I went to work and you had fannibal appreciation day without me

So I could not prepare. 

In short - I appreciate all of you (us). Each and every one of you (us).

I want to give a special shout out to everyone who isn’t “active” in the recognized ways - making gifs and art and fic and crack and meta and breaking news and let’s go vote and all the “profile” things. 

You are the real lifeblood of the fandom. And thank you for constantly reminding me, through liking posts, and reblogging, and sending asks, and voting for all the things, that I am not alone in loving this critically acclaimed but ratings poor show. It makes it less painful when I quote the show at work and get blank stares. 

And we together are the reason that when the time is right, we’ll get season 4 (and beyond!), and it will be AMAZING. 


Emmy voting goes until AUGUST 29th and it looks like the major TV Networks are ramping up their campaign. 

Since we are a lonely island floating in the ocean, LET’S MAKE SOME NOISE FOR OURSELVES!!! (We are perfectly capable of that all on our own ;) ) 

What you can do!!!

  1. @sirenja-and-the-stag​ has created a lovely gif for Primavera, our nominated episode, (nomed for Outstanding Special Visual Effects in a Supporting Role) and I have borrowed the canned language used by the networks to create a Nominating Tweet for us. TWEET IT!!! RETWEET IT!!! SHARE THAT HANNIBAL IS NOMINATED! AND THAT IT DESERVES TO WIN! @ anyone you think is relevant, @ EVERYONE!
  2. BRAINSTORM. No one knows who the Emmy voters are, but the more media attention we get the better. Who can we ask to RT our post? Think of any critics/publications/etc. who have been kind to Hannibal. I will happily @ them and ask them to RT!!! Just message me with your thoughts AND I WILL DO THE THING. 

Originally posted by nbchannibal

- Not only Hannibal, but also other roles that you played in the past have a dark, sometimes desperate side. What attracts you to play those characters?

Mads Mikkelsen: I don’t know which films you’ve seen of me, but before Hannibal I played a teacher in “Jagten” who was accused to be a pedophile, this film won at Cannes. Than I played a doctor in “A Royal Affair” - a character of enlightenment. You see it depends on which film you’ve seen of me. I like playing different characters, not all of them are dark. But if I am drawn to dark characters than because there is a lot of drama in them. [x]


There is only one Hannibal panel at Dragon Con this year, and it is a definite upgrade from “me in a flower crown”


(Tentative Dragon Con schedule now up on the phone app)

(Lines are allowed to start one hour before events)

(I am not doing anything panelly-speakery this year, just going to see things)