Demon i cling to; [Castiel & Crowley]

Judas is the perfect song for this pairing, and the version of the song is perfect.  This video is crisp and perfectly bite-sized.

Title/Link: Clockwork

Author Summary: “I need some time with him. Just… don’t come in there. No matter what you hear.”

It couldn’t be, I thought. My own personal Torquemada, nay, Pontius Pilate-cum-Judas. No. Well, yes, he tortured, betrayed and washed his hands of me all at once, didn’t he? It’s fitting. I owe him nothing less after everything we’ve done to and for each other.

Rating: Explicit

Opinion:Crowstiel smut that has a desperate edge to it and hints at a past between them  you know is there and can’t quite put a finger on.

ha I might have written a short destiel / crowliel fic thing.

Title: I traded in my wings, for everything freedom brings
Rating: PG-13
Pairing: Castiel/Dean, Castiel/Crowley
Spoilers: 6x20
Warnings: M/M, fallen!castiel
Summary: Imagine throwing it all away. Living on the street because you want to make your own choices. Fallen angels don’t have to pretend.
A/N: This pairing is so unloved, gosh! I needed to contribute something :)

I taught you well. (Cas/Crowley, pg)

It might have been wrong, but it felt so right.

Castiel was pushed on his front, against a wall, unsure of the force keeping him there, but a force was keeping him there all the same. Crowley was stood behind him, looking at him as though planning what to do next.

“I thought we agreed,” Castiel said, watching over his shoulder, as the demon approached him.
“I lied,” Crowley laughed in reply. “Where’s the fun in that?” He asked.

Crowley stopped about two inches from Castiel, who turned and faced the wall. “We…can’t…I mean…this isn’t-” But Castiel didn’t seem frightened. It was more foreplay than anything. Trying to keep up what Crowley called the “innocent angel act” when, right now, Castiel was far from as innocent as he had once been.

“Nice try, Cas.”

As though a weight was lifted from him, Castiel moved, of his own will, turned round, and looked at the demon, who was half way between a smirk and a frown - the closest Castiel had even come to seeing a genuine smile from him. “You have got to stop.”
“Says who?” Crowley’s smirk frown, turned more into a sarcastic expression. An expression Castiel recognised. “This is what you wanted, isn’t it?”
Castiel stared for a moment. “Yes.” He looked at his trench coat and jacket. It was thrown into a pile on the other side of the room, his shirt was unbuttoned. “You smell…” he began, feeling the demon’s breath on his neck, smelling it. “Familiar.”
“I wouldn’t have it any other way.” Crowley was fond of using his teeth, and the angel welcomed it. “You know, Cas,” he said, between biting softly at the angel’s neck, and moving up to his face. “No…” he shook his head. “Doesn’t matter.” And he bit harder at Castiel’s mouth, only for the angel to return the favour.
“Two ways,” Castiel said, quietly, as though seductively, between biting at the demons bottom lip. “It works two ways.”
For a few minutes, to no one’s protest, they bit at the skin of each others ‘meat suit’, stopping only to look at any damage done, there was a small trickle of blood from Castiel’s mouth, and likewise from Crowley’s. “I’ve taught you well.” Crowley felt slightly proud. Being rough, it turned out, was a two way thing. One could always learn from the other.
“No,” Castiel said, dragging the demon by his coat, pulling him round, so that he was against the wall. “I taught you.”