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hey youve been sortof quiet, is everything okay? is stuff still in the works or were there problems??

I’ve been quietly sorting through some personal issues, things that I don’t like to bother you guys with. But rest assured that I have been working on TBoA’s trailer. :)

I’ve recently closed TBoA’s casting call, received all of the files from my chosen VAs (except Hunter, who I was a little late to cast) and bought the license to the background music (which has changed from the two I posted on deviantArt!)

I’m a little less quiet on my Twitter, but the truth is I don’t like to bother you guys with my presence very often. I know seeing behind the scenes stuff can be exciting, but I’m often reminded of my limitations. A lot of the work isn’t visual and would probably be boring to someone who isn’t interested in sound design, writing, storyboarding and production. I wish I had more hands. Some days, it takes me 5 hours just to get through all my business correspondences! 

I’m not complaining, though. It’s just the nature of these things. Now that I’m close to done with a lot of technical stuff, you should hear more from me. Thank you to everyone who likes my work and cares about what I do! 

Watch Me Touch Myself

Words: 2,801

Rating: Mature (Aged-up characters)


After the Snow Ball, Eleven and Hopper are back to staying hidden, but Hop lets her see her friends once per month to keep her satisfied. A little fluff regarding those monthly meet ups plus a heated night!


Eleven is getting more powerful and one night while using her powers she stumbles upon a horny Mike ;)

Jim Hopper had everything under control, everything figured out. The rules where back and fully active and Eleven would continue to stay hidden for another year. BUT! When he saw how disciplined, and pleased at the same time, El was after seeing her friends again and going to the Snow Ball with Mike, she stopped counting days, she followed the rules, she didn’t act like a prisoner or a little brat anymore and wouldn’t make a big fuss if Jim forgot to inform her on extra busy days that he wouldn’t be home for a couple more hours, like she did the last days before running away to search for her mother, he promised her that she could go outside once every month, after dark, preferably to one of the boys’ homes, and be back before dawn, preferably brought back by one of the parents or Jonathan. And that promise was a true promise. One he would never break. Oh, and TV at all times.

Three months had passed since the Snow Ball and the year was now 1985. She missed Mike more and more as the day of their future meeting was getting closer and the day of their last meeting was getting further away. She had craved to touch him again from the moment their eyes met through his living room window that night she killed the Demogorgon, and the day she came back from Chicago she got to do it. To actually hold him and be held by him, finally, not just observe him one-sidedly without him knowing with the help of her psychic powers and then turn him into smoke every time she tried to touch him. When they pulled apart she noticed there was a height difference now, one she wasn’t used to before, but grew to love instantly, and he felt bigger, stronger in her arms making her feel protected and safe. 

At the Snow Ball they had kissed again. She had tried to do so the day they reunited, but had failed due to the circumstances that surrounded them. One of these circumstances being Jim calling her name seconds before their lips could touch. Maybe she wasn’t completely sure what kissing meant even now, but the people inside the television, “actors” said Jim’s voice in her mind, were doing it when they loved each other, and quite frankly that’s how she felt around Mike. Their first kiss might have been unexpected, but the one at the ball was definitely desired by both sides. When it was time to leave and go back to staying hidden from the world, Mike had taken her hand and hauled her away from the gym, where the dance floor was, and to the north wing of the school. At first he looked like he was struggling to find the words to express himself avoiding to meet her eyes, but El knew. She could read him like an open book.

“I’m not going away ever again, Mike.”

She reached out with her hand to cup his cheek lifting his face so he could see in her eyes that she truly meant it. Then she stood on her tip toes rising herself a little higher and he leaned closer. They kissed, but this time it was deeper. After the first peck, he came in with force, crushing their lips together, his arms coming to hug her waist, pushing her against the corridor wall. She felt the tip of his tongue asking for permission to enter her mouth causing her eyes to fly wide open at the new sensation and her mouth to shyly open up. Her body seemed to know how to react better than she thought, imitating Mike’s motions effortlessly pushing her tongue in when he took his out. Her hand, which was still placed at the side of his face, moved to the back of his neck pulling him closer. He tasted like strawberry punch and she couldn’t get enough. It was kind of sloppy and sometimes their teeth bumped, but no one seemed to care. His hand came up to hold her face tilted and he pressed their bodies together, while El’s hand smoothly made its way under his suit and ended up on top of his chest, burning a hand-like hole through his shirt with her petite palm. Suddenly, steps startled them and they glanced flushed at their direction trying to make out who it was.

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New suggestion for Kaladin cast

Someone just suggested that this guy would make a great Kaladin:

Those are the stills from a Taiwanese film called Warriors of the Rainbow: Seediq Bale (赛德克·巴莱) and the guy is the actor of the younger protagonist, whose name is Yuki Daki (游大庆). I think he quite fits the descriptions of Kaladin, if not a bit older. (Thanks so much to the friend who provided the info!)


Kim Young Ae as…

  • Queen Soheon in 500 Years of Joseon: Deep Rooted Tree (MBC, 1983)
  • Deposed Queen Yun in the Diary of Prince Yeonsan (1988)
  • Queen Jangryeol in Jang Hee Bin (SBS, 1995)
  • Choi Suk Bin in The King’s Pathway (MBC, 1998)
  • Queen Myeongseong in Jang Hee Bin (KBS, 2002)
  • Im Baek Mu in Hwang Jin Yi (KBS, 2006)
  • Dowager Yun in the Moon Embracing the Sun (MBC, 2012)
  • Queen Munjeong in Mirror of the Witch (JTBC, 2016)

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So I normally don't play the casting game, but I just watched the first two episodes of Will on TNT -- a glam/punk telling of Shakespeare's early career -- and Christopher Marlow is so VERY Lestat to me. I don't know if you've seen it, and maybe it's just me, but wow. The actor is Jamie Campbell Bower. I'd send you a link but it won't let me.

FIRST and foremost, one of the Lestat RPers who still uses JCB as a face claim, @cdf-archive​ (now known as @couer-de-feu, tumblr isn’t hyperlinking it OH WELL) wrote up a gr9 post about JCB as Lestat [X], excerpt under the cut.  

I feel ya, I find that playing the casting game is hard bc ppl can be really dismissive of actors, pointing out what they think are physical limitations of the actors, or whatever, it’s easy to nitpick based on our own ideals of beauty. A great performance is more than just the actor’s looks, it’s the harmony of every film crew member’s job done well, from the grips, to the sound ppl, to the costume ppl, to the director, and so on, not just the actors. But talking VC casting can be fun to see which of our choices are shared by others <3 

So YEAH, JCB was a somewhat popular FC for Lestat RPers at one time, so your opinion is/was shared by others! I’m gonna reblog a few pieces of fanart after I post this that are basically JCB as Lestat, so stay tuned ;) EDIT: I have fanart of Paul Boche as Lestat, not JCB! I’ll reblog those. But can someone send me some Lestat fanart based on JCB? I feel like I’ve seen it but can’t remember where…

^I don’t have a joke to go with this, I’d made it aaaages ago for @coeur-de-feu. Maybe it’s Lestat reacting to coming home to a Louis dressed only in a sheer green scarf, surrounded by piles of red roses, for Lestat’s birthday or smtg, lol. 

I haven’t seen Will yet but it looks like an intriguing and snazzy take on Shakespeare! Admittedly, I have not been a huge fan of Jamie Campbell Bower, bc I haven’t seen the stuff he’s been in, I’m not a YA fan… from the pics I’ve seen of JCB he has seemed too skinny/bony for my own headcanon of Lestat (and I admit that’s based on my own ideals of beauty)-

BUT BUT BUT, these pics of him from Will are looking, actually, very #Lestatuesque to me!

^Like, maybe it’s the hair*, the lighting, the expression, etc., (a combination probably) idk what it is, but his face seems less HELLO CHEEKBONE now for some reason? He’s very Lestat here, to me. Like he’s in thrall, listening to Nicki playing violin music. 

*The hair would need SOME more styling and highlights but JCB being a natural blond (I think?) should make it easier to brighten his hair up than it was for Tom, who has never been able to pull off a really bright blond in any movie I can remember (even the silver looked kinda strange in Collateral but I digress…)

[^X from @foreverjamiecampbellbower] ^Even here, yes, JCB has cheekbones you could slice your hand open on, but maybe the stubble is also just, giving that jawline and generous mouth the attention they deserve? IDK it’s working for me!

I think JCB has enough of the physical part nailed down that the rest can be built on his performance. Tom had limitations appearance-wise, too, but the acting won ppl over who don’t even like him in any other roles. 

This is already a long-ish post so for more of my thoughts on him, hit up my #jamie campbell bower tag.

Also, hit the jump for a quote from @cdf-archive/@coeur-de-feu that I think is relevant here.

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look here why can’t they stop touching each other is my fucking question okay