caste terrace


Third Stop

After the King’s College and then Footdee, we walked the streets near and around the pier all the way towards Castle Terrace which was like at the edge of the city centre, for about one mile! 

The ‘terrace’ (which was an actual terrace, 57° 8'54.24"N, 2° 5'22.38"W) had an open view towards the east (the open sea), south (pier area), and the west (parts of the city centre).

Just a little off topic. I had been asked a few times if I, by any chance, met any fellow Filipino during the short visit. The question could mean if Aberdeen particularly is a place for Filipino expats. Not one until this day. As the area we walked along was a port, there were several people walking in the vicinity in coveralls who worked in ships or at the port. Seamanship is one of the better known jobs of Filipino men abroad. I might have recognized one compatriot but there was no chance to know for sure.

Moving on. The tower and the roof on the left side of the last photo belonged to the St. Clement Churchyard.

From here, Kevin and I continued the tour towards the heart of Aberdeen City.