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I’m late to the party, but apparently people still think Camera_Duels is something funny? I can see the clap back being humorous to an extent, but outside that, explain the joke to me. Because Cole has made it explicitly clear this was something that distressed him so much when he was younger he actively sought solace alone in nature to distance himself from this kind of invasion. That creating the idea of this was a way to turn the lens back on gawking voyeurs invading someone’s privacy and show them how terrible they look doing it; that they don’t get away with being awful. It’s so funny, right?

I’ll be honest, the first time I saw the account, of course I laughed. Cole’s drawling wit and sarcasm were unexpected and sharp. But after reading a few captions and then seeing how many interviews it was brought up in where Cole clearly, concisely explains he does it because he finds it offensive, I don’t know how people can laugh or brush it off like it’s a cheeky sport.

Sure, humor is implied. But Cole has always implied that humor in a way where it’s not about the duel being funny, that he thinks it’s cute or is excited to post about it: it’s the fact that people flagrantly violate his right to exist like another person would: in peace, without the fear of constantly being watched. That’s the laughable thing. 

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i was asked to pass along this OPEN CASTING CALL FOR TRANSGENDER GIRLS around AGE 13!

as you guys may or may not know, avy kaufman was the casting director for The OA and i submitted my initial headshots to her. i found out about that casting call through tumblr, so why not continue the tradition and help other trans actors be discovered?

PLEASE SIGNAL BOOST and share with any aspiring young trans girl actors you know!

Air Less Traveled is a steampunk podcast set in a historically revisioned, mid-1800s America. In the beginning, it follows a Byron Crawford - the son of a local mayor - as he goes about his day: and he is the typical, spoiled rich kid you would expect. However, things take a turn when an all-female pirate crew - lead by Nettie Atkins - kidnaps him for a ransom. If you are at all interested in auditioning, information to do so is under the cut.

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Open Voice Actor Auditions for:

Hey there! My name is Brendan “Jello” Blaber, and I make a series of semi-animated parody videos called So This is Basically! Each episode pokes fun at a different franchise, whether it’s a cartoon, video game, or an anime. The current video I’m working on is So This is Basically Fire Emblem, a tactical RPG series where you build up an army and lead them through various battles. Both the games and this video have a strong focus on the characters and their support conversations, so for once I actually have a lot of small roles to fill!

Click here for the audition packet! 

Sometimes the above link leads people to an older version of the document which is a closed audition for StiB JoJo. If this happens, try this document instead.


Open Voice Acting and Musician Call

Jupiter Finch and All the Stars in the Midnight Sky, also known as the Starcast, is a podcast currently in production. It is a post-apocalyptic story about discovering yourself, being optimistic, and moving on. It follows Jupiter Finch, a 14-year-old nonbinary teen, as they leave the bunker they’ve resided in all their life, traveling out into the nuclear wasteland with their father’s star map to view a night sky they’ve only ever heard about. With the help of a cynical scavenger, a wasteland merchant, and a petty thief, they try to lighten the harshness of the reality surrounding them. The story is told through the use of audio diary entries. 

We are currently accepting auditions for musicians and voice actors of any age, experience, and set-up! Quality is of no major concern. All details can be found in the document below.

If you have any questions, please let us know. Auditions end October 13th.

@podcastingcalls @podcastingcrewcalls