castle 2x14


Castle 2x14 Moment:  You’re such a metrosexual - Better than being a pinup boy (The Third Man) #Castle #CastleMoments



Beckett: Oh man I can’t wait to go home and slip into a warm bath

Castle: I

Beckett: Don’t Please Don’t

Castle: I was just going to say I’m starving. We left the restaurant before I had a chance to finish my entrée

Beckett: It wouldn’t have matter if you did. Portions there were tiny

Castle: UH….You know Remy’s is open all night. They got those burgers

Beckett: And those shakes

Castle take her dress, offers his arm

Beckett: Oh why not


Castle: So what they find out

Esposito: Yo I ran the pet shop owner Noel Dupree he came up clean

Castle: Really

Beckett: What about in the past couple of days, anything unusual

Ryan: Day before yesterday customs has him taking possession of half a dozens of Afrian Grey Parrots, Four Baboon Spiders and two Black-Tailed Python all from South Africa

Castle: Wait a minute did you say black-tail pythons from South Africa

Ryan: Yeah Why

Castle: Because black-tailed pythons also known as indian rock pythons aren’t indigenous to that area. Why would they become from Africa

Esposito: Why do you care about some mother freaking snakes on an mother freaking plane

Castle: Because as an murder mystery novelist I’m highly paid to think like a bad guy. Here are a few fun facts about snakes. They are cold-blooded. They swallow huge amounts and they digest there food very slowly

Beckett: Prefect for smuggling

Castle: And it wouldn’t be the first time. If these snakes are coming in from South Africa. There are two things in abundance in South Africa, racial hatred and diamonds

Esposito: Smuggling diamonds in live snakes

Beckett: Mickey’s attacker said there were millions at stake

Castle: and the dumb way goes right down into the pet store that’s why the Matlin’s trip had to be this weekend they know the shipment was coming in and the ketamine

Beckett: was to dope the snakes so they could get them up the shaft without a fight and when we came into the store

Castle: the owner couldn’t say a word other whys he implicate himself in smuggling

Beckett: So if we found out who robbed him

Castle: We find the third man

Ryan: Do they know there finishing each other’s sentences

Beckett: Have uniforms pickup the owner and will meet you at the store


Castle 2x14 Moment: Do they know they’re finishing each other’s sentences?  (The Third Man) #Castle #CastleMoments



Beckett: I have no life

Lanie: No My Bishop has no life that why he’s on my table

Beckett: I need a date

Lanie: What

Beckett: A date….a guy a… You’re always trying to set me up with people. So here I am. I’m game. What you got

Lanie: Ok what’s gotten into you

Beckett: I get so wrapped up in work all I want to do is go home where its quiet. I’m so tired of quiet. I want…..loud

Lanie: Ok I have the prefect prescription for you

Beckett: Bradadke

Lanie: No No baby that’s Brad Dhaka the firefighter I wanted to set you up with

Beckett: Is he cute

Lanie: He was Mr. July in last year New York firefighter calendar

Beckett: July Uh


Beckett: They always put the real hot ones in the summer months

Lanie: Exactly