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Faolan was asleep over the counter, the warm summer afternoon lulling him deep into sleep. He snored softly, his heavy military coat ditched, but he still wore his knitted scarf, and it hung over the desk and fluttered in the breeze. Even Cillian, his black wolf familiar, barely twitched his ear at the sound of the door opening.

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Faolan felt the power of the god sweep around him. Man, the supernatural really did have an attraction to this place lately. But gods? Seriously, did he have a label on his back or something?

“C-Can I ‘elp ya with somethin sir?” he asked, bowing his head respectfully and hoping he didn’t offend him.

Friends in Strange Places

Faolan was lighting a cigarette on the corner, checking his old watch impatiently. The cracked face and stilled hands were broken to anyone else, but they also assumed that watches were for telling time, and not place. He had arranged to meet someone here, and exchange a certain… object. A simple charm spell, for someone as good as him, but powerful none the less. It wasn’t a particularly nice one either. One guaranteed bolt of bad karma, stricken down on the target. Of course he

Then, the watch hands suddenly began to move. “There ya are…” he murmured to the object, watching the hands approach twelve. “Right on time…” He smiled, light blue grey eyes twinkling. “‘Ere you are sir… Jus’ give tha’ to 'im an he’ll regret ever crossin ya wrong.” He said with a smile, handing off the wrapped bag containing his magic. The client looked confused, but nodded his head and handed him the money he owed, walking away without so much as a word. Good. He liked when they went like that. “An’ don’t open it before!” he yelled after him.

The Irish sorcerer returned home, hoping the man would heed his warning. He had a feeling he’d be wrong, but that was his choice. Anyone who tried to kill someone and opened a back of karma backlash was in for a world of hurt. But there was no sense in worrying now. Even if he had the sneaking suspicion he’d see on the news tomorrow how a man was got food poisoning, was struck by lightning, and wandered into the path of an oncoming bus. Not his problem though.

Dark Days and Nights

Man, Faolan hated to be out on a job. Collecting things for recipes was never easy, and it was cold, windy, and there was suspicious activity around he had nothing to do with. He clutched his wand, and Cillian followed after him, and he had a box full of leaves that needed to be exposed to the full moon. It was just the whole iron salts part that was hard.

So here he was, out in the middle of nowhere, in an abandoned warehouse, shivering a little. All for three hundred lousy bucks. Some days, he just didn’t think his job was worth it. He heard movement behind him, and he pulled his staff out, clutching his box close. “H-hello?” he asked, listening. He wasn’t sure if he’d rather it be a demon or a hunter. Faolan was hoping for neither.

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It had actually been decently busy in Faolan’s little magic shop today. Which was really amazing, frankly. Maybe he’d actually have money for food today. He was restocking some potions, rather than just sleeping on his desk, when he heard the bell above his shop door ring.

“Just'a minute!” Faolan called back over his shoulder before turning to what he was doing. Cillian, his large black wolf went to see the visitor instead, trotting up and looking up at him, wagging his tail and thumping it on the floor boards.

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“What in the name of the good mother an all thas green and good are you doin here sir? I mean, tha’s not ta say I’m questionin an angel of the heavens, no sir, ’m just a bit… well…

How does one e'en say ello to an arch angel?”

Magic is Supposed To Make Life Easier- scarredbyxhellfire

Being a shop keeper was really boring. Magical objects didn’t exactly sell mass market, and after making a million batches of generic spells, dusting every skull and book he owned, the sorcerer was bored. He was asleep on a massive old book, snoring softly. Even Cillian was asleep, curled up at his feet.

The ding of the bell woke him up with a start. A man had walked into his shop, with a rather angry expression on his face, and… was that a knife on his hip? Least his familiar was with him. “Sorry, sorry… bit of a cat nap,” he explained, smoothing his red hair down. “Can I uh… can I help ya with somethin?” Faolan asked, fingers finding his wand concealed under the desk.

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Faolan felt weirdly out of place in this estate place, and wondered if he wasn’t totally out of his depth. Sure, someone had paid for him to stay here, and he certainly wasn’t going to turn it down, but still. He was looking for anyone to talk to, frankly.

“may I sit ‘ere?” he asked the other man as he held a tray of tea. “Ya can have some if ya like, they always give me too much.” he added, trying to smile cheerfully as he waited to sit.


The sorcerer was well alerted to the other’s presence by the flood of spirtes that came scampering through his door. They were quite loud and vocal about whatever it was that was approaching him. He hoped it wasn’t going to be some angry demon.

“E-ello?” Faolan asked, looking at the door expectantly, though he was surprised Cillian wasn’t having a fit.

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The sorcerer felt the cold that accompanied demons, as well as the wave of nausea he got. This one was worse than normal, and even in his magic shop, which was well protected, he felt worse than normal. Cillian whined as his master tried to compose himself, barking hoarsely at the door when a figure showed up, silhouetted in the door frame.

“I dun know what ya want hellspawn, but ya won’t find it here,” he muttered, picking up the salt and holding it close to him.

Despite his trail was clean now, he was reaching again an high reputation and he was not surprised that, despite his hunters were not the same as before, someone is always attracted from him or his work, for a reason or another. His free days were not more so free, though he is always glad to welcome interesting people, specially when they are interesting or are willing to pay him well.

He started the day with a long bath and an accurate choice of his suite; he opted for the stone embroidered collar jacket, cotton gabardine trousers with wide legs and a white herness shirt. It wasn’t too much formal but fine. He loves the neutral and white colours also with a weakness for the black.

The assistant will eventually welcome the guest of the day, Ian was sure that there will be some guests, bringing some refreshing tea in the living room. Ian reache the room after some minutes, looking at the other with a bright smile. “My, someone needs really a scolding here. Who is the one who wants to make work my whip?” 

Faolan was beyond nervous as he sat in the foyer. He really didn’t know how he got into this situation, other than apparently one of his clients thought he needed to “broaden his horizons.” Personally, he would have taken just money. But poor sorcerers were not ones to question payment in any way, shape, or form. And… the idea had been more than a little appealing to him.

The sorcerer smoothed out his simple clothes and his ever present striped scarf as the man entered the room. He stood, waving shyly before his fingers busied themselves playing in his scarf. “E-ello…” Faolan said shyly, finding his worn brown shoes to be particularly interesting. “I um… I guess tha would be me…” he managed to look up, his blue grey eyes peeking up at him. He still looked terribly nervous.

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Being in his store for once, he heard the bell ring over the door, and looked up from the dusty book he was reading. He smiled warmly, smoothing his tossled rusty hair. “Why ello my lovely lady, is there anythin I can interest ya in? I got some lovely charms, an a fresh batch o’ potions fer all kinds a thins brewin.”