The sun finished setting the sky went dark
In the forest I stood - getting out? Where do I start
Did I lose my friends or did they leave me
Hell, they wouldn’t save me if I was drowning at sea
My feet felt heavy, would I make it without them
But then I realized to make them leave all I did was count to 10
If they left me here, they were never there
No intention was there to help me in times of cruel despair
I screamed, I panicked, I begged, I ran, could I do this on my own?
I whispered, I calmed, I accepted, I stopped, to make it out fear had to be thrown
Walking forth, creatures, thorns, holes, varied dangers, began to be shown
But it felt easy as walking through a door with me as the key
Forgetting about them as they did to me, I knew I was braver than they’d ever be
Finally out of the forest I stood, beyond thick trees light glowed
The sun began to rise, I saw my friends out of the corner of my eye
"You were in trouble? We’d have helped if we had known"
I was almost angry, but then I smiled and said “Goodbye”.
—  @sandralidell // Get Rid Of Fake Friends