castiel and hamburger

  • Castiel: guys...I'm in love!
  • Dean: *straightens jacket* FINALLY I HAVE BEEN WAITING FOR THIS
  • Castiel: *whips out hamburger* this. This is the most amazing thing on the planet. I want to consume it in a never ending loop. Forever.
  • Dean: *grumbles* oh...yeah totally.

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any other fun info from Chino's tumblr?

Besides Armin being the older twin, the only other thing was umm…

Favorite food for the boys were:
-Castiel: McDonald’s Hamburgers
-Nathaniel: Spaghetti Carbonara/Bolognese
-Lysander: Fish dishes
-Kentin: Chocolate Cookies
-Armin: Anything you can eat in front of the computer (Cereal, Chips, Peanuts)
-Alexy: Caramels

of course, we also know Armin really likes pizza, but yeah. 

I don’t recall seeing too much else that super got my attention/hasn’t been clearly said elsewhere.

When I clean up a bit and re-go through the Artbooks and 2015-2016 Agenda, I’d like to see if there are more fun tidbits. Along with trying to focus a lot on the one video of the 2014-2015 Agenda to try and translate some of the things in it…

I really need to read the Manga already too. I bought them all, but I’m far from fluent in French… 

Based on this prompt thing, because ‘fake proposals’ are almost as cute as 'fake dating’

Castiel stares at the hamburger in front of him. It smells divine. He’s starving but he’s too nervous to eat.

“C’mon, Cas, eat up,” Dean encourages, popping a fry into his mouth.

“Dean, I can’t afford this,” Cas hisses. All of his money, every dime, went toward his student loan payments. The library recently cut his hours and he was literally living on gas station coffee from his night job and ramen noodles.

“Don’t worry about it,” Dean says with a shrug. Cas glances around the room. It’s much nicer than the normal greasy spoon diners he and Dean usually go to (when they have money). They have cloth napkins and high ceilings. The servers are dressed head to toe in white, flying around the dining area like angels.

“Eat your food or you’re not getting any cheesecake,” Dean chastises. Cas frowns, but he picks up his burger just the same, taking a bite. It tastes so good. He chews slowly and he can’t help moaning a little at the flavor.

“Feeling better?” Dean asks, grinning at Cas. He shakes his head and sets the burger down.

“I don’t understand why we’re here,” Cas says, “There’s no way you can afford a…” he waves his hand over the table, “$15 burger. What’s wrong with the diner?” Dean shrugs and takes another bite of his food.

“Even I get tired of diner food, Cas,” Dean says dully. “Just felt like treating ourselves to something better, y’know? Get you something to eat besides freeze-dried noodles.” Cas looks down. He is grateful for this. For as long as he and Dean have been friends, Dean has always looked out for him, making sure he’s taken care of but also takes care of himself.

“Thank you,” Cas offers softly. He takes a bite of a fry, enjoy the salty crunch.

“Besides, I have a plan,” Dean says. Cas’ eyes narrow and he tilts his head to the side.

“Dean what are you-”

“I just need you to play along, ok?” Dean cuts him off, slipping out of the booth. Cas watches in confusion until Dean drops to a knee and takes Cas’ hand in his.

“Castiel Novak,” Dean declares loudly over the din of  the dining room, “Would you do me the honor of making me the happiest man alive and marrying me?” Cas’ jaw drops open and he stares at Dean in stunned silence. He can feel his face and ears reddening in embarrassment. All eyes seem to be on him and Dean and out of the corner of his vision he sees their waitress with her hand clutched to her chest.

“Dean, I…” Dean gives a deliberate look, trying to communicate wordlessly what he wants.

“Please,” Dean mutters under his breath, “Just… do this.” Cas shoulders slump as he begins to understand. He takes a deep breath, trying to muster some excitement.

“Of course I will!” Cas shouts, throwing himself into Dean’s arms. Dean startles as Cas’ lips find his. The kiss is intense but brief and Cas is pleasantly surprised when Dean kisses back. Cas pulls away, noticing the dazed, glassy look in Dean’s eye. Applause echoes through the dining room and their waitress is crying openly as she claps.

Cas pulls Dean in for a tight hug

“You owe me for this,” He hisses into  Dean’s ear.

“I just got our meals for free,” Dean mutters in reply, “I think you owe me.”


“That was your plan?” Cas snaps in disbelief when they are finally out of earshot of anyone else. “Fake a proposal? That’s how you were going to pay for our meal?” Cas hadn’t been able to look a single person in the eye as they left the restaurant, he was so mortified. Their waitress insisted on giving them both giant hugs and Cas begged Dean to give her whatever cash he had as a tip

“Yeah, and it worked,” Dean replies, unlocking the door to the Impala.

“But what if it hadn’t, Dean?” Cas stresses. “What then?” He slips into the passenger seat. Dean ponders this for a moment before shrugging absently.

“Well then we would’ve had a funny story about how we spent the night in jail.” Cas groans and shakes his head  as he slumps down into the seat.

“Unbelievable,” he mutters. Dean snorts as he starts the engine.

“C’mon, Cas,” Dean bumps him with his elbow, “We got a free meal, we made our server’s entire year, everyone in that restaurant went how with a cool story, and we got to screw over a major corporation. Everybody wins!” Cas can’t help smiling a little at Dean’s logic. It’s nearly impossible to stay mad at him.

“I have one question, though,” Dean says hesitantly as they pull out of the parking lot, “Uh, the kiss? What, uh… what was that for?” Cas looks at him strangely.

“What do you mean?” Cas asks.

“You…  kissed me,” Dean replies, “Why?”

“Hey, you wanted me to play along,” Cas replies plainly, “That’s how I would react if someone proposed to me.” Dean nods, poking a tongue along the inside of his mouth.

“Um, alright, ok,” He mumbles, nervously tapping his fingers along the steering wheel, “You wouldn’t want to… um, go get some dessert or something… and maybe… try that again.” They stop at a red light and Dean gives him a cautious glance. Cas watches him fidget nervously before a wry smile crosses his face.

“Dean… If you want to kiss me,” Cas says, scooting across the bench seat, “You can, y’know?” He cups Dean’s jaw and pulls him in for a kiss. It’s soft and tender. Dean’s lips are warm and his mouth opens easily for Cas before a blaring horn cuts them off.

Dean clears his throat and faces forward, pressing the gas and focusing on the road. Cas slides back across the seat, wearing a grin like the cat  who ate the canary.

“Can we still get dessert, though?” Cas asks, raising an eyebrow. Dean looks at him and grins.

“I might have to ask you to marry me again,” He says, reaching out and taking Cas’ hand.

“Worth it,” he says with a shrug.


Has anyone else noticed that Sam and Cas always seem to sit next to each other and make strange faces?