Look at how I’ve drawn the eyes more Ki-bo-ish!

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I got a headcanon that Iidabashi gets forceful towards Ki-bo from time to time, but deletes the memories of it. So Ki-bo awakes the next morning not knowing what horrible has happened to him, but he notices deleted data and knows something is off, he just can’t tell what exactly. Using that, Iidabashi can continue to abuse him.

Some Kiiede feels you didn’t need

Imagine Ki-bo and Kaede getting really close to each other like she’s teaching him so much about humans and they always make music together (he records her songs and thinks of lyrics for it).

Ki-bo should not be able to feel rythm etc cause he is a robot, but he does and he loves it cause it makes him feel more like a human, and he learns so much about feelings and human interactions by Kaede teaching him.

They become so close just by making music, they don’t need words to understand each other and they are like totally happy. Ki-bo feels his ‘heart’ beating faster when he is with her.

But then Ki-bo gets killed.

However, they can restore his Ai with all his memories, but only in a laptop similiar to Alter Ego! Everyone is probably glad thinking ‘woah it’s a good thing Ki-bo’s AI can technically not be killed, he can always just be copied to any kind of electronic device, everything is fine, thank god’-

But. Please listen to this song and think of this Kiiede situation:

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also since temuera morrison played both jango fett AND moana’s dad then clearly the mando'a are pacific islanders and now i see the fett girls dragging ALL the uncles to see moana

Alack, I didn’t see the entirety of this comment last night, sorry. I definitely blurted out “I KNEW IT” when the credits finally rolled and I saw Temuera Morrison’s name (I only knew about The Rock going into the theatre). I even immediately started thinking it would be funny to vaguely establish him as a distant cousin to the Fetts in this AU. Not as Jango, literally Temuera Morrison XD But then I started fretting a lot about other actors who play Star Wars characters, so… idk.

BUT THE MORE IMPORTANT POINT: In this AU the Fetts are ambiguously Polynesian, but not all Mando people are. I never got the impression that all canon Mandalorians are physically similar to Jango Fett. I mean just look at Satine and her sister. For this AU Mando is more akin to a religious cultural identity. But without being super religious? Idk how to explain this, gah. Like maybe back in the ancient days there was a Kingdom of Mandalore somewhere in the world, but it’s not a country in modern times and people who are Mando don’t necessarily feel a connection to that spot of land. There are different clans in different parts of the world, and each has its own slight twist. But the language, core values, and many traditional items (food, clothes, weapons, instruments, weaponized instruments, etc) are ubiquitous across the globe. On that note, this modern sitcom Earth is not a place one would particularly need to build a set of armor, but I figure there’s still some coming-of-age ceremony that has some kind of reference to it. Maybe you build just one small piece of ceremonial armor to wear at gatherings and festivals, like a gauntlet? Maybe there’s something involving face paint to echo the eye/face slits of an ancient helmet, plus your own unique marks? Idk, just spitballing.

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OMG omg okay, so I don’t know if this is just the way the promo has been edited but imagine if that happens…

I’m lowkey worried though if that’s the case because Lukas’ dad doesn’t seem to like philip and he doesn’t want him around lukas so he might say something nasty. and if Bo does that then he’s about to catch these hands ‘cause philip doesn’t deserve that!!