castaway cafe

Weekly update.

So I haven’t posted since I found out the sex of Fred and I’s little girl. 

This week was pretty hectic. Christmas eve I spent with Fred and my family we were supposted to have a christmas eve dinner but my mom’s turkey didn’t thaw out in time.

Christmas morning was awesome, I got an ipod that I never would’ve expected to get. And even better there was NO snow on the ground it was great. Then I went and spent some time with my family, pretty much watching all of them get drunk and almost none of them talking to me, but that’s okay with me because I really don’t want to be the center of attention. But I can’t help it anyways, because I’m having the first child in like 12 years on both sides. Then I had to go to my other side of my family and deal with all their loud asses. I had a migraine the size of the moon, but I did get some cute maternity clothes and some clothes for lillian that are beyond adorable. And I got to see my second cousin’s whom I haven’t seen in a while.

Lillian’s been worrying me because she hasn’t been kicking much but I’m hoping that’s just because of everything that has been going on. I went to castaway cafe with my friends the other day which is like a huge play structure.  My pregnant friend and I both made it all the way up it to go down this crazy slide, that I now have slide burn’s from and those hurt like a bitch. Lillian seemed to like that she was kicking like crazy after that. 

But i’m trying not to do too much now because I think i’m slowly wearing myself down. and my poor Binnie has the chicken pox (Which i’ve already had so I can’t get it again) so I’ve been doing what I can to help her. 

until next week.