castielisatimelord replied to your post: We should just take every single person who makes…

I like this plan.

I am convinced that they will come up with the most epic movie ever made. 

Gosh. Now I want to write this. It would be beyond meta and it would be wonderful. 

It would start out we getting all of these people into this room and they would sit down and start to talk and stuff and then they room would slowly fade to black and their narration of the current plotline that they are creating will start to take over and then BAMN. Movie starts. 

It would be something epic… like… The Doctor is tussling with X Monster here and runs into the Winchesters going after the same thing but they have two completely different theories as to what it is. And then Cas will be there just looking at the Doctor and not getting any of his jokes or anything. And Sam would totally be flirting with Amy with Rory in the background going all *not amused stare* But the Doctor likes them and their angel and decides to offer them a trip. And The Doctor and Cas get into a huge debate about the existence of God. Then they land on some random planet and… it would just be epic