So I’ve decided to translate Emil’s sub scenario from Tales of the Rays because I love it so much (and also because I’m too impatient to wait for the translation for English Rays). The title of the skit is called “Summon Spirit and Human”. Beware as there are major spoilers from both Dawn of the New World and Xillia.
Also sorry if the way Milla and Raven speak are a bit.. wonky. I’ve only played Xillia and Vesperia in JP so I’m not so sure if their way of speaking is accurate. As long as you’re okay with that, please enjoy.

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The first doodle prompt for today is a switcheroo! Luke from Tales of the Abyss & Emil from Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World in each other’s clothes - prompt from @ryuusei16

I never really realized just how similar their stories were until I got this prompt. Also they look pretty darn good in each other outfits! :D

The rest of the pieces for today will be posted later when I’m off work, so stay tuned!


Welcome to Tales of the Rays, Emil! So, if you play DotNW’s event in Rays, Emil and Marta recognizes Lloyd and Colette, but Lloyd and Colette doesn’t even know the two cause their times are 2 years apart. It felt nice seeing 17-years-old-and-can’t-do-my-multiplication-tables Lloyd bonding with Emil. Good luck for what comes in the future, Lloyd.


Pirate Costume Gacha
Duration: 7/31 (Mon) 22:00 ~ 8/18 (Fri) 15:59

Chance to get 5☆ “Awakening” enabled Velvet, Emil, and Jade in pirate costumes from the special gacha, as well as 4☆ Magilou.

(More on Awakening here)

Character artes and skills details under the cut.

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Tales of Asteria x The Idolmaster SideM Collab Special Gacha
Duration: 1/31 (Tue) 22:00 ~ 2/13 (Mon) 15:59

(continuation of the previous post)
Alongside the 5☆ “Awakening” enabled Cress (Idol), Richard (Idol), and Yuri (Idol) from the special gacha, there is also a chance to get 5☆ Lloyd (Idol), Mikleo (Idol), Mao (Idol), Wingul (Idol), and 4☆ Emil (Idol)!

Character artes and skill details under the cut.

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