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HOLY SHIT WHAT A CLIFFHANGER!! Castle has only recently come onto my radar this season, but it’s quickly grown to be one of my favourite cop shows. Instead of focusing on procedure, it’s a good old fashioned mystery, and somehow, Kate Beckett’s homicide team get’s all the weird ones. Her and Castle’s chemistry is one of the best TV relationships in recent memory, I LOVE THEM TOGETHER. I consider Castle to be the Mentalist’s sister show, instead of California we have New York, and Richard Castle is basically Patrick Jane if Jane had a happier life. Castle is fluffy, but capable of seriousness, and last night’s cliffhanger episode gave us one of the most intense episodes to date.

Beckett’s mother’s murder is much bigger than we though

What started out as Beckett digging into a years-old cold case turned into a full blown conspiracy. Whomever is behind all of this is powerful and dangerous and Beckett is willing to lay her life on the line to stop him. Which worries those who love her, so who do they turn to?

Apparently they’re calling in Castle’s intense love of Beckett

Everybody knows he’s madly in love with her, it’s not exactly a secret. But both her father and Montgomery calling him in to keep her safe is saying something. Castle is not a cop. He is not armed, he’s not trained in physical combat, but they’re convinced he’s the only one who can keep her safe. And you know what? He is. The scene in Beckett’s apartment where the two of them finally address their feelings was so intense I expected them to just go at it then and there but Kate Beckett is a stubborn, stubborn woman. Still, Castle’s devotion to her came into play in the game changing climax. Speaking of which…

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