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Imagine going on a winter vacation with Tom. You’re from a warm, tropical climate, so you’ve never experienced temperatures these frigid before. You walk around like a shivering mess until finally Tom mentions he has a way to keep you warm - and you don’t even have to take off your coat.

Possible SPOILERS - Full Miitopia Mii cast

Hi everyone! I had the chance to play the japanese version of Miitopia with a fan translation that was poorly made still was enough for me. I have played the game and enjoy it alot. I recommend it to everyone! I plan to do a playthrough when the game comes out in Youtube so follow me if you’re interested.

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Since I played through the game I have access to the full Miitopia cast. I searched everywhere for a list but found none. I decided to make my own list. I for example wanted to know the list ahead of time so I placed the right characters in the right roles and didn’t need to go change it again later. You will also miss some cutscenes with your favorite characters if you don’t place them well from the beginning. So here it is:


Dark Lord 

(The first dark lord will be a normal person. In the final battle you will have a chance to recreate the face of the true dark lord. So the true dark lord only will be created nearly the final battle. The first dark lord you pick is just a victim. Have that in mind when you pick!)


Guide (A tour guide that doesn’t know a lot about tour guiding. This guide will have it’s face stolen so you will see it in a boss. Male)

Cheery Granny (always in good spirits. this mii will have its face stolen so it will appear on a boss. It will also send a letter later. Female)

Sassy Child (A child. It will have it’s face stolen so that means a boss.The first one you face in fact a slime. Male)

Worried Mother (A mother always worried with her child. It doesn’t have its face stolen but play important role in the beginning of the game. Female)

Couple Man (he loves his wife. Male)

Couple Woman (she loves her husband alot! Female)

Sarcastic Guy (looks down on others. Gets his face stolen and the boss is a rock. Male)

Mayor (it will have some relevance on the story and appear more than one time through the game. Doesn’t get his face stolen. Male)

End of Greenhorne people

Photographer (Takes pictures of the highlights of important moments or battles. He appear numerous times to sell the photos he takes. Either gender)

Quiz Master (A weird Mii always ready for a Quiz. He appears a lot of times with a quiz ready for you to solve. Either gender)

Postman (He gets letters from others to you. Appears a lot with letters from past friends. Either gender)

Roaming Gourmet (A critic of Food who appears throughout your adventure and offers food at the end. Male)

Worried Explorer (Travels the world searching for treasure and give useful tips. He appears more than once and is relevant to the game. Male)

Nintendo Fan (This Mii only appears at certain moments asking for amiibos! Either gender)


Serious Soldier (This one appears at the castle entrance and you have to show him the mayor’s papers to pass. It’s only there for that. Male)

Lax Soldier (Appears in the castle. Not much to him. Male)

Royal Support Right (It’s the royal right support. The king is big so he must support his weight! Appears like two time. Male)

Royal Support Left (it’s the royal left support. He daydreams.  Appears where the king goes. Male)

King (he has a large appetite so it’s always eating meat. He is one of the main characters and appears a lot. He has his face stolen more than one time. Male)

Princess (she is the king only daughter and has a secret love for a noble that isn’t her fiance. She is a main character and will have her face stolen more than one time. Female)

Prince from a nearby land (Prince of Sand town and the princess fiance. He’s pretty arrogant but loves his mother. He’s worst of the worst so have that in mind. Male)

Noble (Grew up with the princess but now rarely gets the chance to see her. He’s in love with her. He’s courageous but is a weakling. He doesn’t grow stronger either but wishes he could be more like the hero. Male)

Great Sage (A wise and powerful mage who roams the world helping others. He’s one of the main characters! Either gender)

Genie of the lamp (Only caused problems until the great sage sealed him to the lamp. He’s a trouble maker basically but mends his ways in the end. One of the main characters. Male)

Desert Town

Dancer (she loves to dance when nobody is watching. Has the face stolen. Female)

Rambling old man (rambles a lot. Male)

Shady Merchant daughter (has its face stolen, Female)

Shady Merchant (has its face stolen. Male)

Couple Man (tired of listening to his wife. He has his face stolen. Male)

Couple Wife (tired of her husband not taking things seriously. Female)

Celebrity (A wealthy celebrity. Relevant to the story and will appear more than one time. Face stolen. Female)

Elven Town

Eldest Fairy sister (she’s the calm leader and the star of the group. one of the main characters. Female)

Middle Fairy Sister (she’s shy and scared but sweet when she open opens up. She wishes she could be more like the hero. Main character! Female)

Youngest Fairy sister (she is very bossy but a kind elf. Main character! Female)

Injured elf (the town guard except he is lost in day dreaming. Male)

Eldest sister Fan (gets it face stolen. Male)

Middle sister fan (gets it face stolen. Male)

Youngest sister fan (gets its face stolen. Male)

Scared Elf (scared of outsiders. Gets her face stolen. Female)

Elf Hater (hates the faires with passion and think it’s better than them. Female)

Lazy elf (Male)

Mischievous elf (her magical abilities are limited exclusively to pranks. She’s a prankster and gets her face stolen. Female)

Travelers Town

Town guide (number one for intel about the Travelers town and medals. Male)

Travelers (they accompany you in your travels to complete their quests. They are so many that is better I describe them this way. They will disappear after you complete requests)

Things you should know

About your heroes. You can have up to ten until you finish to story. After that you can have as many as you want but the main will always be those ten ones.

They get captured by the dark lord and get their faces stolen. I think the way they appear when you get to save them is like this. First you will find the last three heroes you made for each chapter of the story, then you find the second spot ones from each different chapter. After that comes the first spot ones from different chapters. The last hero to be saved is the first hero you created to accompany you in your travelers.


I used to get doubly excited when a Will Smith film’s coming out because a single was always coming out. And I was wondering if you were ever tempted or asked to write music for Suicide Squad and if there’s any update on your new music? Yeah, you know, I though about it and I actually recorded a couple of things. I just didn’t love it. When I put something out again I wanna really love it. (x)

Here we’ve got a tragic heroine. After her parents died when she was very young, she grew up without a single relative. She felt isolated from the world and after being bullied because she had no family, she decided not to interact with others. One day, a man appeared before her eyes. Claiming to be a wandering witch doctor, the man, with a gentle smile, told her the she had nothing of importance to her. He surrounded the girl with a smoke-like cloud and she disappeared without a trace. That day, she was stolen away by the feelings of 6 men. Here’s the cast!!

^Miyabi cv. Sakurai Takahiro^

^Akabane cv. Hirakawa Daisuke^

^Yanagi cv. Kaji Yuki^

^Gakuya cv. Kakihara Tetsuya^

^Shirato cv. Kimura Ryouhei^

^Kannagi cv. Tsuda Kenjiro^

Pretty art, great cast and an interesting story. What more could I ask for?? I’m so broke right now from other drama cds *MySweetHubby* and one particular game *PeriodCube* that I can’t buy anything right now. But I want really at least 3 of these to add my growing collection!!


Radius Premier Q&A session with cast/producers

(SPOILER ALERT: Be aware there are some spoilers in this, since the audience had just seen the movie.) 

Also, the sound is quite soft in parts - turn up your volume.

Video by Eric St-Cyr at the Fantasia International Film Festival, Montreal, QC, Canada. Video tour during the presentation of the world premiere of Radius on July 17, 2017 including the question & answer session with Marc Lamothe, Steeve Léonard, Caroline Labrèche, Anne-Marie Gelinas, Benoit Beaulieu, Diego Klattenhoff, and Charlotte Sullivan. Filmoption International 

And pay attention at the 17 minute mark! :-) Ressler fans will love it!

another queer wizarding world headcanon

okay so pretty much all queer people are familiar with the whole idea of gaydar but did you know it was actually a product in japan?

“In the early 2000s, an electronic device based on the Japanese Lovegety wireless dating device was marketed as ‘Gaydar’, and reported on widely in the media.[29][30] This was a key-chain sized device which would send out a wireless signal, alerting the user via a vibration, beep or flash when a similar device was within 12 m (40 ft). This let the user know that a like-minded person was nearby.” (x)

imagine if there was a gaydar charm you could cast which would somehow alert you (like tingling fingers… or other bits) when you were within a distance of another witch, wizard or nonbinary magical person who had also cast the charm.

imagine dean and seamus both casting the gaydar charm without telling each other and then thinking they had done it wrong bc it wouldn’t stop signalling but really they were just never more than 40 ft apart (kinda like how ron thought his sneakoscope was broken but it was just detecting scabbers). imagine dean realising what might be happening and plucking up the courage to ask seamus. imagine them laughing about it after but never removing the charm because they love knowing that their boyfriend is always close by.