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Week 2 Challenge of @spnhiatuscreations, creation #1

week 2 (may 29 - june 4): urban legends

As opposed to dealing with one of the urban legends that has already been on the show, I wanted to create something involving one of the few urban legends that the Winchesters have not faced in the 12-season run of Supernatural. I decided to go with Kuchisake-onna, otherwise known as the Slit-Mouth woman. The basic story is that she’s a Japanese ghost whose mouth was split open by her husband when he found out she was cheating on him.

Modern legends say that she walks around with a surgical mask on her face, asking passerby if they think she is pretty. Answer no, and she’ll stab you with scissors, killing you. Answer yes, and she’ll take the mask off, revealing her slashed face, and ask again. Answer no, and she’ll slice you in half. Say yes, and she’ll slash your face to look like hers. You may be able to trick her by giving a noncommittal answer such as, “so-so,” confusing her long enough for you to escape.

You can bet that the Winchesters would plan to distract her until they were able to burn her bones. And we all know that before Cas could give his planned answer of, “Beauty is a social construct designed by humans,” Dean would blurt out, “Hell no,” forcing them all to fight for their lives instead.

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Title: It’s the Back Muscles

Warnings: Half naked, recounts of violence, blood, exhaustion, fluff, sweetness

Word Count: 624

Summary: Castiel is changing in the bedroom when reader walks in- exhausted from a long day of research and hunting. Before he can finish changing she gets distracted by his back muscles.

a/n: Trying to lift my mood a bit so here’s a crappy fluff fic. Be ready for some major angst later on- i have quite the story in store ;) 


You shuffled into the bunker- muttering a ‘night’ towards the brothers before heading to your room. To say you were exhausted was an absolute and complete understatement. Your body was sore- and you were pretty sure you had some cuts and bruises scattered throughout your body. Stupid werewolves.

You opened the door to your room, stepping in and closing once realizing that Castiel was changing. You watched him pull off his shirt- staring at his back muscles as they moved and flowed underneath his skin in coils. You walked forward and before Cas could fully turn around you rest a hand on his back, tracing over the muscles. He fell still, your cold hand sending chills down his spine as you traced the mock of wings in his muscles.

“You have quite the back.” You said softly, and he chuckled- the vibrations hitting the pads on your fingertips as you rested them against his spine. You leaned in and rested your forehead against his back- your warmth breathing billowing and spreading out across his skin, giving him goosebumps.

“I have werewolves.” You muttered, and when you felt him starting to turn as a warning to that he was going to turn, you pulled away and allowed him to turn to face you. He took you in with a once over- grimacing slightly as he noticed how matted down your hair looked, and just how… done you looked over all.

“Tell me about it.” He said, pulling you into his warm chest. You let out a soft sigh, wrapping your arms around him loosely, your head resting on his chest as you closed your eyes, his chin resting on the top of your head as you guys swayed softly to the sound of nothing.

“I’m so tired.” You muttered, and he chuckled again- this time the chuckle vibrating throughout your cheek and jaw.

“Shower, then join me in bed.” He said and you nodded, but didn’t pull away. You didn’t want to leave his arms, they were so warm and so comfortable. He pulled back and you sighed, shuffling off to the shower.

After having showered you dried off and pulled on a pair of Captain America pajama bottoms- which Dean had bought you for christmas- and a black tee that had a pair of white angel wings on the back, which of course was given to you by Cas. You left the bathroom- hair brushed and toweled dry- and threw yourself into the bed.

Cas rolled over towards you and sat up, helping you underneath the covers before pulling you into his chest- running a hand through your freshly cleaned hair and the other one wrapped around your waist, keeping him close to you.

“How did the hunt go overall?” He asked, and you huffed, half asleep.

“Well I guess.” You mumbled. “I was ambushed at one point- think I got a cut on my back but I don’t really know. Gosh- sometimes I’m so tempted to just turn and leave. Leave this life behind.” You muttered, and his hand around your waist carefully roamed your back to see if you were indeed correct about the cut.

“I’m glad you don’t, don’t get me wrong. This can suck, but I’m grateful you decide to stay. That allows me to be with you.” He said, and you softly chuckled- taking a deep breath and beginning to fall asleep.

“I love you cas, night baby.” You muttered, and his kissed your forehead- closing his own eyes as he just held you.

“I love you too (Y/n). Sleep well.” He said, and they drifted off into a peaceful sleep- neither one of them plagued by nightmares or the horrors of their past. Just the peaceful future.


Dean/Demon!Dean x Reader



You had headaches and your were annoyed.

“Thanks Cas that you bring me here…couldn’t you choose a dry night? ”, you said into the rain and shook your head. You had to find a roof to get under and you knew where you would find one.

You knocked on the door and a very tall person opened up. You went past him into the not-so-nice motel room.

“It is raining like hell outside. Do you have any towels?”, you asked looking around in the familiar room.

“Uhm…excuse me but…”, Sam started and Dean finished his confusion with pointing a gun to your face.

“Who the hell are you?”, the green eyed one asked you and you would have loved to kiss him but it was impossible.

“Oh, my bad.”, you laughed and wanted to grab something from your bag.

“Don’t even try.”, he growled and stepped closer.

“Easy boy. It is just a silver flask full of holy water. See..”, you opened it and poured some over your hand.

“No Demon or Shifter. Do you guys have some soap, so I can prove that I am not a Leviathan?”, you asked and looked into their confused faces.

“Well I think you guys are like…shocked…or something. So I’m going to hop into the shower and it would be nice if you could gather yourself together until I’m done.”

You were drying your hair with a towel when the brothers came into the bathroom.

“So? Are you a hunter?”, Sam asked and looked at you.

“Yeah…you can say that.”, you said smiling to yourself and threw the towel at Dean who catched it.

“So what are you doing here if you don’t mind me asking?”, Dean said with a sarcastic smile on his face. You knew his skin was crawling because he hadn’t everything under his controll.

“To clear things up. I’m from the future. I know you guys. We are kind of close but I can’t tell you more because otherwise I would change the future and that would end like Balthazar unsinking the Titanic.”, you explained and waited till they processed it all.

“Why do you know Balthazar? He was way in the past…Who are you? Some kind of freakin’ God?”, Dean is the first to ask.

“Cute but no. I’m not a God. I’m a normal human passing through time. And my name…Let’s see…how about…Brenda? I think that is a cute name.”, you named yourself not wanting them to know your real name. They would look for you and find you if the wanted.

“Why are you here?”, Sam sat down on the bed. Dean was still staring at you. You loved this Dean. He was so much younger and with less demons. Literally.

“Well…you remember the Pheonix you had to kill to get to its ash? I need something which apperantly only exsists in this year and you guys destroy it in your hunt tomorrow. I need that thing to save a loved one back there. Well not back, further? Whatever you know what I mean.”, you explained and looked Dean in the eye. You remembered the last time you saw him. He wasn’t himself. He hit you, was about to kill you if Sam and Cas wouldn’t have been there. But he hasn’t been himself. Now Sam had found a cure but you needed this bone which they destroyed in the past becuase it was used to fullfill bad wishes. You had to stop that and take it with you.

“Who is it?”, Dean asked and his voice was calmer now. Carefull even.

“My husband.”, you were safe to say that.

“Oh…”, you could see disappointment in his eyes and you had to laugh.

“Can’t hit on a married woman right?”, you laughed and Sam chuckled.

“Well technichally you are not married yet.”, he defended himself gave you his flirting smirk but you knew that he wouldn’t try.

“Anyways…we got stuff to do so I get that damn thing before you dumbasses destroy it.”

It was the day after and you had half an hour left. You were in the middle of the fight with five witches who happend to be using that bone. You could hear Dean making jokes about that. Apperantly the job turned out bigger than you guys thought because it wasn’t just the witches who were after the item but demons also.

You just slit the throat of one of the red headed witches when someone grabbed you from behind and tried to strangle you. You kicked and scratched him but he remained unimpressed.

“Let her go you bastard.”, Dean yelled pointing a shotgun at the thing behind you. It kept getting more difficult to breath and your heart pounded in your chest.

“Well isn’t this cute. You shouldn’t have come here dear. I maybe dead in the future but I’m not in the past. You should have known that because you were the one who killed me! Now little Dean has to watch you die before he even gets the chance to bone you.”

“Anster.”, you said the demons name out loud and roled your eyes. How could you forget him. Damn it.

“The one and only.”, he said in your ear and yo felt your skinn crawl.

“Let her go or I’ll shoot.”, Dean threatend him but that was not wise of him.

“Shoot and I’ll slit her throat and you won’t be able to build your little family with her and stay forever alone. Well I could just destroy the bone and you would destroy your love by yourself. I like that.”, Anster said and you could hear his grin in his voice. This bastard was about to ruin everything.

“What is he talkin about?”, Dean said and was obviously confused. But before you could answer you felt something sting into your back and heard Anster screaming his lungs out. His body dropped to the floor and you turned around to face Sam with a bloody demon knife in his hands.

“I hate demons.”, Sam said and looked at the body on the ground.

“Copy that.”, you answered and grabbed the bone from Ansters dead body.

“Well. I got to go.”, you said so you could go before Dean could dig in way too much.

“Hold on there walkin future. What was the demon talkin about? Why would I destroy my love if I had one. That’s insane. And what would you have to do with it?”, you heard Dean say with the serious voice of his.

“Don’t worry about that. You’re not doing anything.”

“Wait! Am I your…”

“Cas! Time to go!”, you cut him off shoutig before he could end his sentence.

“Cas?! He is behind all of this? Hell no…” He came straight at you and grabbed the bone from you. Apparently Cas and Dean were not on good terms in this year.

“Your not going anywhere before you tell me.” You panicked immidiatly and looked to the clock. You had ten minutes.

“Dean give it back. I’m serious. I won’t be able to come back again and then…”

“Who are you?”, he yelled and you winced.

“Dean please…”

“Tell me who you are or I swear to god I will destroy this thing and you won’t be able to save your husband.”, he groweld and squeezed your armes.

“I would have to kill you for that because you are my damn husband you Asshole!”, you bursted out and shoved him back.

“I did this to you?”, he asked out of nowhere and reached out for your face where you could still see the bruises demon Dean left. He got you really hard with the one punch but neither of you mentioned the bruises until now.

“Technichally yeah. But it wasn’t really you. Look this is already too much information I got to go to my time as fast as I can before we change the future.”, you changed the subject and reached out for the bone. But dean pulled you in a kiss instead and you realized how much you missed his soft lips against yours.

“Kick me in the ass when your back home. You don’t deserve this. And when you save me I promise I will take you to Venice and we will have a hot honeymoon.”, he whispered against your lips. You chuckled and heard the clock hit 12 o'clock.

“I’ll save you. I will always save you.”, was the last thing you could say before you felt Cas pull you back. You woke up in the panick room on a bed not far away from the demons trap where Dean was sitting on a chair tied to it.

“Welcome back sweetheart.”, you heard him say and your heart ached. You still felt dizzy but stood up anyway.

“What happened? Did you get it?”, Sam asked and hurried over to you.

“Yeah. Anster showed up and was about to blow off the whole thing but you killed him.”, you sighed and handed him the bone so he could do the ritual.

“Oh honey. Was I rude to you back there? See, it is not because I’m a demon. You just deserve to be treated like that.”, demon Dean said and you looked into his black eyes. You hold on to the words from past-Dean and smiled at him.

“Actually baby…Dean kissed me and told me to kick your ass. Even you wanted to kick yourself.” You stepped into the demons trap and put your hand on his shoulder.

“And after kicking your ass…We’re going to Venice…You have to keep your promises.”

You sounded pretty confident but inside you wished that this ritual would work because otherwise you had to start from zero again.

A Little Too Late

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Title: A Little Too Late

Pairing: Gabriel x Reader

Characters: Gabriel, Castiel, Sam, and Dean

Warnings: Injured Character, blood

Word Count: 873

A/N: I hope you all enjoy this one! I LOVE it! Plus who doesn’t enjoy a good Gabriel fic AMIRITE? Feedback is welcomed and appreciated

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Castiel and Gabriel strolled into the library, expecting to see three people, but it was just the two Winchester brothers.  “Where’s our favorite hunter,” Gabriel spoke playfully as he looked around the library.  You were close with many of the angels that paid Dean and Sam a visit.  The two that visited the most were Gabriel and Cas.  Gabriel grew fond of you as the months went on.  He knew he shouldn’t let himself develop these feelings for you, but he couldn’t help himself; he had a sweet tooth.

“She’s on a hunt,” Sam informed the two angels, his face not leaving his laptop screen.  Sam and Dean let you do this one alone because they knew you could handle yourself just fine.  This was your fifth hunt by yourself.

“What is she hunting,” Castiel asked, peering over at Gabriel who had become worried.

“It’s only a nest of vamps, relax you two,” Dean spoke, putting his feet on the table as he read a book of lore.  “She’s done it before, she’ll be back before you know it.”

Gabriel, Castiel, anyone, please, I am in great danger.  Hel-

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WARNINGS: Violence 

 For as long as I can remember, I have loved my best friend. We were born years apart, myself only as old as his little brother Sam. Our parents thought Sam and I would end up falling in love, but I knew that would never be the case. From the moment I first saw him, I knew that he would ruin those plans, Dean Winchester was perfect, and I fell in love with him faster than you could ever imagine. My parents were hunters just like John and Mary, and like them they gave it up once I was born. But even after as soon as I came of age, I joined the business. Hunting ran in my blood, and, Dean Winchester had chosen to become a hunter just years prior. Sam came with us, deciding he should try it out before he eliminated the chance to go to law school. After we met Castiel, our group was perfect. We fought the monsters that crept in the night, we worked well together. Dean and I grew a bond he would describe as sisterly to my disappointment. But I got to be with him, it was good enough for me. We lived in this perfect world for 4 years after Sam decided to stick with hunting. Then she came along. And she ruined everything. 

 Marie Claire Forester was the textbook definition of perfect. She was beautiful, smart, funny, and a genuinely nice person. The only fault to her character was one that truly hit home to me. She fell in love with Dean Winchester. Slowly, she edged her way into our family, from starting to date Dean, to learning how to hunt so she could stay on the road with us. And everyday she was with us I saw the two of them become closer than ever. Everyone who met Marie loved her. Dean, Sam, Castiel, bartenders even the grumpy motel managers. Complete strangers would even turn to say hello when Marie greeted them. Just as slowly as she made her way into my world, I was pushed out of it. Suddenly Dean was forgetting to open the door for me to get out of the Impala, or forgetting to order me food. Sam was forgetting to mention what book he was reading, and he stopped the enjoyable conversations we would have on road trips while Dean rocked out to his music. Both of them forgot I even existed, often leaving me out of hunting trips, or driving away from the motel and making me have to call them to pick me up. The first time it happened I waited, thinking they would realize I wasn’t in the back seat and head back to pick me up, but they didn’t. I called that night, making them drive a whole day’s worth of travel back, which was when they had the audacity to scold me from making them waste gas and loose time on their way to the next hunt. Castiel had to have seen it. The pain and desperation and loneliness that radiated off of me. But he never did anything, never said or mentioned a word about what had happened. Within a year of Marie joining us, I was no longer apart of the team. I was the baggage they had to take with them, in fear my parents or myself would say something if they officially kicked me out. I became a useless shadow, never seen or heard as I watched the only people I had ever trusted, forget me.

I learned that I was wrong when I thought the day we met Marie was the worst day of my life. The day that makes that one pale in comparison was much, much worse. I remember it so vividly, I could tell you what the weather was like outside. We were in Tennessee, searching for a man who had somehow killed 20 people in his town. He had made a deal with a demon after his wife left him. He wanted to ruin the lives of every happy couple ever. The demon gave him the ability to see the auras of soulmates, meaning he could look at two people and see if they were soulmates. He had done it with all his victims, shortly followed by his knife slitting their throats. When we first saw him, he had this evil little smirk on his face, like he knew he was about to ruin my life. Like he could instantly see what the affect of his words would have on my life. 

 "Soulmates are so funny you know,“ he practically giggled, staring straight at me, “Sometimes, the love of your life is right beside you and you never notice it.” I caught Dean and Marie glancing at each other in the corner of my eye, making my stomach knot up as I understood what they were thinking. They would be the bait, the only two here who could be soulmates. I swallowed thickly as the man got closer to me, it had to be the first time in that year everyone was looking at me, and it felt so weird and different actually being looked at for once. “You know what the real problem with your life is honey?” The man asked as he placed a hand on my shoulder. I glared weakly up into the man’s blue eyes. “Your soulmate is currently all cozied up with someone who isn’t you. In fact, he’s that stunning brunette over there with the green eyes sweetie.” Those words are the last thing he said. That was before Dean whipped out his gun and put a bullet straight through the man’s head. I gasped in shock as blood splattered onto me, feeling confused and shocked as his words registered in my head. He said that Dean was my soulmate. And Dean was here to hear it as well. The only person who could prove we were connected and Dean killed him right after he did. I looked over at Dean, only to see him standing with his arms wrapped around Marie who seemed to be crying into his chest. My eyes met Dean’s, but my gaze if confusion was met by his glare of hatred. I shriveled back at the force of his glare as he put his gun back into his waistband and turned to walk Marie back outside, whispering sweet nothings into her ear as they went, Dam and Castiel close behind them. I stood frozen for a few moments, trying to mull things over in my brain before I slipped off the sweatshirt I was wearing and used to inside to wipe the blood off of my face. I scrubbed hard, taking out some of the frustration as I thought of Dean’s actions. How could he? Why would he act like that after finding out such a thing? I sniffled as I felt my eyes begin to water. I would not cry for this. No. I knew Dean didn’t feel as I did, this shouldn’t have been a big deal to me, it should have been as common as the day to day activities I encountered. But it still hurt, I tried to swallow the pain as j ran for the door, knowing if I didn’t get out there soon they would leave me. Perhaps this time, they wouldn’t come back. 

 It must feel terrible to discover someone you loved was unfaithful to you. Because it burned to hear them when Dean didn’t even have a reason to be faithful to me. Every night I could hear them, no matter how loud the music or how far away their room was placed, I heard them. His grunts of pleasure, her wanton moans that sounded in response. The both of them calling and screaming out as they finished. Some nights were better than others, they would only go for it twice. Others, they would continue on into the morning. There was one night in particular that I remember rather well. Maybe I remember it because it was the night I lost hops. Or maybe because it was the night Dean Winchester took my heart, and smashed it with a hammer. 

 I yawned as I turned over in my bed again before turning back. My irrational fear of sleeping with my back to the door would always get to me. I was grateful that tonight was one of the nights Dean took a break from all the fucking that would occur behind Marie and his own closed door. The thing I turned out not to be grateful for, was how my room was connected to Sam’s. 

 It was obvious that sleep would not be coming easily tonight. Just the same it seemed to be that way for the Winchester brothers as well. I had heard Sam shuffling around as I attempted to sleep and had even contemplating walking through the adjoined bathroom and saying hello. But my plans were hopefully shattered as I heard Dean’s voice sound through the thin walls and open bathroom doors. 

 "Marie is just so amazing Sam. I think I really picked a good one this time. She’s gotta be the one,“ Dean confessed to his brother. His voice was light and airy, slightly wistful as I imagined him looking up at the ceiling in wonder as he thought of his Marie. 

 "Well actually, according to the aura reader in Tennessee, your meant to be is Y/N,” Sam replied, his voice making it sound like a joke as he laughed a bit after the sentence left him mouth. 

 "Please that guy was such a joke. I mean Y/N is nice and all, but she is nothing compared to Marie. There is no way I could be soulmates with someone like her. No, Marie is it for me Sammy,“ Dean laughed back. I couldn’t help but let my eyes water as the man who I had loved for all of my life compared me to perfection. I swallowed thickly as my throat began to close up as it always did when I was upset. 

 "That guy must have been on something. I mean really, Y/N was a great childhood friend, but to be honest she reminds me of that person you drop after a couple of years. You know, she just isn’t that special as we used to think she was,” Sam added making Dean grunt in what I assume would be agreement. That was when the tears really began to fall. I knew Dean wouldn’t have anything nice to say, but Sam had always been a friend, and unlike Dean he didn’t have a Marie to truly give him such a bad idea of me. Right? 

“Really. Marie is like the perfect upgrade. She’s a great friend to Cas and you, she turning out to be a great hunter. I mean when was the last time Y/N did anything on a hunt huh? Years ago. I just wish we could somehow convince her to leave by her own free will.” I couldn’t handle it. I shoved earphones into my ears and blasted my music to its highest volume. Thankfully the music could drown out their voices. But the tears that ran down my face were unbearable, and unpreventable. Despite the abundance of bad memories I have, there are some that provide a glimpse of happiness. Those included my parents, Dean and me as kids, Sam reading to me when I was sick, and the most recent, Crowley. The reason we were there had not been conveyed to me. I just found myself standing behind Castiel as a man who introduced himself as Crowley talked to Sam and Dean.

“What do you want Crowley? It’s not like you to give us something and not want another thing in return,” Sam asked, his teeth gritted in frustration at the demon. 

 "You boys have come to know me to well, “ Crowley purred, glancing at each of us in the sort of bundle we had created. His eyes rayed on me, barely seeing me from behind Cas. His eyebrows raised slightly as his gaze stayed on mine. 

"Well aren’t you just a little gem,” Crowley said before he took a step forward, then sidestepping to get by Castiel so he was standing right beside me. “So pretty. And such a vulnerable mind. Oh you will do nice lovely. Would you like to come with me Y/N? I promise no harm will come to you, unless you request otherwise,” he offered, a mischievous smile on his face as my eyes went wide. The room stood silent as Crowley coked his head to the side eyes still gazing into my own. “Either you come willingly, or I kill everyone you love. And let’s be honest, you want to come. Get away from the people who betrayed you. The ones who made you feel like nothing, worthless. What do you say dear, would you like to see Hell?” Crowley asked. I couldn’t help but flinch slightly at his words. He was right though. They had forgotten me, betrayed my trust. It was their fault I was even contemplating the option of going with Crowley. 

 "You can’t be serious. Why do you want her?“ Dean scoffed, breaking the heavy silence in the room. Crowley slowly looked over at Dean, giving him an odd look before turning to me and raising his eyebrows. 

 "How did you ever love him? He thinks nothing of you Y/N. You know that. You know that things will never change unless you are the one to change them. Come with me darling, we have special places for people like you in hell. You can finally be appreciated for what you are and what you can do. No more standing in the back like a shadow. You can be your own person and people will notice you darling. By the time I have taught you the rounds, everyone will know your name, and no one will disrespect you.” Crowley’s grin suddenly didn’t look as frightening as it used to. I let his words soak in. If he was telling the truth, he could offer me something none of my ‘friends’ here would ever offer me. I glanced at my feet before looking back at Crowley, willing myself not to look towards Dean as I opened my mouth to respond. “You swear that no harm will come to the people I care about by your hand?” I asked, I had to make sure someone else other than me benefited from this. Crowley nodded in response, his smile growing wider as he anticipated me answer. “As much as I hate hot weather, I believe you have yourself a deal,” I said with a small smile on my face. Crowley chuckled lightly at my joke before turning back to the people I used to call friends. “Well then. Now that that is settled, we will be on our way,” Crowley told my companions before turning back to place a hand on my shoulder, lightly guiding me to the door. As I walked past them, I felt four pairs of eyes on my back, almost making me shrivel back behind them. 

 "Hold up. Y/N, you can’t seriously be doing this,“ Sam asked as we neared the door. I stopped in front of the door as Crowley opened it, turning back to meet Sam’s panic filled brown eyes. 

 "I can, and I am. Have fun telling my parents about how you drove their only child to chose becoming a demon over staying with you lot. See you in the future Sammy, though I don’t think the next time we see each other, we’ll be fighting for the same side." 

 There is nothing happy about my story. I was taken advantage of, forgotten, and abused in such a way, I believed myself to have no self worth. Then I was saved, by a demon who promised a good life. And taking him up on his offer, was the best decision of my life. Especially seeing the look in Sam’s and Dean’s eyes the next time we met. When my eyes were black as night and my soulmate’s whore lied on the ground, her intestines spilling out of the slash through her stomach. Dean Winchester was my first love. And I do enjoy making sure my soulmates life is pure hell on Earth.