Prompt: the word “sunbathing” for @kittenofdoomage‘s Summer Lovin’ Challenge! This doesn’t have smut in it, but I’d be happy to do a part 2 with smut if thats something y'all would like to see. just drop by my ask box! :-)

Pairing: Castiel x Reader

Word Count: 2363

Warnings: language, Dean’s a meany, accidental flashing, mention of insecurity, FLUFFY FLOOF, makeout sesh ;-)

A/N: this is the first time Ive written something without explicit smut in a while hahah. also, I included a picture of what the game “Chicken” looks like in case y'all don’t know! ENJOY FAM

(x, x)

You, the Winchesters and Castiel finally had a break from hunting, and today you were  dragging them to the beach.

You’d been begging them—and by “them”, you meant Dean—for years to take you to the beach, but Dean always refused. “Last time I went to the beach I got stung by a jellyfish! No freakin’ way” Dean would always say. But this time, Sam helped you beg, and Dean finally agreed.

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Terrible photo but we tried. I fucked LOST MY SHIT when I saw @misha driving the @officialgishwhes van around, I just stood there like an idiot like shaking and waving with a dumb grin on my face and now I can die happy. #sdcc2016 #fangirl #castiel #spn #bae #spankbank (at San Diego Convention Center)

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