Jared Padalecki, what on EARTH are you wearing? O.o

I love how Jared is like smirking to Jensen, thinking “hehe, finally I got him, Jared Jensen 1 - 0”


All aboard the Destiel Trash Train

Fem!Cas - Me

Demon!Dean - we-made-our-ancestors-proud

London MCM Expo part ¾


Punk Castiel cosplay (~°•°)~

“Sam. Dean. I swear it’s not a phase.”


Castiel meets Constantine at London MCM Expo. We discussed coats. Remember to follow me if you like on the book of face - Castiel - Angel of The Lord Cosplay -

I finally filmed a Castiel makeup tutorial video today! It’ll be posted as soon as I’ve edited It and whatnot, but for now here’s a picture of today’s final product~ ^_^