“Alright, here’s your fortune: you’re going to live a happy life filled with a loving and caring family.”
“…I have already acquired that.”
“Aw, Cas, you sap.”



The bright sets of different candies were sprawled along your sight, each drawing your attention for a few seconds before another distracted you, leaving your mouth to water. You knew you needed to spend your money wisely, but maybe Dean or Sam would give in to paying for your snacks if you begged enough. 

Dean and Sam decided to show up in that moment, Cas awkwardly following behind them and eyeing the sweets with curiosity. 

“I’m not paying for more than two,” Dean said, reading your thoughts before you even opened your mouth. 


“Y/N?” a quiet voice called out from the end of the aisle, making you turn around with wide eyes. You held back a gasp as you looked at your brother’s smile, tears swelling in your eyes. “No way…” 

The faint slapping of your shoes on the floor made its way to your ears as you ran, jumping into your brother’s arms with a shaky laugh and hugging him as tight as you could. 

“Who the hell is that?” Sam whispered harshly to Dean and Cas. 

“I don’t know, but I do have this strange feeling of pushing him away from Y/N, for some odd reason,” Cas said, glaring at your brother. 

“You and me, buddy,” Dean replied in a low voice, cracking his knuckles as he started walking towards you, “you and me.” 

x x