Lazy Sunday Pt 14: A Valentines Weekend

Teen and Up

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Cas had come home Friday later than usual. Dean was already home and making dinner when he came stumbling through the door with his arms full, already blushing before Dean could even say anything.

“What in the hell –“

“Don’t you say a word.” Cas’s face got redder as he unloaded his arms onto the counter facing the sink and one of the bar chairs.

“This is Christmas all over again. Except with more…love,” Dean teased, throwing a kitchen towel over his shoulder and batting his eyelashes at Cas like a cartoon character.

“I didn’t ask for this,” Cas said, sliding into the free chair.

Dean leaned over the sink to look at Cas’s haul. Russell Stover boxes spilled out of a tote bag that also appeared to have a few cutesy cards and stuffed animals neatly tucked inside.

“Good lord it looks like Cupid threw up in there.” Cas gave Dean a dirty look and threw a heart shaped mini-box of chocolates at him, which he caught.  His look of alarm switched to a smile, proud that he’d had the reflexes to grab it. “Thank you sweetheart,” Dean cooed as he opened the box. “Awesome, it even has one of the what-candy-is-what diagrams on the inside so you don’t bite into one of the gross ones.” He studied the chart with a raised brow, then chose a chocolate and popped it into his mouth. “Truffles. I love truffles.”

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