well okay i guess i’m gonna be sad to see this show coming to an end, but we kinda already knew it. But it left me thinking about that phrase that they kept repeating when they were doing the press tour: “It’s the end of PLL as you know it”. Honestly, i think Marlene wanted to continue but there weren’t enough cast members on board, so they decided this, which is great bc like Lucy said, all good things must come to an end; and it’s better this way, than to keep extending something that clearly wouldn’t be the same PLL that we all loved from the beginning.

CAST IN FILM: When you show me love, I will continue to support you. That’s how I run things on my blog. Thanks to Shawn Brackbill for following me, I really feel honoured. So here’s another tribute to him, given that New York Fashion Week has just finished. I didn’t enjoy Rodarte’s collection as much as I have in previous seasons, but I did think that the hair and make-up used in the show made the girls look like exhausted and depressed socialites, at odds with the structure of their world. O.K that was a bit detailed but that’s the best I could do at articulating how I feel about that part of the show. This casting board isn’t all that different from ones that other designers used, but I like the light in both the polaroids and Shawn’s photography, it lends a soft edge to the basic, no-fuss images of the models.

anonymous asked:

Ok so I've got something to tell you and I know this is going to sound crazy and a lot of people won't believe me but just hear me out. So I'm an actress, nothing major I've just been an extra here and there. So one day I get a call from my agent and she said she got me an audition in early 2016 but she didn't tell me what it was for. So I get to the place and I see gorgeous girls everywhere, I was in gay heaven surrounded by these girls. I honestly was thinking about firing my agent (1)

like is she crazy? Has my agent seen my face? So I was like whatever and I waited for like an hour and finally the line started moving and I went inside and was given a number. The casting director told all the girls inside that this was for a casting audition for a boarding position for LOUIS TOMLINSON! I was like fuck yeah I’m gonna get money! Finally! I need to pay my fucking rent! So I was thrilled. So they put 4 girls in each column and the casting director dropped half of the girls just(2)

just by looking at us. The only girls left matched the following description-fairly slim, brunette, brown eyed white girls. I was in a room full of my clones! So they called all the girls in and asked innocent questions like our hobbies, social media following, if we were outgoing, if we can act and what we’ve acted in. Easy questions like that. So after that they made more cuts! Until there were like 3 girls 5 girls left in the room or something like that. AND GUESS FUJCKJNG WHAT! I see (3?)

I see fucking Danielle Campbell. So I was like “ah hey you’re that girl from that Disney movie. I see that was the height of your career considering the fact that you’re here.” She was so pretty I honestly wanted to kiss her but the casting director interrupted us ( I WILL NEVER FORGIVE THEM FOR THAT) so the casting director told th e girls in the room to go home and made us sign a contract. By that time all of us were so fed up we were like whatever and signed it to get out of there (4?)

But as I was leaving I noticed Danielle stayed behind. She didn’t leave and I was like whatever I’ll pay the rent myself. Keep in mind Louis wasn’t there. I didn’t get to meet him. Anyways I forgot about this until recently when I saw a picture of Danielle looking like a glazed donut goddess and remembered how I nearly kissed her. It’s been a couple months till then and I don’t keep up with social media or pop culture so I didn’t know about this lounielle mess But here you go! DANIELLE ISA BEARD


LOL!  Anon, this is a beautiful piece of fan fiction and I applaud you, but I’m quite certain that the casting process for a beard is a little more… umm… discreet.

But thanks for sharing, that was fun :)