castiel x pregnant!reader

Castiel’s Creations

Characters: Cas x Pregnant!Reader, Sam, Dean

Summary: The reader is pregnant with Castiel’s children and reveals the genders to her brothers

Words: 995

Warnings: As fluffy as an angel’s wings

A/N: Sorry it took so long! Thank you for bearing with me! I had to come up with the idea and make sure I didn’t turn it into angst! (Which was a bit hard to do) So for the sake of no angst, the reader conceived when Castiel was human.

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► What being pregnant (and mother) of Castiel’s babies would be like… [HEADCANONS]

A/N: Daddy!Sam and Daddy!Dean too ! And this one is really sweet and also… A little bit sad. WELL, YOU’RE PREGNANT OF TWO NEPHILIM HUH ! I was listening this OST from The Originals and it was so cute T_T. I admit that I cried a little bit ! I hope that you’re gonna enjoy this and see you later ! Take care of you, I love you all from the bottom of my heart ❤ || I was raised in an evangelic Christian family (both sides) so I know the Bible and all those things. (Even if I’m not religious anymore.)

Feel free to request too ! Read the first and the second parts of my “Being Pregnant of…” series !


First trimester :

- Well… A big new.

- But you were happy.

- Obviously, the father already knows that you were pregnant…

- But he loves you so much that he’s totally able to go against the Heaven’s rules.

- He kissed you so kindly, that your heart melt and there was tears in his blue eyes.

- And in a shy way, Castiel tells you that you were pregnant of two boys… Twin.

- Surprised but happy. Even if you can get difficulties, you weren’t alone.

- You are telling him to choose their names…

- He chose two angelic names.

- Arael for the first and Jael for the second.

- Those names literally mean “prince over the people (or) prince of people” and the second one meaning is “to ascend”.

- Because Castiel want his kids to be strong and proper at their nature. But also, human and loving humanity.

- “Creating’s Nephilim is strictly forbidden in heaven. And I’ll be honest : I could be killed for what I’ve did. But I did it and I don’t have any regrets. I’ll raise my sons and anyone who’s want them to be injured or worse… Don’t be worried, I’ll protect them. I’ll protect our sons and you. Because even if you don’t have the grace, you’re an angel. My angel.” He said to you, keeping the eye contact.

Second trimester :

- You’d training yourself with Sam’s daughter and Dean’s one.

- Even if both were girls.

- Babies.

- Gender’s don’t have any matter when it’s all about training ourselves.

- But because of their angelic part, you already felt their movements. Because you don’t have the stuff for doing it, you cannot see their littles faces

- Your hairs groooown a lot.

- Honestly? Until the lowest part of your back.

- Your nails were more long too and your cheeks more pinkish.

- You weren’t tired like the first trimester. You were full of energy.

- But what Castiel doesn’t tell you about your sons…

- And that, because he was scared to the punishment which was waiting for you above death.

- So, he searched with the Winchester brothers, and their wives for finding a solution which might avoid you to die at the birth.

- You didn’t know it until the birth…

Birth :

- Tearful, Castiel admitted you that you might die through the birth or just after. Because those kids were too much strong for your weak human body.

- In your bed, you’ve hold his right hand, not angry against him. It was Heaven’s rules, you cannot go against them.

- Your sons were too much strong for your body, but they’re healed your wounds from the inside with their powers.

- But when “the” moment has come…

If you died (canon ending sorry, but it’s like that in the TV Show…):

- Two babies were crying, one in the arms of Sam’s wife, another in arms of Dean’s wife.

- Castiel has covered your bleeding body, except your peaceful pale face and blaming himself at the same time.

- Those little boys were beautiful.

- They were crying their mother.

- Castiel has kissed your forehead before walking until his sons and look at them.

- “I wished you, my sons… Could met your mother. I’m so sorry, because it’s my fault. But I swear on all the things I have: I’m going to protect our family. No matter the price.”

- He kissed the foreheads of his two little boys, their hair colour was the same than you, but they’re eyes were the same as Castiel one.

- “Sorry my angels… But dad’s going to take the Grace of both of you, I won’t let Heaven punish my sons, because of what I am.

- The wives of the Winchester were in tears too.

- Dean and Sam weren’t okay at all too…

- All the angels know that two Nephilim exists, even Lucifer.

- Once Castiel’s removed their grace – with the worry of kill them – they were simply two humans.

- “My sons will live a good life… I’m so sorry, but it’s something that I cannot go against, maybe that someday, sons… Maybe one day, the grace will come to my sons once more.”.

- And he raised his sons, with his memories of you.

And if you’re not dead (non-canon ending):

- The boys healed you!

- One of them was in Castiel’s arms and one in yours.

- Winchester’s wives was here, but go outside really quickly, for leaving you with your family.

- Without any prevention, Castiel has removed the grace of your sons.

- They were two simple humans.

- But it was totally okay.

- Castiel kissed your cheek softly, happy to know that you were alive.

- “Father cannot harm them, if they’re humans…”

- It was simply the best thing ever.


“You: What? Im hungry

Dean: You had a stake dinner two hours ago and ate half of mine

You: W-

Castiel: Dean, you do realize she is pregnant right?

You&Dean: What?

Castiel: Yes, she already has your appetite Dean

You: She?

Castiel: Oh yes. She is already strong, loving, caring like you. She is also stubborn, like Dean

Dean: Thats my girl

Sam: Did they find out? Or did you have to tell them?

You: You knew?

Sam: Of course, Cas told me on one of our hunts.

Castiel: I think its time for you to take it easy now. We dont want anything happening to you or the baby

Dean: Damn straight. I dont want anything happening to my girls

You: Fine. Cas, are you going to stay with me and play doctor?

Casiel: I would love to keep you company”

Dean is caught off guard by the pregnancy news and surprised you didnt find out yet or didnt fit the puzzles together. He is happy about being a father but also is scared because he didnt want anything happening to you or baby. Castiel has been wanting to tell you about your pregnancy, so he told Sam. Which Sam told him to wait until you found out so that you could tell Dean and finally him and Cas. Weeks has gone by and nothing. Castiel got tired of waiting and decided to tell the both of you instead, which he is happy he did because the expressions on both of you faces is extremely priceless for him. Sam is happy for his brother and happy he is going to be an uncle. An uncle to a niece and he is getting excited about meeting her. You couldnt believe you are pregnant, you didnt know if you could get pregnant at all and finally. A little life is growing inside you. The pregnancy made you incredibly happy. So happy the father is someone like Dean. So happy your daughter is going to have an uncle like Sam and Castiel. Something you have never had at all. It was only you and your parents growing up until they passed away. A family you have always wanted.

Midnight Cravings

Prompt: Pregnant!Y/N wakes Sam up in the middle of the night to go get the ice cream she and the pup are craving.

Relationship: Reader x Sam Winchester (Friends/Family)

Warnings/Tags: Pregnancy, Cravings, ABO Dynamics, Omega!Reader, Alpha!Sam, Mentioned Alpha!Dean

Word Count: 700ish

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“Sam,” you whined from the bed next to his, rubbing your stomach soothingly. The pup was up and had been kicking for what seemed to be hours.

The hunter didn’t budge in his sleep, burrowing his face into his pillow with a grunt. You sighed, throwing the covers off yourself with a shiver. Ever since your second trimester, you had been feeling strangely cold at all times.

You guessed it probably had something to do with the fact that you weren’t with your mate anymore. Your ex, Jacob, made it clear he didn’t want to be a part of your son’s life. You were honestly happier without him, but lacking your mate made some things difficult during the pregnancy. Without him, Sam and Dean were your family now. You had decided early on that they were enough for you and your unborn child, you didn’t need Jacob when you had the Winchester’s to love and support you.

You whined as the cold air hit your sensitive skin, quickly moving from your bed to Sam’s. You slipped the gun from beneath his pillow with caution, placing it on the nightstand. After you made sure the hunter had no other weapons, you crawled beneath his covers, a content sigh slipping from your lips as his scent enveloped your senses. You appreciated the alpha’s natural ability to be a human heater, and the fact that he smelled like family. The scent made the pup calm down a bit and you smiled, relieved for the time being.

Sam flinched when you gripped his shoulder, instinctively reaching for his gun. Panic fled into his eyes as he realized it was missing and you shushed him, grabbing his hand and placing it on your stomach, “Hey, hey Sam it’s me.” You gave him a minute to catch up to his surroundings, trying your best to let off a happy pregnant omega smell to calm his naturally frazzled nerves.

“Y/N?” He asked, using his free hand to rub his eyes. The alpha squinted at you, confused, “Are you okay? Is there something going on with the pup?”

You smiled, thankful for his concern. “The pup’s okay,” you said, squirming a little as he kicked you again.

Oh right, you had woken the Winchester for a reason.

“This might sound a little weird, and you might think it’s a little stupid of me to ask…” You bit your lip, the brothers had been so nice in the couple of years that you had known them and you didn’t want to be a burden. You knew the pregnancy had been hard on all of you, not just yourself.

“It won’t be stupid, just tell me what’s up,” the younger Winchester insisted, making you feel a little better about the situation.

“Will you… the pup is craving that special caramel gelato, you know the one I’m talking about?” Sam nodded, he was very familiar with the special treat the pup seemed to favor. “The pup won’t leave me alone and I… I was wondering if maybe you would come with me to the store to go and get it?” You asked, your nerves getting the better of you with your voice becoming higher as you questioned. Both of the brothers had told you multiple times that you could come to them at any time of the night for anything, but you still felt like a bother.

Despite what you felt, Sam gave you a warm smile, “Of course. I saw a grocery store a couple miles back, I can go and get you whatever you want.” He yawned, stretching out on the bed. “You should stay here, try and sleep. If you want you can sleep in my bed, I know the smell of me and Dean takes the edge off a little bit.”

It was true, you snuck into the Winchester’s bed whenever the pup was really driving you crazy. They smelled like family and the fact that they were alphas helped with your lack of a mate.

“No, I want to go with you,” you cut Sam off before he could disagree. “I don’t want to be alone, and the pup is already up and moving. Don’t argue with me, just get some pants on and grab your keys.”

Telling Dean You’re Pregnant

Summary: Reader finds out she’s pregnant and has to tell the father, Dean Winchester. 

Pairing: Dean x Reader, Sam, mentions of Cas and Jack

Warnings: Anxiety, fluff, emotions, and more fluffy stuff 

Word Count:  1117

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You sat in the bathroom of your apartment looking at the stick with two pink lines. Your mind in pieces thinking ‘oh my god what am I going to do?” ‘What am I going to tell the father?’ ‘How are we supposed to raise a baby in this world? Hunting isn’t good for any child.’ Eventually you find yourself pacing along your room, finding the mirror and looking at your stomach and rubbing your hand on your soon to be rounded belly. You sat down on the bed and grabbed your phone going to the contact ‘Dean Winchester,’ opening a new message and typing carefully. After going over the message a thousand times and wondering how this would work itself out, you press send.

Y/N: Hey, are you in town? I need to talk to you, it’s important.

Dean: Yeah, of course sweetheart. Are you okay?

Y/N: I’m okay babe, we’ll talk more when you get here.

Dean: Okay baby, I’ll be there as fast as I can.

You took in a deep breathe, closing your eyes and reopening them hoping it was just a dream. All you could hope for that this could work out between two hunters. Not wanting to raise a tiny human in a world of monsters and demons, but possibly trying to live the apple pie life and become a normal human with a ton of knowledge about lore. Shaking these thoughts from your mind you decided it would be the best to get some rest. Laying down your phone to charge and getting under the covers, you sighed and whispered, “everything is going to be okay.”

The next morning, you opened your eyes and slowly raised your head. Then you heard a noise in the kitchen. Grabbing your gun from underneath your pillow, you slowly creep out towards the noise. You turn in to the lit room and find Dean Winchester standing there with bacon hanging out of his mouth. “Dean god damn it. I could have shot you,” releasing the gun taking short breaths emotions taking over. “(Y/N), hey, hey, I’m sorry sweetheart. I didn’t mean to scare you, I just thought I’d surprise you.” Dean had pulled you into a tight hug, “It’s okay Dean, I’m just nervous right now and a little bit nauseous.” Dean stepped away looking concerned, “what’s going on?” I looked at him and sat down on the small couch in my living room, Dean following closely behind. “Dean I need to tell you something,” you look into his green orbs.“Yeah anything baby,” Dean’s face softened. You rubbed your hand over your face and took a deep breath, “I’m pregnant.”

Dean looked at you confused, then stunned, and then he slowly started to smile. “So?” You whispered looking at the man in front of you, “I’m gonna be a dad, this is crazy (Y/N). I think we can do this. I know we can do this, you’re so strong and beautiful.” You giggled, “So you’re happy about this?” Dean nodded smiling, “I am, I am happy it’s with you. I am so crazy about you and the reason why I am to surprise you, was because I was going to ask you if you’d move into the bunker?” Your head snaps up at the question, “Dean of course I would love to, is Sammy okay with it?” Dean pulls you closer to him, “Hell yeah sweetheart, Sam loves you. He always talks about how good of a cook you are and asks when your coming back over. You’re apart of our little family.”  

A few days later…

You, Dean, and Sam were in your apartment gathering the necessities; clothes, toiletries, weapons, and whatever was important. As you looked around at the almost bare apartment, you sighed remembering when you got the place and remembering the first time Sam and Dean Winchester showed up at your door, thanks to Bobby Singer. It was also a place you shared so many memories with Dean. A home for yourself and a home away from home for Dean. Like the countless times Dean has rescued you from ‘scary spiders,’ it was also the place where your love for eachother started. You felt Dean’s strong arms wrap around you as his head nuzzled into your neck. “You okay?” He asked and you nodded wiping the tears that started to form from your eyes, “I’m okay D, just a little emotional is all.”

It was finally time to head back to the bunker and you were genuinely happy to leave and start a new adventure with the man you love and your best friend. Sam didn’t know about you being pregnant, both you and Dean wanted to keep it a secret for a little bit. You were thinking of ways to break the news to Sammy since he’s your best friend and have no doubt he’ll be excited to be an Uncle. You made eye contact with Dean in the rearview mirror and he winked at you, sending butterflies throughout your whole body. You stuck your tongue out at Dean, earning one of Dean goofy faces, “We’ve been in the car for fifteen minutes and I already want to jump out.” Sam joked, laughing you and his brother. You laughed out loud, “Sammy if you think this is bad, try listening to Dean’s dad jokes all day.” Dean joined in, “Hey I have to get some practice if we are-” “Dean!” You yell at your boyfriend and Dean immediately closes his mouth and Sam turned towards you, “You’re pregnant?” You nodded not sure of Sam’s expression.

“Dude you’re gonna be a Dad,” Sam exclaimed shoving Dean’s shoulder. “I’m gonna be an Uncle,” he let out with excitement. You and Dean laughed at the younger Winchester and Sam turned towards you, “(Y/N) you’re going to be a mom. You’re going to be a great mom, you guys are going to be great parents.” “Thanks Sam, we don’t what we’re doing at all but we can figure it out. But we were going to surprise you and tell you, but blabbermouth over here-” “It was an accident and either way it was a surprise,” Dean laughs and you can’t help but giggle at your boyfriend’s adorableness. You sat back in your seat and let your mind wander, thinking about you, Dean, and the baby. You knew what was out in the world, but felt better knowing that this baby will be raised by Dean and yourself and will also have Cas, Sam, and Jack by their side. And that was enough to make you feel at peace and that this baby will be loved and safe always.

Our Secret

Pairing- Castiel x Reader and Dean x Reader

Warnings- Pregnancy?

“Congratulations, Y/N,” Castiel said, as he appeared to me. I was doing my morning walk in the woods.

“Congratulations for what?” I asked.

“The babies,” Castiel said, as if it were obvious.

“The what?!” I asked, shocked.

“The babies,” he repeated. “You and Dean are expecting twins. A boy and a girl.”

“Oh my…”

“Aren’t you happy?” Castiel asked, confused.

“Um, yeah, sure,” I said. “But um Cas, listen, don’t tell Dean this. Okay? Let’s keep this between us, it’ll be our little secret.”

“Who’s secret?” Dean asked, coming up behind us. He kissed me and wrapped his arm around my shoulders.

“It’s mine and Y/N’s secret. We’re not supposed to tell you that she’s expecting twins, a boy and a girl. Right Y/N?” Castiel winked at me and my eyes widened.

Crap, I thought, sighing.

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Baby Banshee (Dean Winchester X Wife!Reader)

Characters: Dean Winchester X Wife!Reader

Universe: Supernatural

Warnings: Birth, pain, blood, small argument

Request: Heyo!! Can I request a Dean Winchester x Reader where the reader is pregnant and has a weird pregnancy and after the baby is born they realize dean and Readers baby is supernatural. they have a fight but everything works out in the end and is super fluffy!

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When it came to your life, you never thought you’d have a family. A husband and a baby on the way. But then again, neither did Dean. It was something rare in the lives of Hunters. But, somehow you’d managed to find a way to make it happen. You’d gotten married, and now you had a little one on the way.

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There and Back Again (Part 11)

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Summary: Crowley delivers some shocking news, you try to adjust to your new life in hell

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Word Count: 2,200

Warnings: grieving, alcohol abuse (not the way to handle things, kiddos), language, vomiting, pretty angsty

A/N: I cannot believe it took this long, but it’s finally here! I’m sorry for the wait, this story just hasn’t been speaking much to me lately! This part is a lot of Crowley (can you tell I’m upset about S12?), mostly his and the reader’s (platonic) relationship. It’s pretty angsty still - Enjoy!

Thank you (per usual) to @deanssweetheart23 who helped me hash out where this story was going and read things over. Twin, you basically just get a permanent beta credit for everything now…

Find the series masterlist HERE

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Jack Kline

imagine Jacks face when he finds out your pregnant with his baby (he’s older in this imagine)

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“Sweet Boy” part one

A/N: Akjhflkjlzks i’m so excited for this series. I plan on it being pretty long. Also the plot kinda begins after the reader and Dean tell Sam and Castiel. I wasn’t too focused on how they reacted when the reader told them she was pregnant but more like how they all interact after it becomes a more normal thing.

Word Count: 2.1k

Summary: After finding out his girlfriend of three years y/n is pregnant Dean has a hard time concealing his sweet side.

Warnings: Morning sickness and spoilers for the ending of the movie “Room”.

Characters: Dean x Pregnant!reader, Sam, Castiel, mention of Charlie.

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You and Dean had talked about kids before. Little discussions at night. Neither of you were in a rush but it’s something you both knew you wanted in the future. Turns out the future may be sooner than you thought.

You turned on your heel as you paced across your bathroom floor. You were surprisingly clear headed. If you were pregnant then it would be great, babies are cool. And if not, you have all the time in the world to have one. No need to rush.

Your phone timer went off.  You turned it off quickly before it could wake Dean up. You rolled your eyes realizing it was almost twelve and he was still asleep.

You walked over to your bathroom counter and picked up the pregnancy test.

No big deal. You thought to yourself.  I’m just about to find out if there’s a human living inside me.

You looked at the stick in your hands.

| | Two lines. Positive.

Your mouth dropped open and you wanted to squeal but you couldn’t wake up Dean. You did a little dance and waved your arms in the air. The image of Dean holding a tiny baby popped up in your mind. Not just any baby. Your baby.

Small tears started to well up in the corners of your eyes. You took a few deep breaths and collected yourself.

“Oh my gosh okay calm down y/n.” You whispered to yourself.

A few minutes passed before you took one last deep breath and walked out of the bathroom. You looked at the bed to see Dean laying on his stomach asleep with his arms tucked under the pillow. You smiled at him before slipping into the hallway.


You hummed as you cracked another egg into the hot pan on the stove. You heard feet shuffling behind you and you turned to see Dean.

“You made breakfast?”


“I haven’t had homemade food in a long time.”

You scraped the egg out of the pan and put it on a plate already covered in other food. You set it in front of Dean who was sitting at the counter.

He smiled at the plate before thanking you and kissing you good morning.“Coffee?” 

“Uh no caffeine for me.”

“Why not?” He grabbed a mug from the cupboard above him.

“Just don’t want any.” You smiled.

He shrugged and poured himself a cup. You grabbed your plate and met him at the table.

“Jeez where are you gonna put all that?” He asked looking at your plate.

“Shut up we’re hungry.” You laughed.

“We?” He asked lifting his brow.

“Oh yeah i’m pregnant.”

“What?” His eyes widened.

“Yeah i’m pregnant.”

A grin stretching from ear to ear spread across his face.

“Are you sure?”

“Yeah i’m sure.” You smiled.

“Come here.” He said standing up, slightly teary eyed.

You got up from your chair and he grabbed you in his arms. He had one hand on the back of you head and the other on your waist. You looked up at him an he kissed you all over your face, stopping at your lips. Once you stepped back he grabbed your shoulders and looked you up and down.

“I don’t even know what to say.”

“Yeah It took me a few minutes to get used to it.”

“Oh my gosh we’re gonna have a baby.” He giggled, running his fingers through his hair. He pulled you in and kissed your forehead.

“Does anyone else know?”

“No just us.”

“I’m gonna be a Dad!” He laughed.

“I’m gonna be a Dad.” He said again realizing the weight of the situation.

“I think you’re gonna be a good Daddy.” You smiled touching his face.

He touched the hand you had on his cheek.

“Hey not to ruin the moment but i’m like really hungry.” you said looking at your plate.

“Well It’s definitely my kid.”


“No way.” Sam gasped.

“Yes way.” You joked.

“Congratulations.” Cas smiled as he gave you a hug.

You looked over to see Sam swallowing Dean in his arms. You always thought it was silly how Dean was four years older but Sam looked about four feet taller than him.

“Oh shit! We gotta call Charlie.” You reminded Dean.

“Oh yeah. We can do that tonight.”

“How far along are you?” Sam asked.

“Uuuh” you hummed trying to think.

“We have a lot of sex so we have no clue.”

“Dean Winchester!” You yelled slapping his arm.

He shrugged and gave you a wink.

I mean he wasn’t wrong.

“Six weeks, three days, one hour, and twelve minutes.”

“Thanks Cas, but please don’t ever use your angel scanner on my uterus again it’s really weird.”

“Got it.”

-One Month Later-

You rolled your head trying to pop your neck.

“Still hurting?” Dean asked from his side of the bed.


“C’mere” He separated his knees.

You scooted over so your back was against his chest and you were sitting between his knees.

He reached his hands under your hair and rolled the tips of his fingers over your neck.

You winced at first but as he continued your muscles started to relax.

“I miss Tylenol so much.”

“I know babe.”

“Six more months!” You sarcastically cheered.

You tucked your head in the crook of his neck and shoulder as he moved his hands away.

“You wanna watch a movie?” You asked turning your neck to face him.

“As long as it’s not a chick flick.”

“Oh shut up.”

You reached for the remote on the side table but you accidentally knocked it off. Instead of just getting up off the bed and grabbing it you laid on your stomach and stretched your arm out to the ground for a good 15 seconds to get it.

“You made that so much harder on yourself.”

“Nah that was way easier.”

He ruffled your hair and stood off the bed.

“I’m gonna go get a drink you want anything?”

“Dr. Pepper and some takis?” You smiled. Lately all you’ve been craving was spicy food. Takis, wings, hot cheetos. Anything you could get your hands on.

He nodded and went to the kitchen.

You turned the tv on and started flipping through movies on netflix.

A few minutes later came back with two sodas and a bag of Takis. Usually at this time of night Dean would crack open a beer but since you couldn’t drink he promised he wouldn’t either.

“What are we watching?”

“It’s called ‘Room’ It’s like this lady that’s kidnapped when she was a teenager and put in this really tiny room the kidnapper built in a shed. Eventually she has a son by the kidnapper and they try and escape.”

“Can you handle that?”

“What do you mean I love scary movies.”

“Yeah I know but you’re kinda sensitive about little kids right now -I mean I don’t blame you- but like what if the kid dies. Are you gonna freak out?”

“I’m not a wussy I can handle it.”

“Okay, let me know if you want me to turn it off.”

Not even halfway through the movie Dean looked over to notice you tearing up. He paused the tv.

“Okay that’s it i’m changing it.”

“No no i’m fine. This is a sad movie I always cry during sad movies.”

He looked at you for a moment.

“Alright.” He said hesitantly as he hit play. “If you start sobbing or something i’m turning it off.”

“I’m not gonna start sobbing it’s just a movie.”

“Mmhm” He hummed putting his arm around you.


The credits started to roll and you looked over at Dean to see he was asleep. By now you had hot tears rolling down your cheeks. You kept telling yourself it was just a movie but it wasn’t helping much. It always made you sad when kids were hurt in movies, but now that you were pregnant, oh boy. “Crazy-mommy-hormones” Dean liked to called it. And it wasn’t just sad movies. You babied everyone. Always making sure everyone was well fed and happy. Anytime the boys got home from a hunt you were right there to clean up any cuts or bruises they had. When Dean notices you doing it he calls you “Mommy” instead of “Y/N” just to tease you.

Dean rustled next to you and you turned to see his green eyes flutter open.

“Are you crying?”

“Just a little bit.”

“Come here mommy.” He said opening up his arms.

You laid your head on his chest and he wiped your cheeks with his thumb.

“What did I miss?”

“Well” You started as you turned so your chin rested on his chest. “The little boy Jake has to play dead so that the creepy guy ‘Old Nick’ has to take him out of the shed. Jake escapes and him and his mom are freed.”

“How is that sad? They got out right?”

“Yeah but Jake doesn’t know the outside world. He just wants to go back in the room. It’s all he knows.”

“Well. I can tell you right now that no one’s getting near our baby.” He kissed your forehead.

You nodded and laid your head back down on his chest.


You woke up suddenly to a churning stomach. You bolted up from the bed and ran to your bathroom before puking into the toilet. You heard Dean walking into the bathroom.

“Hey” he said quietly crouching behind you. “Are you okay?”

You put the back of your hand over your mouth. “Yeah I just-” you stopped and puked again into the bowl.

“Okay.” He whispered pulling your hair back. “You’re okay.” He said reassuringly while he rubbed his hand up and down your back.

About a minute later you pulled your head back and closed the lid. “I’m good.”

He helped you up and flushed the toilet.

“Thanks baby. I’d kiss you good morning but..” you pointed to your mouth gesturing to your vomit breath.

Yeah I think I’ll pass.” He giggled. “Love you though.”

You shuffled to the sink and started to brush your teeth. “What time is it?”

Dean looked at his watch. “Four thirty-two”

You spit into the sink. “You go back to bed i’ll be there in a sec.”

He nodded and went back into your bedroom.

You cupped your hand under the faucet and poured the water into your mouth, sloshing it around for a bit before spitting it out.

After finishing up in the bathroom you came into the bedroom to see Dean already asleep. You slowly lifted up the covers and slipped in on your side of the bed, trying your best not to wake him. Once in bed you rolled over on your side so you were facing away from Dean. A few moments later an arm wrapped over your waist and Dean was up against your back. His hand went over your belly and slowly dragged his thumb across it. You were still in your first trimester so your belly bump was small. When you wore your regular baggy t-shirts it was hard to notice but when you went to bed in a tank top he could see it.

You felt his lips curl into a smile on the back of your shoulder as you set your hand on top of his. His eyelashes fluttered against your back as he fell asleep, you following right behind him.

Google It

Title: Google It

Word Count: 1,417

Warnings: labor, pregnant!Reader, swearing, Season 10 spoiler

Summary: The younger sister of the Winchesters is pregnant, and her brothers are out on a hunt when she goes into labor. Being states away, the boys send Castiel to aid her while they drive back.

Pair: [Castiel x Reader] [Sam/Dean x Reader Sibling Relationship]

Author’s Note: I honestly really don’t know much about child birth, so my apologies. It’s kind of a weak ending… sorry about that! I just really wanted to get something out but I was rushed because I gotta get ready. Eh.

              One more hunt. We’ll be back in time, don’t worry. You’re not due for another two weeks. We’ll be back in a few days, don’t worry. Don’t worry.

              What a load of bullshit.

              You had felt a dull ache in your lower abdomen for a few hours, though decided against telling either of your brothers, in fear of worrying them. Perhaps if you had called them that morning, they would have been able to be back in time for your child’s birth. But instead, you were alone in the bunker, hours later, with contractions every seven minutes.

              You rested a hand on your swollen stomach, the other assisting yourself as you attempted to hoist yourself from your bed. Unfortunately, your efforts had failed you immensely when you felt another wave of pain, sending you tumbling backwards down onto the bed. You fisted the sheets in hopes of suppressing the pain, but all else failed. You searched for your phone with your eyes, panic settling into your system. You were hardly able to stand up, let alone drive yourself to the nearest hospital; which to your dismay, was over thirty miles away.

              Luckily, your phone was merely a few inches away, resting on your bedside table. You scooted yourself forward carefully, the contraction finally dying down, in which you were quite grateful for. You grasped down onto your cellphone, straightening your posture out and quickly dialing up Sam’s number, pressing the receiver to your ear. Hi, this is Sam, leave a – You immediately hung up when his voicemail sounded after a few rings, a heavy sigh falling passed your lips. “Shit,” you mumbled. “Shit, shit, shit.”

              You hurriedly dialed Dean’s number, in hopes of him answering, and pressed the phone to your ear. This is Dean. Yo – His voice halted when you hastily pressed the end button, groaning. Castiel. You could call Cas.

              You rang up Cas, and to your happiness, he had answered after the first ring. “Hello?”

              You opened your mouth to reply, though another contraction caused your words to stop, and instead, a scream of pain passed through your lips. “Dammit, Cas,” you grunted through heavy pants, the pain still present. “You find my fucking brothers and you tell them to answer their damn phones when their eight and a half month pregnant sister calls them!”

              Cas cleared his throat quietly on the other end, a brief pause falling on his end. “I… um… I’ll find them immediately.”

              “You better! And you tell them that I’m about to have their niece of nephew and I’m all alone and I have no way of getting to the hospital!”

              The line went dead, to your surprise. “Cas?! Cas?! Oh, c’mon!” you huffed out, tossing your phone to the side, hunching over as you felt another contraction. Three minutes apart.

              Beads of sweat dripped down your forehead as you leaned back against the headboard. Your phone began to play the familiar sound of your ringtone, you reaching forward for it, with slight difficulty. You glanced at the caller I.D., a wave of relief washing over your expression. You pressed TALK and put the phone to your ear, though as soon as you opened your mouth to speak, your contraction worsened as your mood switched into anger. “You son of a bitch!” you shouted, squeezing your eyes shut. “You two said you would be here for this! And… and now I’m here by myself, no way of getting to the hospital, about to push a baby out of me and quite frankly, I’m a little ticked!”

              Sam, who had been the one to call you, was silent for a moment. “You’re… you’re in labor?”

              “Yes, I’m in labor!” you replied harshly, you tone of voice clipped and annoyed. “Why do you think I sent Cas to get you two imbeciles?!”

              “He-he didn’t mention you were going into labor, Y/N!” he defended. “Okay, okay. Stay calm, okay? We-”

              “I am calm!” you interrupted hastily.

              “We’re leaving right now, okay? We’ll be there as soon as we can… I’m sending Cas to help you, okay?”

              Before you were able to respond, Cas appeared in your room with the flutter of his wings. He grasped the phone from you, your eyes wide from his sudden action. He placed the phone to his ear. “Sam, I’m here… I’ve never delivered a baby before… I-I don’t know what to do.”

              “Google it or something, I don’t know! We’re a few hours out… Dean’s breaking every law in this damn state to get there. Just make sure she’s okay, alright?”

              “I uh—oh, okay…” He withdrew the phone from his ear, staring at you for a brief moment. “He hung up.”

              “That’s great, Cas!” you replied sarcastically. You panted heavily, scooting yourself into a more comfortable position. “Now… I’ve seen enough I Didn’t Know I Was Pregnant to know what to do… I think. Okay, Cas, we need aluminum foil, uh, towels… one wet with warm water, and a shoe string.”

              “A shoe string? Why-”

              “Just get it, Cas!”

              “Okay, okay, right, sorry,” Cas mumbled as he made his way out of the room.

              He returned shortly, sporting a handful of the things you had requested. He rested the items down onto the bed, walking swiftly over to your side. “I understand that I do not know much about child birth with the thousands of years I have lived, but I want to assure you that I will do everything in my power to help you deliver a healthy child.”

              You peered up to him, and despite the immense amount of pain driving through your system, you produced a small smile of gratitude. He comprehended the gesture, matching his smile to yours. The moment was short lived, his grin faltering at the sight of your pain. Cas gripped down onto your hand to provide support, his other hand resting on your lower back. “I’m going to get you through this, okay?”

              You looked up at him, your head nodding a few times. “O-okay,” you murmured through labored breaths. Your eyes widened slightly, the feeling of you needing to push contracting through your body. “C-Cas… I-”          

              “Shh,” he soothed, able to tell what you were trying to say. “Lay back, it’s going to be alright.”

              You did so, spreading your legs to make the process easier. Cas moved to the end of the bed, kneeling down. “Okay, Y/N. Count of three, okay? One… two… three.”

              You began to push. Beads of sweat trickled down your forehead. You fisted the sheets in hopes of suppressing the pain. Exhale.

              “C’mon, Y/N. I see the head… shoulders! You’re doing great. Two more pushes… one… two… three.”

              The vicious cycle had repeated itself. Push for ten beats. Exhaled. Push for ten beats. Exhale.

              But it had been all worth when Cas had handed your beautiful, baby boy into your arms. He had been wrapped into a towel as well as foil to keep his body heat insulated, the shoe string used to snap the umbilical cord.  You cradled him to your chest, miniscule tears sliding down your flushed cheeks. Cas rounded the bed corner, kneeling down beside you. “Does he have a name?”

              You dismissed his question at first by leaning up, smashing your lips onto his. Though he was surprised at first, his hand lying on your cheek, the pad of his thumb tracing small geometric shapes into your skin. He moved his lips against yours in equal movements, though he was careful of the child resting in your arms. Cas he pulled away, his forehead against yours, his happy expression accompanied by a large grin.

              “Thank you, Cas,” you whispered, peering down at your son. “Thank you so much.”

              Cas nodded his head once, acknowledging your thanks.

              “Charles. His name is Charles,” you spoke after a few moments of silence. “Charlie for short… Charles Castiel Winchester.”

              Cas’s eyes lit up when you proclaimed your child’s name, his head ducking down to press his lips to yours once more. The kiss lasted briefly, to your dismay, but you had no reason to complain.

              “We should probably get the two of you to the hospital… just to make sure everything is okay,” he suggested, your head nodding in agreement. “I’ll go call your brothers, tell them everything is okay and to meet us at the hospital. Oh, and Y/N? It’s a beautiful name. Charlie would have loved it.”

              You smiled up at him, sniffling quietly. “Thank you, Cas. Thank you.”

Master list. 

Well, Fuck

Prompt: you think you’re pregnant but the test comes back negative. Yo go on about your life, until Cas takes you from a hunt and tells you some life changing news.

Warnings: none i don’t think

Pairings: Sam x reader, (y/n)

*gifs are not mine*


    You hear the ding that announces your presence to the bored looking clerk sitting at the counter as you open the door and scan the isles for the item you’re looking for, pregnancy tests. You look around a little longer and finally find what you’re looking for in the back corner of the store. You grab three boxes and make your way to the check out counter. As he’s scanning your items the cashier gives you a weird glance. You look at him as you pay  and roll your eyes, collecting your things and walking back to the motel you and the boys were currently staying in.

 Once you’re there you quickly walk into the bathroom and lock the door in case the boys come back while you’re in the bathroom. You quickly do your business and place the test on the counter and wait. After waiting three minutes you pick it up and only see one line. “Thank you Chuck” you whisper in relief. You and Sam had talked about starting a family before but, it was just talk. You both knew you couldn’t have a baby in this life. Hell, you could barely have each other. You throw the evidence away and exit the bathroom. Noticing the boys still aren’t back yet, you lay on the bed and take a nap. You were happy that your worst fears had been denied, but man you could really go for a pickle right now. Your period must be close. That was the last thought you had before drifting off to sleep.

     You woke up to the sound of your phone ringing right next you your head. “Hello?” you snap grumpily, upset that someone woke you from your nap. You had been getting less sleep than usual lately, and that’s for a hunter. “whoa, sweetheart. I was just calling to tell you that me and sleeping beauty over here  are on the way back to the motel now. Man, you missed out too. lots of blood.” Dean tells you with a chuckle. You’d stayed behind to take your pregnancy tests . You didn’t want to worry Sam, in case it was nothing. “ yeah, yeah. Hey! will you bring back a jar of pickles? please? I really want one right now” you ask him. “alright fine. we’ll stop on our way back” her tells you. You guys say your goodbyes before hanging up. you realize you left the other boxes of pregnancy tests on the counter and quickly go into the bathroom to retrieve them before one of the boys find them. You walk out into the main area of the motel room and stuff them in your bag. You might need them in the future.

    After a few minutes if laying on the bed, staring up at the ceiling, you hear keys jingling outside your door and reach under your pillow and grab the gun underneath it. Cocking the gun, you sit up and face the door, ready for whatever is on the other side.  Once you realize its just Sam and Dean you Lower the gun and un-cock it and return it to its hiding spot under your pillow. “scared?” Sam asks sarcastically as  he walks over to you and kisses your forehead. “no.” you answer stubbornly, crossing you arms trying to look mad but, in Sams eyes you just look like a pouty child. “oh, I got your pickles” he says, holding up a jar. Your mood instantly brightens as you jump up to grab the jar. You end up needing help opening the jar, but after Sam opens it you grab one in each hand and sit at the table happily munching on your pickles.

    A few days later you and the boys have found another case. Currently, you’re sitting at the crappy motel table with Sams laptop in your lap. You and Sam are trying to figure out what you guys were dealing with while Dean was getting food. You’d had another strange craving, this time you really wanted tacos and crushed ice. You were starting to wonder what was with all these weird cravings. Your period had still neglected to show up. Before you could think anymore about the topic Dean came through the doors with your tacos and ice and he sat them down in front of you, gave Sam his, and unwrapped his own burger and took a bite out of it.

   You continued your research as you ate and after a few minutes you found a connection linking the victims to each other. Your head shoots up “I got it!” you exclaim, happy you were able to connect the dots.  "every person on this list was killed by their spouse, who suddenly started acting weird. Spouses claim it never happened" you tell them.  You can see the wheels turning in their heads now. “Shape Shifter” They conclude at the same time. “stop that…. It’s weird” you say eyeing the both of them. Sam gives you a bitch face before speaking “alright, we know what we’re hunting.  now where would it be?” Sam asks, thinking out loud. After a few more minutes of researching the town you were in you learned it was all with in 5 miles of this old abandon warehouse. After you show the boys, you all grab your stuff and head out the door in the direction of the warehouse.

    20 minutes later, the three of you are trying to get inside the building with out being seen. You and Sam went around to the back and try to get in that way while Dean tried the front door. Once the two of you are inside the building you hear a loud crash and a shout that sounded like Deans. You and Sam run toward the sounds you just heard and see Dean fighting with someone who looked like the latest victims husband. The two of you take off toward the shifter and attack him. Before anything fun can happen you’re suddenly back at the motel. ‘what the fuck? why am I here?’ you think, looking up seeing  Cas standing right next to you.  "that was not good idea" he said, seemingly reading your mind. “why is it not a good idea?” you ask him, confused.

   "Because, you’re with child" he tells you. You sit there, staring at him for a few moments. You were shocked. “but, that can’t be true. I took a test, it was negative” you say. You weren’t sure you could believe him. “I am serious (Y/N), I can sense it growing inside you.”  "How is this possible? we were always so careful" you say, beginning to freak out.  "I do believe you bought one of those things that test this stuff at the doctors the about a month ago, didn’t you?“ he asks, tilting his head like he always does when he doesn’t understand something. "I did.” You say coming to the realization that this is all very possible. “how am I supposed to tell Sam? I don’t even know if he wants this anymore. I don’t even know how far along I am.” you’re seriously starting to freak out now. “from what I can tell, you’re only about a month along”  he tells you. “well, Fuck!” you exclaim as You lay down on the bed, covering your face with your arm, attempting to calm yourself down. “isn’t that how you got in this situation in the first place?”  Cas asks you,humorously. You lift your arm and glare at him and his smile drops. “if it is any consolation I do know Sam wants a baby. He never knew how to tell you, but I hear his thoughts about it.”

      It was silent until the boys came back to the motel after finishing the hunt.  When Sam walked in, the look of concern on his face changed to that of relief when he laid eyes on you, then shifted to confusion when he realized who was sitting there “what happened to you?” Sam asked, rushing to you, checking your body for injuries. “nothing, I’m fine. Cas just had something to tell me” you tell him nervously, glancing to Cas who takes the hint. “Dean let’s give them some privacy. they have something important to talk about.” he says, dragging the older Winchester out of the motel and to baby. “something important? (Y/N)? What is he talking about?”  "ummmm…“ you start nervously. "I’m pregnant?” you tell him, even though it comes out as more of a question than a statement. “w-what?” he asks his voice breaking as he speaks. “Yes, I’m pregnant”  you tell him with tears of joy beginning to fall from your eyes. “I’m going to be a father?” he asks you tears gathering in his eyes too. You nod your head yes,afraid you wouldn’t be able to speak. “this is amazing” he says, getting down eye level with your stomach and starting to speak to it. “hey little one. It’s your Daddy. I love you so much, even if I just found out about you. I love your mom a lot too. She’s great You’ll love her” he says. You watch him with so much love in your eyes. You wish for it never to end. “ it’s really early right now. Cas said I’m about a month along, but I figured you needed to know.” you say as you wipe the tears from your eyes. “that just means we have extra time to prepare for this” he tells you. A few hours later, Dean and Cas come back with food for you all from the diner down the road. Cas had told Dean what was going on while they were out. You all sat around eating And laughing with each other and somehow, you knew, in the end everything would turn out great. You could feel it. You finally felt whole for the first time in a long time.

Pregnant sense (Castiel x Reader)

•• For @peachyavaline 💞 I hope you like it! Sorry it took almost a month ••

Cas hadn’t been back to the bunker for almost a month, but he checked in by calling you every other day if he could. He told you he was finally going to be heading back that day and you couldn’t hold back an excited squeal.

“I can only handle so much of Sam and Dean by myself.” You chuckled as you folded some of the laundry and were putting it away in your dresser. You heard the bunker door shut and smiled. It had to be Cas, you didn’t hear Sam or Dean leave earlier. Setting your laundry aside for the moment you headed to the library and found all three of them. Dean was giving Cas a high five before Sam clasped his hand against Cas’s shoulder and brought him in for a short hug. Cas’s eyes landed on you and his smile grew even wider. He took a few steps towards you before stopping. You rose a brow at his now surprised expression.

“What?” He came up to you and put a hand on your stomach.

“Y-your pregnant.” The smile returning to his face. “You’re pregnant with our child.” He laughed and you couldn’t believe it. Cas never laughed. It was a beautiful sound. “Why didn’t you tell me?” You shook your head.

“I didn’t know!” You giggled. “But, I’m glad.” You wrapped your arms around him and he put his chin on top of your head.

“I’m glad too, (y/n)”

Sweet Boy Part two

A/N: Not gonna lie i’m PMSing mega right now so this is pretty emotional… sorry not sorry.

Summary: When Dean finds out his girlfriend of three years “y/n” is pregnant he has a hard time containing his sweet side.

Characters: Dean x Pregnant!Reader, Sam, Charlie, Slightly Castiel and Jody.

Warnings: Hella crying (Good crying), emotions in general.

Word count: 2.5k

 Tag List  Sweet Boy Masterlist

You ran down the hall, turning back every now and then to see if it was still behind you. You reached your room and bolted inside, slamming the door shut behind you.

Dean shot up from the bed grabbing his gun.

“What is it?”

“A bird!”

He dropped his arms and looked at you.



“A bird?”

“It flew through the front door when I came in.”

“Baby it’s a bird it can’t hurt you.”

“Please just get it out of here.”

Dean opened the door to your room and started looking.



“Don’t kill it!”

“What am I supposed to do then?”

“I don’t know. Get the broom!”

Sam jogged down the hallway with his gun lowered.

“I heard screaming.”

“She was being chased by a bird.”

“A bird?”

“Yes a damn bird! It chased me all the way here from the front door.”

Sam tucked his gun in the waistband if his jeans.

You froze. “Oh my God Dean it’s right there.” You said staring at the bird perched on the door frame across from you.

Dean slowly slipped his flannel off so he was just in a t-shirt and jeans. He walked towards the bird slowly and then quickly jumped at it grabbing it in his flannel. The bird stayed surprisingly still.

“See. Nothin to be scared of.”

You walked towards him and looked at it. It actually was really pretty. It has little specks of purple and yellow in its grey feathers.

“Wait it’s actually kinda cu-“ the bird shifted it’s wings and started to struggle.

“Oh my gosh oh my gosh take it outside.”

Dean laughed and then started to walk outside to let it go.

You looked up to see Sam holding in laughter.

“What are you laughing at?”

“Y/n… a bird? We hunt monsters and you’re afraid of a bird?”

“Do you know the kind of diseases those things carry? I’m carrying your nephew you want me to get sick?”

“Niece.” Dean cut in.

“How are you so sure it’s a girl?”

“Spidey senses.” Dean smiled.

“Well, we find out today!” Sam smiled. You and Dean were both excited for your baby shower, but Sam was even more excited. He says it’s because he “Gets all the fun with none of the responsibilities.”

You smiled at him and walked into your room, turning to him before you shut the door.

“Hey sorry if I woke you up.”

“Y/n it’s like noon.”

“Oh yeah I forgot you wake up early.”

“Waking up before noon isn’t early.”


“Hey when is everyone getting here?”


“Two thirty” Dean corrected.

“No, Two.”

“Y/n it’s two thirty.”

“Dean I know when my own baby shower is.”

He held up one finger telling you to wait while he grabbed his phone. He opened his calendar app and handed you his phone.

“Baby shower: 2:30- 5:00”

“Whatever.” You shrugged at him.

Sam laughed and walked back to his room.

“It’s his fault.” You said pointing to your belly. “I’ve got pregnancy brain.”

“Her fault.” Dean corrected.

“I’m the one carrying it in my body I feel like my instincts are more trustworthy.”

“Sure” Dean smiled. “We’ll see about that.”

You looked at the envelope on your bedside table. At your last OBGYN appointment your doctor said she could tell the gender. You and Dean asked the her to write it down so you could open it at your baby shower and everyone would find out together.

“Don’t even think about it.” He smirked when he saw you staring at the envelope. “You can wait two more hours to find out.”

You huffed.

“Y/n you should sit down.”


“Cause you just ran like Usain Bolt down the hall. You’re not supposed to be movin around like that.”

You thought about protesting but you realized he was just being his worried self. You sat on the bed with your ankles crossed and picked up the book on the table next to you, resting it on top of your belly. Dean laid beside you and read over your shoulder.

“This is boring.”

“Then read your own damn book.”

“Where did you even get that?”


“Of course. Only Sam could find a book that bland.”

“Oh my gosh shut up this is actually really good.”

Dean looked at the cover. “‘Flowers in The Attic?’ Even the title is lame.”

“Up yours”

“Up yours” He mimicked your voice. “I’m gonna go take a shower.”

“Mkay. Don’t take too long.”


You slipped your blue dress on and glanced at the clock. “2:18”

You turned to see Dean wearing a red button up and jeans.

“Why aren’t you wearing pink?”

“Why would I wear pink?”

“Cause you think it’s a girl. It said on the invite wear pink if you think it’s a girl wear blue if you think it’s a boy.”

“I don’t think I own anything pink.”

You bit your bottom lip and thought for a moment before an idea popped in your head.

You walked over to your dresser and dug around in the top drawer.

“What are you looking for?”

“Aha!” you cheered pulling out a pink bandana. “Gimmie your wrist.”

He held his arm out to you and you wrapped it around his wrist tucking it in neatly.

Sam knocked on your door.

“It’s open” Dean said in his deep voice.

Sam walked in wearing a blue button up.

“Finally someone with some sense.” You smiled.

He laughed. “Do you guys need help with anything?”

“Um were not really doing decorations, but I could use your help answering the door when people start to get here.”

He gave you one of his wide grins. “You got it!”

He went back to his room and you turned to Dean.

“He’s so sweet.”

“Yeah I think he might be more excited than us.”

“Well, good for us cause if this kid is anything like you were gonna need all the help we can get.”

“What’s that supposed to mean?” He crinkled his nose.

“Nuthin.” You shrugged and turned to walk out.

“Hey.” He grabbed your waist and pulled you back. “You c’mere.”

He pulled you up slightly and leaned down to kiss you. You closed your eyes and put your hands behind his head, deepening the kiss. When you pulled away he placed his forehead on yours.

“You ready mama?” He asked in a growly voice.

You took a deep breath, realizing how nervous you were. “Yup.”

He lifted his head up and gave you a not so convincing confident smile. He was nervous too.

“Well then let’s go.”


You looked around at all of the gifts you had opened.

“Thank you guys so much for all of this. It takes so much stress off of our shoulders you don’t even know.” You chuckled.

Toys, blankets, bibs, pacifiers, bottles. You name it, you had it.

“Not very often hunters get to go baby shopping.” One of Deans hunting buddies chimed in. “It was a pleasure.” You smiled and gave a polite laugh. He seemed to know you but you had completely forgotten his name.

“Okay, who wants cake?” Dean asked, rubbing his hands together.

Everyone got up from their chairs and made their way over to the tables.

You looked around the room at all the people that had come. Sam, Dean, and Cas had all moved to the corner of the room chatting about something. Jody and the girls were at one of the tables helping out with food. You knew most of the people there, but there were a few of Deans hunting buddies you had yet to meet.

Charlie pranced over to you, handing you a plate with a slice of vanilla cake.

“When are you guys gonna do the reveal i’m getting antsy.”

“Uh I think we’re doing it after everyone’s done eating.”

“But that’s gonna take like, forever.” She pouted. “Just let me peek in the envelope I won’t tell anyone.”

“If I have to wait so do you.” You said taking a big bite of your cake.

“What are we talkin about?” Dean asked hugging you from behind.

“Charlie wants to look in the envelope.” You said giving him a bite of your cake over your shoulder.

“Mh-m no way kid.” He said with a mouthful of cake.

“That’s what I told her.’

Your red headed friend huffed and crossed her arms over her chest. “It better be a girl or i’m gonna be like super mad at you.”

“Well you’re gonna be upset cause it’s a boy.”

“No way.” Dean said unwrapping his arms from you. “I’m gonna go get a drink you want anything?”

“No i’m good.”

He walked over to the tables and started chatting with Jody.


Once everyone had gotten their food and sat down they were all asking when you were going to open the envelope. After probably the tenth person had asked you, you looked up at Dean. “You ready?”

“I’ve been waiting for four friggin months. I’m ready.”

“Okay let me go get it.” You said about to stand up when Dean pulled it out of his back pocket.

“Already got it.”

You smiled and got everyone’s attention.

“Ladies and gentlemen, the moment you’ve been waiting for has arrived.”

You held up the envelope and everyone squealed.

“Oh hey guys.” Sam said reaching behind his chair. “There’s one more present.”

He pulled a box out and got up to hand it to you.

“Sam is this from you?”

“No, I just found it.”

You looked up at Dean. “Do you know who this is from?”

He shook his head. You looked up but no one was claiming it.

“Hm, mystery gift.” You said wiggling your eyebrows.

You carefully undid the small ribbon and slid the top off.

You gasped and buried your hands in your face.

“It was our Mom’s.” Dean said pulling the ring out of the box.

You looked up at him with tears welling up in your eyes. He grabbed your hand and you stood up from your chair.

“No friggin way.” You heard Charlie gasp from behind you.

“Y/n” Dean started. He put one foot back and slid down so he was on one knee. “Will you marry me?”

Little hot tears slipped down your cheeks. “Yes, oh my God yes.” You crouched down to his height and kissed him over and over again. There were at least twenty other people there but in that moment it felt like you and Dean were the only people in the world. He pulled you into him and you leaned your head on his shoulder. You were totally getting mascara on his shirt but you knew he wouldn’t care.

After soaking in the moment together Dean slipped the ring on your finger. It was a simple wedding band. No diamond, nothing fancy. It was perfect.

He wiped under your eyes with him thumbs which was useless because as soon as he wiped the tears new ones came and took their place.

You looked down at the ring again. “Dean, I love it.”

“I love you.” he smiled.

He pulled the two of you up and you laid your head on his chest, covering your face until you could stop crying. You looked up to say something to him but the only thing coming out of your mouth was sobs.

He leaned back and looked into your eyes. “You okay?”

“Yeah, this is just all really overwhelming.”

“I think she needs a minute.” Dean smiled up at Sam, handing him the envelope.

He pulled you aside into the hallway. “Okay you can let it out.”

Now that you had your “Crazy mommy hormones” There was no such thing a tearing up for you. You were either fine or you were bawling your eyes out.

Dean tucked your head under his chin and pulled you into a hug. “It’s okay mama.”

Your breath hitched as you let out another little cry against his chest. He rubbed up and down your back and swayed slightly with you in his arms. At this point Dean was used to you getting emotional so he knew how to calm you down.

After a minute or two you had stopped crying and calmed your breathing.

He brushed your hair behind your ears and fixed a few strands that were stuck to your damp cheeks.

“You good?”

“I’m so much more than good.” You smiled.

“Okay, here’s the plan.” He started. “You and I are gonna go in there, were gonna open that envelope. It’s obviously going to say were going to have a girl but i’ll act surprised for the guests.” You chuckled at his joke. “We’re gonna let everyone react and congratulate us, and then we’re gonna tell em to get the hell out so we can take a nap cause it’s been a long day.”

“Sounds like a plan.” You smiled at your fiancé.

“Ready?’ He grabbed your hand.


The two of you walked back into the vault room where everyone was chatting.

“Everybody good?” Sam asked as people’s attention went back to the two of you.

“I think we’re ready.” Dean smiled.

Sam held the envelope out to you and you reached for it, but then stopped.

“Uncle Sammy, you wanna do it?”

His eyes lit up.

He wedged his pinky finger under the flap and tore the envelope open pulling out the note and unfolding it. He smiled at the paper and then looked up.

“Charlie, could I get a drum roll please?”

She laughed and started quickly tapping her fingers on the side of her chair.

“Brrrrr.” she rolled her tongue making her best drum noise.

“It’s…. A girl!” He hollered.

Suddenly all you wanted was a girl. Little bows, princess dresses, tea parties, dress up. All of it sounded right.

You turned to see Dean fist pumping the air. Cas came up and gave him a pat on the back.


Dean grabbed your sides and the two of you shared grins.

“We’re having a baby girl.” he teared up.

“Okay now you’re the one crying.” You touched his face.

You pulled each other into a hug and you felt Dean’s shakey hands wrap around your waist. He squeezed you close to him and your belly pressed into his abdomen. He took a few deep breaths before pulling away from you.

“So many things have happened today. This is without a doubt the best day of my life, but he best thing about today is getting to say ‘I told you so’.” He laughed.

You shoved his shoulder. “You just love saying that don’t you?”


You slipped your night shirt on over your head. It used to be big and loose on you but now it fit around your belly and the words “Led Zeppelin” were warped. Two hands slid from your sides onto your bump.

“So” Dean said resting his head on your shoulder. “Ready for that nap?”

“After today, i’m gonna need a hundred naps.”

“I know what you mean.” He smiled kissing the back of your shoulder.

“Let’s get in bed before we fall asleep standing up.”

He nodded and the two of you tucked yourselves in bed. You laid flat on your back with four (4) pillows under you and Dean laid on his side facing you with and arm wrapped over you.

“Night Dean.”

“NIght Mama.”


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Dean’s Baby Girl

Master List

“Oh fuck!” You gasp as you see the little pink ‘+’ sign on all five pregnancy tests. Your dad was so going to kill him. Then you. Dean Winchester might not have been the conventional dad but he was the best. He made sure to go to every school play, every sporting event, he was always there for you. You got your GED two years ago and went on the road with your dad and your uncle Sam. You met Castiel the Angel of the Lord when your dad returned from Hell and you both felt a strong connection and attraction which was weird considering he was an angel and he wasn’t supposed to have those urges. You found out you and Cas were soulmates. You never told your dad there wasn’t a need to. Until a few weeks ago you were a virgin and Cas was your dad’s best friend you didn’t want to ruin their friendship. But you never kept something from your dad this big.

“Y/N! Let’s go Uncle Sammy found a case kid!” Your dad shouts outside your bathroom at the Bunker.

“OK give me a minute and I’ll be out!” You shout back trying to stay calm. You look at the five pregnancy tests in the sink and decide you;ll just say you’re sick and can’t go. No one will fault you for that and it’ll give you some to decide what you want to do. You splash cold water on your puffy eyes. You take a couple deep breathes before you leave the bathroom.

You walk into the kitchen where you see your dad and Sam eating breakfast, your stomach churns at the thought of food right now.

“Um dad, can I sit this hunt out I don’t feel well?” You ask as you sit down next to him across from Sam. You dad looks up at you worried.

“Are you ok?” He asks as he feels your head for a fever, you shoo him away. “Do I need to take you to the doctor?” You visibly pale at the thought the doctor coming in and telling you and your father you are pregnant at 18 no thank you. “What? What’s wrong sweetheart?”

“I just have a stomach bug, I’ll be fine in a day or two I think I just need to rest.” You lie. You hated lying to your dad you always felt like shit when you did it. But somehow he always knew and you could tell he knew you were hiding something from him.

“Tell you what I think Cas and Sam can handle this by themselves and I can stay back with you and make sure your ok.” Your dad was going to stay back from a hunt. That was new. You really needed to tell someone what was going on but you wouldn’t tell your dad when it was just the two of you.

“You know why don’t I come with and you can drop me at Jody’s it’s only a twenty minute drive from where the case is right?” You check with Sam and he nods.

“Ok. If your sure there isn’t something you need to tell us?” Your dad was totally fishing for info but you wouldn’t give it to him until after the hunt.

“No we can talk after the hunt. I’m gonna go pack. Cas is meeting you guys there right?” You ask.

“No he should be here soon.” Your dad says as he looks away. You walk to your room and pack all the things you need. You meet the guys fifteen minutes later out front by Baby. You avoid looking at Cas or even acknowledging his presence.

“You sure you’re not hungry kid?” You dad asks as he pulls away from the Bunker.

“Yeah I’m good.” You say quietly. You feel Cas put his hand over yours and you pull your hand away from him.


The ride to Jody’s was pretty quiet and you were so glad you got there right as you felt a wave of morning sickness. You pull Jody into a hug but as the nausea hits you, you run into the bathroom locking the door. You hear a flutter of wings and see Cas standing behind you. As another wave hit he holds your hair back for you despite your attempts to push him away. When you’re done he hands you your toothbrush and toothpaste. As you start to brush you look up into the mirror to see a very worried Cas standing behind you.

“Y/N are you alright? How may I assist you?” Cas asks.

“I‘m fine Cas.” You say as you finish brushing.

“Then may I ask why you are mad at me?” Cas whispers quietly. You turn around to look him in the eyes seeing the pain in them makes you regret ignoring him.

“I’m not mad Cas I just don’t feel well. I’m sorry for ignoring you.” You say as you hug him tightly nuzzling into his neck.

“It’s fine princess I just don’t want you to be mad at me.” Cas says as he presses a soft kiss into your hair.

“Y/N! You ok baby girl?” Your dad pounds on the door. You step out of Cas’s embrace and open the door. You throw yourself into your father’s arms.

“Baby girl are you alright?” Your dad asks as he strokes your hair gently.

“Dean she’s sick why is she coming on the hunt?” Cas growls angry at your dad for allowing you to come.

“She’s not Cas she’s staying here with Jody. But kiddo if you’re still sick I can stay back with you.” You shake your head.

“I’ll be fine I have Jody to take care of me.” You see her and Sam round the corner.

“You feeling ok honey?” Jody asks as she sees you.

“Yeah I’ll be fine. You guys better get going.” You shoo them out the door. Letting out a heavy sigh when they finally all leave.

“So you gonna tell me what’s going on with you and Cas?” Jody asks as you sit next to her on the couch.

“Ok first don’t tell my dad or Sam and second don’t judge.” Jody nods agreeing to the rules. “Cas and I are soulmates. It’s rare but can happen. It’s more common in angels. We found out a few weeks after we met. We finally had sex about six weeks ago and,” you take a deep breathe and look away from the closest thing to a mother you had. “Jody I’m pregnant.” You sob. She immediately pulls you into a hug. She holds you slowly rocking back and forth as your sobs slowly stop.

“I take it Dean has no clue about any of this?” Jody asks. You nod. “Are you gonna tell him?”

“When they get back from the hunt. Cas doesn’t know yet either.”

“Sweetheart it’ll be ok.”

“My dad will hate me. He’ll think I’m a slut.” Your sobs start again. Jody grabs your hands tightly in her own.

“No he will not. He will help you and support you. Y/N, he loves you more than anything in this world.” Jody says with all the authority of a mother.


The hunt went quick it turned out it was just the spirit of a scared little girl, they torched her and came back all within four days. Now you were back at the Bunker and were pacing the library nervous wondering who to tell first or if you should tell them all at once.

“Baby girl what’re you doing?” You look up to see your father, Sam and Cas all standing in the doorway watching you pace back and forth. All at once it is.

“Can you guys all have a seat please?” You ask softly. They all look worried but comply. “Ok now dad, uncle Sam I have some news, Cas and I have been dating since we met. But that’s not really what’s important right now.” You add seeing your dad start rolling up his sleeves ready to kill Cas. “I’m pregnant.” You whisper.

“Excuse me. Did my eight-freaking-teen daughter just tell me she is pregnant with my millenia old best friends baby?” Your dad growls as he stalks toward Cas.

“Y/N we’re pregnant?” Cas asks ignoring your father and wrapping his arms around you.

“Yeah.” You nuzzle into Cas’s neck.

“Yes I’m gonna be a dad!” He shouts as he picks you up and spins you in a circle.

“Put her down.” You father demands as he approaches you and Cas. Cas reluctantly sets you down. As soon as Cas puts you down your dad pulls you in for a giant hug.

“I love you Y/N! You will always be my baby girl, even though you’re having your own baby now.” He presses a kiss to your hair. He pulls away and turns to Cas. “You’re my best friend Cas and while it’s not my first choice you make her happy I can see that. But if you hurt her I will kill you. Is that understood?”

“Yes Dean I understand.” Cas says before pulling you into his strong arms. “I love you Y/N!”

“I love you too Cas.” You are so happy and shocked that your dad accepted your relationship with Cas.

You'll be Perfect

Requested by @deansbaby67supernatural

Can i request a Cas x reader where the reader tells Dean she’s pregnant and asks about ways to break the news to Cas since she’s afraid to because of the nephilum issue.

Word Count: 462 words

Author’s Note: Thank you for the request, I absolutely loved it as always!

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► What being pregnant (and mother) of Sam Winchester’s baby would be like... [HEADCANONS]

A/N : You’re pregnant of Sam’s daughter ! (Grammar errors can appear, sorry!) Please, feel free to send requests ! 

- When you tell him that you’re pregnant, he’s so suprised.

- But so happy.

- He’d only smiled and said that he’s proud.

- Well girl, he’s going to be the dad of your child!

- Dean’s is completly so happy and crazy to know that he’s gonna be a uncle !

- Even if he thought that he was going to be the first one to having a child…

- Castiel is definitely the godfather !

First trimester :

- Even if your baby bump is not really big, and he’s so protective with you. Sam don’t want you to be hurted or something.

- You are always so worried that daddy Sam could be hurt or… Dead. When it’s about a hunt.

- When you are with your doctor, Sam’s doing everything for being with you. And he’s entirely so happy to hear the heart of his child… You too obviously !

- But you didn’t know that your pregnancy could be… Somewhat dangerous.

- Because of Sam’s demon blood, your baby is not a normal human… You could die when he will come.

- But Winchester’s brothers would do anything for you!

- So you stopped seeing the doctor, Angel Cas’ is the new one !

- Well… It’s actually better to see someone who is really able to understand of all these supernatural things huh…

- But you were determined to having the baby, no matter if you could die or not !

- And all the team is so much admirative.

Second trimester :

- Well… It’s a girl !

- Sam was so happy ! His daughter ! D.A.U.G.H.T.E.R !

- A shy smile was on his face.

- Dean’s reaction : « Well, if a boy hurt her, I’ll be sure that he’s going to suffer like much as she do. No one could hurt my niece. No one. »

- Sam is completely agree.

- Castiel too, even if that wasn’t in the « angelic personnality » he’s definitely ready for defending her, no matter if his life was in danger. 

- You were so happy to know that even if you could leave this world, you totally know that she is going to be raised in the best way.

- Well… Castiel knows that you were stressed, like overstressed… And he was so frustrated because he also know that he’d cannot do any thing when birth comes…

- When you were alone, while you touch your baby bump… You was cryin’ silently.

- The only thought of the fact that you’d couldn’t see your baby grown, or even see her face was so awful. Mommy was hurt…

- But that wasn’t Sam’s fault, you too and yet less her.

- She deserved to be alive.

Third trimester.

- You were prepared to die. You were ready.

- Day by day, you were more weak… Almost always in your bed.

- Demon’s blood was killing you by the inside.

- Sam’s was scared to lose you, cursing Azazel and Lucifer in his head.

- He was crying too… When no one was here.

- Life was giving him someone, he created a little human, and life decided to be cruel and going to erase you from the Earth surface. He wasn’t positive about the birth : how he’d can be ?

- For him, you were definitely going to die.

- Uncle Dean obligated himself to be positive, to keep hope for you. And his little brother. Caring of you with his humor, you was knowing that he’d forced himself…

- Castiel was sad, humans life was so fragile. You cannot giving birth and losing your life at the same time. That was unacceptable.

Birth (If you died and if you’re not) :

If you died :

- Sam was crying, he cannot stop himself. He didn’t see his daughter face yet…  

- You were laying on your dead bed. Eyes closed.

- No breathings.

- The little human was in a another room, in angel’s arms. Her godfather.

- Her eyes was the same of Sam. But her hair was the same as yours!

- Her nose was small, her skin was pale but not too much, her lips was pretty pink.

- Even if you were gone, you done a really good job!

- « I’m so sorry… I promise you that your mother is with my brothers and sisters… » Castiel said to your daughter.

- When she was looking at Castiel, she was smiling. She felt he was a really good person. A angel.

- Dean was… Unexplainable… Angry at life, himself for being so useless. He was at your sides, looking at your peaceful face, tears in his eyes. A river of tears.

- Sam’s was so hurt.

- He felt like itw as his fault.

- Well for him, it’s his fault.

- Who else ?

- That was him.

- But when he hold his daughter for the first time, he felt like she were the last gift from you…

You’re not dead :

- The baby in your arms. You were crying, you’re not dead !

- Sam and the team was so proud of you…

- You are a mom !

- She is so beautiful !

- Dean is completely crazy, happy that his niece and her mother was alive.

- Castiel too. Thanking his sisters and brothers for being so helpful, his father too.

- Sam’s happy tears are falling on your arms, he’s a dad !

- « You are the most beautiful thing in this world. Daughter. » He said, kissing the little hand in his one.

Bonus : Castiel’s crying in the bad ending.

One of my baby

Before the Fire

A Prequel to Aftermath

Summary: You and the boys suffer through a demon attack.

Relationship: Dean Winchester x You

Warnings/Tags: Angst, Violence, Pregnant!Reader

Word Count: 2000ish

Written for @pinkpearlsandchampagne (I didn’t forget about it, I swear! Finals were just kicking my ass, lol.)

Originally posted by canonspngifs

You heaved into the toilet for what seemed to be the thousandth time that morning, clutching the porcelain bowl as the contents of your stomach were unfairly snatched from you by your ever-present nausea. At this stage in the pregnancy, 28 weeks that is, you expected the morning sickness to be long gone. But apparently, Satan (or whoever was deciding to torture you every hour of every day) had different plans. You found herself kneeling on the chilly, plastic floor of a crappy motel bathroom often, puking your guts out with Dean standing worriedly behind you.

The hunter’s rough hands rubbed gentle circles in your back, “I um, I read in the baby books that sometimes this shit can last through the whole pregnancy.” He gave you a sympathetic smile, “I’m sorry, Baby.”

You could barely nod, fighting back the urge to gag. You cursed yourself for forgetting your anti-nausea pills back at the bunker. They didn’t help a lot, but it took the edge off and they made you feel a hell of a lot better than how you felt right now.

“Not your fault, I should have packed the damn pills,” you managed to get out, voice rough.

“Technically it is my fault. I’m the one who knocked you up and all,” Dean snorted. “But seriously, Y/n, wouldn’t you be more comfortable at home?”

You glared at the hunter, “What, so I can be sick and alone? No-”

“Dean? Y/N?” You heard Sam shout from across the room and the sound of the door slamming shut shortly after. The younger hunter’s loud footsteps announced his entrance into the bathroom. He set the Impala keys onto the counter, kneeling down next to the toilet as soon as his eyes landed on you..

“You okay, Y/N?” Sam’s words were soft, his eyes scrunched up in concern.

Dean’s younger brother had been your best friend since you met him at a bar in Nebraska a few years ago. They were on a hunt (a werewolf, you think) and you were trying to work your way through college debt one bar shift at a time.

You met Dean there too, and neither of you could deny the spark between the two of you the minute you met. There was just something about the elder Winchester you couldn’t resist.

And Sam was an amazing friend. He listened to all the bullshit that you ranted to him daily, he personally mentored you to be a hunter, and he was massively supportive of Baby Winchester on the way. You couldn’t have asked for a better family, for yourself and your baby girl.

“I’m fine,” you assured the hunter. “I think this wave’s passed.”

Sam nodded and started to dig through the plastic bag he had brought into the bathroom. After a minute of searching, he held up a small, white bottle and shook it, pills clinking together inside.

You recognized the label immediately, “Oh thank God.” Sam had picked you up the anti-nausea pills you were missing when he was out on a food run.

“Or Dean, he’s the one who texted me asked for them-”

Both of the Winchester’s turned to the door, glaring with their eyebrows furrowed. They had obviously heard something you had not.

There was a loud crash from the bedroom, followed by a couple of thudding steps walking into the room. Dean and Sam were already on their feet with guns in their hands. They looked at each other and then back at the door, getting up into a defending stance in front of you with menacing glares on their faces.

Dean turned around, “Stay here. Don’t make a sound.” You only nodded, your body was still shaking and weak from the early morning nausea and with the baby you were in no shape to pull a gun out and start shooting.

Sam headed out to see what the commotion was, moving silently into the room. Dean pressed a large pocket knife to your hand and his eyebrows raised, almost as if to say protect yourself.

He turned around and followed his younger brother, closing the bathroom door behind him.

You couldn’t hear anything, which might have been the thing concerning you the most. You didn’t know what was going on or who was decided to drop by or if either of the boys were okay. The baby squirmed unhappily inside you, she didn’t like it when you were stressed. Which was unfortunate because you were always stressed.

Months ago, at the beginning of this long journey, you told Dean you weren’t going to be a single parent. When he said he was in, he was in. He was saving the world one last time, you allowed him that, but afterward he promised you he would quit hunting for good. One of these days, the man was going to end up dead for real on the job. You couldn’t stand the thought of living without him, in a quiet house and a baby to watch after with no father in sight.

Not to mention the fact that it was getting hard to cope with the worry every time he went out on a hunt without you. Sometimes you had to wait for weeks on end, your stomach swelling as you and your baby girl awaited her daddy’s return. The constant question of whether or not he was going to make it back ate away at you for those weeks, only easing when the hunter called you at the end of the night to ask how you and his precious daughter were doing.

The entire reason you were on this trip was because you had burst out into tears when Dean came home one night after being gone for two weeks only to find a lead on their current ‘Big Bad’ the next morning and have to leave once more. After calming you down, he agreed to take you along. You were as safe with him and Sam as you were heavily pregnant and locked up alone in the bunker.

You were starting to regret your decision to join them. Sure, you had been on many hunts before, you’d shot and punched and stabbed monsters with the Winchesters for a long while before you fell pregnant. But now you had another life to watch out for. You were already worried about what part your baby would play in you and Dean’s fucked up lives. She would always be used against the both of you, captured, kidnapped, threatened, killed.

You shivered at that last one.

It was part of the reason Dean decided to quit the life, there was never going to be a way for him to work without people going after her. He couldn’t do that to your baby girl and neither could you.

You were pulled out of your thoughts by a loud bang up against the wall next to you. The voices from outside the door were angry and muffled, vicious snarls coming from both parties. Whatever was happening out there didn’t sound good.

It also sounded like the voices were getting louder, footsteps coming closer and closer to the entrance of the bathroom.

Your fingertips slid over the covered blade of the pocket knife, flicking it open and holding it out in defense.

Dean’s voice was the first thing you heard as the door swung open, revealing a short, brunette man with a devilish smile. He sauntered over to you, amusement drawing from his face as he looked over you. The elder hunter swore at the demon, you could hear him fighting his captor from the other side of the wall.

“Well hello there, Dear.” The man spoke in a smooth, British accent, taking another daring step forward. “You know…” He spoke louder, letting the boys hear him. “I was thinking taking of Sam as a hostage, but this seems far more fitting.”

“Don’t you fucking dare, Crowley,” Dean warned. “I’ll rip your Goddamn lungs out!”

“You are the squirrel’s, aren’t you?” The demon said, as if the elder hunter threatening him only confirmed his assumptions.

You slashed the man’s hand as he reached out to you, mildly alarmed when he hissed in pain and then chuckled as he retreated.

“Feisty,” he said. “That’s good. You’ll need that in hell.”

“Over my dead fucking body,” Dean shouted.

Crowley rolled his eyes, shrugging before he leaned down to grip your arm once more. His hand wrapped around your wrist as you stabbed him once more. This time the demon didn’t flinch, dragging you up onto your feet.

Your hand covered your swollen stomach, subconsciously defending your baby from the demons. Crowley pushed you out of the bathroom, his touch no more gentle than it had been a few seconds ago.

Your eyes landed on Sam and Dean, both held up against the wall with knives to their throats. Dean faced you and his eyes met your own, face screwed into an expression of anger and sympathy.

The baby kicked against your hand, reacting to your elevated heartbeat and the rise of adrenaline in your system. She didn’t like it when you got up too fast, let alone being pushed around by demons.

“All you have to do is give me what I want,” Crowley said.

“Are you stupid?” Dean asked. “We don’t have the fucking colt.”

Crowley’s grin quickly changed into something dark, the demon dipped down and took your arm into a vice grip. “You know, I could snap her neck like that,” he snapped his fingers for effect.

Cas, I need help.

You didn’t know if the angel could even hear you.

“I’ll fucking kill you!” Dean effectively headbutted the demon behind him. He was able to gain footing for a moment before being tackled once more.

“Crowley, don’t. We don’t have it,” Sam insisted.


“I don’t believe you.” The demon raised Dean’s blade to your throat, the one that he had taken from you moments before. “Where is it?”

Castiel, please.

“Jesus fuck, we don’t have it! Don’t you think they would have fessed up by now? I’m pre-”

You gasped breathlessly at the feeling of a pointed elbow connecting with your stomach, and let out a broken sob shortly after, hands flying to caress the swell.

Cas. Cas. Cas. CAS.

After that all hell broke loose, Dean and Sam were knocking the demons away from themselves and punching, stabbing, and shooting them with the first weapons they could get their hands on. Both of them were as pissed as you had ever seen them, letting their rage direct them into a demon-killing rampage.

You gasped at the feeling of Crowley’s grip suddenly disappearing from around your arm, staggering back against the wall. If you were able to breathe past the pain radiating through your abdomen it would have been a breath of relief as your eyes landed on Castiel stomping over to the demons threatening to overtake Sam and Dean. Within a couple of moments, they were dead on the floor with their eyes burned out.

“Cas?” Dean asked as soon as he registered the angel’s presence. “How the hell’d you find us?”

The hunter clutched a large gash in his arm, alike to the cut Sam was currently wiping down on his own shoulder.

“Y/n prayed to me,” Cas confirmed. He glared around the room, “I believe Crowley got away.”

You nodded, he disappeared when the angel got here.

“Why does he think we have the colt?” Sam turned to Dean as he questioned the hunter.

“I don’t know, but if he got out that means he’s coming back with more. We need to hit the road pronto.”

You all nodded in agreement. Cas offered to bring the four of you and the Impala back to the bunker, but Dean insisted it would be better to drive. It would be harder for Crowley to find you in a moving car, and the car-ride would give Sam time to find out who really had the colt.

Within a couple minutes, you were packing into Baby, the car filled with stress and frazzled nerves. You sat in the back with Cas, tapping lightly against your stomach in hopes of getting a kick from your baby girl.