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I am the girl who wears rose-colored glasses. Child-hearted, with birds inhabiting my ribcage and the porcelain rungs of my spine. Flowers grow out of my eye sockets and mouth. I breathe out lavender, I breathe out poppies, I breathe out violets. At night, I put my rose-colored glasses on the nightstand. I feel like an empty milk carton, remains curdled. I talk to the moon, I talk to the butter yellow ceiling, I talk to the sway-swaying trees that cast shadows on the walls that look like long, spindly arms that want to snatch me away. I can feel my heart, vibrating and shaking and alive. I grit my teeth. My heart feels like a wide open mouth, feasting on youth that tastes like bubblegum and spit. And in the morning, I put on my rose-colored glasses and I am a lamb, a saint, a good witch.
—  Zoë Lianne, “a lamb, a saint, a good witch”
How to sink a ship in record time.

Context: we had to reach a Giant Orb shaped ship in the bay but there is an enemy guard ship in the way. We needed a way to get around it without being detected.

Me: “Wait, can I use Pass Wall on the ship to sink it?”

Dm: “One moment let me look up the conditions.” *Looks it up* “yes…”

Me: “Can it make a hole that goes all the way through the boat?”

DM: “Yes…”

*We sneaked towards the ship with 24 stealth, we cast Pass Wall with the largest dimensions possible on the ship*

DM:“It sinks incredibly fast and the entire ship is panicking”

Guard from recently sank ship:“Hey, you are not supposed to be here! If you are still here when we get back we will bring you in.”

Half Minotaur companion: “If we are I will gladly come in.”

*We ended up hijacking the ship*

i want my christmas, kodachrome
aluminum tree, color wheel
flashing shadows cast against walls awash
the memory of childhood
the lost comfort, of innocence

i want my wonder at the world, back again
it’s a wish i launch at every fleeting star-
too much life experience has crept in
i feel stained and saturated with the fear of it
i’m not ready for last chapters, or endings

i want


WWE Imagine

Requested: Seth x Reader- You get scared of the thunderstorm so you run into Seth’s shared room with Roman and Dean, they are asleep so Seth comforts you with cuddles, but things get heated and you have to be super quite so you don’t wake up Roman and Dean.

 Word Count:1919
 Warnings: Language, Smut
 Author’s Notes: Love SethyPoo so much.

The thunder clapped and shook the window in the dark hotel room startling you awake, making you sit bolt up right, the lightning illuminating the small room, casting shadows across the wall, the figures dancing around, scaring you. You quickly slipped on your silk robe, and your bedroom slippers, grabbing your key card on your way out the door, your hands gripping your sides for comfort as you make your way down the hall quickly.

  You knock on the door almost frantically, though it barley makes a sound. Your hands were shaking. “Wha, Who is it?” A groggy Seth questions through the still shut door. “It’s me Seth please open the door.” You plead quietly, your voice shaky. “Y/N?” He asks, opening the door immediately, his dark eyes now alert and worried rushing over you to see what was wrong, anxiety clear on his face as he takes in your appearance. You hadn’t had time to get dressed, your robe covered you to about mid-thigh, but your legs were bare, you wore only a white lace nightgown under.

  “Seth.” Your voice was a breathy whisper as you crashed yourself to him not caring that his chest was bare,  and that the only cloths he wore were a pair of boxers. Wrapping your arms around him you pressed your face into his neck, your robe falling open so your chest was pressed into his, yours heaving.

  “Y/N what’s wrong?!” He whispered, his tone urgent around you as he engulfed you in his strong arms, “I woke up th-the storm woke m-me up.” You stutter out, your voice breaking as a sob claws up your throat. “Hey, hey, it’s just a storm honey.” Seth cooed, pulling you in the room and closing the door as another bout of vicious thunder rumbles through the sky outside, making your jump and cling to him tighter.

 “I-I’m s-sorry.” You sob,  pulling back slightly after you have calmed down, he stood behind the door of the dark room, a gentle snore caught your attention for a moment, and you look over his shoulder to find the source. You almost giggled as you locate it. Roman was laying on the bed across from Seth’s, Dean curled gently into his side, one of Roman’s arms was logged under Dean’s head, the other was draped over him protectively. “Do they always sleep together like that?” You giggle up at Seth.

  “Well, I refuse to share a bed with Dean because he flails around usually, he has hit me more than once, but all the three bed rooms were taken, so He and Uce share, but he seems calm tonight.” Seth explains in a soft whisper as he walks you over to his bed, pulling the covers back and gesturing for you to crawl under the them as he was holding the blanket up. “T-thank you.” You say, your voice small as you drop your robe to the ground quickly climbing in. You had known the guys for about the same amount of time they had been in the main roster, but Seth was your best friend, and you trusted him completely.

  He quietly climbed in to the bed behind you, pulling you to him when he was settled, one of his large arms under your head, the other wrapping around your waist, pulling you against his body, you fit perfectly into him, your body curving around his. “Sleep baby, you’re safe here, I wont let anything get you.” He murmurs into your hair, just behind your ear, his voice already giving way to sleep. You try to relax against him, your face against his forearm,  breathing in deep breaths of his smell, calming you. “HHHHHH!” You gasp, jumping slightly as Thunder roars to life outside, whipping what sound like leaves into the window, making you push yourself into Seth, trying to make yourself as small as possible in his huge grasp.

  “Y/N, If you keep pressing your ass into me like that…” He trails off, his grip dropping slightly to your hip, making heat flush to the apex of your thighs, and a blush flush across your face in the dark. “K-Keep doing what?” You fain innocence as you roll your hips slightly, feeling his bodies response immediately through the thin boxers he was wearing. “Y/N I’m serious, if you keep doing that, I’m going to..” He trails off again, his breath was hot against your ear again. “You’re going to what?” you turn so you can see his face, his dark eyes now trained on your face.

 “I’m going to fuck you.” He purrs, his voice low, “Right here in this bed, with Uce and Dean asleep in the bed next to us.” He continues, his hand running down your back, stopping at the curve at the bottom, pressing his palm there, crushing you into him, making you gasp. “Is that what you want?” He questions, that cocky smile of his spreading across his face.

 There was no denying it, Seth was sexy, from his perfectly sculpted body to his striking features and long hair. You had never tried for more than friends with him, he was just so sweet with you most of the time, and of course because you spent so much time with him people had wondered, even Dean once, but you never had the courage to bring it up to him.

 “Please?” You voice came out a breathy whisper, your hands finding his bare chest, and tracing the valleys of his abs under the blanket. “Mmm.” He purred as he pulled your face to his, his soft lips meeting yours, and parting as your tongue pushed into his mouth. His hands ran greedily down your hips to your ass, cupping and grabbing you hard. “Ah!” You yelped. “Shhhh” He hushed you, stilling to make sure Roman and Dean were still asleep.

 “We have to be quite baby.” He growled in your ear, his teeth catching your earlobe, nipping you lightly.
You stifle a moan as his fingers find your soaking heat under your panties. “Seth.” You whimper into his neck as your hands come down to grope the bulge that had formed under his checkered boxers. “Come on baby.” He teases, pushing his fingers in between your folds, first one, then a second finding its way into your pussy. You reach into his boxers, taking his hardened length in your hand stroking him as you grind your hips into his hand, his thumb working your clit skillfully.

 “Seth I need you.” You beg a whispery plea into his ear, jumping slightly as the storm continues outside the window. “Yeah? Where do you want me?” He purrs, his fingers curling inside you in time with your heaving chest. “In my pussy, please Seth.” You whine against him, your hand moving shakily around him as you climb towards orgasm. “Who’s pussy?” He stops suddenly, and you have to bite your lip to keep from screaming. “Yours! Your pussy Seth! I’m yours, Please!” You writhe quietly under him. “That’s right, you’re mine.” He growls as he twists so he is on top of you, removing his fingers from your pussy, and yanking your panties down to your feet where you kick them off.

  “I n-need you Seth.” You plea once more as he pulls his boxers down, positioning himself between your hips. You look up at him, his hair was pulled into a messy bun, strands falling loosely around his face, his eyes were dark with a carnal need. “Beg me baby, beg for it, I want to hear you say my name.” He tease, rubbing the tip along your soaked slit. You arch your back, your fingers digging in to the sheets. “Please Seth, fuck me, please?” You whimper as quietly as you can, his eyes burning in to you.

 He thrusts into you suddenly and you stifle a scream, a low yelp slipping through your lips. You both still in fear as you look over at Roman and Dean once more, Roman shifts a little, turning into Dean’s chest, his face in the gingers messy hair, but doesn’t wake. “Am I going to have to keep you quite baby?” Seth’s voice is low and husky as he starts moving again, his hips meeting yours quietly, a low growl emanating from his lips sends a shiver of pleasure up your spine as he continues to fuck you, he leans forward resting on his elbows so he can kiss you, his hips never breaking rhythm.  

  “Oh fuck Seth.” You moan lowly into his ear, your hands coming to his shoulders, nails digging into the tender flesh there. “Fuck Y/N, you’re so tight, god I’ve wanted to do this for a long time.” He murmurs into  your neck, his lips coming up to meet yours once more, your tongues battling for dominance.

  “I’m close Seth, oh fuck I’m close!” You whimper into his neck as he thrusts deeper, his cock hitting just the right spot and sending you over the edge, “Fuck!” He hisses huskily into your ear as you clench around him, trying to contain the cry that was trying to break through your body as the pleasure washed over you like a tidal wave, your back arching and toes curling as you shut your eyes tight, absorbing every once of him you could.

  “I’m going to cum baby, where do you want it?” He growled into your ear, his breath fanning your face. “In me, cum in me please!” You squeal, your voice breaking as you beg him. “Fuck!” He breaths over your face, his eyes closing as he releases himself inside you, torrents of his hot cum shooting into you.  He rolls and drags you onto his heaving chest, his eyes still closed as you both try to catch your breath.

  You jump as another strike of lightning flashes through the room, the thunder rumbling in shortly after. “Wow.” You smile, leaning up to kiss his mouth softly. “Wow, I agree” He chuckles quietly under you, shifting so you are spooning once more. “Sleep, we have to be up early tomorrow.” He murmurs in your ear, his voice hot in your ear once more. “Good night.” You turn, and curl into his bare chest, wanting to smell him again.

    You wake to rustling around the room, and you felt to hot, like you were right next to a space heater. Your eyes flutter open and you realize Seth is wrapped around you, his limbs like vines, and he is burning up, his heat making you sweat. “Good morning Mrs. Rollins.” Roman’s cheerful voice teases you as you look over in time to see him put on a fresh shirt. “Haha,  Mrs. Rollins” Dean chuckles at the joke, and Seth tightens his grip around your waist.

 “Ha-ha, funny,” You say dryly looking over at Dean, “But from what I saw last night, Your new name should be ‘Mrs. Reigns’.” You retort, laughing as they both shout there objections. Seth chuckles beside you, leaning up to kiss your cheek. “Good one Mrs. Rollins.” He blinks up at you sleepily, making you smile and blush.

Batfamily x Reader - Warrior (Pt 1)


Requested: no

Song: none

Word Count: 1471


It was humid and dark outside around 3:30 am at Wayne manor, no stars shown through the thick clouds and smog. You would think that when it’s humid, the air would smell fresh and clean, but not here. The air smelled stale and compressed, like it was trying to suffocate you, but didn’t put in enough effort to actually succeed.

The house was quiet and dark, empty and silent. The halls were eerily quiet and no shadows were cast on the walls because the moon was buried deep behind the seemingly millions of layers of smoke. It was pitch black and silent, except for one room. The light in your bathroom was on and barely audible cries came out muffled through your hands as you sat on the floor next to the sink.

A razor covered in thick, red, fresh, blood sat in the sink along with all of your soul, poured out of your body with your blood, as well as your will to live, and by the bottle of pills spilled all over the floor, you already knew this, yet the house stayed silent, as if it was holding its breath, awaiting your next move.

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  • what she says: i'm so excited about cap 3 mostly bcz of the amount of screentime sebstan will be having and the development bucky's character will go through and the fact that we'll get to see him reunite with his childhood friend and watch these 2 grownup superenhanced soldiers get all touchy feely, lemme-recite-some-more-wedding-vows-to-you with each other (#i believe in the russo bros) and also watch bucky get offered a second chance at life instead of the punishment he probably expects instead & ~maybe~ get a chance to see these 2 gramps sharing their impressions of the futurs vs. what they've known (with steve so eager to teach bucky everything he's learned so far cus' for once steve's not the one who doesn't get the avengers' references) & basically i'm so excited about seb in cap 3
  • what she means: if sebstan doesn't feature in the gag reel i'm burning this whole franchise to the ground
Balrog vs. "Wall of Stone"

So this is one of our first session with new characters. We were going to check out this portal in a Northern Tundra.

After slaying many hoards of monsters one of our druids cast Wall of Stone in front of the finished portal to stop anything from just walking out.

Well, the evil wizard calls something from the portal. We are killing more hoards while this is happening. Finally the Balrog is summoned and gets thru the Wall of Stone.

The Balrog teleportation out to get closer. The same druid that blocked the portals comes up with a brilliant idea. He cast Wall of Stone again, but instead of creating a “wall” he used it to make a column. This column was 120ft directly above the Balrog. The DM proceeded to roll a low Dex save as 75,000 lbs of stone came crashing down on the Balrog head to kill him instantly. Our DM was dumbfounded.