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jasovtodd  asked:

3, 7 and 15? xx

non-magic AU

These Moonlight Desires by serenity_ca4
Six months ago, Remus Lupin moved to London to forget his past and start a new life. He took a prestigious job at Orion Industries as Lord Black’s personal assistant. Now he’s learned that London might not suit him all that well, prestigious just means no one else wants to do it and pasts aren’t so easy to forget. Add Lord Black’s estranged son Sirius and his murdered wife and Remus is longing for the quiet days and his simple life before. Or is he?


The Opposite of Happily Ever After by Setissma
They don’t love each other and they don’t trust each other, and if anyone ever asked the truth, it could probably be said that they don’t even like each other anymore. 

secret relationship

As It Should Be by remuslives23
John Lupin had expected it, had been waiting for it ever since he caught Remus sneaking soiled sheets into the washing machine when he was thirteen and, at his wife’s amused insistence, had sat him down for a halting talk about the birds and the bees.

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jasovtodd  asked:

Hey! First of all: thanks for the amazing job you're doing! :3 Then: the fic i'm looking for is a crossover between teen wolf and supernatural! Stiles and derek are in a relationship and then dean and sam came to beacon hills and kidnapped stiles because he was a wolf (i think??). Yeah derek was an alpha and there was also a past suicide attempt from stiles!

hmmm yup this is it buddy (i hope)

Listen here, kid by MoonLitMornings (9/?| 15962 |T+)

“What’s your name, kid?” Dean spat.

“Stiles Stilinski.” He uttered sarcastically, without missing a beat.

“You’re joking.” Dean blurted without thinking, causing Stiles to burst out into loud guffaws, throwing his head back and revealing more pale skin. Towards the base of his throat, an inky purple bruise poked out from beneath his tan sweater.

“Well actually,” He began, leaning forward towards the hunters with grace, “Its Genim. But only my mother and boyfriend can call me that.”

I was tagged by the fabulous Anna^^

The Essentials

  • Name: Antonia
  • Nickname? Toni, Töni, Tönchen
  • Location: Germany
  • Age: 16
  • Height: 1,74m
  • Zodiac sign: Gemini
  • Any pets? my sister has a cat and a rabbit but i rarely see them tbh
  • Favourite thing about yourself: i´m a really loyal friend i think
  • Worst habit: chewing nails idk spending unreasonable amounts of my time on tumblr
  • Fun fact: my parents are divorced and i change weekly between their houses which makes me have two homes yo

Identity, Sexuality & Personality

  • Gender identity: female
  • Sexual preference: (no idea and literally zero experience shush)
  • Romantic preference: (no idea and literally zero experience shush)
  • “Kinsey Scale” score: never heard of that oops
  • Relationship status: single
  • Myers/Briggs type: ISFJ or INFJ
  • Hogwarts house: Ravenclaw^^ (or maybe Hufflepuff)
  • Misc: *whispers* i don´t even know what that means


  • “Early Bird” or “Night Owl”? afternoon hedgehog
  • Your morning routine: wake up, check my mails and tumblr on my phone (this is becoming a problem), get dressed, have breakfast, brush my teeth, pack my stuff, go to school
  • Bath or shower? shower, I allways get so tired when I take a bath
  • First thought in a morning: 5 more minutes
  • Last thought at night: tomorow i have to go to bed earlier


  • Do you work or are you a student? student
  • Where do you work/study: at a gymnasuim 
  • What do you do? i learn stuff and get pressured by my teachers
  • Do you enjoy it? sometimes
  • Where do you see yourself in 5 years? i have no clue
  • 10 years? do you want to make me cry?
  • Your ideal job: an author maybe idk

Habits (Do you…)

  • Drink? nope
  • Smoke? nope
  • Do Drugs? nope
  • Exercise? hahaha totally  nope
  • Have any hobbies? reading, watching too many tv shows, wasting my time on tumblr, meeting friends, theatre, cinema, singing
  • Have a go-to comfort food? probably chocolate
  • Have a nervous habit? i gnaw on my bottom lip and nailes and sometimes scratch my hands and forearms idk

What is your favourite…?

  • Physical quality (in yourself): my hair, it changes colour depending on the light (as do my eyes)
  • In others? idk uhm glorios hair or a pretty smile or something like that
  • Mental/emotional quality (in yourself): i´m quite empathetic i think
  • In others? being able to forgive
  • Drink: Presta (it´s a fabulous orange/maracuya lemonade) or now lemonade or or or tea
  • Animal: foxes or owls or penguins or tigers or koalas
  • Artist/band/group: TOO MANY
  • Author/poet: TOO MANY
  • Film: catching fore or les mis or dschungelkind or the intouchables idk TOO MANY
  • TV show: sherlock or orphan black or game of thrones or or or nooo TOO MANY
  • Actor: benedict cumberbatch or tom hiddleston or misha collins or dylan o´brien okay no TOO MANY
  • Actress: tatiana maslany or emilia clarke or jennifer lawrence or karen gillan or nope TOO MANY
  • Blogger: nope, I won´t choose

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