Please feel free to correct me if you know of a particular brand or where to get an item etc. These images are probably not in order, apologies! I won’t know the brands of everything but the generic outfit. Wig ref will be at the end.

All the info regarding his generic outfit is from the filming information on his costume. Some things may change, depending on if they had to buy replacements or copies etc. 


Coat: Stated to be a tan, cotton, traditional long, double breasted, trench coat. It has buttoned straps at wrist, belt at the back, tortishell? buttons. (Note: J.C. Penny 40R, whatever that means. Misha has mentioned getting them from Mens Warehouse.). Has the flap thing at the back. Make sure the one you get has that. Four buttons on each side.

Now any will be ok for this, unless you are going for total accuracy, in which case I’m not sure if the coat is still sold at JC Penny. Probably not. It just needs to be double breasted, long, tan, with the belt and the back flap thing. 

Charity stores are a good bet. There’s often so many there. Also try clothing stores around autumn/winter. Anywhere that sells coats. Also try ebay.

Cosplay sites:1,2,3 (be wary of cosplay sites. They dont usually have the back flap)

Suit: Charcoal grey wool 2-pc, 3 buttons, flap pockets, no vent. 2-pleat pants “Joseph & Feiss” 42L. Are the notes next to it. Pretty much all you’ll need is a dark grey, almost black suit. Or simply black trousers and jacket. Try charity stores, or places that sell cheap suits. If your coat is big, then you may not even need the jacket.

Shirt: White cotton L/S dress shirt, single chest pkt “Claiborne” L (16/34). Simply a white cotton shirt. Thats all you need. You can get those pretty much anywhere. 

Shoes: Black matte leather pull-on Aussie outback ankle boots w/elastic inserts at ankle, squared toes, black rubber. 1.5" heeled soles. “Blundstones” 12 (AUS SIZE11, Misha has big feet). For aussies, these are your standard boots. Very familiar at least where I live. Sturdy leather and come in a variety of colours. 

Try shoe stores, any store that sells shoes really. Also ebay.

Blundstones: 123 (canada),4 (usa) and 5 (uk).

Tie: Dk. blue fine diagonal self-stripe, broken down “Calvin Klein”. Basically a blue tie, with thin, hard to see unless close up, diagonal blue strips. Usually done up backwards, with the calvin klien diamond showing. Doesn’t have to be tied perfect either.

Any blue tie is fine. Though try ebay. I don’t know if Calvin Klein stills sells them.


Just where the coat over plain white scrubs, with white loafers? on your feet. 

Scrubs:1 This site has a variety of colours and styles, but there will be other similiar sites. Look for hospital scrubs. Loose white pants and shirt with a v neck and single pocket.

Prop: Sorry!Game. Or, Honey apparently. I haven’t seen this episode. You could also add a hospital bracelet if you can get one. His is blue I think. Hospital supply stores will probably have them.

Sorry!:1,2,3. Try other game sites though.


Not really future anymore is it? :P

SHIRT: Long, pale blue with a rounded collar. By which I mean no collar. So it’s just sort of…round. Like a Mandarin Collar. Distinct pattern. Embroidery around the buttons. You can either make this, or buy one similar. Don’t worry if the collar isn’t right. I made a hobbit one, which has the same sort of banded collar, by cutting off the pointed parts of the collar.

(which probably have a name…)

PANTS: Blue/grey jeans, fraying hole in the knee. Thats about all you need. Any should be fine. 

JACKET: Dark grey (dont quote me on that, could be green, hard to tell in the refs), military jacket. Try ebay, army surplus stores and charity stores.

SHOES: Black boots, with brown laces. When outside. Inside, perhaps brown sandals? 

Also wears a  wooden, round beaded, bracelet. 


Same outfit as before! But well…covered in blood. Make sure that you are absolutely positive you want to do this because you probably wont be able to wash off the fake blood. But basically you could cover the costume, mostly the coat and shirt, with fabric paint and fake blood. Be sure it’s dry before you wear it to a con.

As for the makeup, more fake blood, perhaps black face paint or eyebrow/lip pencil in black. I’m not great at makeup! But I have some tutorials that might help!

Makeup: 123.


SHIRTS: Pale blue shirt with white buttons, two breast pockets, over a green tee (probably) with a blue collar. Or just blue lining. Any shirt should be fine, as should any tee. If it doesn’t have the blue bit, add it? 

Pants:All I can tell are they are dark grey or black, trousers. Pockets on the legs. Not just in the usual places.

Hoodie:Dark red or burgundy. Standard hoodie. Try ebay or wherever people buy hoodies. Cause I honestly don’t know. I’ve been looking everywhere XD.

Coat: I think it’s waterproof. Has that sort of fabric. Blue? Blue gray? Worn over the hoodie. Both worn open.

Finish the look off with more stubble and a dishevelled sort of look.


Shirts: Either plain white with dark or purple polo neck striped top. Any should be fine for the white. The purple striped is purple with gray. Polo necked with long sleeves. I couldn’t find the brand. Any similar should do.

Vest:Blue. Thats all I can really tell you. It’s loose, not fitted. So probably a one size fits all sort of uniform. Wool? Cotton? Not regular waistcoat kind of fabric. More like sweater vest fabric? White buttons.

Pants: Blue jeans.

Badge:I don’t know where to get this. If I find out, I’ll let you know. Basically is an oval topped name badge in red with Steve in white letters. The logo above is Gas-N-Sip. 

There are quite a few places on line where you can get a name badge custom made. Make sure thats what you ask for. But any should be fine. So long as it says steve.


CASTIEL WIG: Short, scruffy, sex hair. Dark brown or black. Depends on your preference. 

Links: 1, 2 (one I have, but requires minor styling and cutting), 3, 4, 5, 6.

Try elsewhere too. Other wig stores.

Arda: The wigs reccomended are either a Jett, which would have to be shortened or a Rocky. Both would need styling. In either Dark Brown or Natural Black.

Stubble tutorials: 1, 2, 3



Basically a similar outfit to male Castiel. But you have a few choices. You can choose coat, shirt and skirt. With tights. Black dress with a shirt and coat. Or regular outfit but with long hair or boobs. 

You can wear a female trench or a fitted shirt. Pencil skirt or flared skirt. Black dress. With or without dark tights or stockings. Heels or mary jane shoes. Blue tie or blue ribbon bow.

It’s totally up to you! I’ve seen straight haired Fem!Cas’s, curly haired ones, short haired ones. ALL SORTS.

Don’t be afraid to try and experiment. Look at fanart for examples.

Here’s some lovely ones.

Sources: Click the name for the direct link.

Left image: Fem!Castiel by deanismyhero.

Middle Images: Lolita Castiel by 8Liru-chan8

Right and Corner Right Images: Fem!Castiel by miuhku

Fanart: Fem Cas by daeva

Castiel Pinafores: by darling-amy (may not be available at the moment) 



• Black Wings

• Angel Knife/Sword