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2012-07-16 00:24 I hereby challenge you all for the right to my vessel! You will leave it, twisted cretin, or suffer the full wrath of a warrior of heaven.

look who’s up and about! you bounce back quick, kid, we’ll give you that. are you sure you’re ready for another round? because when we win, we are going to tear you apart and stitch you back together all upside down and backwards. it will be hilarious.

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It's evergreen and related to the pine but has no cones - perhaps yew can tell me what conifer tree it is.

Trick question, Conifers all have cones. But lots of Oak trees are evergreens, also Redwoods, Elms and Holly. Also Cretan Maples. Rainforest trees are considered evergreens but considering they done have much of a winter I don’t think they count.

castielofthursday replied to your post: “….” He stared, slack jawed and unbelieving….

“Is…uh, is this technically me speaking to myself? Or….am I insane?”

“In all likelihood, it’s another one of their games,” He couldn’t help the apprehension creeping into his voice. “I’ll…accomplish some arbitrary task, and they’ll let me talk to Dean for a while. You’re a projection.” His eyes flickered uncertainly. “Or, I am. That’s happened before.”


I would like to apologize for making you cry and for making you turn over Thors – I mean Thursday to me. It was wrong of me and I should have considered your feelings before claiming a whole day as my own when obviously there are others who are fond of the day as well.

I hope you can forgive me for my rudeness. 

And perhaps I can share Thursday with you. ‘Joint custody’ I have heard it called. Like a child.

You are a good friend and waffle buddy, and I do not wish to make you upset over my own foolishness and greed. 


“So you’re telling me that you manipulated those people by telling them you were an angel to get them to listen to you. That’s- how can you stand there and smile while telling me this? Don’t you feel anything about what you’ve done?” It seemed incomprehensible to Castiel. The incredulous expression he now wore didn’t leave as he took several steps backwards from Damion. It was the first action made to retreat he had taken in the encounter. He had been playing this on the edge so far, but there was only so long bluffing could work before the other party realized. As an angel Damion would find out about the borrowed grace fading sooner rather than later. If he wanted any chance at success in this instance than Castiel knew he needed to gain that victory quickly, yet stay out of actual combat. Tricky and near impossible. He resisted the urge to back away further. “You’re going to stop killing them.” It was a command.

“I don’t tell them outright…” His brows twisted in confusion before he shook his head. “Feel anything? For them? No… Not in the least bit.”

Damion almost laughed at the command Castiel made. “What if I don’t? You just can’t tell someone to stop something they have been doing for hundreds of years…” A chuckle left his lips as his wings folded against his back. “It’s near impossible…”

He paced slowly back and forth before stopping and peering over at Castiel. “If I were to tell you to stop caring for those humans, you couldn’t, would you?” Damion tilted his head with a half smile. “Of course you wouldn’t”