Tales of Festival 2017 Collaboration Quest
Duration: 5/22 (Mon) 16:00 ~ 6/4 (Sun) 15:59
Item exchange duration: 5/22 (Mon) 16:00 ~ 6/11 (Sun) 23:59

Collect “Gacha Coins” through the special quests and redeem them for a chance to get 5☆ Asbel, 5☆ Reala, 4☆ Emil, 4☆ Shirley, 4☆ Reid, 4☆ Kohaku and 4☆ Laphicet, as well as other rewards like Ex Skill books, Exp books, etc.

Also, if you encounter Reala in a quest and defeat her, she will drop more Gacha Coins.


Tales of Asteria x The Idolmaster SideM Collab Special Gacha
Duration: 1/31 (Tue) 22:00 ~ 2/13 (Mon) 15:59

(continuation of the previous post)
Alongside the 5☆ “Awakening” enabled Cress (Idol), Richard (Idol), and Yuri (Idol) from the special gacha, there is also a chance to get 5☆ Lloyd (Idol), Mikleo (Idol), Mao (Idol), Wingul (Idol), and 4☆ Emil (Idol)!

Character artes and skill details under the cut.

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