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MAYEM: The Crossing Pt. 4


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Goop just… stared.

Slowly turned to kid and drank the coffee, then took Kid’s cup and drank his for him.

Okay then.

Kid stared too.


‘What now?’ he asked, signing quietly, bemused.

Really, really bemused.

‘Now we… crash on grampster’s couch, I guess.’ Goop signed back, setting the two mugs on the table, hesitating, then grabbing a set of coasters to put them on instead.

Didn’t want to be rude.

Gr… grampster….

‘…what’s he going to do tomorrow morning when he realizes he drunkenly invited two strangers into his house….?’

Kid really had no way to contextualize or compare this.

He had nothing to compare it to. Nothing.

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New suggestion for Kaladin cast

Someone just suggested that this guy would make a great Kaladin:

Those are the stills from a Taiwanese film called Warriors of the Rainbow: Seediq Bale (赛德克·巴莱) and the guy is the actor of the younger protagonist, whose name is Yuki Daki (游大庆). I think he quite fits the descriptions of Kaladin, if not a bit older. (Thanks so much to the friend who provided the info!)

MAYEM: The Crossing Pt. 3


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Kid flinched a little at the sudden intrusion, immediately aware and looking up. He glanced towards Gaster, looking for any sign of what was going on or if there was something they were supposed to do.

Gaster sat up instantly and even Sans stumbled to his feet from his nap.

“Get him to the car.”  He said to Sans, watching as the much shorter skeleton grabbed Papyrus’ hand as soon as he got close, leading him around a pillar before they were gone.

Gaster then turned to the other two. “Neither of you know how to use a gun, do you?”

Kid shook his head sharply. “Sorry. Something else?”

Gaster sighed and pulled out his own before throwing off the cushions of the couch to reveal there had been a few more hiding there.

“Who is ‘they’ exactly?” Goop asked.

“Doesn’t matter. You two should probably hide away in that thing now. You’ll just complicate things otherwise.”

Kid nodded, not letting that remark hurt. His presence complicated a lot.

He took Goop’s hand and entered the machine without another word, trying to pull his double with him.

They’d promised they wouldn’t kill under any circumstance, and it looked like that was going to be what would happen if they hung around.

They could eavesdrop inside.

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look here why can’t they stop touching each other is my fucking question okay

MAYEM: The Crossing Pt. 2


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Gaster eyed them.

“… How long were you trapped?”

Kid hesitated.

“…mine guess a bit over two thousand years. Goop’s are a hundred. That’s the most average time, we think. But nothing’s certain.”

He hoped that was comforting.

“My original world was a thousand or so.” Goop corrected, “I can’t say for the world I’m in now though.”

Gaster’s eyes widened. “Trapped underground for over a thousand years? How did you even live?”

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1975’s The Giant Spider Invasion is invading Blu-ray on June 7 through VCI Entertainment. The so-bad-it’s-good B-movie was once the subject of a Mystery Science Theater 3000 episode.

Bill Rebane (Monster A-Go Go) directs. Steve Brodie, Barbara Hale, Alan Hale Jr. and Leslie Parrish star. It’s also worth noting that the giant spider was created by covering a Volkswagen car in fake fur and adding legs.

Special features:

  • Size Does Matter! Making The Giant Spider Invasion - a new documentary by Daniel Griffith
  • Bonus C: The Giant Spider Invasion the Musical - 14tracks from the forth-coming live musical
  • The Giant Spider Invasion mini comic book
  • Archival interviews with director Bill Rebane, cast,crew and fans
  • Archival interview with actor Robert Easton
  • Bill Rebane introduction by Kevin Murphy and Mike Nelson (of Mystery Science Theater)
  • Behind-the-scenes photo gallery
  • Theatrical trailer, TV spots and news reports
Microwave AYEM: The First Meeting, Part 4


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The doctor stared for a moment, his arms at his sides.

Well shit.” He looked at the other Gaster to determine his reaction. This wasn’t his world or his Sans, so he wasn’t entirely sure if that was something… normal.

Gaster did his best to not vomit.

They stole his blasters.

They tried to steal his fucking blasters.

The expression on his face was cold and merciless, but whether it was concern for CS-1 being taught such complicated magic at such an unstable age or if it were watching his precious creation so badly warped, it might have been hard to tell.

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