Being Castiel's Mate...

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  • being completely fascinated by his wings
  • meeting Cas through the Winchesters and when you see him standing in front of you, his wings proudly spread out you think you are  hallucinating
  • Castiel explaining to you that you are soulmates, but telling you that you still can reject him and that he will be whatever you want him to be for you
  • Cas looking so sad when he talks about you rejecting him, your heart breaks for him
  • telling Cas that you won’t reject him, but that you want to get to know him and that you just need a bit time to get used to everything
  • Cas smiling brightly and eagerly nodding his head at your words
  • Cas following you around like a lost puppy
  • immediately feeling a pull to him
  • Cas always bringing you little trinkets from all over the world
  • asking Cas to touch his wingers
  • Cas wanting to give you some soft of normality so he asks you out on a real date – with Sam and Dean’s help of course
  • it always calms you down when you run your fingers through his soft feathers
  • always holding hands because it physically hurts to be away from each other
  • Dean and Sam making jokes about how disgustingly cute you are together
  • teaching Cas new things about humanity on a daily basis
  • Castiel wrapping his wings around you when you’re cold
  • praying to Cas every night when he’s away to take care of something in heaven
  • waking up one night to find Cas standing next to your bed – simply staring at you
  • after you screamed your lungs out, you ask him what he’s doing
  • Cas innocently explaining that he’s just watching over you
  • Cas sleeping in your bed from this moment on
  • well, not really sleeping but he lays next to you, observing how you curl up next to him and softly running his fingers through your hair – he never gets tired of watching you sleep
  • Castiel always telling you that you are his father’s greatest creation
  • Cas wings always protectively curling around you
  • for the first time in his existence Cas experiences jealousy and possessiveness
  • Sam and Dean making fun of Cas because of it
  • all the angels coming to meet you because it’s such a rare occurrence that an angel actually finds his mate
  • Gabriel being the one who really explains you the different steps of the mating ritual
  • Cas getting jealous of you spending so much time with his brothers
  • having to assure him that he’s your angel and nothing will ever change that
  • Castiel telling you stories of heaven
  • running your fingers through his feathers for hours
  • feeling completely safe whenever you’re wrapped up in his wings
  • Castiel being very protective and it’s almost cute how much he freaks out when you just get a paper cut
  • Sam and Dean laughing when Cas makes you lay down and heals your paper cut
  • being loved unconditionally
  • what she says:im fine
  • what she really means:my otp are clearly in love with each other but just wont get together even tho they are perfect and they always do cute stuff and have lots of eye sex and they just need to fuck already and grow old together and they just need to get together or ill die
Sun Is Shining Bright

Pairing: Cas x reader

Prompt: Sunbathing

Words: 2715 (Well this got longer than expected!)

Warnings: smut, fingering, oral (male receiving), public sex (in a field next to the bunker), unprotected sex (wrap it up folks!)

A/N: This is my entry for Kitten’s Summer Lovin’ Challenge by @kittenofdoomage. Hope y’all enjoy!

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You wanted to enjoy the first warm, sunny day of the year, announcing that summer was coming. With a blanket tugged under your arm, your sunglasses pushed back in your hair and a bottle of sunscreen in your left hand, you opened the heavy front door of the bunker. The sun immediately hit the features of your face, making you stand still for a while, enjoying the comforting warmth surrounding you before stepping outside. 

The door fell closed behind you as you let go of the handle and moved towards the open field next to the bunker. You placed the pair of sunglasses on your nose, blocking some of the intense light. Unfolding the blanket you placed it on the ground and dropped your bottle of sunscreen next to it. A soft breeze flowed around you, making shivers run over your body because of the cold contrast to the hot sun rays.

“What are you doing?” a gravelly voice startled you. You jumped slightly at the words, turning around and facing the angel in front of you. Even though the sun was burning down on him, he still was fully clothed, his 5 layers draped over his body without any sign of sweat breaking out.

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