Preference - Cuddling


It’s the feeling of stumbling through the bunker after a risky hunt - in Dean’s arms you find home. After you both peel off the sticky clothes and take a shower, Dean meets you back on the couch and your head fits perfectly into the crook of his neck. He inhales the smell of your shampoo, memorizing it. Lazily he drapes his arm around you and reaches up to run his fingers through your hair as he watches the TV’s light flicker off your face. It’s this moment Dean waits for after every hunt, and sometimes if he’s lucky when you’re just plain tired. So it’s when you nuzzle in closer and place a hand on his chest that Dean finally lets out a smile.


Sam is patient with you, never pushing the relationship you continue to form each day. So when you join him under the sheets he snakes his hands around you, pulling you into his embrace. You smile and wait for him to begin rubbing circles into your back, relieving any stress you have. You run your hands down his arms and he smiles, asking you all sorts of questions. This is the only quiet you get with just Sam and his curiosity peaks as he runs chills up and down your arms. Asking what your favorite food is, or which season is your absolute favorite. You always answer and roll onto the other side letting Sam pull your head in under his and you feel the weight of his chin on the top of your head. Each night you fall asleep this way, cuddled and loved.


He still doesn’t understand many human normalcies. But cuddling comes naturally to him. You are hardly left without his touch. Cas loves to cuddle you when he’s outside. Every night he’s with you, you grab a blanket and lay it on the cool grass and he lays down with you. Your head is on his arm and he pulls you in so your head is on his chest. Cas plays with your hand, sometimes squeezing your fingers then trailing up to your wrist, leaving goosebumps all the way up to your shoulder. He hardly talks in these moments and chooses instead to listen to your even breathing and whatever melody you’re humming that night. You wrap your socked feet with his, waiting for him to kick his shoes off. He draws you in even closer so you feel his heat wrap itself around you, and this way you fall asleep until he carries you back through the bunker doors and into your bed.

(this is my first preference, let me know how it is!)