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The group I DM for, mostly levels 4 and 5, had been asking if they could do a quest that involved sailing. So I dusted off Stormwrack and settled of The Sable Drake. They had tracked the ship to the pirates hideout and were engaging in a sea battle offshore. The crew were all still alive but Captain Naki had all but crippled the ship and were preparing to board.

Cleric casts Wind Wall

Cleric: “That will keep them from shooting us but they can just walk through it.”

Ranger: “Yeah but the captain’s a wererat. If she gets on board she could bite us. I don’t want to get bit!”

Bard OOC: hey *DM* is the catapult still loaded?

DM: Yes, but the Sable Drake is too close to use it.

Bard OOC: Can I tie my rope to the rock.

DM: Yes? It takes 5 feet to wrap the rock. May I ask why?

Bard: I tie the rope and tell the crew member to prepare to fire. Hey, *Ranger* can I borrow your rope?“

Ranger: “Uh, sure.”

Bard: I tie her rope onto mine and say “Get ready.”

Captain Naki proceeds to board the ship after the party surrendered.

“So nice to have an easy capture. Just hand over the valuables and I’ll make your deaths quick.”

Bard: “Now *Ranger*!”

Ranger throws the rope at Naki and the bard casts Animate Rope on it to ranger her. Naki fails her save and is tangled.

The DM suddenly realizes what the rope is for.

Bard: “Fire the Catapult!”

The catapult is fired and Naki goes sailing towards the beach. The DM didn’t even bother to roll for fall damage.

“Good job. You’ve Tom and Jerry’d yet another boss fight.”

Entire table is losing their shit.

The party then proceeds to capture the Sable Drake and for themselves renamed it The Flying Goblin.


Before any interview, I have to sit with myself for five minutes and breathe and get centered because I get so nervous. Interviews are kind of like therapy, except all your answers are being written down and printed. I always want to be on the other side of it. I don’t want to be deconstructed for millions. I’d rather do the deconstructing.

.... And your intelligence score is 15?

I’m currently one of the 6 DMs in a 36 player mega-campaign, following (loosely) the Tyranny of Dragons campaign world. The players have mostly split up into about four parties, which are each following their own trail to track down the cult. Three of them are off doing their own thing, but one of them is in the city of Elturel and has decided to split up in order to cover more ground. Thankfully, we have enough DMs to cover them.

Then, a Dwarf Wizard decides to wander off, and I, as the last DM without a group at the moment, am sent to cover him.

For brief context, our version of Elturel has a tower beneath the town’s massive orb of undead-killing light, a temple of Sune. Her symbol is a candle, it now looks like a giant candle, all good. So, the dwarf decides to go there. 

PC: I’m going to head to the tower, all the way to the top.

Me: Cool, well, you get most of the way up, but there’s no obvious access to the roof. 

He then snags a nearby cleric and begins to ask him about the orb of light.

PC: “So, what’s causing that light?

NPC: “The Holy Light of Sune, it is light born from her magic.”

PC: “Yes, but where is it coming from?”

NPC: “… Her magic.”

PC: “But what’s in the middle?”

NPC: “Nothing is in the middle.”

PC: “Can I go up and take a look?’

NPC: "No, you can not study, prod, or examine our holy site to sate your own curiosity, you damned irreverent mage.”

PC: “So, can you tell me what’s casting the light?”

To save quite a bit of headache, he eventually had it explained to him in dead simple terms that there was just a floating ball of light, there was no crystal or sun or whatever, it was much like the light spell he himself could cast. The cleric walked away very annoyed. Being a dwarf character, he then got interested in the stone of the tower.

PC: “What’s the stone?”

Me: It’s something you’ve never seen. Smooth, joinless, white, almost like wax or bone.

PC: “But I have stone-cunning, and-”

Me: Yes, I know. You don’t recognize this. It’s definitely not local stone, and it might be unnatural.

Eventually, he also managed to get that it was made by magic, when another cleric repeated the story of the tower he had been told earlier. Kelemvor and Sune made the place together, so the Candle was brought into being by Sune, and lit by the pair, creating a light that destroyed undead. I thought he would be satisfied by this answer. I was incorrect.

PC: I want to cast identify on the tower!

Me: Roll intelligence. *Rolls* That would probably piss them off, given they told you flat out not to fuck with this place. 

PC: “Right, I’m going to hide somewhere against a wall then cast Identify on it!”

Me: “Roll Perception to find a place and Stealth to hide there.”

PC: *Rolls* *Nat 20 and Un-natural 20 on Stealth*

Me: “… Alright, so, you hide under a table with a large tablecloth in part of the library. When you cast Identify, you are suddenly near-blinded by an incredible white glow coming from every direction. The outline of a winged, angelic figure is all you can make out, which speaks to you in a thunderous voice in a language you do not know. The gist is there, however. "Do a stop it.”

PC: I cast Detect Thoughts on it!

Me: … I’m sorry, what?

PC: What is it thinking?

To summarize: This clown, a third level wizard, proceeded to cast Detect Thoughts on an unprepared-for-that-level-of-dumbfuckery Solar. A CR: 21 Angel of a major god. Due to how the spell worked, there was nothing actually stopping him from hearing the thoughts. The end result was being dropped to 1 HP, at 5 Levels of Exhaustion, and he was Blinded, Deafened, Stunned and Unconcious for nearly 18 hours after. He was only awoken when a priest happened to make the perception check to stumble across him, after his party had come and gone looking for him. He comes to, surrounded by a lot of clerics and several paladins, all of whom look quite pissed. 

Paladin: “What in the goddess’s name are you doing under there?”

He looks around blearily, and decides to repeat the words the Solar said to him. There’s a pause, and then an old elf pushes his way to the front. 

NPC: “Where did you hear that?”

PC: “The god told me that after I cast identify on the tower.”

NPC: “… That means, in Celestial, "Meddle not in affairs beyond your Ken, upstart mortal.” I’m sorry, you were doing WHAT to our tower?“ 

He then proceeded to explain what he had been doing. 

Long story short, he is now considered a Heretic and Defiler by the temple, was thrown out the front doors, and several of the game’s clerics are considering challenging him to duels of honor for his sheer ineptitude. Meanwhile, the rest of the party managed to accomplish the mission they were in town for.

What he had been doing had nothing in any way to do with their job.  

It’s so dumb because everyone and their grandmas saw Suicide Squad just because of the BIG NAME CELEBRITIES in the movie , the action, and maybe the sound track and it was literally just a movie that was made just for the money and had racist stereotypes but when Power Rangers (2017) has a diverse cast and never assigned a specific race to any of the characters BC ppl are more than stereotypes and they really invested time into developing the characters and ppl dont care ? High key when do u ever see a cool flirty Chinese character like that (when y'all kno the stereotype is that they’re supposed to be awkward and nerdy) or a Black autistic teen that all of his friends love and respect or a Gay Latina superhero, or an Indian character who isn’t restricted by any stereotypes and kicks ass like bro …this movie is a gold mine, when are u ever gonna see characters like this? And the message is that all these teens who experience life differently and better together. Everyone loves a good story abt misfits becoming friends and begs for diversity and yet? Ppl aren’t watching it BC Trini “isn’t gay enough “n don’t understand how a franchise works bc they’re not gonna put all character development in the first movie and like she was questioning her sexuality and has homophobic parents, she’s not gonna automatically be all out and that’s okay u freaks. Its realistic and ppl say they don’t care abt diversity BC "its power rangers” as if y'all never was into power rangers ever and don’t care abt every other superhero movie that kids enjoy smh

Relapse [M]

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pairing: jungkook x reader

genre: angst, smut

word count: 2.8k

Your poison is back.

In your peripheral vision you could see him standing there. Blending casually with the shadows casted in the grey wall filled with graffiti. The liquid courage burning your throat the whole night turned to be a bad companion. The countless nights you spent with mascara running down your dark almond-shaped eyes that smeared your pillowcase stopped you from approaching him.

“I’m sorry.”

You stayed silent. Because silence is the only constant in the undefined uncertainty. Silence was your friend ever since your little heart starts to beat inside the womb. Silence was what greeted you when you called him late at night after you demanded him to tell you the opposite of your assumptions. Silence was the loudest sound resonating in your one room apartment that you wasted your youth on, trying to pay each month.
He was the aftertaste of coffee in the morning, his scent still lingers in your small kitchen and he knew you would crawl back to him even after all this time. But not this time. You let the static noise consume your silence and ended the line.

“Why weren’t you answering my calls?”

You look up to his dark irises demanding answers. You could see a hint of curiosity interlaced with a flicker of worry in his low voice that he’d use on only on you. Maybe he should just open his own private practice and fool other girls into thinking he’s an available saint when, in all honesty, he was a demon. Hypothetically. 

You find it difficult to hold the laughter of pity you have for yourself. His voice was still able to fill up the crevices in your broken soul. You mustered up all the extra dose of courage your dear friend has given you and captured his eyes in yours.

“How can you expect me to answer your calls when you never pick up mine?”

He seemed taken aback by the sharp words coming out of your mouth. The distance between the two of you were short, but you’ve never felt out of place and further than him. You could smell the distinct scent of his cologne – your favorite cologne, and you’ve never felt the need to break down like this. But you can’t. Because when you do, when you carefully peel off the layers of yourself in front of him until you’re stripped bare and empty, he’ll find good use of your cracks to fill you with him again. He would fill you with love and affection that turned into an elixir you needed everyday, until you depend on it too much it turned to poison. 

You had to remind yourself that he left you. Jungkook left you with no perspicuous reason, leaving you at 4 o’clock in the morning with his hoodie still clinging to your sleeping figure. And when the door clicked shut, you finally opened your all-along conscious eyes, welcoming the tears rolling down your cheeks at the crack of dawn. Your relationship with him was on the highway reaching the downhill. 

His arms snaked around your waist as tears threatened to spill out of your eyes. No amount of alcohol was enough to make you forget him, and now he was in front of you. His physique engulfed you in a comforting hug, as if welcoming you home when in fact your home was the one that left you.
You stayed in his embrace long enough to collect yourself together. His steady arms were caging you in – the physical contact burning your skin in ways that you concluded was all because of the alcohol. Nothing more. You lifted your head from his firm shoulder to land a closer look on him. Nothing changed. Except for us, you thought to yourself.

Jungkook’s eyes meet your heavy ones and you didn’t need to avert your vision to the night sky to see the stars, because the galaxy was in his eyes. You didn’t know how long you stayed still admiring his dark eyes glinting at night that was once yours, but your eyes were now closed and his soft lips were on yours.

His kiss was the same as always; a mix of need, comfort, lust and a sweet escape. You knew this relationship was just two broken souls finding solace in one other. He tasted like broken bottles in the living room at 2 am, the scent of the earth after the rain subsided and the thick smell of secondhand cigarettes from the party inside but nevertheless – home. You broke apart before one thing leads to another, holding both of his arms to prevent him from approaching you once more. But your attempts were futile when the close proximity was charged with tension that made you push your thighs tightened against each other.

His eyes were a slow torch of fire lighting you up. And his lips were ravishing yours once more. Hungry, heavy with lust and laced with desperation. You prayed that this wouldn’t be another mistake. That the crossroads of choices deep in your head were guiding you to a conclusion that wouldn’t break your heart further. Maybe loving him one last time is the key to letting him go. But loving him was, is and always will be hard.

You returned his kiss with the same eagerness and passion because your ability to lie to yourself was inactive, and you were left with desire. His teeth grazed your bottom lip and you muffled a moan threatening to escape your lips, but his deep kisses were ready to capture the sounds you make as his hands run down your body to your sensitive area.
“We should continue this somewhere private,” he croaked out before kissing you tenderly and interlacing his hands with yours. Both of you were a panting mess with Jungkook leading the way and you following closely behind with his fingers around yours.

“Where is ‘somewhere private’?” you breathed out. You didn’t know where he was taking you, but as his pace slowed down, you could spot his black car a two blocks away from where you are. 

The thought of having sex in the car kick start the engine of your heart, overworking the pumps that resonated to your inner system. You were going to have sex in his car. Of course, it wasn’t your first time with him but it was a mutual preference to not do it in public or somewhere with high risks of getting caught. But it was different this time. 

He muttered a low fuck as he searched his pockets for his car keys and quickly unlocked the door. Like the gentleman he is, he opened the door for you to let you go first before spanking you when you were halfway in. You opened your mouth to protest but the door was quickly shut and his mouth was all over yours. He broke away to lift his shirt over his head before positioning himself in between your legs, your head leaned on the window of the car and his fingers tugged the hem of your dress, motioning you to strip down like he did. He stopped moving when he finally pulled the dress over your head to admire your chest and you could see the bulge in his chest growing more prominent when he realized you weren’t wearing any bra.

“Fuck, you’re so beautiful,” he said in the middle of heated kisses with his fingers in your hair, tugging it back to make more space between your shoulders and neck. He rests his forehead on your neck as he grinds his hips on yours. His hardness was touching your stomach and your thighs. You were positive you were drenched down there. 

You reached down to unbutton his jeans and help him take it off, wasting no more time. He draws his hand down your stomach to your underwear, pressing his middle finger to the thin fabric, making you grind your hips on his finger. 

“You’re this wet for me and I haven’t fucked you yet,” He used his free hand to hold your hips down while he moved the fabric aside and rubbed your throbbing clit. 

“Jungkook,” You moaned, trying to buck your hips eager for more contact with this fingers. He patted your pussy twice before his index finger curled the side of your lacy underwear and pulled it down slowly, knowing the effect it has on you.

His eyes skimmed your naked body with lust written all over his face. Your arousal was all you could smell inside the car. He let go of your hips and kept his eyes on you as he runs his left hand to your upper body, landing on your breasts and flicking your hard nipples, earning another moan from you. You grasped his right hand frozen in between your thighs to make him move. 

“Take it slow, baby.” He grunted and sucked on your neck. He continued painting your neck with his tongue and his eager kisses while his right hand slowly moved to life, cupping your core relishing in the heat that engulfed his palm before drawing slow circles on your heat. His thumb flicked your clit, you instantly arch your back into him. His fingers teasingly slid over your outer folds before he dipped one inside you, pumping in and out consistently, and then another was added. Slowly, he pulls them out to push them back inside your depths roughly and you could hear how wet you were. You start to press against him to keep up with him, but this earned a dissatisfied look from Jungkook and he curled his fingers inside you while pumping in and out with greater speed. You threw your head back against the door as moans spilled out of your mouth mercilessly. 

You could feel the familiar knot in your lower stomach start to tighten and you knew your release was coming very soon. “Faster. Jungkook-“ your cries were cut short when he suddenly stopped moving and pulled his fingers out of your glistening folds, now covered with your wetness. He brought his two fingers into his mouth and sucked your juices. Fuck. He leaned against the door opposite of yours and motioned you to ride him. 

You managed to use advantage of the small space to lower yourself on all fours and crawl a step to his raging, leaking pre-cum and bent down to lick the tip of his sensitive length. You opened your mouth to lick his shaft up and down to his balls before closing it in from the top. You began to bob your head up and down his length a few times before he grabbed your hair to hold your face still. He thrusts roughly into your mouth into your throat, causing you to force yourself to swallow back a choke as he moans your name like a scripture. He pulled your off gently and wiped the saliva that escaped your lips. 

“You’re so hot just like that, dollface,” He knew what does pet names did to your pussy and you loved it. You position yourself over his dick and slowly lowered yourself completely. Moans filled the car, and his dick easily slipped in and out of you because of how wet you are around his dick. You put your hands on his broad chest and started to ride him. You leaned to kiss him as he guides your hips and meet your pussy hallway down with his hard thrusts. His tongue exploring your mouth and mingling with yours, you can taste yourself on his tongue. He reached down to grip your ass and you grind your hips into him faster.

“Faster baby, come on, faster,” Jungkook whispered against your lips and you steadied your arms on the window, clenching your pussy around him as his dick slipped in and out. 

“Jungkook, I’m close, I’m so fucking close ah-“curses spilled out of Jungkook’s mouth and he lifts both of your hips. 

“I need you to hold on tight okay?” he breathed out, “Can you do that, princess?” He spanked your ass when you took too long to respond and moaned his name instead as an answer. He held your hips still in a vice-like grip to hold them still and thrusts inside you in and out. You could feel his dick easily slipping between your folds and the sound of skin to skin was drowned out the moans and grunts from your mouth. 

“Come for me, Jungkook, I’m close,” You whisper into his ear and the effect was immediate. His thrusts turned sloppy and faster as your release was dangerously near. He managed two hard thrusts before smacking your ass and you came all over him.

He slammed into you three more times and came inside you. His release filling up your pussy in a familiar heat and sensation. You knew this was wrong, maybe, but you never felt so alive as you always were in his arms. He pulls out of you and you grab some tissues from the dashboard in front, offering him a few before taking some to clean yourself.

You slipped on your intimates and dress quickly before looking at him. He was still stark naked, observing you with his calculating eyes that you never were able to decipher. 

“Talk to me, Y/N.” he broke the silence. Your head was much clearer now and the alcohol running through your veins have left you bare to your own thoughts, back to your old mundane self.

“I’ve been talking since the start. You were the one not answering. You knew I loved you, and I still do. If you up and left like that ignoring my calls, you shouldn’t be surprised I gave you the silent treatment. Isn’t that your favorite treatment for me the past few weeks?” you paused and closed your eyes to take a deep breathe. Jungkook opened his mouth to respond but you held a finger in the air.

“Nope. I’m not done, honey. I just want to know why you left. Why the fuck did you leave?” you were starting to feel your eyes burn and you knew you’d be teary-eyed soon even if he responded.

“I’m sorry,” his voice was clear and full of regret, “I know that was a dick move,” he paused to put on his boxers and jeans. You didn’t notice you were looking at his Adam’s apple bobbing up and down. The action was innocent, of course, but it brought an instant calming effect to your burning emotions. You averted your gaze to look at his eyes as he spoke,

“You’ve been handling all those shit from work and working double-shifts because you wanted to stay in this shitty city with me and it’s slowly eating you out. You’re not happy and it’s because of me. And I thought maybe you’d be happier if I left.” He reached out to tuck a few strands of your hair behind your ears. “You know I can help you. But you don’t want my help and I respect your decision. But it’s wearing you out. And I don’t want my baby to be unhappy.”

His confession brought your body to a halt. He thought you were unhappy this whole time. Working double-shifts weren’t a problem because the pay was good even if the co-workers were not. You mentally debated to yourself whether you should punch his cocky face or his limp dick.
“Y/N..” He continued to stare into your eyes pleading for understanding. Will everything be okay even after this? He may not be there for you physically all the time but you’ve never felt more welcomed in his embrace than your family’s.

“So what happens now, Jungkook?” you voiced out your thoughts. He knew you would succumb to him with those eyes of his, but you wanted him to decide this time. You were tired. Tired of all the sleepless nights you drowned in your sorrows just to curse at yourself the next day at work. Tired of not having anyone to wake up to next to you, or even blowing up your phone with no reason at all. Tired of confiding in the company of your friend that has a much bigger problem than yours. Tired of the uncertainty this world has to offer. So the words that would come out of his mouth could either break you or greet you like the early sunrise in the morning. And there was a tiny flicker of hope inside you that hasn’t died along with the rest of you, waiting for a sign to ignite your bones with the things you knew you deserve but see no signs of receiving.

“Let’s go home.”

Sheriff Stilinski: Father of the Year

Stiles and Derek have been dating on the downlow for a few months. Stiles is eighteen and all, but the thing they have going is so low key that it didn’t seem worth announcing. They hang out, and sometimes they kiss, and sometimes they cuddle, and sometimes Derek sucks Stiles off until Stiles literally sees stars–but it’s not any kind of great romance, nothing like the relationships they’re surrounded by.

They’re even tentatively planning to keep an open relationship when Stiles goes off to college in the fall (which Stiles claims is ridiculous, since his school is only an hour and a half away, totally within booty call limits).

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I am the girl who wears rose-colored glasses. Child-hearted, with birds inhabiting my ribcage and the porcelain rungs of my spine. Flowers grow out of my eye sockets and mouth. I breathe out lavender, I breathe out poppies, I breathe out violets. At night, I put my rose-colored glasses on the nightstand. I feel like an empty milk carton, remains curdled. I talk to the moon, I talk to the butter yellow ceiling, I talk to the sway-swaying trees that cast shadows on the walls that look like long, spindly arms that want to snatch me away. I can feel my heart, vibrating and shaking and alive. I grit my teeth. My heart feels like a wide open mouth, feasting on youth that tastes like bubblegum and spit. And in the morning, I put on my rose-colored glasses and I am a lamb, a saint, a good witch.
—  Zoë Lianne, “a lamb, a saint, a good witch”

Dylan Sprayberry for DA MAN Magazine by Mitchell McCormack lockscreens with psd

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Looks like Georgie here thinks that was especially brilliant!

Pairing: George x Reader

Request: Hey can you write a george x reader when they have DA training ang George is looking at Y/N all the time and boys tease him about it?

A/N: I’m super mega pissed because all of my notes got wiped so aaaaall the requests I save and aaaall the Imagines I was writing have now completely gone! Terrific! 

Squicks: I think I said a naughty word, rhymes with brother trucker :)

You were a fairly quiet girl: generally keeping to yourself and close friends and not really doing much to step out of your comfort zone, but you figured that that needed to change, especially if you were ever going ever to get the attention of George Weasley.

[George’s POV]

I signed up to join Harry’s little group that he and his friends organised, designed to teach Defence Against The Dark Arts while Umbridge was in power; they called it Dumbledore’s Army.

My main reason for joining was because I wanted to practice and actually learn some defensive spells (and that wasn’t gong to happen with Umbridge running the joint), but also because the word of mouth was that Y/N would be signing up too.

Today was the first official meeting of the DA. Harry had discovered a secret room in the castle, known as the Room of Requirement. Harry started off the lesson by going over the basics, the first spell being Expelliarmus.

Harry went through what exactly the disarming charm did, while Y/N listened tentatively, giving a small nod every now and then of understanding, her arms crossed and giving her full attention.

“Got your eye on Y/N, have you?” Fred nudged me and said quietly, his voice dripping with amusement,

“Shut up,” I retort… There was no point lying to him, he was my twin brother after all, there’s no fooling him.


By the next DA meeting, it seems as though Freddie had let slip of my attraction towards Y/N, since I received a lot of nudges and whistles when Y/N walked in.

Today Harry had us focusing on the Stupefy charm, and we all found a partner that we would be duelling with.

Now, I know what you’re thinking, and no, I’m not partnered with Y/N, much to Fred and Lee’s disappointment… Cho beat me to it.

Y/N and Cho stood opposite each other in the middle of the room, their wands drawn. Obviously I was staring at Y/N, and the boys found it hilarious.

“Stupefy!” Y/N’s voice echoed off the walls. She cast the spell perfectly, causing Cho to go flying backwards, Harry barely catching her.

I stared at Y/N in awe. The girls all applauded her, while Fred told me that maybe a photo would last longer.

“Looks like Georgie here thinks that was especially brilliant!” one of the dickheads, Zachariahs called out, while his group of shits laughed.

Y/N of course heard, and was now looking at me, her cheeks a slight rosy colour.

“Yeah, I do,” I agree, which he didn’t expect at all, “And I reckon you couldn’t cast any spell half as good as that one, and it was only her first go!”

Zacharias stuttered for a bit, looking remarkably similar to a fish out of water opening and closing his ginormous mouth. The girls around Y/N all giggled, while she gave me a glowing smile, which I returned, even though Fred and Lee were rather off-putting with their snickering and elbow jabs.

Once the meeting was officially over, Y/N was the one who came up to me.

“Hey George, that was really sweet what you said earlier”.

Fred and Lee gave each other a look, before both of them walked on, surprisingly without saying another word.

“Get in, Georgie!” Knew it was too good to be true.

Y/N giggled while I put my face in my hands and groaned. Still laughing, she put her hand on my shoulder out of pity, which was enough encouragement to look up at her. Her eyes looked like they were laughing too, they were shining brightly and full of happiness to match her contagious smile.

“I meant it, you know, you’re quite amazing at spells, and in general I guess too but more of that later,” I admit, which she clearly seemed to enjoy by her overly enthusiastic laugh, probably an attempt to hide the blush that was evidently creeping onto her cheeks.

“No no, feel free to go on about my general greatness, I wouldn’t mind,” she flirted back,

“Well I mean, I wouldn’t want you to get a big head or anything, so maybe I should space the compliments out a bit, shall we say tomorrow evening for the next few? I can assure you that I have a lot,”

While Y/N giggled and the colour in her cheeks deepened, I marvelled in the fact that I am literally the smoothest motherfucker in this whole damn school.

“I think that could work,” she smiled cheekily, stepping in a bit and looking up at me, her hands resting on my shoulders,

“Wonderful…” I whispered, as I cupped her jaw in my hands and leant down. My lips delicately met with hers, and she instantly kissed me back, her arms wrapping around the back of my neck.

Whilst it was only a short kiss, it was deep and passionate. I knew that there’d be a lot more where that came from, starting tomorrow night.