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Alec: If you kill him, you kill a part of me.

Maryse: Jace is not your blood.

Alec: *looks at the camera like he’s on the office*

they are on the balcony. and you know what? all i can think of (besides the fact tHAT MAGNUS PUT HIS HAND ON ALEC’S AND WE HAVE TO WAIT 3 FUCKING MONTHS TO DIE IN PEACE AFTER THIS SCENE) is this beautiful fanart:

fanart credit to sharadaprincess on DA


Matt Daddario & Dom Sherwood talk about the Parabatai Bond ∂

  I tried to describe the parabatai relationship by using Matt and Dom’s own words and by reuniting some of the most significant parabatai scenes throughout Season 1 and 2a. The audio snippets I used are from different panels, interviews and live chats!

What gets to me every damn time is Magnus’s face till the moment their lips touch. Look at how unsure he is, you can tell how he still doesn’t know if Alec is going to reject him. Look at how his pupils shift a little when they are finally face to face. His eyes are searching for Alec’s, he is trying to find the answer in them, trying to see what’s the upcoming conversation going to hold. Look at how his eyebrows shoot a tiny inch up just a breath before the kiss, utterly taken aback. This is why the kiss startles him so much his head jerks back by the sheer force of it; he wasn’t expecting it at all. He was expecting Alec to stop and talk to him.

The details are mindblowing. A fucking+ acting, Harry.