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Lackadaisy Casting Call!

We’re currently casting for two characters for the Lackadaisy Animated Short Film!

Searching for female Creole/Cajun. Playful tone, can swing between low & high register. Tends towards the sarcastic, but also gets deadly serious. Age 25. Grew up in the bayou early 1900s. Strong consideration given to those of Louisiana Creole/Cajun background.  

Searching for male Creole/Cajun voice. Playful, confident tone, low to mid bassy. Grew up in the Louisiana bayou in the early 1900s. Age 27 Strong consideration given to those with Louisiana Creole/Cajun background. 

Deadline for submissions is April 25th

Please send your reel to lackadaisyvoiceaudition(at)gmail  

The Lackadaisy Animated Film Kickstarter is live now!


i was asked to pass along this OPEN CASTING CALL FOR TRANSGENDER GIRLS around AGE 13!

as you guys may or may not know, avy kaufman was the casting director for The OA and i submitted my initial headshots to her. i found out about that casting call through tumblr, so why not continue the tradition and help other trans actors be discovered?

PLEASE SIGNAL BOOST and share with any aspiring young trans girl actors you know!

Can you people please stop with the “Glee is cursed” thing?? It’s not a fucking internet meme, these are real human beings and real tragedies. It’s not funny to make light of harm done to them or by them. It’s not funny for you to joke about who’s next. Just stop. If you don’t care about Naya then don’t say anything.


hadestown characters + nytw casting call descriptions


Last call for Lackadaisy voice cast auditions for Serafine and Nico!  Deadline is end of day on Saturday, April 25th.

Highlighting Serafine because we’d love to get more reel submissions for her! The voice should be able to convey an assertive personality, and should be able to alternate between playful and deadly serious. 
Cajun or Louisiana Creole backgrounds favored, or a very good impression of southern Louisiana accents.

Please send reels to lackadaisyvoiceaudition at gmail!


Howdy buds!

@fullmetaldubs is organizing a full dubbing of the SU AU Gone Wrong Comic but he needs some extra voices!

If you want to give your pipes a shot please take the minute to audition.

His message, g’luck!:

Here we go


I’m starting work on the Steven Universe Gone Wrong AU comic dub! But I need help.

Although I have some voices down I still have some to fill! I would love for y'all to check out the casting call and audition!!!

Casting Call Link:

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact me either through my discord tag, FullmetalDubs#9169, or through my email,

Air Less Traveled is a steampunk podcast set in a historically revisioned, mid-1800s America. In the beginning, it follows a Byron Crawford - the son of a local mayor - as he goes about his day: and he is the typical, spoiled rich kid you would expect. However, things take a turn when an all-female pirate crew - lead by Nettie Atkins - kidnaps him for a ransom. If you are at all interested in auditioning, information to do so is under the cut.

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