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Random thought on Cas and his badge

As far as we know, Cas only has the one badge. Yet, he’s used at least 3-4 different FBI aliases at this point. So, either the boys made him more than one badge (unlikely, as they’ve been surprised by some of his ‘aliases’) or …

He knows what he’s doing in that holding the badge upside down prevents the person from quickly reading the name that does not match the one he gave verbally. 

So I’ve got a bit of a theory...

Ok, so we all know how one of Dean’s aliases has been “Agent Novak”, referring to Cas’s vessel, Jimmy Novak. 

But I don’t think anyone’s ever talked about how Dean has used “Agent Collins” on more than one occasion(Don’t quote me on that, it could have been only once and I’m just imagining things.).  And we all obviously know how Misha’s last name is Collins.

At first I thought it was a cute little coincidence, and I was about to write it off as me just making connections that weren’t there. After all, Dean has no idea who Misha Collins is, why would he, right?


In the episode “The French Mistake” the boys were put into a world where they were Jared and Jensen. Who could forget?  But the point is they went up to Misha, mistaking him for Cas. 

And I’m almost positive that at some point, Dean eventually found out that aternate universe Cas dude’s Misha’s full name was Misha Collins. See where I’m going with this? 

So is it just me, or was that alias intentional by Dean to get closer to Cas in one tiny way without him knowing? Or maybe it was his subconscious trying to tell him he’s in love with Cas.

Sastiel Headcanons

  • Okay so whenever Sam is doing research he does this little thing with his tongue and Cas thinks it’s adorable
  • Sam doesn’t like when Dean and Cas fight cause it never ends well so he always has to step in
  • After a long hunt Sam and Cas always like to take a nice hot bath
  • Sam grooming Castiels wings
  • Castiel braiding Sams hair
  • Sam knowing whenever Dean has hurt Castiels feelings and either punching Dean in the arm or kicking until Dean apologies
  • Dean making fake gag noises whenever Castiel and Sam kiss
  • Castiel calling Sam “Sammy”
  • Sam calling Castiel “Cassie”
  • Sam finds it cute when Dean and Castiel cooperate
  • Castiel getting all flushed when Sam randomly praises him for doing a good job
  • Sam finds it really hot when he sees Castiel wear his shirt/hoodie
  • Whenever Dean and Sam are on a hunt as FBI Castiel can’t help but stare are Sam because we all know how good Sam looks in a suit amirght
  • Dean always making inappropriate gesture and Castiel being like “I don’t get what he means”
  • Other angels always telling Castiel to go back to his boy toy aka Sam and Cas always goes really red
Worn Out

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Previously on Worn Out:

The nights had been drawing shorter, a soft frost coating every surface in the early mornings. You had wrapped up warm, wearing an old sweater on top of your clothes as you headed into town for a hot chocolate. Having bought the drink you took a seat on an old, worn out sofa in the small coffee shop and pulled out case notes on the latest case you were following. After growing up as a hunter and studying at college you had earned a good degree and worked your way to a secure position in the FBI. You were looking over the case notes as the door to the coffee shop opened and you heard a familiar voice order a set of coffees. Looking over the brim of your mug you saw Sam Winchester standing at the counter, scanning the room until his eyes land on you. In two strides he was standing by your table smiling wide, pulling you in for a tight hug. You stared and hugged back, staring at the man you had been told was long dead. He smiled and as he spoke you stared, eyes narrowing as your hand moved to the gun on your hip. Sam, however, noticed your movement and held his hands up and motioned to the sofa opposite you.

“I guess we have a lot to talk about, huh?” he sighed and collected the two mugs of coffee and sat across from you.

“You’re supposed to be dead. I saw the death certificates… I went to your grave…” you muttered as Sam tilted his head, looking over you.

“You’ve lost weight… Y/N,” Sam began, his eyes scanning over you, “You’re wearing my old sw… oh my god, I’m so sorry Y/N/N.”

You looked down to the file that lay open on the table in front of you, Sam’s eyes followed yours to see the reports on missing people from the town you were in.

“You’re here for the hunt…” you muttered before leaning in, “Don’t use your fake FBI credentials here, I’m with my partner and he will pick up on them.”

Sam tilted his head, “Wha… Y/N… you’re FBI?”

You passed him your very much read credentials and sighed, “I work for a department that basically took up the Men of Letter’s work without the name. My partner isn’t the fondest of hunters, especially those who pretend to be FBI agents.”

As you gave Sam this warning your phone buzzed to a text from your partner:

~You never told me you were friends with the Winchesters. And you never told me this case was demons, Bambi. We need to talk about this, now.~

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