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I don't normally fall in love, but when I do, they're AT LEAST ONE of these 3 things:

1. Twice my age
2. Halfway across the world
3. Fictional

Brotherly Love

This is for the anon who requested the oneshot about a 15 year old sister who gets her heart broken!

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“Call me back.” You plead into the open air. You had been waiting for  hours for a call from your so called boyfriend. It had been two days since you last spoken to him. Your relationship had been rocky for quite some time now. Your heart was shattering. You threw your phone across the room and buried your face into your pillow and cried.

“y/n?” Dean called from your bedroom door. You opened your eyes, apparently you had fallen asleep.

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Did anyone else notice past!cas’ flinch when they killed akobel? Like Cas seemed cold and indifferent, but in his heart, he didn’t like it, he didn’t like killing his siblings even back then.  "too much heart was always castiel’s problem"

Top 10 Destiel things that are far too obvious and beautiful.

10. ‘’ He is love…*looks at smudged writing in hand* with humanity.

Too much heart was always Castiel’s problems, and both Heaven and Hell know it. We have seen angels and demons joking about the true nature of their relationship. Cas has a weak spot, they know it and they have used it at every ocassion.

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He likes you.

9.’’Free to be you and me’’ or the ability this two have to cheer up the other despite how bad things get.

That episode is one of my favourites because Dean and Cas hunting together makes my heart sing. 

And of course the little ‘personal space’ problem.

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Dean, where are you even looking at?

8. Forgiveness at its best.

9X10 has a couple of amazing Destiel moments ( Cas losing control with Gadreel and Dean, a simple human, stopping him with just a touch and a few calming words) but I want to talk about something pretty important for me when it comes to Destiel: Forgiveness (I have talked about it here).  Even if Dean failed Castiel in one of his worse moments the angel is able to forgive the hunter, to see the good reasons behind his actions. 

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7. Heaven Can’t Wait.

This episode is gold, that’s it.

Castiel is angry, is hurt, but at the end he doesn’t want Dean to leave and Dean doesn’t want to go.

Even with their ‘’ lovers’ fight’’ their chemistry is so obvious it hurts.

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And I’m not going to talk about the famous fanfiction gap.

6. Cas and Dean + death.

I don’t really think I have to explain this:

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Or this:

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I’m suffering.

5. The crypt scene or how Dean Winchester broke heaven’s control.

Maybe Dean asks but they both know, we all know. Hearing again the words ‘I need you’ from Dean, knowing the hunter is in danger is enough to make Castiel break free from Naomi’s grip. 

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Do you really need to ask?

4. Castiel is Dean’s Colette.

I have said it 100 times, but here we are again. Because it’s the best parallel I have seen this far.

Collete knew who Cain was, but she loved him anyway. Colette only wanted Cain to see the good inside him, even if he was a walking nightmare. 

Sounds familiar?

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He only wanted Dean to stop.

3. What happens in Purgatory, stays in Purgatory.

‘’ Brother I can get you out of here, in any moment’’

‘’Yeah but first let me look for my angel during a whole year in land of monsters that want to bite my sweet ass.

Now seriously, Dean didn’t care about what could happen to him he just wanted to look for Cas. They are so loyal, going to the end of the world if that means they could save each other.

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Nice peach fuzz.

2. First Blood.

By far one of my favourites season 12 episodes. Dean calling and calling Cas, don’t even thinking about calling anyone else. Dean not wanting Cas to know about Billie, maybe because he wanted to see Cas again but not angry or pained, just a moment of peace before midnight.

The backseat scene… *whispers* they were holding hands.

And of course Cas’ speech and Dean’s face at the end of it.

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Magical, iconic.

And before we reach number one an honorable mention:

Bro you give me a boner and all this unresolved sexual tension:

Sometimes, and this two are fucking professionals in this issue, looks can tell us more than words. One day we will understand what’s the point of all those amazing staring contest.

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All of us were happy to see that Cas was alive and back from Purgatory, but we can agree that the happiest one here was Dean.

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And now the moment we were all waiting for:

1. ‘I could go with you’.

Or how Cas was ready to die if that meant Dean didn’t do it alone. I don’t think words can explain how heartbreaking it was for me to see how Castiel’s life seemed to have reached and end if he couldn’t save Dean, or how he couldn’t continue without Dean. (I have talke about it here)

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And the hug of course:

Let’s keep it real guys.

Force - Castiel x Reader (NSFW)

Summary: Sometimes you both forget just how strong Castiel is. One of those times, it leads to breaking one of the home appliances. 

Words: 726

Warnings: Smut, getting caught.

A/N: Too much heart was always Castiel’s problem, also too much force  ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

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'Anti-soulmate' fic preview

Castiel is demoted from distinguished guardian angel to… cupid. He is given his ‘Hail Mary’ assignment: to bond Dean Winchester and Lisa Braeden together as designated soulmates. But Castiel is posed a problem: Dean is adamantly against the idea of soulmates, and Lisa Braeden hates the ever-living shit out of him. Castiel is determined not to fail. Dean is determined to not let him succeed. And why does Castiel’s overused heart seem to beat faster whenever Dean is around him?

Question: who would like to be tagged in this when I post it? It will be on ao3 and tumblr, in a couple of installments. Please comment below or pop a message in my askbox.