castle 2x24

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Super angsty prompt. I hope you fill it. Prompt: The James Bond offer came in around the season 2 finale. Instead of going to the Hamptons, Castle was going to talk to Beckett about the offer. When Demming mentioned the beach house with Beckett, Castle made a snap decision to take the Bond offer.

He leaves without telling her. He leaves without saying goodbye.

Esposito is the one he explains his disappearance to and it hurts in a sharp, unexpected way to have his absence explained to her by someone else. And the fact that Esposito seems to understand Castle’s reason for abandoning her, to condone it, hurts even more.

Had she really screwed up that badly?

“Did he say if he was coming back?” she asks, her voice numb as it releases the question to her colleague that she feels she already knows the answer to. She had been prepared to take him up on his offer to run away to the Hamptons for Memorial Day and now not only was her chance gone, but so is he.

“I don’t think so, Beckett,” Javi sighs. “He actually mentioned a new book deal that he plans to take.”

Her brow furrows and her hands tighten around the mug of cold coffee that’s remained cradled and clenched between her hands throughout his conversation.

“For Nikki Heat?”

Esposito shuffles his feet and gives her a slow shake of his head. “For a new character.”

“How could he-” Her indignation fizzles out and she scrapes a hand through her hair. “I’ll fix this.”

“Beckett,” Esposito starts to protest when she strides from the break room for her desk, snatching her jacket from the back of her chair, feeling a deep pang in her chest as her eyes graze over his empty seat. “He said he needed time to be-“

“I don’t care,” she snaps even if it’s a lie, ignoring Esposito’s frustrated growl while she stalks for the elevator and closes the door on his shaking head.

She considers calling him right then, but that would sacrifice the element of surprise and at this rate, she needs him to be unexpecting of her. So she dials another Castle’s number instead.

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