castle area

shiro being afraid of physical contact that isn’t instigated by him

shiro flinching reflexively at loud sounds in otherwise quiet and calm environments

shiro sleeping in fits and starts

shiro waking himself up multiple times a night

shiro doing perimeter checks of the castles surrounding areas

shiro pushing himself to the very edge with his training

shiro having panic attacks in sterile medical facilities

shiro treating his arm like a weapon and ignoring its presence outside of combat, struggling through life using his one flesh arm.

shiro having breakdowns because some small but important thing broke down another one of his defences

shiro trying to deal with all the shit thats happened to him on his own and watching himself from the outside as he slowly falls apart piece by piece, not knowing how to stop it.


Photo Album: Malbork Castle, overlooking the Nogat River, is the largest castle (by surface area) in the world and the largest red brick castle in Europe. It served as the headquarters of the Teutonic Order in Eastern Europe and is a classic example of the brick gothic Ordensburg fortress. It was completed by the Order in 1308. In 1945 during a World War II combat in the area, more than 50% of the castle was destroyed. Most of the castle as seen nowadays has been reconstructed and renovated during an ongoing restoration process that had started in 1960s, with focus on bringing the castle back to its original medieval shape. The Malbork Castle remains the largest brick building by area in Europe.


Soriel Week Day 6 - AU/Crossover

Beauty and the Beast AU, a.k.a. Muse’s Completely Self-Indulgent AU That Allows Her To Draw Her OTP As The Leads In Her Favorite Disney Movie

Some details on the AU (and an extra sketch) under the cut if you’re interested! :D

(tl;dr: i’m borrowing the design aesthetic, but this thing has it’s own tweaked story!)

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New street signs put Toronto's Indigenous history front and centre

The signs on some of Toronto’s best-known streets are getting a makeover, but the names they bear aren’t new — in fact, they’re thousands of years old. 

It’s a movement begun at the height of the Idle No More movement in 2013 by artists and activists Hayden King and Susan Blight through a project called Ogimaa Mikana. As part of an effort to reclaim Toronto’s Indigenous history, the two made stickers with Indigenous translations of Toronto street names, plastering them over the English signs. 

Now, three years later, “official” signs are cropping up across the city, with four of Toronto’s major streets now bearing signs with their Anishinaabe names. ​

The signs officially went up Friday as part of a joint initiative by Ogimaa Mikana and the Dupont by the Castle Business Improvement Area (BIA). 

Stuart Grant, chair of the BIA, told CBC News the group was inspired to bring the signs to their area after seeing the hand-made ones by Ogimaa Mikana online. After taking the idea to the city, Grant says, the group started work on the signs’ designs.

“These were the names thousands of years ago when the First Nations people were here,” Grant told CBC News.

“By doing this, it shows that the First Nations people are still here. We’re still on their land. We share it but we’re still on their land,” Grant said. 

On its website, Ogimaa Mikana says it hopes “to restore Anishinaabemowin place-names to  the streets, avenues, roads, paths and trails of Gichi Kiiwenging (Toronto).”

The group hopes the signs will expand throughout the city, “transforming a landscape that often obscures or makes invisible the presence of Indigenous peoples.”

Royal Event Ideas!!! 👑

hello lovely royals!!! as we gain more castle members id really love to talk about possible events we could hold here at Cuddle Castle!!! id absolutely love to hear any of your ideas if any royals would like to share!!!! here are some that may become events!!! 💖 (under the cut as it gets kinda long!!!)

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ppookkeemmoonngo  asked:

Pidge shoving Keith and Shiro in a closet. The power turns off in the castle in unused areas. Pidge forgets to let them out. However, when Pidge remembers its next morning. She finds them wrapped in a nest of blankets, Keith's curled into shiros chest. Keith's purring. Shiros arm is active and wrapped around him.

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Figured I’d upload a few gifs of some of my favourite things in the game so far. The “card sprite” is one of the first enemies the player will encounter in Casino Castle Capers, the first area of the game, they don’t really want to hurt you, they just sort of walk around. The players walking sprites took a long time for me to do, so I’m pretty proud of it. The pirate slime, Captain No Beards most used monster minion, he’ll send tons of them to attack you! Up at the top is the (as of right now) finalised title screen, it took me a very long time to get that title screen looking like that and I love the way it turned out! It’s modelled after “yoshis island” and “sonic mania”’s main menus.




What’s your favorite thing to do in My Castle in Fire Emblem Fates? Learn the ins and outs of the customizable castle area in this short video.


Medieval Castle Ruins Discovered under Gloucester Prison

Remains of a Norman castle were found buried under the basketball court of a prison in Gloucester, UK. The foundations were unearthed by archaeologists during a investigative survey of the area.

The castle, which dates to c. 1110, was the first castle built in Gloucester. The castle housed three chapels, two drawbridges and a royal chamber for both the King and Queen, and the architecture is thought to have resembled Canterbury Cathedral and the Tower of London. 

The castle was used as a city jail for two centuries before being demolished 1780 in order to build the prison complex which currently stands.