castiel is a gangster


I don’t want anyone to think I’m forgetting their favorite stories, so here are the ones I’m currently really working on.

Until the Moon
Mafia AU
The Shade Chronicles
Something Valuable

Here are the ones that I have unfinished that have really taken a back burner, but I do intend to continue.

Family Don’t End
Wrong Place Wrong Time
Cowboy Casanova

There are two stories that I’ve kind of abandoned, and those are The Other Potter and a Winchester sister series of prompts that was requested. I hate to do that, but I have had literally no further inspiration for these. (The second one I have literally had a new part sitting in my drafts that I haven’t gotten anywhere with in months). They are on my list, but just nothing has been coming for them and I’ve got a lot on my plate right now, so these two just really took the back back burner. Sorry!

But yeah, those are the series that I recall that I am currently working on. Y’all are amazing! Thanks for getting me to 900!