Sar(ah)castic: Old questions & Modern Medicine

On the Sar(ah)castic Series I’m ironically writing about topics that busy myself. Don’t take them too serious … or maybe you should? Enjoy ;)

At our med school we have to take an annual exam which comprises all lectures & topics we were thought by profs in two semesters. We are all very busy during the school year & when suddenly the summer months arrive, we get stressed like hell: HOW SHOULD I MANAGE TO STUDY THIS AMOUNT?

The majority of my fellow students see a solution in old exam questions. They pass the exam, celebrate the semester ending & forget their medical “knowledge”.  Isn’t it sad? 

When I’m talking to the “grown up” doctors they tell me stories about the frightening Pathology Exam or the “Bone’s Coll” … This generation actually had to learn facts & terms and demonstrate their knowledge under the watchful eyes of the Profs. 

And us? We’re just sitting in front of old questions, trying to combine a “Finasterid” with a “5-alpha-reductase inhibitor” … well, let’s get to next old exam question


i want to understand.

Old questions may be the easiest way, but in my opinion not the right one. They may save your butt to pass the exam, but they won’t save your patient. 

Bullet Points: With This Ring

Nimue-part 3 (parts 1-2 here and here)

Bullet points are encapsulated scene analysis from the top of each act to the bottom. (each act is bookended by a commercial break)

1. Emma flummoxing Killian with pop culture references will never get old. Ever. I love that that’s a thing between them. But more than that, I love light little moments like these that remind us that behind all the craziness that comes with being the savior and a 300 year old pirate they’re just a regular couple. With little inside jokes and familiar habits. Lovely.

2. The depth of feeling these two actors can put into a simple hand grasp followed by a passionate, but still exquisitely tasteful kiss, is breathtaking. It’s all there. The apprehension, the hope, the love. Her hand on his face, the way their bodies lean towards each other as if drawn there, the forehead lean. 

They don’t rush anything, even with urgent business at hand. They also don’t use words when none are necessary. Great work all the way around. Not only from the actors but from the director who is willing to give the scene a chance to develop non-verbally. Well done.

3. Before we get to the non-proposal….I wanna know more about this ring. Where did it come from? Who gave it to you? Why do you believe it plays a role in your survival? 

I suspect these answers are all coming up in a later ep. So I’ll wait patiently. But sooner rather than later please, show.

4. Love the look of minor disappointment on Emma’s face when Killian says he’s not proposing. It’s a clear indicator that she wasn’t waving off the idea of a proposal period … just thinking this wasn’t the right time. Which it isn’t. Good job, Emma.

5. So Killian offers to give up his “immortality” for the love of his life. All that matters to him is that Emma comes back safely. EVEN THOUGH while she’s off with Merlin he’ll be on a potentially more physically dangerous caper of his own to retrieve Excalibur. Did it just get dusty in here?

6. I love that Killian draws the very clear distinction that he’s giving the ring to Emma and not the Dark One. That’s such a nice moment on it’s own but also a nice compare/contrast moment for their lunch on the Jolly Roger and their scene at Emma’s house when he attempts to speak directly to Emma with less luck. Well done.

7. “A reminder you’ve got a piercing eyed smoldering pirate here who loves you.” Both his delivery and her reaction were spot on perfect. It was a moment of sheer bliss for Emma. Uncomplicated. For just a minute not weighed down by events or the expectations of others. Pure, unadulterated happiness. 

8. As much as I love her “I love you too” I think I may be equally as fond of the “thank you” that preceded it. Such a glorious shipper moment. So many layers. So much depth. Such a celebration of where they are, where they’ve been, as well as an acknowledgement of work they’ve both done to get there. Not to mention a fierce determination not to lose each other.

A perfectly in character declaration of love, commitment and faith in each other.

Man, it’s like no one has dusted in here in weeks.

9. The look on Merlin’s face when he says “it’s time” almost makes it seem as though he was watching from a distance and what he saw reminded him of something ….oh looky

Years earlier in Camelot (man this timeline is frustrating)

10. Cut to a thriving patch of Middlemist. The symbol of love and survival. Yep… the cutaway shot winning streak for this ep continues. 

11. Nimue is understandably shocked to find out Merlin located, and still possesses, the Holy Grail. And I think it’s important that he didn’t tell her that before this point. It shows us that her love for him is genuine. Or more accurately her love for the only “him” she’s ever known, Wizard Merlin, is genuine.

It’s important because it helps frame the choices and decisions she makes later on. She’s not using him, she isn’t a power-hungry schemer. She’s a woman who loves a man who just shared a life-altering secret with her.

12. It’s interesting that unlike his dealings with Emma, Merlin doesn’t really give Nimue a voice in the decision-making.  He brushes aside her suggestion that she too should drink from the Grail and become immortal. Granted he’s the one who has experience with the weight of immortality but still, he doesn’t really give her a voice here. His mind is made up. 

It’s an interesting difference in tactic for him. Make a mental note. It definitely comes up again later. In a BIG way.

13. “Life is made of little moments.” Nimue understands what he’s saying but still, there’s an incredible draw to the idea of being immortal and having magic. She hasn’t lived the reality of it. She hasn’t experienced the downside. So the idea of it all feels new and exciting. It’s almost like she’s being pulled towards the possibilities such a life would offer. BOING!!!!!!

14. Nimue is not completely on board with the idea of cutting away Merlin’s magic and immortality. It’s written all over her face. But again this is where her love for him comes into play. She isn’t some power-hungry opportunist out to get the Grail at all costs. She’s a woman in love who just found out the man in her life is immortal, and that she could be powerful and immortal as well, and it’s all just a lot to deal with in such a short period of time.

15. “We can come back here and we can live normal lives. Together.” The Camelot version of the white picket fence life that Killian said he believed in and would never stop fighting for. BOING!!!!

16. When she tells him she doesn’t want the moment to get lost in an endless sea of time he takes it to mean she’s on board with the plan to rid him of his magic and immortality. And in that moment she is. But temptation tends not to give up that easily.


17. And apparently temptation is going to come in the form of the masked entity lurking in the shadows. DUN DUN DUN

Meanwhile back in Camelot:

18. OK I real life bark laugh every time it cuts to the floor plan of the palace drawn on a Granny’s Diner placemat. Is there a more perfect way to plan a
Nevengers mission?

19. Sir-castic. Heh. 

20. Honestly, David, do you really think antagonizing Zelena at this point is a good idea? You’ve been around these parts long enough to know that never goes well.

21.  I get that desperate times call for desperate measures and all but they’d be better digging their way under the wall with teaspoons than making a deal to even consider giving Zelena her magic back. You’d think one of them might voice the thought that it’s a very bad idea. 

This is one of those situations where they need something storyline-wise down the road, Zelena’s freedom in this case, so badly that they have to just insert a plot device to make it happen no matter how silly it makes the other characters look.

22. Is there one person, ONE PERSON, who thought it was a good idea to leave Mary Margaret guarding Zelena? Even one? Especially when she got all Smuggy McSmuggerson about the pregnancy tips.

23. Wow. Arthur has just gone full-on madman. Awesome. They’ve done a great job with his slow slide from suspected shadiness to confirmed shadiness and then his somewhat quicker descent to full on crazy.

24. Do the Sands of Avalon have limits because Guinevere does not seem to be on board with this plan.

25. Nothing but teeth and bones. This is war now. You go, Arthur. Embrace the evil.

22 minutes in. This ep is moving fast.