I miss the simplicity. I was bad. You were good. Life was easier. Now it’s all so messy. I’m kind of good, which sucks. And you’re kind of bad – which is actually all manner of hot. We survive this? I’m gonna order some pizza and we’re gonna move some furniture around. You understand?

“Why do you want me to do this?” Castiel asked, his back slightly bent and his hands rested on his legs, like he was ready to catch something.

“Because, Cas,” Meg said as she placed her arms around his neck. “It’s something called fun.”

Meg jumped up and was caught by Castiel, who stood there in confusion. “What do I do know?”

“You walk at any pace.” Castiel obeyed and walked around Ruffis’ cabin, waiting for Sam and Dean to finish their hunt. Meg rested her head on Castiel’s shoulder and she connected her hands.

“Hey, Meg?” Castiel said as he slowed down.

“What is it, Cas?” Meg replied, lifting her head to look Castiel in the eyes.

Castiel didn’t reply with words. He stood there for a minute, examining Meg. Then, his lips touched her forehead.

“Oh.” Meg said, pleased that this angel trusted her, a demon.


Art by (me): gently-fading-grace, littlelostbuffalo

Written by the amazingly talented engagingsam

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Take Me To Church || Megstiel

(Still violently refusing to let go of Megstiel and the fact that Cas called himself Clarence when he was human.)


Introducing the first ever Megstiel Marathon, or, for short, the Megstielathon! I asked and you guys answered, so here are the final decisions.

What are we doing? Which episodes are we watching?

We, as shippers, are going to watch the three episodes with the most Megstiel moments (sadly it’s not much, but hey! we’ll work with it, just like we always have). Those three episodes are: Caged Heat, Reading is Fundamental, and, of course, Goodbye Stranger. 

And since most of you wanted this to be more than just watching the episodes, there will be more to it! I’m thinking the first week will be devoted to fanfiction, so we can post and read and talk about our favorites, then the second week will be dedicated to fanart and fanvideos. It will be a two-week thing, ending with Goodbye Stranger.

When will this happen?

We are going to watch these over the course of the next three Megstiel Mondays, so one each Monday. So the schedule is:

September 22nd- Caged Heat

September 29th- Reading is Fundamental

October 6th- Goodbye Stranger

I’ll figure out the times later, we can discuss it as a group. We might even do it on multiple days with different times each day depending on time zones. But I’m thinking around 6 pm Mountain Standard Time for the first one. We’ll see though, it’s not for sure yet.

And we will use a chatroom while we watch! 

 Who can participate?

ANYONE!!!! If you are reading this, you can (and totally should) participate! You don’t have to be following me, you don’t have to know me or be friends with me or have ever done anything to acknowledge the existence of me or my blog in any form. There is no requirement or sign up whatsoever. You just have to want to do it. You can be a huge Megstiel shipper, or you can ship it just a little bit, it doesn’t matter. Like I said, ANYONE can participate.

Sideblog for the liveblogging/chatting:

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UPDATE: The link does not work! i will send working ones to those who liked or reblogged this post!

UPDATE: Well that plan did not work. I am just going to find a chatroom for us to use.

UPDATE: HOORAY! I found a chatroom. Here’s the link.


Any other questions? Hit me up. You won’t be a bother.

I am super excited for this! I hope that lots of people can participate so it will be fun! If you plan on participating it’d be great if you could like/reblog this post or send me a message so I can get a general idea on who wants to do it. And don’t forget to join the chat room!

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The entire process takes a week because every time Meg tries to leave Cas ends up seducing her and every time Cas tries to leave she pounces on him. It’s hot, furious and animalistic sex that causes a million power outages in the Tri-City area of where they are staying. She gets as addicted to him as he gets to her; she likes to sink her fingers into the feathers sliding up and down her body and Castiel almost growls in pleasure everytime she tugs on them. He can’t get enough and neither can she.

By the end of the week, the motel room is so totaled that he actually has to use power to fix it up. It is strange for him because every time he tries to leave before her he finds he doesn’t want to so he simply lays back down and waits. It’s when Meg comes out of the shower and still comes out smelling weird that she figures out something is wrong. Before she leaves, she gets back in bed for one last session and Cas inhales deeply, remarking that he likes her scent. With her face buried against his throat, Meg suddenly realizes that the smell coming off of him is suddenly now reeking off of hers. She gets all pissy because damn it, she doesn’t want to smell like rain and baked goods and bleach, and Cas is embarrassed because he really couldn’t control himself and “what the hell” it’s a demon for Gods-sake. He realizes only after she leaves just what happened and holy crap this is bad news for him.

So Meg takes off, finally escaping half the world over, and showers with a bajillion different soaps but even though she scrubs herself and scrubs herself, that smell isn’t leaving.

So she decides to ward him off and keeps running to avoid the memory of that great week. But everytime she tries to get further away her entire being is now dragging her down because it wants him. Confused and angry she visits her favourite bar to get info on what could be wrong with her. One of the humans there hits on her but the minute his hand brushes her leg every fiber in her soul screams that it isn’t Cas, “it’s wrong!” so she just pushes him away and goes to the demons running the bar. But the other demons are baffled by the smell and take off with Meg all “what the hell”.

Cas meanwhile is trying to concentrate but he’s just as distracted as Meg is. His Grace is going haywire and his instincts are making him unnaturally aggressive and aroused at the mere mention Meg. His concentration breaks down and suddenly he can’t take it anymore.

So he ends up winging halfway across the world to find her, and she’s not happy to see him but the minute they make contact the pain they both had been suffering with goes away. Cas slowly starts to explain and Meg demands to that he take the smell off because “No fucking respectable demon goes around smelling like laundry and cookies” but he can’t. And besides, he points out that he doesn’t want to.

Ignoring her frustration, Cas ends up splitting his time between the Winchesters and hanging around Meg more. She’s marked as his mate now and he enjoys proving it to her over and over again. Meg sort of gives up after a while of arguing about it and says that “A.) Im not settling down to nest with you in some goddamn church steeple like oversized pigeons. and B.) If we’re doing this whole ‘mate for life’ I’m doing you a favour, you can be my little bitch, and don’t you forget it.”

Despite the B directive, sometimes she lets him be on top. And despite A, sometimes Meg manages to seduce him in a church confessional box for fun though he’s sure that that is not its original purpose.

I mean…

I never thought of it.


Motel Room Games (Megstiel)

Anon Prompt 1: All through season seven, Meg and Cas are having sex in the Winchesters’ hotel room when they’re out- that’s what Cas meant by ‘lying low’. Dean keeps asking why their hotel rooms smell like sulphur and hamburgers but Sam’s more concerned about the stains on his sheets…
Anon Prompt 2: Cas wants to win

Rating: NC-17 (kids… sexytimes are included. ).
Megstiel Coupling for SPN. Shameless one shot with no real plot. S7 base
I Cheated… I got 2 prompts and they worked so perfectly together that I twisted them. Don’t judge me based on my weakness.

Motel Room Games

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I could write a freaking essay on these two.  


As you can probably tell with a of my Megstiel posting I am a little upset…


To me they will always be my OTP….

I think i’m gonna go cry now……..maybe write some alternate ending. Perhaps erase that part and imagine it never happened…..

Half of Something Else

When Crowley’s boys dragged her to Hell, Meg wasn’t afraid. She could take whatever Crowley could dish out, and for nearly a year she did. But then he changed the game, and her mind isn’t her own anymore. He offers her an ultimatum: bring him the prophet, the tablet, and the angel Castiel, or suffer unimaginable torment. Meg’s never been one to give in easy….

quick a/n: This is NC-17 in parts. NSFW. You’ve been warned.

Chapter 2: An Offer

And forget happiness; I’m fine.
I’ll forget everything in time.
-The Airborne Toxic Event, “Innocence”

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Thorny Grace (Megstiel)

Prompt from Anon: She’s thorny, that’s true, but around him it’s a brittle kind of sharpness that feels like it could shatter her if she lets it. His Grace is feathery soft but burns colder than Hell, embracing and imprisoning in one graceful, excruciating movement. He makes her feel fragile, so she claws what control she can from the way he arches into her touch; she makes him feel things he shouldn’t, so he punishes her with his wings to remind her of where the power between them belongs.

A prompt that turned out very differently than I first wanted..but I liked it :)

Thorny Grace

  Something changed between them after his reappearance from Purgatory and her eventual return from Hell. It was clear to both of them, though neither really confronted it. There was little time or opportunity to discuss the ways they had changed. The ways they had fallen and risen.

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Event Horizons (spn fanfic prompt)

elocin-muse- Prompt: Based off what Rachel said during ChiCon, in that she’d like to see Meg sacrificing herself for Cas. Sealing the gates of Hell. Cas is going to seal them from the inside. Meg does instead. (Why do I do this to myself?)

AN:   FYI, I am not used to writing this style of tense but I need the practice. 
Warnings: Angst. Anything more is spoilers. Oh, and it’s long-ish.

Event Horizons 

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