• Sam being tortured.
  • Sam not knowing that Dean is alive.
  • Dean going nuts because he can’t find his little brother.
  • The Winchesters being apart for the longest since forever.

The first episode of the season is called “Keep Calm and Carry On”. What calm do you want me to keep? I’m gonna cry like a little baby!!

  • Cas:Damn I can't find Dean there's too many people
  • Cas:this calls for drastic measures
  • Cas:*shouts* DEAN WINCHESTER IS BI
  • Sam:lol I know right
  • Mary:tbh it's pretty obvious
  • Bobby:*appears as a spirit* and this is news because...?
  • Charlie:*also appears* and in recent news, I'm a girl!
  • Dean:* in the back* WTF GUYS NO I'M NOT
  • Cas:...found him?
Mornings (Cas X Reader)

Pairing: Cas X Reader 

Summary: Sam and Dean finding about you and Cas 

Word Count: 486 

Warnings: None :) 

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Morning. 9am to be exact. Morning after one of the best nights of your life. Nope. Definitely the best one.

 You roll on your back so you’re facing the left side of the bed. So you were facing Cas. Who could’ve thought that an angel of the Lord, one of the most innocent creatures on Earth could do such wonders in bed? Sure he had explained to you that he might be an angel but he was inside a human vessel. And vessels have memory. Both psychological and physical. So sex wasn’t a strange action at all to him - to Jimmy. 

“Good Morning… ” you whisper in his ear knowing that he doesn’t sleep. Angels don’t. “Good Morning…” he replies turning to face you. He had shaved in a couple of days. You could tell. But it added a strange sexiness to his form. He leaned him and kissed you. A lazy morning kiss. 

 "Y/N…Yesterday night was…“ he started but you didn’t even let him finish. 

 "You don’t need to say anything. We both know how it was.” he just kept quiet and smiled at you. You had never seen him smile like that. So genuinely, so honest. It made you so happy and proud. You were the one who was making him smile like that. 

 "I’m going to take a shower. Body only. Be right back" you say before running to the bathroom and closing the door behind you. 

 Cas was just laying there looking up to the bunker’s room ceiling. And that made him wonder: had the guys heard any of what happened last night? Sure your bedroom was the opposite side of the bunker and you had your door closed. He decided to find out. You know, just to ask to Sam or Dean if any of them had been bothered by any of last night’s “noises”. 

He got up from your comfortable bed, dressed his robe and wandered down the bunker’s hallways trying to find the main division of it. The brothers would definitely be there. 

“Morning Cas! ” Dean greeted with a cup of coffee and a donut in his hand.

“Already up?” Sam asked popping out of the kitchen. 

 "Yeah I–I just…“ he couldn’t remember what he went there to say and before he could even be able to remember he saw the brothers’ both mesmerized looking at him. A little lower than his eyes’ level. That’s only when he noticed that the robe was open and his material was showing. With the most natural look on his face he closed the robe again 

"Sorry for that…" 

"Cas did you…? ” Sam started to question stepping closer to him. 

“Had sex? Yes I did.” Dean nearly chocked in his donut and Sam almost fell back. 

“You had sex with Y/N?" 


 "NO! ” you screamed almost simultaneously when you entered the room causing all three of them to look at you. 

 "You had sex with Cas?“ Dean asked with both the mug and donut threatening to fall out of his hands. 

"Wow Y/N… This is a whole new level of… I don’t even care… ” he says throwing his hands up in the air in defeat. “But I’m proud of you Cas! Way to go!" 

"Dean let them alone… ” Sam said from the other side of the room where he had walked to work on his computer. 

 "Okay but did she do that thing with her hands where–“ 



I died then came back go life to watch this again