Charging/Activating Sigils

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(Copied from my grimoire)

  • Place on paper, burn it
  • Draw on bread, toast it
  • Trace with crystals
  • Use your own energy (touch, breath, proximity)
  • Sew on clothing, wash them
  • Place in front of music speakers
  • Let it sit in a sunny place
  • Bury in the earth*
  • Use prayer
  • Dissolve in water/hold under running water
  • Set as phone lock screen, charge phone
  • Tape to window on full moon
  • Meditate
  • Hold near fire
  • Throw into wind*
  • Add a drop of blood*
  • Carve into candle, let it melt
  • Draw with honey at the bottom of a mug, activate with hot drink
  • Draw on flag, leave in wind
  • Trace in dust, blow it away
  • Use crystal grid
  • Draw with cooking oil, cook
  • Draw on foggy windows/mirrors
  • Trace using water, let it evaporate
  • Carve in soap, wash body
  • Utilize storm energy
  • Use light
  • Draw on beach, let the ocean take it
  • Use charging board
  • Draw on rock, throw it in a river*
  • Carve into wax, melt it (for wax melters)
  • Draw on self, take a shower
  • Use glow-in-the-dark paint
  • Place on shoes, utilize the energy of walking
  • Draw in the air with energy, push through it
  • Take a picture, charge device
  • Hold to your pulse point/s
  • Speak to it
  • And many, many things I did not list here.

*Make sure you are being safe and/or eco-friendly!

“In the casting of Robert [Downey Jr.], he was definitely what you would call a ‘non-starter’ for them [Marvel].  They said, ‘who’s your first choice? You can have anybody. Marvel movies are sold based on the costumed hero, so we don’t have to pay anybody and the good news for you is you have the freedom to cast whoever you want.’  

I wanted Robert and they went, ‘well that’s a problem.’

I knew in my heart from talking to the guy, I knew what he’s endured in his life, and he was the guy.  And he really, really wanted it, really bad.   I told him – after going round and round and using every trick that I had to get him hired, every piece of political capital that I could trade in and use as leverage – it just was not gonna happen.

I finally called him and said, ‘Robert, I don’t really know you, I just met you once in the office.’  We really connected in that meeting and I was a fan of his work.  I had to call him back a couple of weeks later and said: ‘Look, I really want you for this but it’s just not gonna happen this time around. That’s how it goes.’

Robert said, ‘I understand but with your permission, I’d like to hold out hope.’

And I said, 'Well, alright, I’ll hope as long as you do.’

Finally I saw an opportunity because … Marvel was not meeting that much responsiveness to people wanting to be in the film.  So circumstances conspired and there was an opening, and their clock was ticking down. And I was finally able to get Robert to screen-test.  

I said (to Marvel):  'Let’s just put him on film. The other guys that you’re thinking of, let’s put them on film, and I’ll put Robert on film.’ 

Then it happened.  Robert just blew the doors of the place and no one can argue.”

JON FAVREAU, on the difficulties he encountered with getting Robert Downey Jr. cast as Tony Stark (September 6, 2008).

I love Priyanka Chopra and all but I am pissed that people want her to portray Kamala Khan aka Ms. Marvel because:

  1. She isn’t Pakistani.
  2. She isn’t a Muslim.
  3. She isn’t a teenager.

Pakistani culture is NOT the same as Indian culture. Muslim culture is unique as well. And Priyanka doesn’t even look like a teenager. If she did, I wouldn’t have argued about the age issue. We need an actress, preferably a new one, who is all three of these things. 

Both Pakistani and Muslim culture is extremely rare to see on the big screen, and that’s why the casting of this role matters so much to not only me, but the rest of the world’s Muslim and Pakistani populations as well. I am a Muslim Pakistani-American teenager and it’s important to me that my culture is accurately represented in movies, tv shows, etc. 

So please you guys, i’m begging you, don’t support the casting of famous actors and actresses for roles that aren’t of that culture because correct representation matters more than seeing familiar faces.

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