castiel x reader fluff


“What–no… wait–what are you doing?” Cas came to stand behind you while you studied the bocce ball court outside the bar intensely, your brow drawn down as you squinted at the different colored balls.

“There are no marks or lines or anything. How do you even play this?” you asked, picking up a ball.

“You don’t even know how to play?” Cas watched you chuck the ball with far too much force. It cleared the entire court. He frowned as it rolled into the parking lot. “What are you doing?” he repeated.

You shrugged. “I don’t know. Trying something new!” you announced, picking up another ball.

Cas continued staring at you intensely. “You hate trying new things,’” he said, his deep voice a bit gravelly.

“What? I love trying new things!” you contradicted him, chucking another ball. 

He gave you a skeptical look.

“I mean, I do when I’m drunk…” You flashed your best smile at him and he held a hand out, meaning for you to give up the bocce ball in your hand, but you grasped his hand with yours instead and the angel was taken aback.

His blue eyes widened for a split second in surprise, but they seemed to sparkle even more the next. His face softened into a shy smile. “Come on,” he said, tugging on your hand a little. “Let’s go back to the bunker. You need a meal and some water.”

You flashed him a sweet smile. “Are you cooking?”

“I–I don’t cook,” Cas said.

“Oh, you can make mac and cheese. Anybody can make mac and cheese. I’ll help. It’ll be fine.”

Cas was too distracted by you lacing your fingers with his to come up with an answer.

How would they show their caring for you

Hii! Haven’t written something about Supernatural in ages. Hope you like it.

This is about all those little things that a guy does to a girl if he likes her (or he is a gentleman, but there are so little gentlemans these days that is actually sad)


Enjoy :)


Won’t stop looking at you, would keep his eyes on you all the time and when you would look back at him, he would continue staring because he just couldn’t stop himself. You are so gorgeous.

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He would let you, Hell! He would even ask you sometimes to braid his hair. He just lives the feeling of your hands in his hair. It just takes all the pain and sorrow away.

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I really think that he would give you his trench coat. He doesn’t feel any cold so when it was a windy day or something like that he would give you his coat in a kind of awkward way because he felt strange to just put it on your shouders. And when he sees that smile on your face he would smile back, glad that he helped you.

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He wouldn’t actually know how to do these kind of things and I think that it would be something that comes natural, like a hug or something. But one time when you two were hugging he would put his chin on the top if your head and than would kiss you on the forehead, like be saw on a movie

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Blue Nails

Summary: When Castiel sees you wearing nail polish, he gets curious.
Pairing: Castiel x Reader
Word Counting: 690 words
Warning: Castiel has a crush, so much fluff. 

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Castiel tilted his head to the side when you rubbed a hand over your face. Your nails were… Blue?

Blue wasn’t a natural colour to humans. Your species had blue eyes but no blue hair or skin. Actually, there weren’t even many examples of blue in nature, even though it was very beautiful.

He knew how humans took colours from nature. Beetles, fruits, flowers and trees could be used to create pigments that could be used in cosmetics but not blue. Never blue.

“You okay there, Cas?” You questioned, seeing how he was staring at you.

“Your nails are blue.” He pointed.

You frowned, sitting straight.

“Yeah. What’s the problem?”

He hesitated but shrugged.

“They are very beautiful.”

You smiled openly, relaxing, and sat close to him at the table, reaching out and showing him your nails. Being a hunter didn’t give you much time to yourself but you always tried to keep them groomed, painting them whenever you could. You had a small collection of nail polish and had painted them that morning,

“Here.” You muttered, showing your fingernails to him. “It is a new colour.”

“How did they make it?” He questioned, curious.

You were taken back by the question.

“I’m a hunter, Cas. I don’t know how nail polish is made.”

He looked down in embarrassment and you used the hand closer to him to pat his shoulder. Sometimes you forgot the tall blue-eyed man knew little about humans and could be like a child.

“It’s okay, Cas.” You affirmed, an idea forming in your mind quickly. “I can paint your nails if you want me to.”

His eyes moved quickly to your face and you couldn’t help but notice how they were the same colour as your nail polish.

“Could you?” He questioned.

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Beautiful Wings

Summary: Every time you see Castiel’s wings, it never ceases to amaze you. Then you get the opportunity to touch them.

Castiel x Reader, Dean, Sam

Word Count: 5,000

Warnings: Smut, wing!kink, fingering, language, fluff. NSFW! 18+ only, please!

A/N: Thank you to @anotherwaywardsister as always for proofreading. You always save my ass!


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You hummed softly to yourself as you headed down the hallway, enjoying that you had the bunker to yourself that night. Dean and Sam had gone out for some drinks and you didn’t expect them to come back for hours, if they did at all, for the evening. So you decided to take advantage and be lazy while binging Game of Thrones with some pizza and breadsticks while wearing your pajamas consisting of a pair of flannel pants and a tank top.

You pushed your way into your room and set the food down on your desk, clapping your hands together once with a smile on your face. You turned to head back to the kitchen after realizing you’d forgotten drinks only to get startled by the sound of fluttering wings that sounded a little…off.

“Hi, Cas.” You smiled when Castiel appeared in your doorway, your expression turning to one of concern at the slightly distressed look on his face.

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Dating Castiel would include:

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·        Awkward hand-holding in public

·         Light cheek kisses when you get a side glance from a guy in public

·         Deep, passionate, all-tongue kisses when someone checks you out at a bar

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Amazing remix! “Dude, where’s the pie?” On YouTube

Aches and Pains

Castiel x Reader

Word Count: 2.2k

Warnings: mention of sleeplessness, fluff, ALL OF THE SMUT.

A/N: Titles are not one of my strengths. Anyway, and this was an Anon request that I got a few days ago. I hope it’s okay… Enjoy?

Anon Request – “hello love! i absolutely adore your writing and i wish i had the kind of motivation you do. but i don’t, so i have a request! do you think you could do one about human!cas being tense and sore and having issues sleeping so the reader (who’s like secretly in love with him) offers to give him a massage and some tips on how to get to sleep better??? maybe throw in some smut (teaching him to jerk it??? idk whatever you like) you don’t have to if you’re uncomfortable. thanks doll

The moans and groans coming from the other side of the wall made your stomach sink. For the last three weeks, you knew Cas had been having trouble sleeping, but tonight was the worst so far. You had just ended a big hunt, Cas’s first as a human. He as having a hard time accepting the fact that he wasn’t some tough, invincible Angel of the Lord anymore. And worse, he needed to sleep, which meant nightmares.

You turned over in bed as you tried to drown out the former angel’s cries. But it was no use, he was miserable, and you needed to help him. You loved him, and you couldn’t leave him like this.

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Help? | Castiel x Female Angel!Reader

Warnings: Angst, Alcohol Consumption, Jealous!Cas, Smut, Mating!Kink

Word Count: 2148

(Y/N) POV:

Castiel and I have been inseparable our whole existences. From the moment of our creation we have been at each other’s side. He is my greatest companion and I needed his help. Angels are not beings that can spend their whole existence alone. We were made to find another angel to mate with. They say that there is only one angel that is your true mate but no one knows due to the fact that the lord is quiet these days. It was nearing what is referred to as the ‘mating season.’ Hormones were produced at an alarmingly high rate, desire to find a mate more intense than usual. The longer is takes for an angel to mate, the more difficult the mating season is.

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Poetry and Panties

Word count: 1,824

Warning: smut, blowjob, fingering, fluff!

Pairing: Castiel x Reader

Summary: It’s your one year anniversary with Cas and the night starts off really lovely and cute but then things get heated in a competition to come before the pizza arrives.

Tags:   @badwolfy08

A/N: Thank you everyone for 100 followers! This is the celebration fanfic, and if you don’t like the smut, the fluff is at the start which is pretty cute so I hope you enjoy!

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Tonight you had something special planned for you and your boyfriend Cas. It was your 1 year anniversary, but you two had been best friends for long before that because you had been hunting with the Winchesters since before Cas arrived. Cas had been an amazing best friend and boyfriend for the past year but you hadn’t got a lot of date nights due to the release of Amara and Cas being possessed by Lucifer for a while, and you didn’t need date nights as per say but you always enjoyed spending a night alone with Cas.

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Little Angel

Prompt : You are Sam and Dean’s little sister. They always kept you out of danger. Hidden from the world. They didn’t know they had a sister to recently. now they literally wont let you leave the bunker. They make you stay and help with research. You recently met Castiel, an angel that is very close with your brother Dean. You always like Cas. He would accompany in the bunker when your brothers were out. You liked teasing Cas, about being an angel. What happens when you go to far?

Pairings : Castiel x Reader, Dean, Sam, and Jack

Warnings : Fluff in the begining, (Maybe smut??) Okay smut… Oral sex, teasing, rough sex

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Sam and Dean had gone out on a hunt for Lucifer again, you again had to stay at the bunker. They left Jack behind, “Jack Duty”. Jack was watching TV. You were in your in your room. You put Dean’s red flannel over your lace underwear. You put your headphones on and walk out of the room.

 On your way out you see your reflection in the mirror. You looked like your brother Dean. You had his green eyes and your hair was much longer then both of theirs but still, the same golden brown hair. You shake your thoughts away and go to the kitchen where you grabbed a plate and slapped a piece of pie on your plate you grab a can of whipped cream. You put a huge glob on your pie and a huge squirt in your mouth. You dance a little bit shaking your butt around. You drip some cream on his shirt. You hear a set of wings flutter into the room. You see Castiel behind you. 

 You smile and kiss Castiel’s cheek. Cas blushes and kisses your cheek. He gives you a funny look, looking down at your shirt, and at your face covered in cream. He wipes it off and licks his finger.

 "It’s really sweet", he says smiling at you. 

 You blush and nod your head. “I was getting pie”, you say pointing to the plate. 

“I see. You seem very comfortable”, Cas says pointing to you lace underwear and flannel. 

 You dance around a little bit, shaking your butt, and smile. “Sh… Don’t tell… It’s Dean’s shirt”, you say winking at him.

Cas bit his lip, “Your”, before he could say anything more he was gone. 

You shrug your shoulder and take your pie, and check on Jack. Jack was sitting calmly on the bed in his room. You smile and close the door. You go to your room, shutting the door behind you with your headphone blaring you set the pie down, you see Cas sitting on your bed. You swallow and look at him, confused. 

“Hi Cas your in my room”, you say smiling at the angel. \

“Yes, (y/n).. I need to tell you something… I know you know angels and humans can’t mate, but I”…

 Before Cas could say anything you tossed the headphones off your head and pushed him down onto your mattress. You smile and kiss him softly. He touches your leg sitting up a bit he takes you into his lap. You pull away from the kiss, leaving the angel confused.

 "(Y/n), why did you"…

Again you cut him off kissing him softly entangling his hair in your hands. Cas kissed you back, he unbuttons the flannel covering your body. You once more pull away, smirking you rip his trench coat off and suit jacket along with his shirt off. You smirk kissing him roughly. Cas caught on quickly he undid his belt shimming out of his pants. You kiss him, sucking on his lip leaving it a bit purple. You leave love bits on him, that goes away within a few seconds. Cas looks at you, watching you as you trail your kisses down to his underwear. You smirk taking his underwear off. You see his member fly out. Smirking you take him in your hands, palming him, you take him in your mouth, bobbing your head up and down. Cas’s head threw back, grunting he panted. You continue, you stop and take off the remaining articles of clothing off. 

Cas growls seeing you dance as you do so. He uses his grace to get you to the wall, pinned there. Without warning he thrusts himself into you. You cry out in shock. Filling you up he starts thrusting into you. 

 "CASTIEL", you scream, with a whining tone. 

 "(Y/n) this is what you get for teasing me… Shouldn’t have done that", Cas growls flipping you over so your stomach was pressed onto the wall.

 Cas pushes himself into you again, smirking as he slams into you over and over again. Letting more moans and grunts out Cas slows down pressing himself deeper into you. Pleasure builds up in your legs.

 "Cas.. I want to cum", you whine. 


 A simple no was it. You wouldn’t be able to hold the knot in it’s place for much longer. You felt your legs become jelly. You felt yourself shake.

 "Cum”, he whispers in your ear. 

 You realese Cas soon cums after you. Breathing heavily you let out a sigh. Not being able to stand, Cas picks you up and tucks you into the bed. Both of you “fall alseep”, next to each other.

When you wake you see Cas’s shirt on the floor, you dress yourself in it and walk out sex hair and all. You make your way to the kitchen. You hear a cough from your older brother. 

 "(Y/n)?? What are you?… Why is your", Dean pauses looking at you and your messy job of buttoning Cas’s shirt. 

 "I uh"… You pause looking down.

“Hey (y/n) have you seen my shirt”, Cas interrupts looking at Dean and at you. 

You quickly take his hand and run to your room giggling. 

“(Y/N)!!!!!!!!” Dean yells after you to.

Supernatural Preference #1 | Kisses



Dean’s kisses vary depending on his mood. When he’s relaxed and happy they’re all soft and slow and sweet. His hands were snug on your hips as he whispered sweet things in your ear. Trailing little kisses from under your ear to your jaw to your lips. When he’s upset or worried or stressed they’re all lust-filled. One large, calloused hand pressed the back of your head onto his, his fingers twisted into your hair, firmly. He’d let out little growls when you pulled away, flashing desperate puppy-eyes at your own just to get more kisses.


Sam always had his hands on you when you kissed. Whether it’s his thumb and forefinger gripping your chin or his hand pressed on the small of your back, he wanted to have hold of you. Sometimes he’d just bury his hands into the sides of your hair. Pushing it out of your face and pulling it through his fingers. Sammy was always a little rough, even in the sweetest of times. He was always worried that the, kiss would be the last. He couldn’t bare the thought so he always made them count.


When Cas kissed you, he always did it in clusters. It was never just one sweet kiss. He’s cup your face gently with his calloused hands and brush his lips to yours still, after years, nervous to kiss you. He’d press them softly to your lips, your jaw, your neck, your face. Everywhere. He loved it. He’d press his lips to you until you were writhing and giggling underneath him from the tickling feeling of his lips and stubble grazing your skin.


Dominant. That word could be directed at any part of Crowley. The way he walked, the way he talked and held himself. If he wanted something from you, then he would get it. You’d walk into the room and he’d gesture you forward with a curved finger, “Come here.” was one phrase he often mouthed when he did it. You’d walk to him and he’d curl one arm around your waist and his hand would grip your jaw tightly, keeping your head in place. He’d kiss you for seconds, minutes even before he even considered loosening his grip on you.


Gabriel was a tease. He’d press tiny pecks on your jaw and face before quickly peppering your lips, always pulling away before you would get to press back. He’d pull back with that god damn smartass smirk that drove you nuts. You’d flash him a playful pout and he’s giggle lightly before pulling you into his lap. He’d press a soft and gentle kiss against your lips before whispering sweet nothings into your ear.

“Growing Up a Winchester”  Sam/Dean x Sister Reader

Word Count: 3,867

Sam and Dean Winchester x Sister Reader, some Castiel x Reader

Summary: While on a long road trip to a hunt, you reminisce about your memories growing up with your brothers, from the best ones, to the worst, to the most awkward.

Warnings: Mentions of death, language, angst, light smut between Cas and the reader

Flashbacks are in italics.

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You’re sitting in the backseat of the impala, looking out the window at the scenery. Dean, of course, is driving, and Sam is sitting on the passenger side, sleeping. You have a hard time sleeping in the car, so on long car trips like this, you have a hard time. Thankfully, Dean is usually always awake as well, and serves as your entertainment.

Growing up as the youngest Winchester sibling was not always fun and games, especially being a teenage girl. As much as your brothers love you, they know absolutely nothing about teenage girls. You more often than not felt like you were raising yourself, but you wouldn’t have it any other way. Your brothers are your rock, and you would never leave them.

You can barely remember the first time you’d met Dean. Your dad, John, had gotten your mother pregnant and throughout the first four years of your life, he was very in and out of your life. He’d only show up at your house once a year, normally on your birthday. He’d call on holidays, but you were too young to hold a conversation. A little after your fourth birthday, your mother had passed away from cancer. You had nothing and no one else, and your dad John came to your rescue.

“Hey, kiddo.” John had told you, picking you up from the hospital. He looked tired, the bags underneath his eyes more prominent than you had ever seen them.

“Hi.” You say quietly. You didn’t really know what was going on. All you knew was that your mommy was in a better place and you were going to live with your dad. You remember being nervous, because to you, your dad was like a stranger. You knew nothing about him.

“Do you have your stuff? You’re comin’ to stay with me and your brother, Dean. Dean’s excited to meet you, you know.”

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Yours, Castiel

Anon Request: Could you do a Reader x Cas where Cas makes creative use of one of his feathers?

Word Count: a little over 2k

Warnings: this is some CHEESY SHIT, FAM. also there’s some language. but basically just a fluff overload.

Originally posted by yaelstiel

You slowly walked into the map room and rubbed your eyes, still weary from sleep. You were surprised when you opened them and saw Castiel sitting at the table, furiously writing something with…a feather?

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Not So Innocent Now

Word count: 1,460

Warning: smut, teasing, rough sex

Pairing: Castiel x Reader

Summary/Request: Thank you @study-me-misha for my first request!

The reader is Sam and Dean’s younger sister and Cas has had feelings for her for a long time. She starts to tease him round the bunker which leads to him snapping.

Tags: @badwolfy08 @jensen-gal

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Cas watched as Y/N, the middle Winchester child, hugged her brothers after a particularly long and gruelling case. The look of triumph and her relaxed smile made Cas smile to himself. He always thought she looked so beautiful in these moments of complete satisfaction, being held in the arms of her family. A wave of sorrow also crashed through Cas as he wished for this love from his own family, but sadly he was an outcast from them. Abruptly, Cas was broken from his thoughts as Y/N ran over and embraced him tightly.

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Wayward Moeyy’s “Castiel Master List”

This is my Master List for all things Castiel. Yummy!

Wayward Moeyy’s Master List 

(This is my GIF. Please do not redistribute without credit. Thanks!)

A/N: Warnings are posted at the top of each story. Please read carefully! All of my series master lists can be found on my main master list (link above). Enjoy, my loves. <3

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Warm Touch

Jack Kline X Reader fluff

Word count: 1237

Warnings: a bit of swearing,thats all 

“Ahhhhh” you groaned in pain while clutching your stomach,turning in bed for what felt like the milionth time. The warm cuddly blankets laying on you suddenly became too warm ending in you throwing them off the bed violently and shuffling around trying desperately to get comfortable. 

Giving up a few minutes later you floped on your back and sighed.

“Why must I go through this,what did I do to deserve this? Periods are bullshit” A new wave of cramps washed over you making you once again curl in a ball on your bed untill it would go away. And then repeating,all night. The pills you took no longer worked so you were left to suffer
About 3 waves of pain later you cried out in mostly anger and frustration. Regretting it when you realized the sound was too loud and one of the boys probably heard you
“fuck” you whisper sighed to yourself and soon enough there was a gentle knock on your door and a soft worried voice following it,asking if everything was alright. You lit up with happiness and relief inside when you realised it was jack. The pure innocent Jack who wouldn’t know awkwardness if it punched him in the face. Because if you had to explain your pain to one of your brothers it would definitely be awkward. 

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Supernatural Preference #3 | Date Night Outfit

(A/N): I made two outfits for each character so people of all gender identities could enjoy this preference! 

Date Night Outfit
















Prompt List

Okay so this is not my drabble list but i found it on tumblr so all credit goes out to the person who made this. send me in any numbers and who you would like it to be about (example peter parker, castiel, bucky barnes, etc…)

leave the number and person/character in my ask and I’d be happy to write it!!

1. “That’s starting to get annoying”
2. “Hey, hey, calm down. They can’t hurt you anymore.”
3. ‘You can’t just sit there all day.”
4. “I’m too sober for this.”
5. “I’m not here to make friends.”
6. “I need a place to stay.”
7. “Well, that’s tragic.”
8. “You’re seriously like a man-child.”
9. “You can’t banish me! This is my bed too!”
10. “The ladies love a guy who’s good with kids.”
11. Dear Diary, …”
12. She’s hiding behind the sofa.”
13. “I lost our baby.”
14. “They’re so cute when they’re asleep.”
15. “I’d kill for a coffee…literally.”
16. “You’re getting crumbs all over my bed.”
17. “Good thing I didn’t ask for your opinion.”
“18. What’s the matter, sweetie?”
19. “You’re Satan.”
20. “I don’t want to hear your excuse. You can’t just give me wet-willies.”
21. “I’m bulletproof…but please, don’t shoot me.”
22. “Did you just hiss at me?”
23. “Do you really need all that candy?”
24. “It’s six o’clock in the morning, you’re not having vodka.”
25. “I swear, I’m not crazy!!!”
26. “The diamond in your engagement ring is fake.”
27. “No. Regrets.”
28. “How drunk was I?”
29. “How is my wife more badass than me?”
30. “Be you. No one else can.”
31. “I haven’t slept in ages.”
32. “I locked the keys in the car.”
33. “Are you sure that’s the decision you want to make?”
34. “You work for me. You are my slave.”
35. “Take your medicine.”
36. “They’re monsters.”
37. “Welcome to fatherhood.”
38. “Why can’t you appreciate my sense of humor?”
39. “It’s your turn to make dinner.”
40. “The kids, they ambushed me.”
41. “Sorry isn’t going to help when I kick your ass!!!”
42. “Stop being so cute.”
43. “I feel like I can’t breathe.”
44. “You need to see a doctor.”
45. “You’re getting a vasectomy. That’s final.”
46. “I was a joke, baby. I swear.”
47. “Dogs don’t wear clothes!”
48. “I didn’t think you could get any less romantic…”
49. “Safety first. What are you? FIVE?”
50. “This is girl talk, so leave.”
51. “Where am I going? Crazy. Wanna come?”
52. “There’s a herd of them!”
53. “Do you think I’m scared of a woman?”
54. “They’re not your kids, back the f*ck off.”
55. “You’re a nerd.”
56. “I’m late.”
57. “Just get home as soon as possible, okay?!”
58. “You smell like a wet dog.”
59. “I could punch you right now.”
60. “Are you going to talk to me?”
61. “Welcome back. Now fucking help me.”
62. “If you can’t sleep…we could have sex?”
63. “Flea markets don’t carry fleas, you know?”
64. “Here, take my blanket.”
65. “I don’t want you to stop.”
66. “How could I ever forget about you?”
67. “You’re bleeding all over my carpet.”
68. “Run for it!”
69. “We need to talk.”
70. “Not everyone is out to get you. Stop thinking that. It’s annoying.”
71. “I want a pet.”
72. “Just smile, I really need to see you smile right now.”
73. “I’m not wearing a dress.”
74. “I’m not wearing a tie.”
75. “Quit beating me up!”
76. “Please put your penis away.”
77. “It’s a Texas thing.”
78. “Don’t argue. Just do it.”
79. “I hope I’m never stuck with you on a deserted island.”
80. “Does he know about the baby?”
81. “Hold still.”
82. “I just ironed these pants!”
83. “Enough with the sass!”
84. “Show me what’s behind your back.”
85. “I’m not going to be sympathetic until you go to a doctor.”
86. “Fine, don’t say anything and make me worry.”
87. “Stay awake.”
89. “You’re not interested, are you?”
90. “I’m not buying ikea furniture again.”
91. “Tell me you need me.”
92. “Oh honey, I’d never be jealous of you.”
93. “I’m telling you. I’m haunted.”
94. “I had a bad dream again.”
95. “Have I mentioned, I fucking hate Halloween.”
96. “It’s Christmas, don’t be mad at me.”
97. “You’re not going to starve yourself on Thanksgiving.”
98. “The store ran out of Easter eggs.”
99. “How could you forget your son’s birthday?”
100. “You can only suffer through my whining for so long until you get up and make me a sandwich.”