an exclusive set tour of the castle where specific areas were filmed for both Matt Smith’s and Peter Calpaldi’s run as the Doctor. We even got to go to places off limits and blocked to the general public. And to make it even more fun we even acted out scenes for each episode the castle was used for. It was something I will never forget, and it’s all thanks to us deciding to just go in and explore the castle for ourselves because if we went with a tour group we may have not had that very exclusive special tour of Cardiff Castle and met a wonderful man who was kind enough to take us on it. So if you ever do go traveling, just remember it’s okay every once in awhile as long as you aren’t hurting others or yourself to go off the beaten track. 

to protect you

Group/Member: BTS // Jungkook

Genre: Angst, Bodyguard!AU

Word Count: 2.428

Prompt: AU w/ Jungkook 17
I’m trying to protect you but you’re seriously just fucking with me now stop running around along rooftops and geT BACK HERE BEFORE I TIE YOU DOWN. (bodyguard!AU)

Summary: So originally my idea was to make this a more lighthearted and funny one shot, but it ended up being loaded with angst and I LOVE IT. I felt like i was back in touch with my classic writing style while writing this and I hope that you all receive it well <3 Sorry for errors, I’m a lazy bum when it comes to proof reading. Also feel free to send me feedback or request from my lists below <3

Masterlist // AU Prompt List // Dialogue Prompt List // To Do List //   Rules

The best time and place to watch the sunset was on top of castle right before the official super began. Jungkook had learned that after the countless times he’d been forced to chase you up there. He’d also learned that the sunset was best seen on the north side of the castle. All areas revealed a beautiful expanse of sky, but none quite as good as the North. The fluidity of the colors as it almost felt they were melting into one another. Beautiful pinks and red blending in with the darkening blues. Fire orange and yellow radiating from the sun itself before it tucked itself away behind the far-off mountains. Jungkook had marveled and grown up watching these sunsets while serving for the royal family.

From the time of his birth, his duty had been you. Watch over and protect the princess, even if it meant losing your own life. You were the only heir to the kingdom, and when the time came where your father could no longer serve his country as King, then it would be you who stepped in as Queen. As children, the weight of the situation had never been as stark or hard to understand. Back then, your status’ hadn’t meant much. You had played in the same rooms, with the same toys, and had snuck around the grounds hand in hand. You were Jungkook’s only friend, as was he to you.

As years passed however, understanding settled in more and more of the situation you were both in. He was part of the royal guard, your personal body guard as many would say. Though greatly respected, there were also very clear boundaries that were not to be crossed.

As soon as childhood had begun to fade into adolescence, Jungkook had been drilled and taught that being a ‘friend’ to the princess was not his job. He was to act accordingly and fulfill his spot as your personal bodyguard. Joining you to every meal, being aware of your whereabouts at all times, and most of all assuring that you were not hurt.

Like any member of the royal court, your life could be taken at any moment. Assassinations were not uncommon in this time and age, countries and regions often fighting to take one another over. Your father had had his own number of close calls throughout his life, but like Jungkook would do with you, his royal bodyguard had kept him safe.

While Jungkook had done as he was told and slipped into his role, quietly standing behind you, you had been a bit more hard to convince. Many nights, Jungkook had stood outside of your father’s quarters, listening to your angry and loud voice as you demanded that Jungkook be removed as your bodyguard if it meant that you could have your friendship back. You couldn’t handle the stoic look that was always on his face, or the way his features rarely changed anymore when you two were together. You knew he was doing his job, but you hated he good he was at it.

“I want my friend back Father!” he’d heard you wail through the wooden door and stone wall.

“[Y/N], you know perfectly well that Jungkook is the most qualified for his position. He’s been trained since birth for this position and you knew that. Now behave like a princess should and quit worrying about such nonsense things. You have lessons tomorrow morning, so you shall return to your own quarters this instance.”

Secretly, whenever Jungkook heard this fight, a small spark of hope would ignite within his chest. Deep down, though he would never admit it, he hoped and prayed that your father would give in. Give his one and only daughter the one thing that she wished for the most. It was a pointless hope though, and he knew that it would be best to smother the flame before it turned into something much more dangerous. So Jungkook would always silently follow you once you’d excited your father’s chambers. Acting as though he had not heard a thing, covering the pain that was deep within his heart, and pretending that it was never there to begin with.

You and Jungkook were no longer children, and somewhere you had realized that no amount of begging to your father would make things go back to the way things used to be. You knew that Jungkook would never willingly asked to be released of his spot, and you would never ask him to do so. So where do that leave you?

“Lady [Y/N],” the title made you wince, though Jungkook was unable to see so as he stood a few feet behind you, watching as you stood still on the ledge of the castle. “If you do not climb down this instant I will have to drag you down and inform your father of where you’ve been running off to.”

The tsk sound that left your lips only made Jungkook’s hand twitch. It was a threat he’d made many times, but had never gone through with. On the roof of the castle, he’d known that this was how you escaped your stress and woes. Despite how ridiculously stupid and dangerous it was, the light breeze that blew the few lose strands of your hair and brushed against your face was one of the few remaining things that felt like your childhood.

“I think we both know you won’t do either of those things.” The statement was true. Jungkook knew that you wouldn’t hurt yourself, and he also knew that he would never rat you out to your father. Doing so would make it so that you’d never be able to come to your safe haven again; if that happened then Jungkook knew you’d never forgive him.

“Everybody is waiting for you. Dinner will be beginning soon.”

“Then they can wait a little longer. I’m not ready to leave.”

Jungkook had no response to this. As your bodyguard, he had no right to give you orders. If you said you were staying, then so be it. He would remain here with you to assure that you were safe. The fact that he followed that so closely frustrated you more. The man that stood behind you may have the same name and appearance as the boy you’d grown up with, but he was not the same person.

Hands hanging down in front of you, they clenched around the fabric of your dress, frustration laced within their clutches. “Do you enjoy standing behind me like you do?”

It wasn’t the first time that you had openly confronted Jungkook about your frustration in regards to your relationship. Jungkook wasn’t sure that you understood the battle that was constantly raging within him when it came to you. Did you not realize that he felt the same way? Did you not realize that if he didn’t do his job, and that if he were to dishonor your family he could have his life taken for that? Did you not realize that he wanted to protect you? That he wanted to make sure that nothing ever bad happened to you?

“I’m afraid I don’t follow the question my lady.”

You spun so quickly on your heel that Jungkook was almost certain that you were going to lose your balance and fall to your death below. But you were quick on your feet and had leapt down with ease, eyes blazing as you looked at him.

“I mean, do you enjoy being in my shadow. Do you like being the emotionless person that you have become? To practically be a slave to his palace and wordlessly follow every single command that is thrown at you. If I told you to fling yourself over the edge of the castle right now would you do it?”

Jungkook took a deep and steady breath through his nose, willing himself not to fight you back. He knew how you could be, and it wasn’t worth arguing back.

“Well?! Would you!?” you yell again, hands clenched as you stare him down.

“Lady [Y/N], you know that I would not follow such a command, because then I would not be able to fulfill my job in protecting you.”

The scream that left your mouth could have rivaled that of a wild animal. You wanted to run over to him and slap him. To force back the person that you had known and loved all through your childhood. You wanted the man that you had fallen in love with to come back. You didn’t want this version of Jungkook anymore. Instead though you only turned back around and leaned over the edge, elbows propped on the stone as you buried your face in your hands and hid your tears from him. No matter how much you thought that Jungkook had changed however, he knew you too well. He could tell by the quiver in your shoulders and the hunch in your back that you were crying. He knew that he was the reason, but also knew that there was very little that he could do. Going and comforting you like he may have done as a small boy was not allowed, and he knew that once that barrier was broken, there was no going back.

He cared for you though – deeply for that matter – and something deep down told him that maybe this one time would be alright to show some comfort. Stepping forward he quietly made is way so that he was standing beside you. It wasn’t very often that he was in a position to look straight at you. Usually he was watching your back and the areas around you, or when he did see you it was because you were angry and yelling like a few minutes prior. Now though, as he looked at you from the side, he could see that despite your young age, the responsibilities of your position were taking their toll. He could see the tired droop in your face, could see the discoloration underneath your eyes from not enough sleep. He could see the way your posture drooped when you weren’t fully aware of it.

“I stand behind you before I care for you.”

The snort that you make, though meant to show distaste, comforts Jungkook. At least you’re still listening to what he has to say.

“I care about you [Y/N], despite how angry you may be with me.” The sentence causes your eyes to shift over to him, a little shocked that he didn’t use your title before your name. It had been years since you’d heard him only speak your name.

“I know you may hate me for the choice that I’ve made…and sometimes I hate myself as well. But at least when I stand behind you, I can always be sure that you’re safe. Behind you, I can watch you grow and learn. One day I will be able to stand by you and watch you become the best queen this land has ever seen. I can’t wait for that day to come,” he said, eyes soft and gentle as he looked at you. It felt like you were standing next to your Jungkook; not your bodyguard.

“Run away with me.”

Jungkook was not a man that was easily startled. He’d been trained to expect any sort of attack and react on pure instinct. As well as that, he had heard a number of things leave your mouth, both obscene and inappropriate, but had always been able to keep a straight face. This however had cracked his armor. The look of shock on his face was enough to prove it as your piercing gaze remained on him. The sudden increase in his heart taking more than a couple deep breaths to settle down. Somewhere within him, it felt as though that flame was being fed; becoming larger and hotter.

“Please, stop looking at me like you’ve never thought of this before,” you begged. “Somewhere I know that the boy I fell in love with is inside of you.” Turning, you reached out for Jungkook, biting down hard on your lip when you grabbed onto his arm, continuing to speak before he could pull away. “Let’s run away and be happy somewhere else. We won’t tell anybody; we’ll just leave in the middle of the night.”

Never before had Jungkook seen such desperation in your eyes. You were fanning the flame within him, and though he knew that he shouldn’t be listening, should stop you before this could become any more out of control than he could handle, he couldn’t pull away from your grip. How long had it been since you had had contact with one another?

“Say something,” you begged when an agonizing couple minutes passed by and he hadn’t said a word to you. You were a smart girl though, and you could see that Jungkook was fighting something. You could see in his eyes that he wanted to agree and be reckless. “Run away with me Jungkook…before we’re lost forever. Forget this kingdom, we’ll move to the countryside. No one will know us, and we can live on our own. We could farm, and live off the land. I know it will be different but- “

“My lady.”

Never had two single words shut you up more quickly. Like stones, your hands fell back to your side, releasing him. Almost instantly Jungkook wished that he be touched by you again. With his head hanging, he bowed quickly in apology and took a few steps back.

“I’m sorry, but you must be attending dinner soon. Everybody is waiting…”

Disgust, rage, frustration, pain…every single one of those emotions engulphed you. You put on a brave face though, lifting your chin up high as you looked Jungkook right in the eye.

“I hope that one day you can stop living in fear and listen to your heart. When that day finally happens,” you said in a stern voice as you began to walk away, back once again facing him, “don’t expect me to be waiting obediently.”

The words hurt, but they were exactly what Jungkook needed to extinguish the flame within him. If he had been born into any other position he would have fought harder for your love, but that was not his role to play. His job was to protect you, and to see that you be safe as you became this lands queen. Even if he died from the inside out while doing it.

“Yes my lady…I understand.”

anonymous asked:

(air freshener anon) here with the Daily Question again, did u have any interesting dream lately

ACTUALLY YES I HAVE the night before last night i dreamed about this person who was running around this HUGE castle kinda thing??? but the castle kinda intertwined with outside and stuff, and it was made entirely out of off-white stone and it was very pretty, and the kind was this robot, and the person tried to kill the king but they couldn’t figure out which part of the robot they needed to destroy to kill him??? and the  king put up a fight at first but eventually gave up and started telling the person how to kill him and so that happened

but the part of the dream that gave me the weirdest vibes was the fact that there was this fucking Huge civilization/settlement??? but nobody was actually there except the king. like the castle/area/thing whatever you call it would’ve EASILY housed thousands of people, and it looked like it had at one point, but the king and the person who killed him were the Only people there and idk it gave me weird weird vibes

The Newest “Evansger’s” // Chris Evans (Daddy) x Reader

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A sounding of skype popping up on the screen with my husband’s little goofy face icon appear sent Ophelia into a happy mood, too my relief. She was practically a jumping bean when I got her out of her highchair and to the computer, where the ringing continued. Chris knew it took a minute to wrangle a toddler in and answer a call so he normally waited for me to answer for three minutes before ending it, assuming I’m out with her. But luckily Ophelia was not in her grumpy- crying tears faze right now, and she was in her best mood because she saw her favorite man in the world pop up on the screen.

At first he looked tired, almost anxious. Bouncing his foot and rubbing his stubble free chin roughly.

All that changed when he saw his two ladies pop up on his laptop, hearing a loud “DA! MA ta DA!” She pointed at the MAC as my wife laughed at her, nodded and telling her yes. Daddy was there.

“Hi lady buggles, how’s my buzzing bee today?” Ophelia just kept saying Da, and touching the computer screen, to my wife’s dismay. She looked so tired, yet happy that her little girl was bubbly. I was assuming today was like being dragged through teething, toddler transitioning hell. Taking her hands from the screen, (Y/N) kissing them, holding Phephe from the screen a little more, so she was out of reach. “Tell Daddy what we did today, Ophelia.” Ophelia, as much as I loved her was just about to turn one. So conversations consisted of getting her attention and trying to talk to her, and get at least a real word out. Maybe even half of a real word out.

Smiling and nodding at our little miracle babbling about her adventure of “Febo To Fe” I looked at Chris too see his face for real. He looked miserable, underneath that fake demeanor. I saw the bag under his eyes, which were red from stress or tears. His hands wouldn’t stop moving, another sign he was a mess. I let Ms. Story Teller talk a little more before she started getting tired, and I knew it was time for her bottle, and bedtime. Which left me thanking the lord above for the gift of early bedtimes for children. She was cuddling into my chest, telling me she was hot and wanted a bath and I looked to my husband who was faking a smile, saying it was fine.

“D-duty calls!”


Fuck, his voice cracked. He saw (Y/N)’s ears pick up on it. Literally saw them move with his voice, since she had beautiful little elf ears. They were tiny but pointed at the end, something she was insecure about, making her never cut her hair except for dead end trims.

She looked at me in a apologetic look, which I waved but secretly was aching inside about. “I’m going to check her fever, and see how it’s doing. If it’s going down like it was before I’ll text you to call again, okay Baby?” I nodded, telling Ophelia I loved her, and reminded her about our moon agreement.

“You remember our agreement?” Chris asked, Ophelia nodded and pointed up, saying “Sam moo” He nodded and told her that he was looking at the moon too, the same one as hers. Together they would be able to watch the moon no matter where he was.

“Same moo, Da.” She mumbled, blowing a kiss (pretty much sticking out her tongue and blowing out spit onto the screen, making (Y/N) grimace. Signing off after twenty I Love You’s back and forth I leaned forward and held my head between my thighs, repeating my own saying. “Same Moon, were all under the same moon, just not the same roof.” Even this made it worse though, and the hot tears were leaking out again. Before we signed off I had told (Y/N) that we could just talk tomorrow, it was getting late and from the look on both of their faces, (and the mess of a living room the background) I easily assumed today was not a fun day. I felt bad when a look of disappointment crossed her face when I said we’d talk tomorrow but she nodded, and smiled lovingly at me. Making my heart plummet to the ground, bringing the ache of just one kiss from her lips, and one hug from her silky arms wrapping around my torso, and my head on her’s, smelling the sweet scent of Argan Oil, Cocoa Butter, and Coconuts in her hair from that shampoo she always used, knowing how much I loved the scent. Her lips were always welcoming and it allowed me to smell the scent of roses, peony, magnolia and sweet sweet honey. All from her perfume that she wore by, and I refused her to ever run out of it. Actually getting her the $130 2.5 oz bottle for her birthday… amongst other things…

I couldn’t get the  homesickness out of my body, the skype calls and face times never did it for me anymore. God bless the angel I married who even tried sending over some home items like one of her blankets she said she could only use, (I usually stole them when she was out of town for work) because it smelled of her. The blanket was around my shoulders, and the picture of her and Ophelia smiling like children with their heads up and teeth showing. Ophelia had those pig tails in with her inherited from her mother, the blonde hair came from me. Those big blue eyes, wide like a doe’s were her mother but the color was mine. Her personality? Me. Again, what an angel of my wife- she dealt with two moody Gemini’s, which actually equals four personalities. one who was going through the teething phase that she said was like pulling her hair out one strand at a time. Luckily she was ending it, and her teeth were finally starting to show. But this picture of them with a two teethed Ophelia, and my beautiful wife out in the sun, playing on the castle we got built for her when she old enough to climb it all around by herself. They were on the Princess castle area, and phephe had on a little pointy Princess hat, like in Cinderella, which honestly was too cute to even look at sometimes. These two presents and a bunch of different homemade dishes she had frozen and sent down to me where a good distraction but still, I missed them.

Who wants to come home to an empty bedroom and a house full of family memories with no family to remember them with?

I knew instantly that night I had to do something, and came up with the perfect idea when I scrolled through my twitter feed and saw my friend, Frankie and his boyfriend in Hawaii. Frankie surprised Orelio, his boyfriend, a trip to Maui for a week for their 11 year anniversary (and one year married anniversary!) As soon as I saw my friends beautiful, loving smiles on that beach I started booking tickets immediately for Berlin, “I’m coming baby…” I mumbled to myself. I had the tickets done. Now packing for a little munchkin for an airplane and two week stay was the thing I needed to do..

“Ophelia? Ophelia? Ophelia!” I ran through the house trying to find the little munchkin who decided running away (or running, falling on her butt, then scooting away) from Mommy was funny. “Phephe? It’s Daddy day!” I said, optimistically. In the hopes she’d come wobbling from a corner or a closet. “Da de?” I heard from behind me, making just thirty feet in the air, I grabbed my heart that was pumping harder than it had in months.. (with Chris gone, and a toddler to take care of gym time or.. Personal Time was 2% for me most days)

“What’d you say?” I said, smiling when I realized she was not purposefully saying it, but she was saying, Daddy. “What day is it?” I asked, putting my hands up. “Daddy! Daddy!” I she screamed her two front teeth were in and some around the back and from were too. She showed them off to everyone and so smiling was her favorite thing to do now. “Yes! Now, we are getting on a…” I picked her up and brought her down the stairs where three bags stood up, ready for me to take them to the valet that was out the door waiting patiently. One bag only for my clothing, cosmetics, and toiletries; the rest for Ophelia’s clothes, and medical supplies if she needed it. I had a my diaper backpack for carry on and gathered the jelly bean who just excited she got to see Da on this De.

Fuck, who’d a thought Berlin would be hot? I was quickly changing into my shorts and t shirt and baseball cap disguising me nicely as a general citizen. Chris told me his schedule today when I texted him last night, wondering since we “couldn’t” skype the night before.

Nope, because I was buying tickets baby, oh yeah. I was a super sleuth. The set was easy to find, but security? Hard. I had to call Chris’s assistant and one of our personal friends, Drew, over so they could identify me and Phe as Mrs. Evans, and Ophelia Evans, whom I shall add was asleep on the flight over here, giving me pure bliss to actually enjoy my flight. I knew flying at night would help her just sleep the whole time as long as she slept on me with her Cappy and blanket that had multi-colored polkadots on them.

We got a forty five minute rest in at the hotel, and then I fed Ophelia a banana, some delicious looking oatmeal, with orange juice in her small cup- which would be switched to water straight after since it was around 80 degrees out, and we were 40-70 degree Bostonians! 50 was warm to us!

I whispered to Ophelia to be as quiet as she could, since Daddy was working and so was everyone else around her.

Taking this as a spy mission she nodded and tiptoed a bit, with cappy still in her arms since she held onto it in new areas she wasn’t quite sure about. “Phe common, he’s over here.” I whispered, picking her up. Silently walking up to Anthony and Joe who easily got me hidden with them behind the scenes of what they were shooting at the moment, which looked like a scene where they did their big blowout fight. I, for one, was in love watching this. But I hadn’t noticed that Ophelia did not like seeing her Daddy being ‘hurt’ and falling down. She knew who he was and her eyes lit up as soon as she had seen him before, but now she was terrified, and upset that her Daddy was hurt.

I heard whimpering and Joe, who was off to the side and hiding me better from everyone, yelled for a cut. “What! Joe, that was fuckin’ amazing!” “Chris-” Joe ran over to him trying to shush him from cursing, not knowing a baby was within hearing distance.

“Well then what happened?” Chris said, breathlessly from combat sequences, one after another. Taking off his helmet got Ophelia excited seeing her Daddy unhurt and happy, she squirmed but I told her that Joe was going to get him for us.

“We’ve got some fans who want to see you! Come on, I’ll bring them out!” Joe ran back to us and I let Ophelia down, whispering her to run to Daddy, “Now!” She bolted like lightning and fell quickly, good thing it was all mat, but the sound got everyone’s attention at the little one in suspenders now making a crawl towards Chris, but trying to run again as soon his face lit like christmas tree. He was bent to grab her as she ran to him, screaming to her, “Da!”

The minute Chris saw her face, I couldn’t reject him of at least a few minutes with his little lady bug. By the look on his face I knew that seeing his baby and talking about “Bo da thee tha foop” with Ophelia was something he couldn’t stop but smile brightly at. Everyone was around, saying hello to the loud toddler, knowing instantly it was the troublemaker, but as if a wave of wonder hit them they looked around for the person responsible for Lil’ Evans being here. Coming out of the dark corner, I smiled at waved, staring at Chris’s blue eyes that locked on mine as soon as he saw my foot move forward. “O-oh… my god.” Chris ran over and gave a squirming Ophelia to Uncle Sebastian who started playing ‘hang on Sebby’s arm like the monkey bars.

He was holding me in the air kissing my head hard on the side while holding my body as close to his as he could. Chris couldn’t help himself, because it was like God answered his wishes and all he needed just arrived, his beautiful baby, and the creator of his angel. The Queen of his Heart. “I-I missed you. I missed y-you so so much.” He whispered in my ear softly as too not make a scene. But the scene was already happening as everyone watched Captain America: collapse into his 5’ 4’’ wife, hugging every inch, taking in her scent which was hard to find, given she hadn’t put on perfume in twenty hours. But still he smelt those Peonies and Honey. He felt her soft curls that were bouncing off her shoulders with the humidity in the air. He just couldn’t take in enough of her, every inch of her, from the worn out converse she was wearing: he remembered them from their third date to Disneyland, where (Y/N) had never gone before, (Despite the fact she was a HUGE fan of Peter Pan and Dumbo as a little girl. Since she was the only girl of five boys, she was stuck with the others. Which wasn’t a big deal.)

He had seen those shoes on her feet when they were walking through the parks in Boston, for the first time together out in public. Those shoes were on her feet when she told Chris she was pregnant with Ophelia last year, it was mid summer and so during a moonlit walk on the deserted beach where a “Blood” Moon was about to appear, she told him. They may have missed the Blood Moon, but they got something even better.

“Um… I don’t remember getting a hug from my little swedish meatball!” Ophelia toddled over to Robert and he held her up, giving her a few throws in the air gently catching her every time kissing her on the head, smiling. Next was Renner with the high five they’d always do together, she was proud of herself everytime she did it. He’d talk to her while she babbled about her day, her naptime, her taxes. He pretended he knew and responded with “mhm’s, oh my! Jesus! That’s cool!” Ophelia couldn’t help but take in all the attention.

She was her father’s daughter after all.

“She’s eating this up.” I said, tucked in my husband’s arms. He kissed the top of my head, not responding. Curious, I looked up to see his blue eyes all glossy with an unlimited amount of exuberance painted on his face. “I love you so so much.” Chris spoke like he could cry any moment. Softly taking his chin, I pulled his lips into mine, and let them mold together in harmonious movement. The kiss wasn’t anything but a reconnection almost, like we were two halves of a while finally getting reconnected and balanced out to an equilibrium again.

          I saved him some of his manliness and waited until tonight in the hotel room to tell him my surprise for him. I’d been saving it for only a week but it had to be perfect, and not delivered in an email, text, skype or facetime. No, this was something you give face to face.


Ophelia and I stayed on set, playing in Chris’s trailer, using the sink and washing dirty dishes which, God Bless my child, loved cleaning up. She loved the soap and seeing the plate clean and dry. Then we watched Dr. Phil while ‘phephe took a nap, it was on a teenager punching her mother. Isn’t every episode like this, Dr. Phil? So I turned it to Spongebob and curled into my nugget, watching the sponge blow bubbles with his starfish friend. She nestled on my chest as I laid back into the trailer’s couch, softly falling asleep to squeaky giggles & bubbling sounds from Squarepants.… and to be honest it was more soothing than Ophelia’s white noise machine that sounded weird and muffled with ocean noises and seagulls cawing.

I woke up to a kiss on my cheek, which I took as a dreaming like state of me missing Chris, when in reality he was there smirking at me as I twitched and scrunched my nose up real tight, “Adorable…” Chris was whispering quietly, as Ophelia was in his bedroom, where Chris put her to sleep at 6, while his wife, still sleeping, laid on the couch. With the face of an angel as she got well deserved rest.

Kissing her neck now, he didn’t just leave one warm kiss on her neck, he left trails of sloppy, sensual kisses that led to her favorite place to be bitten on her neck. “Chris, mm, where’s the baby?” She was still in a dream like state so I calmly whispered to her that she’s asleep in my bed, leaving a dazed smile on her lips. Opening her eyes, she smiled at her husband, who gave her a loving kiss on the head, letting their foreheads connect, as she smiled, reaching to hold his cheek, chiseled and clean cut. “I miss the beard…” She stated bluntly. I felt myself release some pent up  tension I had inside shooting after the my girls left, with a laugh at my wifes love for the beard.

Everyone teased a little on my reaction to seeing her and Ophelia but they didn’t go to too far. They knew what it was like, leaving a loved one at home and traveling to some foreign area to film. Scarlett bumped my shoulder after seeing me stare and wave at (Y/N) who left with our toddler in her arms. Ophelia was cranky from lack of sleep and being in this heat she wasn’t used to. I smiled down at my friend and gave a lazy ‘what’ too the look on her face.

“You need to make more of those Evans.” She quietly whispered to me, pointing at Ophelia who kept waving at me with her head slumped over (Y/N)’s shoulder.

I agreed with Scarlett, but didn’t tell her the real truth: we were going to start trying when I finished shooting. I wanted to make sure this time I had all the time in the world for the new baby and Ophelia when they would be born, unlike last time where I flew in just a day before she went into labour, luck was on our side that day. But being lucky is not something to be dependent on.

“We want little Evan’s’ running around too. But what, do I just go and have sex right now with my wife while my child sleeps? No. I’ve got scenes to film and shit to get done so my family can have the expensive chinese food we really like that is completely unnecessary but fucking delicious.

I heard a laugh that could only be Mackie’s and turned to see him in full gear right behind us, coming up and slapping me on the back, still chuckling. “Are you tellin’ me you just want money so you can get some special fuckin’ chinese food? Bostonian’s, Johansson… what the fuck they thinking’?” “They’re thinking the chinese food is fucking great! Do not bully my Chia Sa Lo Sin, you have an egg roll from there and get back to me on your opinion Mackie!” We laughed and soon shooting started up again, but still… in between every take I’d hear how we needed more children, “She’s literally a precious little meatball.” Sebastian said, getting water from the heat’s overlook, “I know, Chubby Dumpling… I know..”

It wasn’t that I didn’t mind them talking about how cute Ophelia was, but it only made me want to leave set and go see my wife and daughter who where not even a mile away in a trailer probably having a blast. “SET! Everyone set for Scene 24A marker C, F, A.” During the whole scene, as I fought Robert with Sebastian, I had my mind only one thing, Another baby. I needed another one to love. Hell, I’d take thirteen if it didn’t cost my wife the severe pain of labour and eventual broken vagina with all those kids. We wrapped up and I set off to my trailer where I was met with a beautiful sight, one I had to capture quickly, before the littlest meatball woke up and saw, Da.


This was it… everything was set… the candles were in place, the box on the bed was perfectly packaged and ready. Now all I needed was a Chris to open it. He was currently putting Ophelia to bed, reading her stories in the other bedroom of the rental Chris had for his stay. I heard her sweet giggles and smiled, relaxing at the sound of her happy. And the knowing that my husband was as happy as her in this moment, while I waited…

I heard the noise of softly padded footsteps from his socks come in only minutes later. “Ba-” He took not even two steps into the dimly lit room before he stopped and saw the beautiful display, his wife, candles from home, and… a box?

“Ba-baby what’s all this?” I said, walking towards her, gripping onto her waist so I could roughly get to her lips, plumped and ready just like mine. “It’s a celebration,” whispering into my ear, she was nipping at it just slightly. I moaned and smiled down at her only to pick her up two seconds later, carrying her to the bed, letting her fall softly onto the silky sheets. I saw her staring at the box, carefully. Still I straddled my wife and opened up her satin robe, seeing nothing underneath but her beautiful soft skin yet to be explored by my mouth. This was the best present by far. I tugged my shirt off and went for my pants, only to be stopped by a gentle touch, and a box being laid upon her stomach. She tilted my head, so my eyes moved back to her, not the blue square she so desperately wanted me to open. “Before you go any further, this is your big surprise. The one that I thought was impossible until I remembered something…” She sat up a bit onto the pillows when I picked up the light box from her stomach, it was hollow. It had to be. Nothing was in there, even when I shook it up against my ear. Giggling softly, I heard her tell me to open it up, she “Promised there was at least one in there. Inside, I saw something that made my eyes water, my heart fill up with love, and my brain explode… just like last time.

“Your pregnant?” She smiled and nodded, leaning over to kiss my lips slightly hesitant from my lack of movement, and my mouth, which was still hung open in astonishment.

She clear her throat and tried to talk to me, while I processed the news of another baby.  Twiddling her thumbs she talked in her lower tone, as if not to be harmed or yelled at, it was the voice she used when she was scared. And when (Y/N) is scared I can be snapped out of my death bed, buried in a casket and I’d go console her.

“Remember two months ago? When you flew in for your week off? And… we did ya know… stuff.” I smirked and replied with my eyes still on the black and white fuzzy picture in front of me,  “We did a lot of stuff that weekend babe. Thank god for grandparents and the book you got the one night in Beijing on 100 different sex positions.” (Y/N) shook in laughter, her relief of my voice free from tension or anxiety.

Her smile was so much wider, her cute arising blush in the already rosy cheeks she possessed from the day we met. The weight I saw adding onto her face now made sense. She didn’t look like and I smiled like the dork I was when I met her, stupidly in love with a woman better than my wildest dreams.

I wiped the few tears in my eyes that I hadn’t noticed were gathered at the corners. Pulling my eyes finally away from the sonogram of my new little baby in front of me, all I could now see was the glow around my wife, when I looked up at her hopefully face. Her beauty just came naturally but when she was pregnant she became ethereal with a golden glow about her skin. Her pregnancy with Ophelia was the best time we had shared with each other, until she was born.

A glow of life beginning inside her.

Looking back down I saw difference in the fetus in the pictures, realizing they were two sonogram’s from two different times. “When’d you find out?” I reached out and pulled her onto my lap and she wrapped her arms around my neck lightly. Smiling sweetly at me, she told the story of how the doctors sent the first sonogram over to her after she went to see the OBGYN for her last postpartum appointment and her checkup with afterbirth of Ophelia seeing as it was two weeks before her birthday of one year. “They wanted to do a sonogram when I said I felt weird within my ovaries, like I was uncomfortable all along my stomach. I was afraid it was just like gas or something so I didn’t want to worry you..” Looking down at me (Y/N)’s eyes were glassy, like she was afraid I’d be angry or something? “Baby, don’t worry about me being angry. I’m overjoyed that were expecting again! I mean, the whole team is actually…” With confusion in her eyes I told her everyone was telling me that we needed another little “Evansger” soon. They could tell we wanted to have another and they wanted to see more DNA from us.”

Laughing at our friends, I saw (Y/N)’s laughter turn into a mischievous look, as she pulled out the second sonogram.

“We did a four weeks one and they said a small mass was growing but they couldn’t tell if it was a developing fetus or a mass that would have to be removed, they said it was four weeks in growth and told me to not get my hopes up.” She shook the first sonogram and I saw what must’ve been her face at that appointment, frustration and anger.

“So you just sat there for four weeks waiting to find out whether you have a gigantic mass, or a baby inside you? Why didn’t you tell me!” I tried to keep my voice down for the sake of Ophelia sleeping (Y/N)’s obviously high hormones.

Shaking her head, she just shrugged, “Why add stress to you? I was afraid we were losing you, Chris… you were so sad all the time and I was terrified it may be because we remind you of.. Of responsibility.” I took her into my arms, and held her tightly, telling her in every phrase, sentence, or fucking haiku how much I loved her and Ophelia, and I was sad for the opposite reason, “I just needed to be with you guys again. I hated not being able to catch Ophelia when she attempted her independent walking, I wanted to taste your lips again. I wanted to walk in park with you two and find ways of making you smile at every moment. Baby, I’m so sorry.”

Holding her head in my hands, brushing over hair that fell into her eyes. Eye to eye, she smiled at me, “Don’t you want to know how the story ends?”

I let go of her and we laughed together at her persistent need to finish everything, and ruin sexual tension with humor whenever she could,

“Always the one to break the sexual tension, huh?” Nodding, she stood up and looked around quickly whilst biting her lip. She found a sharpie from my desk and before I could protest she wrote on the second, and clearest version of the baby. “What the hell? Why’d you-”

She put the picture in my face, and showed me why she drew on it. Because in the sonogram, she circled two tiny blobs of cells. “Twins?” I whispered out to her, not even realizing she was only a foot away from me. “I’m ten weeks pregnant with twins. The end.”

I’m a little ashamed that the first thing I said with the news of having two new babies in seven months was, “Wait till they all hear about two new Evansger’s.”

March 8th, 2017 Welcome to the world! Luna Marvielle & Stellan Roan Evans. 

Joining older sister, Ophelia Lisaelotte Evans, (b. September 3rd, 2015)

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*Lisaelotte is just my way of having her middle name honor Lisa, (Chris’s mom) and the readers “mom” whose name could’ve been Charlotte, Scarlett, Liseolotte, or something along those lines :)* 

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It’ll Be Okay

Pairing: Dean x Pregnant!Reader

Warnings: Pregnancy, other than that none at all!

Contains: Fluff 

AN: For the lovely @gothamsmermaid I am sooo sorry it took so long I was busy with GISHWHES this weekend. I hope you enjoy this sweetie! :))

You tossed and turned, trying to find a comfortable position. But finding a comfortable position when you were eight months pregnant was easier said than done. For the last thirty minutes you had been shoving pillows between your legs, kicking the covers off, pulling them back on. Instead of getting sleepy all it did was make you restless, and soon enough you were wide awake. Huffing you let your head fall back against your pillow as you stared at the ceiling in the room you shared with Dean.

Speaking of Dean where the Hell was he?

Sitting up in bed on your elbows you looked around the room not finding a trace of your boyfriend. Swinging your legs over the side of the bed you groaned as you got off the memory foam mattress. Dean had to be either in the library or the garage of the bunker. Placing your hands on your swollen abdomen you treaded across the cold floor of the bunker looking for him.

“Dean?” you yelled through the halls of the bunker, looking here and there for him, “Where are you?” He was nowhere to be found it seemed as you left the kitchen. Seeing there was a month before your little girl arrived, Dean had been laying off hunting. But since then he was always doing something and he never told you what it was.

As you walked into the garage you thought about how the two of you ended up here. Seven months ago the three of you had been hunting and kicking ass. But one night after a heated argument about you going off after a wendigo yourself had led lots of sex in the back seat of the Impala. One month later you found yourself staring at the positive sign on the pregnancy test in shock. You were terrified about how Dean was going to react to the news, oh course you figured he’d be terrified and shocked much like yourself…but the two of you had never discussed having children in the future.

Of course when you found the courage to tell him, he panicked. Being a hunter was not the ideal environment to raise a child in. As scared as the two of you were Dean swore to you that everything would be okay. So far in the eight months of your pregnancy everything had been perfect. The two of you had baby proofed one of the spare rooms that you planned on making a nursery one of these days. You both read baby books, and you were pretty sure you did all that you could to prepare for the baby.

As the thoughts ran through your mind you noticed the Impala was missing. Maybe he went to fill up Baby with gas, or grab a burger or something. Sighing you made your way back to the room you shared with Dean, hoping he’d be back soon. You always seemed to sleep better with him in bed next to you. Just as you grabbed the door handle you heard faint music playing from the nursery room.

“Huh?” you blinked following the sound. The door was creeked open, light shined from within. You pushed the door open finding Dean standing in front of one of the four walls staring at it. You raised an eyebrow stalking towards him looking around the room.

The walls were painted light blue, while there were stenciled navy blue castles in some areas. Your eyes widened as you stared at the walls gently reaching out to touch them.

“Oh no you don’t.” you squealed as Dean threw his arms around you nuzzling your neck, “What do you think you’re doing sweetheart?” you squirmed giggling as he covered your eyes with his hands, “This is suppose to be a surprise.”

“My bad,” you smiled his hands trailing down your arms resting on your swollen belly, “I guess the cats out of the bag now huh?”

He turned you around, his olive green eyes staring into yours, “I guess it is,” he leaned down pecking your lips, “Sammy and I have been working on this for a few hours.” he motioned towards the room. “I sent him out to get some things.” You looked up and down grinning like a fool.

“Is this?” you raised an eyebrow smirking at Dean, “Is this a Frozen themed room?” This took him by surprise as he scoffed shaking his head back and forth.

“What no way.” he leaned against the changing table rolling his eyes, “It’s just a princess themed room.” you giggled rubbing your stomach, “What’s so funny?” his lips curled into a smirk as he watched you walk around the room.

“You do realize Frozen is like my favorite Disney movie right? There’s no point in lying to me.” he chuckled shrugging his shoulders. He was wearing a faded ACDC shirt that had some blue and purple paint stains smudged across the fabric.

“You caught me,” he crossed his arms over his chest, “it’s a Frozen room.” you wobbled towards him wrapping your arms around his neck.  He stroked your abdomen leaning in kissing your lips gently, ‘I’m going to take a wild guess that you like it then?”

You kissed back, his plump pink lips moving against yours, “Like it is a bit of an understatement Dean.” You looked around the room once more before staring into his eyes, “I love it, and our little girl will love it too.” Dean’s tongue slipped out of his mouth darting against his bottom lip.

“You really think so?”

“Oh sweetie, I know so. You’re going to be an amazing Daddy to our little girl.” Dean got down on his knees in front of your stomach. You felt your cheeks burn slightly as he lifted your shirt up slightly exposing your skin to him. He placed gentle kisses all around your stomach stroking it with his calloused hands causing you to shiver.

“Hey sweetheart,” he whispered against your stomach placing another kiss, “it’s me…your Daddy again.” he chuckled, “I know I tell you this all the time but I thought I’d just say it again.” he presses his forehead against your stomach, “Daddy loves you so much sweetheart. I can’t wait to hold you in my arms, and give you all the love in the world.” he looked up at you placing one last lingering kiss on your stomach, “I love you and your mommy very much…even though I know she’s going to try and convert you into a Disney maniac much like herself.”

“Hey.” you whispered placing your hands on your lower back.

“But I’ll teach’ya everything about Baby and classic rock.” He grinned standing up leaning in close to your face, “you’ll be here soon enough princess and I’ll do my best to give you everything I can.” he kissed you on the lips, his hands cupping your face as he licked your bottom lip begging for entrance. You of course let him in, both your tongues massaging each other as they fought for dominance.

“Ehem.” you quickly pulled away from Dean looking at a slightly irritated Sam carrying in bags, “I’m back with your stuff Dean.” Like Dean Sam was also covered in paint, looks like the soon to be Uncle was as eager for the newest addition of the family has his brother. He placed The bags on the ground before licking you all over. “Dean I thought you said you wanted to keep this a secret. And instead I come home to find you and Y/N making out.” He motioned towards star shaped stencils on the floor, “Dude did you not do anything while I was gone?  ”you were supposed to have those painted by the time I got back.”

“Sorry Sammy, it would seem something came up.”

“Yeah something came up all right, that’s how you guys created my niece.” You couldn’t help but laugh out loud at Sam’s statement. Soon enough all three of you were laughing as the boys started painting the rest of the room. you stayed in there until the smell of paint became too overwhelming. You kiss Sam on the cheek standing on your tiptoe you stayed in there until the smell of paint became too overwhelming. You stood on your tiptoes giving Sam a kiss on the cheek. And as you left the room you kissed Dean on the li stood on your tiptoes giving Sam a kiss on the cheek. And as you left the room you kiss on lips warning the boys not to stay out too late.

You got back to bed and they have been asleep for an hour or two when you felt the mattress shift. You opened your eyes squinting slightly as you saw Dean waning over your swollen belly kissing it. His lips curled into a smile as he whispered I love you to your unborn daughter. He crawled under the sheet and wrapped his arm around you pulling your body close to his own. He placed a kiss on your shoulder and whispered he loved you too you.

It was a little nerve racking getting knocked up not knowing what to expect after all the two of you were hunters. It was going to change your lives forever having a little girl around. Even though it was scary and you didn’t know what to expect you are more than ready to start this new step in your life. As long as you had Dean Winchester by your side the father of your child, the man who saved your life countless times, the man you love with all your heart. It was going to be OK, everything is going to be just fine, Hell it might even be perfect.


Soriel Week Day 6 - AU/Crossover

Beauty and the Beast AU, a.k.a. Muse’s Completely Self-Indulgent AU That Allows Her To Draw Her OTP As The Leads In Her Favorite Disney Movie

Some details on the AU (and an extra sketch) under the cut if you’re interested! :D

(tl;dr: i’m borrowing the design aesthetic, but this thing has it’s own tweaked story!)

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