castillo de la mota


La Mota Castle (Castillo de La Mota) in Medina del Campo, province of Valladolid, Spain.

The origins of this castle go back to the 12th century, when it guarded a fortified town within the Kingdom of Castile, on the frontier with León. Throughout the centuries La Mota Castle had a series of important roles to play in the history of Castile and Leon. Involved in a series of rebellions against the crown and one-time home to Joanna I of Castile, it became a state prison. Cesare Borgia, among others, was captive here. He is known for having escaped from the nearly 40 meter high tower by climbing down a rope.

The Treaty of Medina del Campo

It was an agreement developed on March 26, 1489 between England and the nascent Spain. Its provisions accomplished three goals: the establishment of a common policy for the two countries regarding France, the reduction of tariffs between the two countries, and, most centrally, the arrangement of a marriage contract between Arthur Tudor, eldest son of Henry VII of England, and Catherine of Aragon, daughter of Isabella I of Castile and Ferdinand II of Aragon. The treaty was signed on March 27 by Spanish sovereigns, but its ratification by Henry did not occur until September 1490 by the Treaty of Woking.(x)