castiel: character study

“Are we going to die?” Hana asked.

D.Va shrugged. “Who knows.”

“I don’t want to die.”

Hana hated the woebegone smile that broke through D.Va’s smirk, and hated the way the facade’s brightness flickered for a moment, as if it would disappear entirely.

“That makes one of us.”

A work inspired by an incredible D.VA fic called The Young Never Sleep.

So more on Dexter Grif (season 15 episode 6 spoilers)

Remember back in season 10 when Doc was giving his speech on the good stuff that happened to everyone thanks to Project Freelancer and all adventures of the Reds and Blues? The only two people he hadn’t addressed had been Caboose – who lost Church, and Grif. It might have been because Grif got the, well, Grifshot. Or maybe because he never got what he truly wanted and… After now I think about that a lot.

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lingua franca (Yuri!! On Ice Edition)

lin·gua fran·ca

a language that is adopted as a common language between speakers whose native languages are different.

i’ve tried to write this like four times but my brain isn’t working so here it is in incoherent and non-sourced form: 

so for Viktor, Russian is his primary language, and he’s fluent in English and French as well. For Yuuri, obviously his primary language is Japanese, and he has English in his repertoire (not sure if he’s been shown to know any other languages). For the purpose of Western viewing of the show, It’s the obvious assumption that Viktor and Yuuri communicate mostly in English, a language that is not either of their primary one.

Interesting complications can arise out of this, yes? miscommunication trope i’m looking at you

but there’s another level to it. Viktor has spent his life training with a Russian coach in Russia. Even if he learned English in school, most of his interactions day-to-day will be Russian. Where he likely would speak English would be at competitions and with the press: sporadic, high-pressure events. That leads to more formal use of the language and also using more specialized terms. However fluent Viktor is, he probably didn’t have to function for too long a period in English only. 

Then there’s Yuuri - starting off with high-school English, then flinging himself around the world to Detroit to train with an Italian coach in an American rink, taking American classes, making American friends. That would be years of  whole-brain immersion in American English, American slang - both in person and in watching tv and using social media (the latter being possibly Phichit-related).

What I’m saying (badly) is that Viktor and Yuuri developed using English as an additional language for different reasons, with different intensities, and likely different levels of fluency. Viktor can talk about anything to do with figure skating or sports training or poodles with extreme fluency, but he probably doesn’t have the wider linguistic or cultural fluency that Yuuri has. 

So in addition to the range in their own cultural backgrounds, these two are speaking a second language with differing levels of fluency and different cultural contexts around acquiring that language. 

And that’s so interesting to think about how it can impact how they experience their relationship.

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Reasons why Yato is one of my favourite anime/manga protagonists

He is not a stereotypical shounen hero:
• Is not typically stupid like a lot of anime protagonists. Despite being senseless, rude and unhelpful at times he is also clever and practical
• His powers do not increase infinitely when given motivation. He is powerful but his abilities do not increase illogically because he “must help his friends!”
• He has a flawed character. He is not perfect which makes him more interesting and realistic as a character. He is motivated by money and fame to become a major deity rather than really wanting to help the world or having any other good intentions at the start of the novel. He has also done bad things in the past and could potentially do them again (although hopefully not!)
• Although he is a god he has real life issues I.e. Income and a home and these are actually problems to him unlike most fantasy shounen characters

Other reasons to like Yato:
• He’s really really good-looking

Harry James Potter has been a lot of things in his life, most of them born of necessity. 

He was small and fast in childhood, smart and lucky during his years at Hogwarts, selfless and brave during the war. After the war, when his responsibilities were over, he became quiet and reflective, beholden to no one. 

As a father, he was strong and loving. His whole life had been a heavy responsibility, but he’d never expected the weight that three young lives would place on his shoulders. He is still all of things he’s always been, though he can feel obligation down to his bone marrow. 

It isn’t until he’s a grandfather - until a grinning James hands him little Lee Winter Potter, minutes old and so warm and sleepy and sweet that Harry finds within himself softness. 

There’s no crushing weight of destiny and blame upon him this time, it’s just him and his tiny grandson, seemingly alone in the world. Ginny falls in love with him over again, and James vows to see that look on his father’s face as much as humanly possible in the coming years. 

Harry is as close to his first grandson as he’s ever been to anyone. His affection and love for him even rivals how he’d felt about Ron and Hermione in their younger, desperate days. 

He finds, in Lee, peace. 

For the anon who asked about “lovely, sweet, grandpa Harry” - here it is :) 


Some new outfits for the Baudelaire girls. well. Violet’s are really just redesigned versions of the outfit variations I did way back when I was planning the Bad Beginning. The left is her standard outfit without the jacket, the right is her PJs. Likewise, Sunny’s got new PJs too, and now she’s gonna get work overalls because I kind of loved that she had them in the show.

Holster and the Jewish Grudge

Ok so we all know that resident Nice Jewish Boy Adam Birkholtz has a lovely voice. He cultivated it in various choir groups throughout his adolescence, the most notable being the youth choir at his synagogue.

The youth choir consisted of young voices from third grade up to sixth grade, and they performed at temple functions and religious school events. The biggest event by far was the end of the year concert, where the entire school would gather on the last day to hear a set list of hits such as “The Hope”, “I am a Latke”, and many more peppy and religiously toned jams.

Because the Cantor who ran the youth choir had a love of musical theatre, some of the songs would be taken from her favorite shows. There was always “For Good” from Wicked, and the coveted “Seasons of Love” from Rent.

Now, every year it was tradition that a chosen 6th grade boy and 6th grade girl would each get a respective solo in the song. To sing the sixth grade solo was a right of passage coveted by any true songster in the choir, and Adam wanted it badly.

When the day came for the Cantor to choose solos for the end of the year concert, he was the only sixth grade boy, and according to anyone you’d ask, a shoe-in for the solo. But when the time came for Adam’s name to be announced, the Cantor said:

“And for the male solo for Seasons of Love, we’ll have… Jacob!”

Adam’s jaw dropped. That was his solo, but she just said Jacob? After rehearsal, Adam confronted the Cantor.

“Um, excuse me miss?” He said a little bashful, rubbing the back of his neck, “well, the Seasons of Love solo always goes to a sixth grade boy, and Jacob is in fifth grade? I’m a sixth grader and it’s my last year in choir. I would really like that solo.”

“Well,” the Cantor said, “That’s just show business.” She shrugged and left a dumbfounded Adam behind.

He couldn’t believe this! This was his moment and it was taken from him! Show business? They were 12 for crying out loud!

Adam’s bitterness followed him to the next rehearsal. They were practicing “Seasons of Love” and he couldn’t help to scowl thrown to Jacob. At the end of the song, where usually Joanne’s character riffs about love and remembrance, Adam decided to fill in for that roll, vocalizing “ooohhhh you got to you got to remember the looooove! Oooohh cause love is a gift from up abooove!”

He made eye contact with the Cantor, and could feel that he was in trouble.

After rehearsal she approached him, “Adam? What was that during practice?”

“Well, uh-”

“Because I loved it!” She smiled, “you know? You should do that for the concert!”

“Wait really?” He asked dumbfounded.

“Yes! It was beautiful, very original.”

“Well ok!” Adam smiled. If he couldn’t have the solo he wanted, what is better than having an unprecedented solo?

The day of the concert approached fast, and while the rest of the school was finishing their last lesson, the youth choir was setting up for the concert.

The Cantor had the stage hands place two microphones out for solos and one for the whole choir.

“Miss? When we do Season’s of Love, what mic should I use? There are only two mics for solos, but that song has three solos now.”

“Oh! Er- yes,” she looked around, “why don’t you stand in the front and center of the choir, and then when your turn comes up, step up to the choir mic!”

“Alright!” Adam beamed. His parents were going to be so proud.

By the time the show had started and gone on for a while, and it was time for his song, Adam was ready.

This was his time to shine!!

His part approached and he took half a step forward to the mic. He began to sing “ooohhhhh you got to you got to remember the love” but he couldn’t hear himself. He continued, “measure, measure your life in love~”

When they finished everyone was clapping, but something felt off.

The Cantor rushed over once the curtains closed, “oh I’m so sorry Adam, I guess that mic wasn’t on huh?”

“But you said-”

“Well,” she shrugged, “it’s just show business!”

She walked off stage and the curtains opened for their final bow. His family complimented him after, his mom squishing his cheeks, but something tasted sour in his mouth.

Did she really not like his voice that much? Was she so desperate to cling to any semblance of power that she would put down the dreams of 12 year old boy?

Those questions stayed with Adam for over a decade, and his grudge kept his viewing of Rent at bay (to his chagrin).

The summer after graduating from Samwell, Adam was offered a position at the Buffalo Performing Arts Center. Part of this position involved leading the casting of their productions.

It just so happened their fall musical was going to be Rent.

On the day they were calling for Mimi’s none other than his childhood Cantor showed up. She was very middle aged now, and her audition was laughable at best.

During his break he went out to the vending machine for a snack.

“Oh my god! Adam Birkholtz I knew I recognized you! What are you doing here? A summer job before college?”

“Actually, I just graduated from college ma'am.”

“Wow,” she said unaffected, “how time goes by.” She looked down at her feet, “so, do you think you have a chance?”

“You know I can’t tell you that.” He laughed.

“Well, come on! For your old choir instructor you can make an exception!” She looked weary.

“Between you and me, there have been some very good contenders.”

She looked down and frowned at that.

“Well don’t be sad Cantor,” Adam beamed, “it’s just show business.”!