castle 2x24


Castle 2x24 Moment:  NYPD hands up! Not you Castle  (A Deadly Game) #Castle #CastleMoments



Today’s Castle vid of the day…Naked Heat :)

love and some verses, chapters 111-115

Chapter 111: Season 8 - Castle goes to the precinct super early to try to leave a coffee for Beckett in her office, but he finds that she’s already there.

Chapter 112: Tragedy leads Beckett to realize the mistake she made in separating from Castle during season 8 far sooner.

Chapter 113: Beckett’s birthday.

Chapter 114: The unexpected kiss in 8x07 takes place during the ‘47 Seconds’ arc.

Chapter 115: 2x24 AU. Castle accidentally calls Beckett during his summer away in the Hamptons.