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I’ve been tagged by cullenfabrays

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1- favorite book at this moment? The Hunger Games still gets me everytime.

2- who is your favorite character from your favorite tv show ? Sebastian Smythe

3- tumblr crushes ?
None…yet. But I dare you to become it. ;)

4- favorite song at this moment ? *add Jeopardy them song here*
I guess it’s Live while we’re young by 1D.

5- five ships that you will  ship forever :
Sebtana, Klaroline, Finchel, Romoine, Elejah

6-3 random fact about your country :

- The capital (Berlin) is not the city where most people live in

- Gummy bears were invented in Germany (wow…now I am proud…)

- A lot of people say, German is one of the hardest languages to learn (  Agreed! Even as a native speaker, I sometimes am confused….)

7- Do you play any sports ?
I used to play soccer but then I got busy with school and had to stop. :/

8-who is your famous crush? Do I have to choose?! Then Grant Gustin! ;)

9- What’s you favorite type of ice cream ? Banana! :D

10-Who is your  favorite singer ? Well, I guess Grant Gustin doesn’t count, so I’ll say Ed Sheeran

11- The url of 3 of your friends on tumblr : cullenfabrays, kurtbastana, xaddictedtoanangelx

New questions:

1. If you were stuck on an island with 3 of your favourite celebs, who would it be?

2. Do you have a guilty pleasure?

3. Which character from any TV show would you like to meet?

4. One song that is constantly stuck in your head?

5. What is your feel-good song?

6. Eye colour?

7-   what would you most likely be doing if you were sitting next to your favourite actor/actress on a plane?

8. First thing to do when you wake up in the morning?

9. 3 ships you go down with?

10. Random fact about yourself?

11. Describe yourself in one gif: