castiel wings

I like your wings, Clarence… I had them once. They were black, like yours. They were beautiful and powerful. And so strong. I could fly high up in the morning sky, that’s what I loved the most… mornings… beginning of the new day… of new chance… oh, I miss them so much Clarence… my wings. They took them from me, they cut them off. And now, all I have left are these pair of thorns on my memory… on my head. But it look like I have a new chance again, Angel… cause destiny send me you… Clarence…

booflo62 asked:

I mean I am a small pterodactyl called boris, so that would be cool, don't often get #dinofic

and thus “dinodestiel” was born

“Dean,” screeched Castiel, his great wings flapping. Behind him, he could hear the angry horde of his pterodactyl family chasing him down. He flew faster. “Dean!”

“Cas!” came a desperate call from below. “Cas, I’m here!”

Cas swooped in low, and flew just above a running green iguanodon as it made for the cover of some trees.

“We stand no chance,” Castiel said, not daring to look back.

“We’ll be OK,” Dean the iguanodon said fiercely. “We’ll make it. I won’t let them hurt you.”