Jackson sighed looking around the room of the old
house that became there brothel. God did his back
hurt from all the scratches, he was supposed to be
cleaning the rooms, but that bottle of scotch that 
Sinclair had given him had called his name, there
wasn’t whole lot he could do till the sheets were out
of the dryer anyway. He calm took the family photo he
kept in his wallet out, along with several others of
he, Monroe and the boys he kept and sat down at
the coffee table. He poured a glass of scotch and sat
down, he drank three, maybe four before the kids
came in and saw him. The all joined him on the floor,
he never binged drank unless something was wrong.

“What’s the matter Jacks?” Jason asked plopping down
 next to him moving the bottle, which Casten put under
 the table.

“You me to put a pot of coffee on?” Mara asked wringing
 her hands nervously. Jackson scoffed nothing was wrong,
 god these pestering kids. If the weren’t on duty here, they
 were doing the normal work and fighting over who got warm

“Nothin’ the matter, it’s my anniversary and I’m gonna celebrate
 it. Why don’t ya’ join me?” Jackson asked. The kids all smiled
 the sad smiles they often shared since…since it happened.
 Then fetched glass, all minus Jason who’d sent his cup
 with Casten but showed up seconds later with a bottle of
 bubblegum vodka.

“Moxie’s favorite,  Monroe’s least,” He laughed looking down
 at his already filled glass sadly. Jackson laughed and picked
 the bottle from Jason’s hands and pouring a bit in all the other

“Monroe’s favorite, Moxie’s least, Moxie’s favorite, Rosie’s least.
 Would’ve pissed them off us mixing it,” Jackson laughed, they all
 drank in silence before Hannah pulled a joint claiming it to their
 real favorite and lighting up. Two rounds in the door swung open.

“The girls, there was a mountain riot, the survivors were found and
 they think!” Jerry yelled panicked and out of breath. “They, saw girls
 who matched descriptions. Kane and Murphy just headed to talk to 
 them! The ginger woman, had a little girl with dark skin! The short
 brunette had a scar on her shoulder!”

Everyone in the room jumped to there feet asking questions following the teenager to the woods edge.


Dwendolyn was a young girl playing in symphony fresh from college. She was different though, she was a sorceress. She’d come from a long line of magic beings. He twin brother dragon, her mother vampire.

It was always told her great-great-great grandfather was Cage Wallace. Who cheated on a woman he turned and bound to himself. And upon trying to get an advanced spell from a higher witch, he was deemed impure by her and strike dead. The woman disappeared and was rumored to be visited by the witch later, but that was just that a rumor.

Now here she stood outside with her brother and his son at the very house, where Cage Wallace was struck dead.

“This isn’t safe,” she muttered.

“The house is a wreck but very well standing, it’s not falling down. Look, it’s officially in are name now that’s moms gone. I’ve always wanted to see, stay out her if you want, but Casten and I are brave adventures, and we’re going in!” He said putting the small read head on his shoulders and walking inside.

“No I’m going in. For some reason, I feel watched. Like, someone or something’s here,” she whispers wrapping her jacket around herself protectively and following him in.