casting malazan


What frightened Paran most, these days, was that he had grown used to being used. He’d been someone else so many times that he saw a thousand faces, heard a thousand voices, all at war with his own. When he thought of himself, of that young noble-born man with the overblown faith in honesty and integrity, the vision that came to him now was of something cold, hard, and dark. It hid in the deepest shadows of his mind, and it watched.

Casting Malazan → Michael Fassbender as Ganoes Paran

Malazan Book of the Fallen - Casting

I’ve seen a few other posts about this, so I thought I’d throw out my suggestions.  Keep in mind I’m only a third of the way through the 5th book.  A couple I’ve seen I’ve definitely agreed with, so these are not all original choices.  Here’s just some of the characters.

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